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Are Women Taking Over the World?

March 26, 2018

While women are not technically a minority, the Illuminati
have convinced them that they are oppressed. Thus many
have become useful tools in the overthrow of heterosexuality
and the construction of the Masonic Jew World Order. 

Men are under attack in the west. In Canada, half of Cabinet positions have been reserved for women, regardless of their ability. The government propaganda service (the CBC) is staffed by women who narrowly focus on
globalist shibboleths like gun confiscation and white dispossession. Drowning in a sea of estrogen, people are imagining a world without men. I present trailers from two funny mockumentaries that envisage the all-woman future and an article about the damage to a society (Norway) when women have too much power. One in six women, and one in four men, in Norway have no children at 45 years old, an increase of 67% for women, and 79% for men since 1985. Source

"Angry men are a big concern in Norway, a rich country now ruled by women
'The challenge in the Scandinavian countries is not to end up with a large group 
of young men who have no purpose in life, no hope for a job'

Political power in Norway is dominated by women. They hold the office of the prime minister, the finance minister, the foreign minister and the speaker of parliament.

"It's not a female conspiracy," says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Even by Scandinavian chart-topping standards for gender equality, Norway stands out when it comes to the political landscape (they're not quite as good in corporate Norway). So what gender issues do these politicians worry about?

"The challenge in the Scandinavian countries is not to end up with a large group of young men who have no purpose in life, no hope for a job," Solberg said in an interview in Oslo.

(Erna Solberg, Norway's prime minister (center) Ine Eriksen, Norway's foreign minister (right) and Tone Troen, Norway's speaker of parliament ( left) following an interview in Oslo, Norway, on March 21, 2018.)

It's a demographic that needs careful political attention to avoid a dangerous backlash, the prime minister said. At the University of Oslo, about 57 percent of all Ph.D. students last year were women. The risk of men falling behind also makes them more vulnerable to losing their jobs to automation.

"That's what we see in the angry white men who not only don't like Muslims and immigrants but absolutely not women either, at least if they can't keep the woman to themselves," Solberg said.

Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide says, "the problem Erna is pointing to is a massive problem, globally. A lot of very vulnerable countries have enormous youth unemployment, and most of them are men."

Tone Troen, Norway's newly minted speaker of parliament, says she's confident the next generation will do better. But "it's important that boys and girls make non-traditional choices when it comes to education," she said.

Men do wield some power in Norway. They hold most of the executive positions in listed companies, run the central bank and the country's $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund (the world's biggest). And while Norway is beaten only by Denmark when it comes to equal pay, men still get about 7 percent more than women, on average.

Like the rest of the world, Norway was shaken by the #MeToo movement, which revealed a series of misconduct cases in both politics and business, including in Solberg's own Conservative Party. The deputy leader of the biggest opposition party even resigned amid allegations of misconduct.

"The threshold for what's acceptable has been moved," Eriksen Soreide said. "That's probably one of the most important wins." But reaching total equality will take "a terribly long time," she said. Solberg quipped we might need to wait until "2072."

Before becoming foreign minister, Eriksen Soreide was defense minister, following in the footsteps of a long line of women leading that department. She used to get asked by young girls whether men were even allowed to run the defense ministry in Norway.

"It says something about the perspectives," she said.

(See this funny trailer)

First Comment from KK: "If society is to heal, all women will have to return to the home. Period."

The problem is debt, government debt to banksters. Without debt, there is no feminism because men have to go out and work 12 hours a day on jobs while women have to stay at home and take care of all social needs (kids, parents, grandparents, sick ones) 12 hours a day. Feminism relies on debt because no economy can ever produce enough for the women. Women have adopted the government as their husband and, believe me, the government does a great job of supplying all of their financial needs. What should men do? Be an example and totally get rid of all government financing of their own lives. This involves sacrifice and patience. Many are angry at the globalist banksters while on their government pensions and welfare programs and say, "But my small cheque is nothing compared to the big money these elitist get for free." But it's all free money no one should have.

Women think that equality is making the same pay for the same job but they have to do mathematical gymnastics to make that work. If two female nurses have to do the work of one male nurse, then why aren't the women paid half as much? No woman though understands that kind of reasoning. Where I work the feminists have taken over the high-paying jobs and will make sure all the dirty, low-paying grunt work is forever done by men who will never be able to support a family on that pay.

If society is to heal, all women will have to return to the home. Period.

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Comments for "Are Women Taking Over the World? "

FS said (March 29, 2018):

"Are Women Taking Over the World" - - or anything, if not being taken over for that matter? The whole world has been taken over, owned and operated (including and especially subversive Feminism) by the top rung of Freemasonry, the Illuminati, all of them men without exception: Freemasonry is an exclusive old boys' club, excluding all females from their ranks and keeping them segregated inside ceremonial side lodges of little or no importance where no major decisions are made of any consequence:

The elite at the capstone don't like women in power, period, except when being used as a necessary evil to subjugate and dispossess powerless, poor and obscure rank-and-file men - - THEIR MEN, as part of the N.W.O. Grand Plan:: Freemasonry teaches that the female (the moon) is soulless and so can only reflect the divine spiritual light of her husband, her lord and master (the sun), having no light/illumination of her own: The Freemasonic old boys' club wants to wipe the non elite female off the face of the Earth, if not the universe (And they love females so much that they instigated the mass rape, torture, mutilation and murder of two million German women in Germany in the closing months of the 2nd World War by the "forces of good", the allied invaders.

