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Thailand-A Good Country for Old White Men

March 9, 2018

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(Eye candy lifts the spirits) 

White males may escape persecution and insanity in the West 
and spend their remaining years in a humane environment, says 
Peter Clark. After 15 years, he is still congratulating himself on his move. 

by Peter Clark 


Bangkok - If you remember what life in America was like, 30-40 years ago, there is at least one country where it is possible to live today in similar safety and comfort. The country is Thailand. I've been living in Thailand nearly 15 years. I'm a retired business owner from Midwest USA. Over age 70 now. 

Stay or Flee from the "Homeland"?
With problems in the "homeland" getting worse, I decided to escape while escape was still possible. That decision has vastly increased liberty and comfort and safety in my daily life. Plus provided a level of respect that has disappeared for white men in the USA today.

To escape from what?

• From government intrusion into every corner of life in the name of "security".
• From government laws and regulations that choke off every avenue of individual initiative, from running a small business to growing vegetables in one's own yard.
• From "empowered" attitudes of various "minority" groups (which I don't need to name).

With comfort:

Here in Thailand, I live in a middle-class style similar to the USA 30-40 years ago, with all modern conveniences: high-speed Internet and shopping malls, air-conditioning and Uber cars. Plus familiar foods like rib-eye steak, fish tacos, apple pie, and Haagen Dazs ice cream.
Along with a wide range of services like restaurant delivery and maid service, Uber has not only eliminated my need to own a car, but Uber delivers meals, too. The best hamburgers I've ever eaten, are delivered from a local restaurant by Uber in Bangkok. As for my maid, she washes and irons clothes, cleans the bathroom, dusts furniture, sweeps and mops the floors, washes any dishes I've left in the sink and, yes, she does windows.

Capable doctors and dentists are available quickly. When I needed a kidney stone removed, I called one of the major hospitals in Bangkok for an appointment. "You can come in right after lunch," said the receptionist. "The urologist is available anytime after 1:00 o'clock this afternoon." When I arrived about 12:45, the urologist was sitting in his office waiting for me. He removed the kidney stone (by ultrasound) and I was back home a few hours later. Can you expect that kind of medical care where you are now?

Government here:

In daily life, I encounter virtually no interference from government at all. Rarely do I even see a policeman, and then just one, directing traffic in front of the neighborhood school on weekday afternoons.

Here's just one example of "security" here: The inter-city bus station has luggage inspection machines that look - at first glance -- like airport inspection machines, but they don't inspect anything! The "machines" are merely large plywood boxes, painted white, with a conveyor belt inside. On the front, an array of colored lights. That's all. No X-ray scanner, no display screen, and no inspectors! 

When a bus departure is announced, an employee presses a button that starts the conveyor and turns on the colored lights. Some passengers put their luggage on the belt, then walk 15 feet to the other end and pick up their luggage. No shoes off. No keys and coins out of pockets. No wands beeping over belt buckles. None of that. Other passengers simply walk right on past, taking their luggage out to the bus. No one stops them. And other people walk out with departing family and friends, and then walk back in again, after saying goodbye next to the bus. Nobody demands to see ID. Very relaxed in all directions. In Thailand, response to government mandates is not always just a "show" like that, but it often is.

What about government-enforced political correctness; fear of saying the wrong word about the wrong minority group, or immigrant group, or sexual pervert group? There is a bit of political correctness here, but very little. Bosses still flirt with office girls, and some office girls flirt with the bosses. I sometimes flirt with waitresses, and some flirt back with me. (Not all.) That kind of light-hearted banter disappeared in the USA many years ago, but here it is still considered just light-hearted fun.

Voltaire wrote, "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." That applies here, too, but only on one very specific and limited topic. It is not a problem, unless someone decides to make a problem.

What I do see here is a high level of politeness and respect in most public and social interaction. Not everywhere, and not all the time, but most of the time. As an older, white man, I appreciate that.

On the other hand:

Of course, this is not paradise. There are nasty people everywhere, including here. For example, little bombs are quite popular in the Muslim regions. Sometimes the news reports a rape. There are some burglary and a bit of pickpocketing, but armed robbery is very rare. here is no "knock out game". There are no gangs on the rampage in shopping malls. 

Depending on the mood of the government, there will be some "riots", but the rioters are hired and paid by opposing politicians, and riots are scheduled and announced in advance and confined to certain areas. Easy to avoid those areas. 

Of course, some foreigners here think "fun" is going to the red-light areas late at night, getting drunk, and stumbling around the dark streets. There's no antidote for that kind of thinking.

On the other hand, how about a picnic in the park? Not a lot of parks, but some; enough. Picnic any day of the week in comfort and safety. How about public spaces like malls? The worst annoyance may be a few middle age women talking loudly on their mobile phones. What about the subway or sky train in the big city of Bangkok? Well, you might be crowded by a group of university girls, with their characteristic short skirts and tight blouses. But no danger, because they're only interested in their mobile phones, not old men.

Overall, for someone who fondly remembers a life in America in days gone by, a life that was safe, comfortable, and (mostly) free from interference by The State, living in Thailand today is a very good option.

- - - - -

Peter Clark is a retired, American, business founder-owner. He says, "I grew up in the Middle West, in the middle-fifties, in the middle class ― and I still hold those values." He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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Comments for "Thailand-A Good Country for Old White Men"

Sandra replies said (March 10, 2018):

You wrote-"Can't a man retire in peace without a woman like you there to nag him?"

