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Brendon O'Connell - Putin & Netanyahu Are Thick As Thieves

March 18, 2018


Don't Let Pro-Putin Theatre Fool You

According to Brendon O'Connell, Russia, Israel, China, and Iran are in bed together. Israel intends to bleed the US dry and kick the carcass to the curb. 

"The money is in praising Iran and Russia and if you are smart and careful, Trump. There is BIG money. 

It takes a f**king man to stand up as I have, very publicly from a very vulnerable position and state the self-evident - Russia and Iran are working with Israel at the highest levels." 

This article was taken from Brendon's reply to "Chris" a detractor.

By Brendon O'Connell


Unlike most of the commentators Chris, I was THERE in Tehran for three months, hanging with government analysts and being handled by a lawyer whose family were close to the Shah and Rafsanjani. 

In fact, their home was in the famous town of Khansar, Iran, home of the foreign minister Zarif - that's where they hid me for six weeks. THAT'S who I was amongst and they did NOT want to talk about Israel NOR the Talpiot Program and Israels high technology program. I had to threaten them to get them to give me permission to organize a conference and their behavior became so bizarre I left. There was no conference. INSTEAD! They hold intellectual WANK conferences on books by E.Michael Jones. 


It's intellectual WANK. It does not address the GIANT elephant in the living room - Israel is controlling...everything. I have explained it in the video ISRAELS SECRET WEAPON - THE TALPIOT PROGRAM. You cannot wake up people in the military, corporate and political world with a book by E. Michael Jones though what he says is certainly interesting and useful. You wake them up with the PRESENT national security risk to the United States - Israel. The Talpiot Program. The greatest Soviet type era security penetration of the United States, ever. In history - and it is sitting in front of people.

I did not just write about it, I rang the freakin' Department of Homeland Security and made a complaint and filmed it! THAT is being creative. The usual clown experts online just put up another banal video commenting on the approved talking point of the day being led by the nose to oblivion.

Russia and China are now the official enemies of the United States AND there is Netanyahu doing deals hand over fist with both of them! Publicly! In full views! That's a gift! I point it out and no one else does!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!! Just me and a few friends with 500 subscribers! Dr. Kevin Barrett...occasionally...and Henry Makow. 

Chris, you epitomize ALL that is wrong with this Truth Movement. Apparently smart people who become VERY DUMB right at the critical moment and that is no accident.

I have to make a video to address this, and the court case and what the lawyers did. I'd prefer to be looking for a job. I got $600 in the last three months and I got all of that in the first two weeks of getting back from New Zealand. $50 a week for a lot of work and stress. But just praise Putin, Trump and Iran and the money ROOOOOOOOOOLLS in...

On certain issues I see things plainly in black and white - despite what Ted Bundy "says", he chopped up women for fun. I see it in black and white. Despite what Russia and Iran say, they are deep in bed with Israel. The billions in contracts reveal all. China, Russia, Israel, and Iran are now scooping up the cash. The One Belt One Road project goes ahead minus America.


(Trump is Israeli puppet) 

The Soviet-era plan of a pan-Soviet Eurasian block is in progress. Netanyahu has told America to fuck off; he has Putin now. And soon they will collapse the US economy and usher in the hero Trump who will save the day just like Putin saved the day in Russia. You don't see it but a bunch of us online with our small audience do.


Hezbollah and Iranian bases must be encouraged. Weapons factories manned by Iranians. Hezbollah raining down rockets. All for Greater Israel.

You're talking delusion Chris. Delusion.

Israel is more cunning than a steroid rat with an IQ of 666. Iranians are dead bones stupid. They don't speak English and they are being encouraged and financed by Swiss and German banks - the same ones who financed the Sunni militias - to run up to the Israeli border. Chris, East Asia is not at war with Oceania and there are no crippling sanctions on Iran. I sipped my lattes in comfort in Tajrish watching the Ferrari's and Aston Martins drive by with well-heeled Iranians running backward and forwards to the ski fields of Aspen Colorado and Switzerland.

