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Student Anti-Gun Protests Orchestrated by Soros Communists

March 15, 2018

In 2015,  David Hogg, the school mass shooting extraordinaire/teen propagandist/"Gun Control" proponent, tweeted his support for pedophile satanist John Podesta's Public "think tank," Center for American Progress.  He also has a relationship with CNN which is virtually a branch of the Democratic Party. 

Communists have always operated through "popular front" movements, which pretend to be grassroots movements but are actually organized and funded by the Masonic Jewish (Communist) central bankers. Having run through women and minorities, they have recently mobilized students render patriotic Americans helpless to resist their police state.  

If we understand that Communism is really a monopoly over everything (money, power, thought) by the Masonic Jewish (Satanist) central bankers who issue our currency, you will understand that Communism has arrived and must be fought. 

by Christina Marlowe

One of the largest of the highly organized groups responsible for the recent engineered student demonstrations is called EVERYTOWN for Gun Safety Support Fund, a SuperPAC 501 (c)(3) that purportedly "...seeks to improve our understanding of the causes of gun violence and the means to reduce it..." Warren Buffet and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg are among those on the Advisory Board.

EVERYTOWN is directly linked to Every Voice dot org, a 501 (c)(4) "social welfare" organization that is funded by several prominent figures, most notable Jonathan Soros and also by George Soros himself through his Open Society organization.

The recent onslaught of younger and younger students demonstrating in highly orchestrated Walk-outs to protest "Anti-gun violence" is astonishing. And very alarming indeed. Let's draw some significant historic parallels:

Communist China's cataclysmic and HORRIFIC "Cultural Revolution" (1967-1977) that was engineered by the savage dictator Mao Zedong, along with his many utterly brutal counterparts within the Chinese COMMUNIST party was in great part carried out by its public schools' PRODUCTS, ie. the students themselves.

Through public schooling system, the hugely successful brainwashing and mind control programming propaganda campaigns did in fact and in deed produce the most deviously effective, the most useful and the most necessary of WEAPONS to achieve the Communist goal of total control by using the Chinese people themselves, particularly the YOUTH, as the ultimate WEAPON to carry out the totalitarian Communist agenda.

China's use of the many freshly indoctrinated and thoroughly programmed youth during this violent social engineering campaign was seen in China's "Red Guards" which were comprised of rabidly eager and totally mind-controlled (YES, brainwashed) TEENAGERS.

These youth were given virtually unlimited POWERS to carry out the COMMUNIST GOAL of outright TERROR on its population. The Red Guards were afforded any and all means necessary to carry out this vicious agenda against even the senior citizens, including arbitrary censorship, vicious bullying, unrelenting beatings, harassment and stalking, public humiliation, false accusations, harsh terms of exile and finally life imprisonment.

All other forms of physical and mental torture and frequent "suicides" and assassinations became the norm against all Chinese society and against China's entire population. And it worked like a charm.


commie-fist.jpg(American girl makes a Communist fist)

The YOUTH are NOT ADULTS and should NOT be "given" ANY AUTHORITY, as ANY "authority" or "power" handed over to children or teenagers is exactly like giving a two-year-old child a fully loaded shotgun!

By the way, I am certain that nearly all of the censorship going on is being carried out by young power-tripping thugs. In other words, THE AMERICAN YOUTH.

Owen Benjamin - Listen to the Children!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Student Anti-Gun Protests Orchestrated by Soros Communists "

Glen said (March 16, 2018):

When I am accosted by these little bugger picker's I ask them to Google one word. That word would be "Democide". I tell them they can even use the standard bearer of truth now which is undoubtedly Wikipedia. I ask them to explain to me how an unarmed citizenry will be able to assure its survival against this greatest murder machine the world has ever known. I then sit back and laugh as their mind melts and they stomp of calling me an old a-hole.

Connie said (March 16, 2018):

You of all people must see the high school kids marching is not about gun control, right?

Laying the groundwork...

It is a LIE that the kids self-organized. These kids are popping pimples and eating Tide pods. No, this is about them to be USED by leftist adults in high schools who are setting political agendas, disregarding any parents. These are the Hitler youth.
The infamous David Hogg is no less than 21 years old.

Stick with me here ...

This is about these particular high schools empowering minors to leave campus as if they were adults! Do they have “permission slips?” Who is liable if someone disappears or if something happens at one of the marches? So there is a conflict here with “en loco parentis”

Of course, treating a teen like an adult is nothing new. In California, a high school teacher or counselor can arrange for an abortion and send a 15 year old child off-campus during the school day without so much as the parent’s knowledge, let alone consent.

So we know right off this is an attack on each individual family of each individual student marching. Surely many of the parents are pro 2nd amendment.

But THIS is what is happening BELOW THE SURFACE of it all.

1) It is both glamorizing and institutionalizing teenage rebellion, which will certainly backfire on schools, teachers and parents. All those curfews and chaperones and such will henceforth lose credibility and be tougher to enforce than they already are.

2) It is making so-called heroes out of mere children IN THEIR OWN MINDS. This is pandering to the adolescent delusion of invincibility, which is one of their worst traits. It is the adults letting something out when it is THEIR JOB to reign it in.

3) So now teens everywhere will buy into the VICTIM mentality, and demand more and more “rights.”

ADDING SATAN to the mix...

Following the march, our suggestible minors are now ready for the final objective of this gun control masquerade.
Once sufficiently indoctrinated, they can now be pressed for the ultimate heroic crusade!

They will be told they LACK self determination with regard to

1) gender reassignment,
2) consent for sex, particularly sex with an adult BECAUSE THAT IS THE NEXT TABOO that must fall!

Do you agree they are being groomed EN MASSE, where the end game is to lower the age of consent?
“Look, we marched in the streets just like adults!”
I guess you could call it a double whammy, but ultimately this is not really about gun control,

Marco A said (March 16, 2018):

When the NWO reaches the apex and the end game arrives, it sure will be difficult being persecuted by these little high school shits. Every age has its fanatical fools who will kill and torture for ideologies not even their own.

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