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April 14, 2018

Note from Costa Rica by WD

I couldn´t get to your website on the hotel computer here in Costa Rica, but they have access to all your detractors who want to convince people you´re a crackpot. I remember getting a mailer from the Southern Poverty Law Center after grad school, which I took to mean ¨we know who you are¨. I´ve been here teaching English for two months and have seen a good bit of the country. It´s largely Americanized with several international companies represented here. And there is a stark contrast between the very wealthy areas and those poverty-stricken homes often nearby. 

You will sometimes see a million dollar home next to a yard with goats grazing or chickens running loose. Many older retirees relish being near the downtown hotel where dozens of hookers will congregate on the weekend. Some of the women are very pretty but I didn´t want to spend my hard earned $100 that way. The young women seem very much schooled in the ways of feminism from what I can tell. They have bought into the idea they will have a teaching or working career and postpone family until much later. And hooking it for some will pay their way through school. 

Teaching English to non-native speakers seems like a moneymaker for the schools anyway. I wonder if many of the teachers will ever earn back the two thousand or more they spend to attend the certification courses. I came here with the idea many local women were dying to meet some gringo who would marry them, but that isn´t so from my experience. That is, not unless he is really loaded and lives in some upscale area.. The countryside and coastal areas are beautiful and worth a visit, but living here in the central valley is almost as expensive as life in the US. Many items are imported and housing is not dirt cheap. Lots of Canadians visit here, BTW. 

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