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Compassion for Transgenders & Gays Like Alexis Arquette

April 20, 2018

(left, Alexis (Robert) Arquette,1969-2016, "transitioned" to female in 2006.)

We are critical of transgendered people and
gays but it's not personal. They're being used
 by the Cabalist central bankers
to undermine heterosexuality. We should welcome
transgendered people in the washrooms corresponding 
to their birth gender. That would defuse the charge of "hate."

 Alexis Arquette, a pioneer transgender activist provides a glimpse into this strange world.  As a homosexual male, he had moxy, but as a drag queen and activist, he became a cliche.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I was checking on my 1980's crush Rosanna Arquette (left) at YouTube when I discovered she had a brother who was a pioneer transgender activist before he died of AIDS-related causes in 2016 at age 47.  

I watched this really campy interview with him from 1993 when he was a charismatic young gay male actor of 23. (Start at 4 min)  I was disappointed to learn that he "transitioned to female" in 2006 and became a  transgender-rights activist before it was chic. As a homosexual male he had moxy but as a drag queen and activist, he became a cliche. He even looked like a Jewish harridan.  (His mother was Jewish.) 

family pic.jpg
(Alexis, center, looking very much like a cliche, with his talented family.)

After his death, his other-actress-sister, Patricia Arquette spoke eloquently of the oppression suffered by male-to-female transgenders. They are constantly harassed and beaten; can't earn a living; can't even go to the toilet. She caused me to clarify my attitude to transgenders.

I have no animosity against gay or transgendered people. Many are very gifted. I believe they are dysfunctional (sick) but I have no desire to increase their burden. To condemn them on moral grounds seems redundant. Sick is sick. In fact, I think conservatives should welcome male-to-female people in male washrooms. If they felt welcome there, the whole transgenders-in female bathrooms issue would go away. People should use the washrooms that accords with their birth biology. 

A lot of Jewish males become homosexuals because many Jewish mothers are overbearing and possessive. But whatever the cause, I have compassion for the gender-confused. There is no "hate." Would you hate someone because he had pneumonia? 


My objection is based on the fact that the Cabalist central bankers are promoting gender dysphoria to destroy heterosexual norms. These bankers are Satanists and in a large satanic cult like Western society has become, values are inverted. 

Sick is normalized while healthy is regarded as sick. If you watch TV, you'll see that homosexuality has been normalized. Many shows are dedicated to lesbian relationships. It's hard enough to develop our masculine and feminine identities without being inundated with this toxic peopaganda. 

Homosexuals and transgendered people should disavow the role of attacking and undermining heterosexual society. If they don't they deserve our animosity. 

Patricia Arquette says Alexis was courageous to insist on being a woman; it hurt his career.  I find it ironic that males are encouraged to express their true feminine nature ("a female born in a male body") while real females (" a female born in a female body") are coerced to abandon theirs.  It's also ironic that transvestites do a parody of feminine glamour rather than express genuine femininity.


Alexis was never taken up by the Illuminati for some reson. His death wasn't even acknowledged in the 2017 Oscar Memoriam tribute.  
There has not been a feature, in prose or film, about his life, which I find puzzling. 

Alexis' short tragic life pronounces a verdict on gender dysphoria. It's a developmental disorder. Apparently, at the end of his life, he was living as a male again, whatever that means for someone like him.  

Alexis Arquette-photo by Ithaka darin Pappas-1990-Tack Artist Group-0011-LoresBW-credits.jpg
The campy interview I mentioned reveals a magnetic and talented human being. But there is plenty of darkness in the gay scene. He talks about lying and liking to "cross the line."  Gays are good at projecting a false image, like actors. Like Hitler.

Also, he seems to have gone off the rails, "outing" Will Smith citing Smith's Ex. Then Smith's ex, a very straight forward lady, denied it. One blogger thinks this got him whacked.   However, it appears that Alexis exposed a child porn & sex trafficking ring and this is why she was killed. This may explain the cold shoulder she has received from official Hollywood & the media. 

In conclusion, only a satanically possessed society would consider gender (m/f) a burden. Satanists believe in overriding nature. Gender is our growth-path both personally and as a species. Gender and family are found throughout nature. Children need a gender role model. The nuclear family is the healthiest and most practical way to raise children. 

Alexis Arquette's life and premature death demonstrate that we can lie to ourselves but we can't fool God. 

Patrica Arquette calls out Oscars for Ignoring Brother's Death 
First Comment from Ken Adachi--

It's not self-evident as 'sick' to young children and immature, vulnerable minds that homosexuality is an affront to both Nature and God, especially when it's being promoted from every possible vector in the social matrix (even to First Graders) as "just another choice" among "people who love each other" and similar PC drivel.

Somebody has to stand up for the principles of morality and righteousness, otherwise, the lesson is lost on the young and impressionable - and they are the future of humanity.  To criticize immoral behavior as wrong is not based on hate towards others, but rather DISAPPROVAL of improper and degenerate conduct. 
A lot more people who are offended by the promotion of homosexuality, especially to young school children, would publicly voice their disapproval if they didn't have to suffer the slings and arrows of LGBT Commissars in the workplace. You need to take into account that there are relatively few people, with a considerable internet readership at least, who are in a POSITION to publicly refute the promotion of homosexuality without suffering a blowback to their career or job security or harmony in the workplace from collectivist PC monitors, especially in academia, government, and the vast bulk of big-name corporations who knuckled under immediately to tow the LGBT Party Line as soon as the JWO sent out the Call to cooperate or "else."  

Every human being is born with a soul and possesses the God spark within him. Possessing the God seed within us, allows us to express our creativity and intelligence in ways that make us charming and likable to others. So we can still like somebody, but not approve of their immoral behavior. We don't lose our soul when we engage in perverse conduct, but we're not HELPING our soul gain greater understanding or moral rectitude by engaging in behavior that is ultimately destructive to both the individual and society as a whole.  No, it's absolutely necessary to speak out against the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism if we're going to have any hope of putting an end to this repugnant lunacy.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Compassion for Transgenders & Gays Like Alexis Arquette "

Mary said (April 20, 2018):

The cabal are masters of screwing people up mentally, physically or whatever. Transgenderism is yet another way of population control just like homosexuality. Unfortunately, for us normal people, whatever that is, we have no way of telling if someone is just dressed up as a woman to enter the women's bathroom to molest little girls. Yes, this has happened.

John L said (April 20, 2018):

what happened to the Hippocratic oath “first do no harm.”? Transgenders go through months of psychiatric therapy to prepare them for the physical operation which is sexual mutilation. Can you imagine a scenario in 1945 when the allies reported that the Nazis were performing sex change operations on Concentration Camp Victims? Maybe they were but I haven’t discovered it in my Holocaust studies. The public would no doubt find this information the most horrible of all the atrocities committed in the Camps.

Transgenderism is a mental disease akin to schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder. The pagan practice of sexual mutilation has been replaced by the new religion called science. Just as the scientific racist doctors of the late 1800s convinced the Western world that there was a hierarchy of humans divided by race, this new modern version of science has convinced many a male could actually be a female or vice versa.

The New Age religion is science and just as Christianity usurped European paganism science has come close to replacing Christianity. I wonder what the next satanic perversion will be thrust on society. Finally, witnessing my wife experience childbirth makes me more disgusted with transgenderism. They will never know what it’s like to be a woman. BUT, thanks to the elite they’ve convinced many that they do. I pray for these poor souls and curse the evil doctors performing the mutilation.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at