I presume you understand the Gulf of Tonkin? Clearly, you don't watch a thing I edit.

Israel must be existentially threatened. Its very survival at great risk - imminent. That will be supplied by dick Hezbollah and dick Iranian proxy forces threatening to rain down 80,000 rockets. Iran believes it is going to liberate Jerusalem and Mecca - why do you think I left? They are fucking delusional. I repeat...IRAN BELIEVES THEY ARE GOING TO LIBERATE JERUSALEM AND MECCA. They are fucking delusional. How smart do you think these clowns are? They goose-step and Hitler should be your first clue. If I started goose-stepping and Hitler saluting, would I be praised or called out as a fraud?

Hezbollah will goose step and Hitler salute all the way to the Lebanon Israel border and Netanyahu will say with a tear in his eye..."See, I told you so," and press the button and unleash a trillion in goodies. Then you will see a drugged up Hezbollah fighter with an AK and some rockets is no match for a high technology military superpower with air supremacy and people will see just how good that f-35 is. Putin the gutless poisoning dog he is will sit it all out and take the gold rings off the dead and sell more weapons.

Russia cannot even make a fucking television - its ALL handed to them by Israel who stole it off the US. Same with China, they cant invent a damned thing. It's ALL stolen, handed to them ala Professor Anthony Sutton.

It's so obvious its boring. But it does not tell the lemmings what they want to hear and there is no money in it and %90 of these people are paid hacks for the state approved "alt-media".


I was just saying Henry. This is the crap I get every day. I am sick of Putin saving the day. He Netanyahu and Trump are so linked they may as well all get married. Hundreds of industry articles...contracts galore. But Putin is gonna rein in Netanyahu? :-)

Herein lies the key to many contradictions in the policy of Washington, which was se"Iran could moderate into a pro-west, pro-business state that retains a degree of nationalistic fervor and rejects Israel - just like moderate Sunni Malaysia does, or, is trying to do because Israel is after Malaysia as I type. 40 years of semi-isolation has spared their youth the worst of the degenerate western infection, but it can't last.

Ahmadinejad put an end to footsies with Israel and we know how long that lasted. Collapsed currency. Economic meltdown. Blasts everywhere. Wrecked infrastructure and dead scientists and the western MSM 'accusing' him of being Jewish. As if it was a badge of dishonor, to spoil his appeal to the Sunni world and others that he was trying to forge - calling for Sunni Shia unity. Love him or hate him and his masonic hand signals he refused to get drawn fully into Syria and he visited Sunni countries calling endlessly for unity against expansionist Middle East hegemonic Israel.

 What happened? Look at the 'moderate' Rouhani and the disaster that is unfolding now. But he'll get his reward and so will Iran is they play the cards given to them by Swiss and German banks who bankrolled the whole revolution in the first place from a Paris commune kibbutz no less. You can call Saddam, Saudi and the Gulf States inventions of British Imperialism but don't you dare lay the exact same claim against Iran...who were obviously cut from the same mold and the levels of control vacillate back and forth. Iraq in 1991 and Iraq 2003 and real sanctions are what happens when the bankers don't control you. Iran and the Swiss ski resort clan in Tajrish do very well thank you."
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First Comment by Tim Fitzpatrick

Regarding comments from Jude Duffy and Tony Blizzard. The takeaway from Brendon's article that seems to have been ignored by their commentaries is this:

"Russia and China are now the official enemies of the United States AND there is Netanyahu doing deals hand over fist with both of them!"

Have Jude or Tony bothered to verify the veracity of this statement? I have. O'Connell is absolutely correct about this. That the three nations have formed an immense bond corroborates the testimony of Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who said that the Sino- Soviet split was theatre as well as the alleged democratization of Russia. O'Connell is also correct that most in the truth movement are following a carefully crafted establishment narrative, spread around by disinfo sites like Zerohedge and RT. Almost nobody in the truther movement sees Russia (or Trump) for what it is: another controlled opposition ruse. The truther movement continues to get punked over and over, yet they can't figure out why their system of analysis continues to fail. I implore Jude, Tony, and all your followers to read Golitsyn's two books, especially The Perestroika Deception. Once they realize their bankrupt analytical bias, they will begin to see things a lot more clearly.

