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Irish "Potato Famine" Was Deliberate Genocide

March 10, 2018

ireland massgraves.gif
(left, location of mass graves in Ireland)

THE IRISH HOLOCAUST- (Irish: an Gorta Mór) or the Great Hunger was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852

According to historian Chris Fogarty,
the "Irish Potato Famine" which killed over five million people 
was not a famine but a deliberate British policy of starvation similar to the
Holomodor in the Ukraine in 1932-33.

"The truth is startling, 67 out of 130 regiments of Britain's Empire army were in Ireland in this period (100,000 at any one time). The troops were not on a humanitarian mission. Their job was to remove food by force."

This is a summary of a Red Ice Radio broadcast supplemented by information from Chris Fogarty's website Chris is author of the book: Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust, distributed directly from the author in Chicago, USA.

From June 16, 2015

by Richard Merriman 

History is a big lie told by the victors. The illuminati have almost perfected rewriting history to suit their own agenda.

I grew up thinking that the Irish famine was a natural catastrophe caused by crop failure; the Irish were guilty of only cultivating only one crop-- potatoes. 

While Chris Fogarty was researching the biography of his paternal grandfather at the National Archives, he uncovered a policy of genocide . The truth is startling: 67 out of 130 regiments of Britain's Empire army were in Ireland during this period (100,000 at any one time). The troops were not on a humanitarian mission. Their job was to remove food by force. 

The nation starved as its food was confiscated, 40-70 shiploads a day were removed at gunpoint assisted by British constables, militia and troops. They seized tens of millions head of livestock, tens of millions of tons flour, grains and poultry. These vast quantities were more than enough to feed 18 million people.

The first lie was that the famine was due to the failure of the potato crop. When the quantity of exported Irish foodstuffs could no longer be concealed, the second lie was that the rich Irish were starving the poor Irish. G.B. Shaw wrote in Man and Superman 1897: "The Famine? No, the Starvation. When a country is full of food and exporting it, there can be no Famine."' 

In The Great Hunger (1962,) British Historian Woodham Smith identified 13 of the food removal regiments. She became a pariah in British and Irish academia for the next 30 years. Academic historians maintain the lie that only one crop was cultivated, covering up the food removals and exportation to England. British and Irish academia won't approach the truth, and anyone bringing the genocide out in the open is smeared as a "republican" (implying a terrorist.)

Former Irish President Mary Robinson referred to the genocide as "Ireland's largest natural disaster." In 2005, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said, "Britain stood by while the Irish starved to death", but did not acknowledge role of the British Army in forced food confiscations. 

The consequence of publishing the truth can be severe.  Chris Fogarty has been raided several times and charged by the FBI. He was told unofficially that British intelligence were involved. The charges were later proven to be fabricated and dropped. 


The 5.2 million death figure cited by Chris is higher than the official figures which only posit a 2M drop from 1841-51 due to natural famine and emigration. He believes the 1841 census underestimates the real population of over 12M.  He calculates a total population reduction of about 6 million with about 1 million  emigrating. 

The genocide was a deliberate attempt to exterminate the Irish people and their cultural and national identity.  Queen Victoria's economist, Nassau Senior, voiced his fear that existing policies "will not kill more than one million Irish in 1848 and that will scarcely be enough to do much good." The Times leader in 1848 wrote "A Celt will soon be as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the red man on the banks of Manhattan." 

During the "famine" years, Irish foodstuff received high prices on the agricultural and commodity markets of the world. The British Empire covered half the globe; why else would it keep half its armies in Ireland at great expense? 

The Irish were an obstacle to Britain's world power. They were Celtic, Catholic with their own rich culture and traditions, namely strong: National identity, Family, Culture and Christian faith. The Irish have a strong Celtic consciousness giving the people the ability to think critically, morally and be self-sufficient and it's in our DNA cultural Marxism cannot extinguish it. 

 Ireland like many European nations is undergoing the genocide by cultural Marxism, mass immigration of third worlders, minority rights of LGBT, feminists to undermine marriage, gender leading to moral collapse.  

The Irish government minister Alan Shatter left, a Zionist Jew, accuses the people of not being sufficiently attentive to the Jewish Holocaust. The propaganda project is failing to mass indoctrinate the Irish. 

Charity starts at home and our first duty is to be attentive to our own people's national tragedies before concentrating on another peoples. Shoahism has no place in Irish cultural life, as the nation and its people had no involvement in this event, so have no guilt or responsibility whatsoever.

Ireland 1845-1850:The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept it Perfect 
Mr Chris Fogarty 900 North Lakeshore Drive Condo 1507 Chicago Illinois 60611
$20 , Add $3 in state postage within 
Illinois  email: 
Readers in Europe can order copies to be posted (cheaper postage than from USA) from Ireland from

First Comment from Andrew:

The oligarchs who ruled Britain during the Irish Genocide 1845-1852 perfected starvation genocide in India. They ruled through The British East India Company (BEIC) for 200 years . The 5 million starved in Ireland pales in comparison to the 50,000,000 starved in India during BEIC rule. Wiki provides Timeline of major famines in India during British rule. The British historical alibi sounds almost as bad as the truth. "It was caused due to the widespread forced cultivation of opium (forced upon local farmers by the BEIC as part of its strategy to export it to China) in place of local food crops, resulting in a shortage of grain for local people in Bengal." 

