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April 21, 2018

Marijuana a gateway to decadence and evasion 

Marco's Disclaimer: I don't care if people smoke weed personally or use it medicinally for beneficial purposes. This is simply an attempt to look deeper into the strong march towards cannabis legalization and the true motivations behind it. I am speculating where this all may lead - I am not certain. But I think I may be close to hitting the mark. 

by Marco A

The decriminalization and legalization of cannabis have nothing to do with the benevolence of government listening to the public opinion they manipulate and manufacture. 

Cannabis legalization is simply another cog in the progressive juggernaut moving towards manufacturing an incapable mass of people; a people so far removed from any semblance of moral integrity and connection with past normality that they will be helpless like a rudderless ship in the stormy seas of change. 

In a morally relative society, if you allow one thing, everything soon becomes justifiable. Already, there is a push towards changing legislation towards hard street drugs and the "sex trade" (prostitution) - Trudeau is not being progressive enough! There will be small hope for women dependent on drugs who are being pimped out once both street drugs and prostitution become just another accepted lifestyle normalcy.

These are all steps towards the international agenda of human enslavement, where human beings are so debased and dependent on the system for everything, they will never break free. This system is one in which all forms of degeneracy are accepted; human beings are debased to nothing more than biological processes and normalcy is relative towards the changing times, along with morality. 

This must be obvious to everyone deep down.

A people that is dependent on drugs for their pseudo-euphoria are lost - they have forsaken the joy of God for the world and its pleasures. 
Life is about the embracing the full spectrum of human emotion, dulling your senses or manipulating your biological processes so that the difficulties of life become more bearable is a cheap excuse for living. 

The greatest challenges in life require long-suffering and perseverance, perseverance builds character, character builds hope, hope is a beautiful spiritual attainment that leads to God and a beautiful life. With drugs and all the cheap thrills of the world, you miss out - life is meant to be hard. 

I was just reading a propaganda article regarding the "health benefits" of cannabis (which seem to be appearing frequently now that it is time to legalize it), alongside it there was another article entitled "Vaccination against stress and anxiety made...". The placement of this article is no coincidence. From cannabis to vaccination - 'never feel the unpleasantries of life again, allow the world to take care of you.'

When you lose your ability to experience human emotion, you are lost. There would be no worse Mark of the Beast than one that makes us incapable of experiencing our humanity to the fullest which Christ died for, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

Society is dying, the medication they offer us to make their world bearable is a poison that promotes a false sense of euphoria and manipulates our minds to believe everything is all-right, when there is every reason to be concerned. 

I asked Marco if he had ever tried cannabis-

Only once a long time ago and I didn't get high. I know some people use it medicinally and for some, it may be necessary for mental health / or pain management, but I don't trust the motive behind pushing it as a normal thing for everyone. 

I think its just another sign of decadence and it won't be used responsibly especially in the context of Canadian culture. Frankly, if I had children, I wouldn't want them growing up to believe that smoking a joint is the same thing as having a cigar and a glass of red wine.

Also, its hard to describe but a lot of the proponents pushing for its usage, arguing for it as if it is such an amazing thing, just make me cringe, they seem like such socialist losers who want the government to wipe their asses and let them get high... a type of perpetual victim scared of their own shadow that wants to inebriate themselves towards life and cry if the government doesn't allow it. 

Well, the government will allow it now. If you shake hands with socialism they always take more from you. The nanny state always grows stronger with legislation like this. Soon they will allow more and more, the people demand the progressive wheel get rolling so it will eventually running them over with unbearable changes.

Anyways, at the end of the day, it's still a drug... there is so much more to life. 

That's how I feel about it. 

MS replies:

I have to agree whole-heartedly with Marco.  The current push to legalization is highly-suspect in my book.

Drugs like weed dull the longterm overall sensory, emotional, and intellectual experience of life, although they may momentarily enhance some perceptions and sensations.  We shortchange ourselves when we aim to avoid or mask "negative" emotions which are in fact essential to our development and realization.  One of these crucial "negative" emotions we need to experience is guilt.  Weed tends to dull the guilty conscience and thus opens the door for moral laxity and offense.

As for their purported benefits - and leaving aside the medical uses - such drugs are a counterfeit, chemical, materialist substitute for the spiritual bliss achieved when one seeks and forms a connection with God and lives within his love an upright life.  They are a cheap shortcut which barely achieve a highly-deficient, distorted, aped experience of the real thing.

In addition to the effects Marco has already pointed out, i.e. producing an ineffectual, listless, shiftless, emotionally and morally disengaged population, I believe we have to revisit the connection between drugs and the occult.  It is no secret that Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons (who called himself Dajjal the antichrist), Aldous Huxley & Co. all used hallucinogenic drugs before or during ritual ceremonies.  The CIA and Huxley also explored the connection between such drugs and mind control.

Although not classified as a hallucinogen, weed has similar effects.  It is my opinion, although inconclusive, that these drugs weaken the barrier between the mind and the rest of the psychic universe, including the dimensions in which the demonic influences reside.  So, opening a mental door could mean opening it to all that lurks behind that door, not just the "nice" realizations and enlightenments that many seek through these drugs.

I believe weed makes it easier to be mind-controlled, whether by malevolent psychic entities, i.e., demons, or from technological, electro-magnetic, or scalar sources.  There is also probably an overlap between the EM/scalar and demonic realms I suspect.  Legalization would be a great way to put the mind control, social engineering and mass possession into fifth gear.

In this age of Dajjal, our stresses are almost unbearable and it is tempting to run to "the leaf for relief".  But it is during these times more than any other that we need to hold fast to God with purity of body, mind and spirit.  Peace.

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