Timothy Fitzpatrick (

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Comments for "Brendon O'Connell - Putin & Netanyahu Are Thick As Thieves "

JG said (March 19, 2018):

This piece is quite an incoherent rant. Political satire would even be out of reach here.

If everything is just political theatre and everybody is really " in bed " with all their enemies than maybe we all should have no worries about international peace and security.
If anyone can make sense out of this article then good for you.

Jude Duffy said (March 18, 2018):

I carefully read O'Connell's contributions to your blog and I never come away remotely understanding what his basic point is. Is he saying that Iran is controlled opposition and that its opposition to Israel is phony?

If so, why does he in the next breath say that the Iranians are delusional and believe they can "take Jerusalem"? Ditto his line on Hezbollah: one minute they're controlled opposition, the next they're going to be mercilessly crushed by the superior firepower of Israel. Which is it?

He seems to contradict himself from paragraph to paragraph. As for "rockets raining down" on Israel, that was always just a Neocon Zionist spoof to justify the 2006 invasion of Lebanon and the carnage in Gaza a few years later. I can't take anyone seriously who gives it credence.

Tony B said (March 18, 2018):

O'Connell has some sort of burr in his saddle which is giving him tunnel vision.

Iran has had a Jewish population for centuries which lives in peace with the Persians (not Arabs). These Jews are largely also against the Talmudic attempts of the rulers of Israel.

Moreover, Iran is a major, very serious, player in the ongoing Syrian war of survival.

For some reason, few observers see the full Putin, most placing him on one side or the other. A true look at his accomplishments reveal a quite amazing true diplomat.

In the first place, Putin's interest is in Russia, as it should be. All his military actions are in defense of Russia. His military is in the Syrian war to stop the western encirclement of Russia, not to win Syria's war. It is utterly amazing that he has been able to deal favorably with every belligerent in the Middle East to Russia's advantage in spite of their hatred of one another.

This includes Israel. It must be understood that Putin's Russia used to be the country with more than half the world's Jews in residence (now that country is the U.S.). Putin grew up in a mixed environment of Jews and Christians. His family carries Jewish blood while his mother raised him during the viciously Christ-hating soviet to be an Orthodox Christian. He has had a lifetime of dealing with hated opposites and has developed a matter of fact method of being upfront in his dealings with all of them. He has even attempted, until very recently, to deal fairly with the satanically driven U.S., UK, France and NATO. He has, almost personally, created a true opposition to the western, Rothschild driven, attempt to conquer the whole world with its obviously satanic "unilateral" military bombing, of those who stand up to it, into oblivion. This man shows every sign of dealing with people as a true Imitator of Christ and, as Christ said, the world will hate him for it.

AZ said (March 18, 2018):

Thanks for your article on Russia, China and Iran being in bed with Israhell. It once more confirms my belief, which I stated in many Dutch written articles, that Trump is being put in ‘power’ to break down the Pax Americana, for whatever that might have been, and enable the rise of Israhell to establish it’s Pax Judaica.

Al Thompson said (March 18, 2018):

The leaders of all of the governments of the world are putting on a demonic dog and pony show, and Trump is the best carnival barker. If any of the governments actually did anything good, it may give us all a heart attack. These so-called political leaders are nothing more than a group of gangsters who are intent on destroying all that is good about living.

They are demonic and they march to the tune of Satan. That means that they use communism as their means to achieve their goals. It really doesn't matter whether Putin, Trump, Merkel, or May said what, all we need to realize that they are all communists who stick their collective noses up Israel's ass.

The system of communism is a form of slave-trading and trafficking of children. I don't have words foul enough to describe politicians and religious leaders. They are all working in harmony to destroy mankind. When all of the various issues are reduced to the lowest common denominator, the result will show that the whole system is demonic and communist.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at