The BEIC " forced Indian farmers to plant indigo instead of rice, as well as forbidding the "hoarding" of rice. This prevented traders and dealers from laying in reserves that in other times would have tided the population over lean periods." 

It would have been impossible to order British soldiers or BEIC forces to execute millions of Bengalis or Irishmen, so they forcefully removed food and let starvation and disease do the dirty work for them. Famine sounds so much better than genocide back in Britain and America. 

The same starvation policy eradicated 45 million in China after WW II. 
"The famine that killed up to 45 million people remains a taboo subject in China 50 years on. Author Yang Jisheng is determined to change that with his book, Tombstone." 

The starvation in the South after the US Civil War is another example. How the end of slavery led to starvation and death for millions of black Americans.

The last sentence of the article Irish Genocide points out how the Holocaust is always used to distract from the crimes of the British and Americans. James Bacque's book, Other Losses explains how US and Allied Forces starved 700,000 German soldiers in open detention camps after they surrendered. Then we starved another 5,000,000 German civilians in post WW II Germany. If we put Other Losses beside Julius Epstein's Operation Keelhaul,The Story of Forced Repatriation (1973) a very disturbing pattern slaps us in the face. Epstein's book explains how America returned hundreds of thousands of anti-communists fleeing the Iron Curtain. American forces returned these people after the beginning of the Cold War. MANY RETURNED ANTI-COMMUNISTS WERE HUNG in the presences of American soldiers. 

You won't find any of that in history books in the UK or USA either.

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Comments for "Irish "Potato Famine" Was Deliberate Genocide"

Tony B said (June 17, 2015):

I don't know about the rest of the world, but there has been almost zero honest history in the English language since the protestant takeover of the English nation. Real history from that time on, of course, would have to prominently reveal that that takeover was almost 100% the result of enforced mass theft of Catholic Church and monastery wealth - which had been for centuries used to keep the English people secure in their physical lives - and mass murder in the cruelest manners of those Catholics who refused to give up their ancient religion.

AK said (June 17, 2015):

Hi, and nothing is said about, at least 3 genocides against the Maori. Studies of census figures and extrapolation of population growth at a meagre 1%/a, indicate that Maori should be about 5 to million today versus the 600,000 counted. Most of these genocides happened between 1780 and 1920. Maori population estimates wre 95,000 in 1780, only 45,000 counted 240 years later in 1920!

Keep up the good work!


Stephen Coleman said (June 17, 2015):

I believe these same policies continue today and it is slowly being set up by the food cartel for a world wide famine. Farmers the world over are systematically being bankrupted though price manipulation. Farmer's children do not want to farm because they have watched their father's toil endlessly for less than minimum wage if they were lucky. The average American farmer is at retirement age and the family farm is becoming a thing of the past.

I have seen stats showing that the regeneration of the eastern woodlands of the USA is outpacing the cutting of the Amazon.

I grew up on a farm and I love to grow things, but can't afford to farm. As one wise old farmer put it, "if you have the land, but not the equipment you can't farm. If you have the equipment but not the land, you can't afford to farm."

I saw first hand how food wholesalers screw farmers right and left and how they put their lackeys in control of the USDA. Mike Espy was about the only honest USDA secretary of ag since Ezra Benson. They screwed him over because he wouldn't play the game with the food cartel.

Stephen Coleman

O said (June 16, 2015):

This too was genocide as a Masonic / Jewish Conspiracy.

MS said (June 16, 2015):

The Satanic elite did the same mass starvation program in Iran during the years 1917-1919. A good book to read regarding this is titled “The Great Famine and Genocide in Iran 1917-1919” by Mohammed Gholi Majd. The Satanic elite starved and murdered 6-10 million Iranians during WW 1. This is hardly ever talked about.

The British and Russian elite are to be blamed for this.

B said (June 16, 2015):

The article on Irish holocaust is just another example of the war on Christianity as England was already vassal state of Jews.Every world war fought it was mostly Christians dying. China Vietnam Japan and Korea are exceptions.
It is such a shame that most people have a monetary price.

B said (June 16, 2015):

The article on Irish holocost is just another example of the war on Christianity as England was already vassal state of Jews.Every world war fought it was mostly Christians dying.China Vietnam Japan and Korea are exceptions.
It is such a shame that most people have a monetary price.

JG said (June 16, 2015):

Thank you for this article. It is about time someone has attempted to expose the culprits who aided and abetted in the starvation of millions of the Irish people.

The "Potato Famine" is still a mystery today as it has been for the last 160 years.

You might have to study English/Irish relations shortly before 1848 to find out if there were any major diplomatic rifts shortly before the famine.

You also might want to check to if Ireland had a Rothschild Central Bank and,if not, did they recently refuse to accept one?

That's where maybe some of the answers might lie.

Tyson said (June 16, 2015):

King George III died in 1820 (many say was murdered) as Victoria (his off spring) took over (after 3 other Kings reigned). Thus Victoria (reign started in 1837) was obliged to take responsibility for the old King's "debt". To satisfy it, Queen Victoria gave birth to 9 illegitimate children from Rothchild, thus securing his genetic usurpation of David's Throne to this day. (City of London Coordinated the Bolshevik Revolution in order to take Russia)

So when we speak about the potato famine (genocide) of the Christian Irish, it should be of no surprise that it's the same powers who were behind the Holomodor as well as the mass murder of over 66 million white Christians in Russia.

Readers should take heed because this is exactly what they plan on doing to whites/Europeans-believers in America, the UK, Colonies as soon as they collapse the dollar.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at