Wonder what the sequel to this will be like now that people are a lot more brutal and immoral and the men harboring so much more anger and resentment towards woman for their even worse behavior now than then?): They want an engineered, designer, cloned, hermaphroditic slave race to serve themselves in the N.W.O., based on the male brain, with none of the whirlpools of confused emotions and intuitions of the female: Emotions are too messy, unpredictable and inefficient for their designer, clockwork, mechanistic and completely efficient system, based on the cold and calculating, dispassionate logic and reason of the male brain, where females are not welcome.

Al Thompson said (March 26, 2018):

"If society is to heal, all women will have to return to the home. Period."

I love it. That would actually work because women and men would return to the natural order. The screaming and hollering of the feminists would be music to my ears.

JEN said (March 26, 2018):

Speaking as a woman, these broads don't know squat. Let's see them change a tire if their car gets a flat! They seem to denigrate men, unless they "need" them for something. Men are capable of moving large objects (real men, that is), and they are able due to their physiological nature to build large things and do a lot of abstract and useful things.

Not saying women aren't useful, however, these foolish women (whom I'm not sure if they are lesbians or not) are most destructive. The whole Zionist freemason push is to get rid of real men and therefore get rid of the power to resist the NWO with bullets and use technology to fight. Also to destroy the family unit, the men are unemployed and the women are made to do work outside the home, which is pretty boring and tedious. Men get paid MORE because most of the time their jobs are HARDER.

An ironworker or construction worker SHOULD be paid a hell of a lot more than a secretary or paper pusher! It's HARD work! These stupid chicks have no clue they are doing the bidding of the devil. The world was a heck of a lot less toxic and more stable when women were taking care of their children (and not shoving them in daycare with strangers who do God knows WHAT to them!) and the men were working for themselves and their families to keep them out of poverty. Single parent households are usually on the poverty line. So much for "women's lib"!

Tony B said (March 26, 2018):

Easy solution to keeping women in their place but it will not happen willingly.

Get rid of electricity, machinery, etc. Go back to TOTAL MANUAL LABOR. That would do the trick in no time. And be a lot healthier lifestyle to boot.

It will happen anyway after women have been running the show long enough because they can't fix any "modern convenience" that breaks. All men have to do is nothing. Let it stay broken.

Oh! The whining, I can hear it now!

David C said (March 26, 2018):

Are Women taking over the world? That seems to be happening in the current establishment system, but I would argue the establishment "Matrix" system needs to be abandoned. We are being set up for extermination, and enslavement, by a race of psychopaths that look like us, but think differently.

My current theory is that a race of large-skulled hominids were chased underground thousands of years ago, and have been working ever since to gradually take over humanity again. That isn't an original idea, and other researchers have the same theory. If you look at pictures of Egyptian Pharaohs, they have enlarged skulls, making them appear distinctly different than the other people around them, who have normal sized skulls, but I digress.

Women are graduating from college in much larger percentage than men, which is continuing to become worse:

However, there are still many jobs in the establishment that are dominated by men, despite the fact they aren't dominating women in college:

I would argue that we need to abandon the current establishment system, which was designed to enslave us. We should all become self-sufficient in our homes, living permaculture lifestyles: growing our own food and medicine, producing our own energy (compost heating, active and passive solar, wind, hydro, etc.), and harvesting our own water from rain and humidity (atmospheric water generators). Humanity needs to stop using toxic sources of energy and heating, which is the most important contributor to pollution, along with toxic industrial agriculture and manufacturing, which are polluting the air, ground, and water. Manufacturing can be done ourselves, either in our homes, or locally using guilds, as was done in the past.

Our world is apparently reaching the climax of the "end times" plan, with the transhuman agenda being implemented, and will reach "singularity", merging humans and machines, in a few years. Therefore NOW is the time to save our world, and that can be done by all of us changing our lifestyles. Men and women should live at home TOGETHER, raising their children, and teaching them how to become self-sufficient. Once we do that, there will be more than enough food for everyone, and most of our time will be free to use for making art and Love, rather than "time as money" - the way it is now. Humanity can heal the earth by working together cooperatively with Love. That is the only logical solution I can see, and my hope is to do my part by becoming self-sufficient, hopefully being a model for others to follow. I'm getting old now though, and time is getting short for me, and the world I live in. I believe we can still save ourselves, and the miraculous world we live in, but the time to change our lifestyles, and working together cooperatively with Love to heal our world, is here and now..!

Z said (March 26, 2018):

Women taking over the world is like children taking over the kindergarten!
Without men to fix their toilet, they will drown in their own shit.
Guess what we'll happen - they'll come crying back and offering their pussies.
Tragedy is ... men do the silliest things for a piece of pussy.

And thus the wheel of history keeps turning again and again.

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