No, he can't.
We also serve who only sit and nag.

(Neither feminist nor divorced. Married with children.)

Most White men and their simpleminded women:

Always running from problems.
Didn't like serfdom in their homelands, but wouldn't stay & fix it.
Fled to North America, Australia, South Africa, Asia, everywhere. All that free land and gullible darkies.
Worked like dogs to build nirvana but could never make it last. It always turned to shit for them. The natives came to hate them and chased them out.
Naively continue to believe that "over there" is always the answer.

Bruce said (March 10, 2018):

This is a response to Saundra [below] who sounds like your typical middle-aged, divorce white broad who has been brainwashed by the "Masonic, hyper-feministic bullshit that id spewed never-ending like a conveyer belt. It is because of women like her is why men like Peter and other white men have abandoned the tired old ship of the USSA to other planes of pursuit in the realm relationships.

I bet Saundra has never been to Thailand or other Asian countries. She suspects this and that and all the blatherings she pouts. But I can tell you, Saundra, I've been to the Asian country of Japan. Actually, the Island of Okinawa back in the 70's during my tour in the U.S. Marines; and everything Peter reports is absolutely true. Fortunately for me I met and married an old-fashioned white American women. Having experienced the dating scenes for the 20 years before I met my wife; Peter's assessment rings true.

So in closing, before you pout off on the issue, please do your homework: your right to an opinion notwithstanding

Alex R said (March 10, 2018):

Even though I am quite a bit younger than the gentleman who wrote about escaping to Thailand, I can certainly empathize with his feelings of disaffection and liberation. I left the United States for another Asian country a decade ago, and even though I have had my fair share of annoyances and frustrations with some aspects of life here, I can definitely say that I have more opportunities and much less stress than I would have had I stayed home. Even though we never grew up in the 50's, younger men such as myself still have an atavistic desire for the traditional lifestyle that Peter pined for.

The "Sandy"'s of the West expect us to stay and fix all the West's problems, but we know that it is in terminal decline and beyond saving. If I were her, I would be more worried about a Haitian-style massacre taking place there than in a placid and mostly homogenous foreign country like the ones where Peter and I reside. The mainstream media and politicians are already priming society for such an event.

If we listened to "Sandy"'s advice, [below] men my age would have to settle for a high-stress, overtaxed, and over-indebted existence to enjoy the lifestyles that expats such as myself enjoy. We would be forced to work dwindling low-paying jobs.

We would be forced to live in an environment where the mass-media tells us we are inherently evil and that there will soon be a reckoning for our sin of existing. We would be forced to marry bloated, inked-up, used-up, and crass shrews that have an inflated sense of self-worth, and we would have to take care of bastard children that aren't ours and pay for their mothers' mistakes. These are no exaggerations. These features of Western society are becoming ever more common today, and the "Sandy"s expect us to just accept it.

But we don't have to accept it. We know this, and we know that we are free.

Tony B said (March 9, 2018):

Very interesting that, although you added a photo of pretty Asian girls, the writer never mentions engaging with any of them, yet commentators (below) assume that it's all about sex. He comes closest to their evil opinions describing the work of his maid. And when describing young girls his outlook was that THEY were no danger to HIM, which is hardly the outlook of an old lecher.

What he talks about is regaining the freedoms he experienced in the U.S. as a child, the freedoms all of us who were adults before the 1960s sorely miss. Plus as a "business founder-owner" his was obviously a SMALL business, the type now driven out of existence through harassment of the collusion between monopoly capitalists and their bought government puppets. Such businesses as his were NOT the destruction of the planet but the heart of a responsible middle class which gave us the highest, happiest, most healthy material lifestyle on earth. It was even more conducive to spiritual living for those who so chose.

The enmity against his statements is unwarranted, skewed thinking.

Al Thompson said (March 9, 2018):

I don't like the idea of leaving a country where I spent my whole life living and working; and raising a family. I'm over 70 myself and I don't see any future in chasing any young Asian chicks in Thailand.

Asian women are not as screwed up as white women and they are definitely more attractive to a man who wants to settle down. If I had it to do all over again, I would marry a Mexican or an Asian woman rather than the evil feminist white woman. Asians have better manners and they have respect for each other in most cases.

I have an acquaintance who is about 68 with a 3-yeard-old and another one on the way. Now that's interesting. It gives him a reason to keep working. He's married to a 35-year-old Filipina. He has his own business and he can't be happier.

Sandra said (March 9, 2018):

The setup in Thailand, so comfy & convenient for white guys who can't make a go of it with women of their own race, is nothing but a big tourist-luring project. (Yes, he's there for the women not just the comforts and freedoms.) And I suspect the locals mostly can't stand the likes of him but they need their money. It's only a matter of time before they rebel. And when push comes to shove, they'll make short work of these materialists and hedonists, not unlike what the Haitians did to the French 200 years ago.

Mr. Clark (and other white men pining to run away to some Garden of Eden) are just as complicit in the creation of the mess that makes up the western world as the fellow citizens he left behind for nirvana. He still holds the 1950s values, does he? How about accepting responsibility for the society YOU and your ancestors helped build, then, Mr. Clark? Schit in your nest then fly away, that's the basic scenario. Like toddlers who don't want to pick up their toys, but let Mom do it.

Just saying, Henry. Just saying.



Can't a man retire in peace without a woman like you there to nag him?


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