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April 5, 2018

David Livingstone on the Controlled Opposition on the Right 

Disclaimer - I post this out of respect for David, but I believe it contains some false/rash statements, including the American First Movement, was Nazi-funded, and the John Birch Society (and not Israel) orchestrated JFK Assassination. 

I highly recommend Russ Bellant's Old Nazis New Right & Republican Party. Here's part of what he reveals, combined with my own findings going into my new book:

It all goes back to the American Security Council (ASC) which was founded by the Masonic Shickshinny Knights of Malta, and is the "heart" of the Military-Industrial Complex. They came from the Nazi-funded America First Committee (AFC) and came to be known as the Old Right, and funded the take-over the Republican Party starting with Barry Goldwater. It was spearheaded by Kof M William F. Buckley and the National Review, with denizens of the Sabbatean-connected American Jewish League Against Communism (AJLAC), which included Roy Cohn, Trump's mentor.

Ever since they have been out to destroy what they call the "establishment" which is the more liberal-leaning "Rockefeller Republicans." They have been closely aligned with the Fascist International ever since, especially close with Le Cercle, as well as the John Birch Society and the Liberty Lobby. They orchestrated the assassination of JFK.

Their leading front in the US was the Heritage Foundation, which created the Moral Majority and what's called the Second New Right. They are the ones who began to exploit the Southern Strategy, by pandering to racist evangelical Christians of the South. Their first success was getting Reagan elected. But the neoconservatives took over. So they created a wing of Republicanism called "paleoconservatism" and the Council for National Policy (CNP), which had deep ties with Iran-Contra, the Moonies and the KKK.

They believe that the liberal Republicans betrayed the principles of the party because they weren't racist enough. So they created the debate around "political correctness".

One of the founders of paleoconservatism was Paul Gottfried (a student of Frankfurt Schooler Herbert Marcuse, who also worked for the CIA), a mentor to Richard B. Spencer. Spencer was bankrolled by William Regnery II, from the Regnery family who were among the founders of the AFC and the ASC, and remained the chief backers of the hardline conservatives. All the leading conservative authors have been published by Regnery, including Ann Coulter.

The leading ideologue of this racist right was Samuel T. Francis, a mentor to Jared Taylor of the alt-right. They are the architects of Trump's racist strategy.

Paul Manafort and Roger Stone are among the pioneers of the Southern Strategy. They ran Black, Manafort and Stone, which partnered with Lee Atwater, the godfather of the Southern Strategy and dirty tricks politics behind Reagan. Roger Stone, of course, was introduced to Trump by Roy Cohn. All these guys started out in YAF (Young Americans for Freedom, founded by Buckley, and composed almost entirely of homosexuals).

Manafort was followed as Campaign Manager for Trump by Bannon, who is also CNP, and backed by Robert Mercer, and you likely know the rest.

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