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World War 3: Cabalists Planning to Cull the Goyim Again?

April 11, 2018

(Trump has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Satanist Jewish supremacist cult, Chabad.) 

Michael Hoffman says the Nazi concept 
of Aryan Master Race and Untermenschen
(subhumans, Jews, Slavs) mirrors the Cabalist view
 of Jews (Master Race) & goyim (subhumans.)  
Will the goyim suffer a similar fate as Christians 
in Bolshevik Russia or Jews in Nazi Europe? 
Trump's ties to Cabalism and his preparations for war
raise the possibility that WW3 will be a pretext
for another massive depopulation of gentiles & assimilated Jews.  

"One cannot be sincerely opposed to Hitler and Nazism without opposing its presiding spirit: Judaic racial occult magic." Michael Hoffman

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The West's excoriation of Syria and Russia for the latest nerve gas false flag is batshit crazy. Thus we must assume this tawdry psyop was designed to demonize Putin and prepare for another world war sought by Cabalist Satanists.  

Trump's recent moves support this interpretation.  1) Replacing Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo  2. Replacing H.R. McMaster with John Bolton 3. Trump's plan to kill the Iran nuclear deal.  4. The US exercises with Israel and arms buildup in Jordan.   5. The Skripal psy op. 6.Putin's recent display of nuclear superiority and enunciation of his nuclear doctrine. 7. Trump joining EU leaders in expelling Russian diplomats. 8. The increased Deep State blackmail pressure, ie. Stormy Daniels et al. 9. The FBI raid on Michael Cohen's offuce. 10. Swedish General: Expect WW3 Within a Few Years 

In an article, Black Magic in Hasidic Judaism (Revisionist History, February-March 2018) Michael Hoffman, the foremost authority on Judaism,  lights up the landscape like a bolt of lightning at night. The West is controlled by a fanatical satanic cult that wants to instigate a world war as a pretext to kill or enslave non-Jews. 

We glimpse a future that makes the horrors of the previous world wars look like a picnic.  We may be in the position of Jews in 1930's Nazi Germany who simply refused to believe their survival was in jeopardy.  

There is very little meaningful opposition to Trump's warlike actions.  The streets are filled with Soros-dupes. Where are the demonstrators demanding Trump keep his campaign promise to defuse tensions with Russia and stay out of gratuitous wars? We cling to the "normal" like a security blanket refusing to accept we are being stalked by psychopaths in a hall of mirrors. There should be mass demonstrations against attacking Syria. Otherwise, Americans are morally complicit in their own destruction, should it come to that. 


I don't want to be a fearmonger, but the problem is the opposite; we are a little too complacent. We should not assume that the horrors of Dresden or Treblinka are things of the past.  Trump appears to be the tool of a lunatic megalomaniacal Cabalist cult. 

Michael Hoffman, left, explains that Cabalist Jews consider non-Jews to be satanically possessed, worse than beasts. Jews, on the other hand, are the Highest Expression and Purpose of Creation. Cabalist Jews channel God's will. "In a Talmudic and Kabbalistic culture, gentiles are fair game because they are considered demonic sub-humans." 

 Hoffmann writes that Hasidic rabbis are sorcerers who engage in black magic."There are three fundamental components to Hasidic Judaism: Satanism, Satanism, and Satanism, under the names Kabbalah, Zohar and Shekinah."  

Hoffman points to the work of German revisionist historian Ernst Nolte (1923-1916) who "outlined the similarities between Israeli Judaism on the one hand, and "Rabbi Hitler's" version on the other." 

"Nolte wrote that Auschwitz was only a copy of a Soviet template-- the Gulag Archipelago. The Bolshevik murder of an entire class of Gentiles was, he said, 'the logical and factual prius [presage] of the racial murders by National Socialism..." There are parallels between Bolshevism (Judaism) and Nazism. "For Nolte Nazism was Judaic Communism's twin. "


Hoffmann cites Nolte: "An objective study of this Judaism ...holds that the gentiles are totally subjugated and disenfranchised. They have no rights of any kind, legal or moral. They are regarded as less than human in comparison with the "god-like Jews." 

atrumpcrossbones_thumb (2) (2).gif
Nolte's vision of the goyim's final fate was taken from Hitler's plans for conquered Slavs in Hitler's Table Talk. : "Underlying everything is the total disenfranchisement of the subjugated, They have no claims of any kind.., except an early death. They are forbidden to learn to read and write; to concern themselves with history or politics is a crime worthy of death." (I am reminded of 1984.) 

Some slaves will be allowed to visit Berlin to report on the "the monumental cultural achievements of the Germans and spread belief in the godlike nature of the Master Race. "

Both Cabalists and Nazis are Luciferian as they accepted Satan's (the snake's) offer to supplant God instead of obeying him. "The parallels between Nazi mysticism and Kabbalistic Judaism are numerous," Hoffmann writes. "One cannot be sincerely opposed to Hitler and Nazism without opposing its presiding spirit: Judaic racial occult magic." 


The recent shooting psyops coupled with gun control demonstrations are all the proof I need that the above scenario is accurate. 

Is a nuclear war a genuine danger? Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so. For once I agree with Paul Craig Robert's alarmism:

If the Russian government does not realize that Washington is bringing war to Russia, the Russian government is endangering Russia's survival.
If the Russian government continues to believe that "the door to dialogue is open," the Russian government is deluded beyond repair.
The insouciant Western people, concerned with things of no consequence, sit in their stupidity while their corrupt politicians tell them lies. The populations of the West are so stupid that they do not have a clue as to the consequences of the lies that they are fed.

The Saker writes: 
The truth is that the situation today is infinitely worse than the Cuban missile crisis. First, during the Cuban missile crisis, there were rational people on both sides.  Today there is NOT ONE SINGLE RATIONAL PERSON LEFT IN A POSITION OF POWER IN THE USA.  Not ONE!  Second, during the Cuban missile crisis, all the news was reporting on was the crisis, the entire planet felt like we were standing at the edge of the abyss.

Today nobody seems to be aware that we are about to go to war, possibly a thermonuclear war, where casualties will be counted in the hundreds of millions. 
All because of what? 
Because the people of the West have accepted, or don't even know, that they are ruled by an ugly gang of ignorant, arrogant psychopaths.

I was born in a Russian military family and I studied Russian and Soviet military affairs all my life. I can absolutely promise you this, please don't doubt it for one second: Russia will not back down and, if cornered, she will wipe out your entire civilization.

Of most concern is how things are heading toward possible nuclear war. What's unthinkable could become reality over US-led/Western manufactured Russophobic hysteria - elevated to an unprecedented level. US-led Western rage for dominance over planet earth, its resources and people represents humanity's greatest threat.

1putlazar (2).jpg
(with Chabad Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar) 

The other question is how likely is Putin part of this charade? He has been cast as the only adult in the room. Is his Defence of Christian Civilization and a "multi-polar" world pose real or is it an act? I'd like to believe it is real because it is the only glimpse of sanity on the horizon. But his ties to Chabad are troubling. 

In conclusion, the irrational Western treatment of Russia only can be explained as a run-up to world war, much as occurred in the 1930's. 
Iran is the new Poland. And the best explanation for this madness is that the Illuminati plan to use this as a pretext to enslave and decimate us. 

Trump got elected on the novel premise that a political leader might actually represent the interests of the population. Unfortunately, Trump's
domestic policies have only served as a ruse to rope Americans into more wars for Israel and possible nuclear annihilation. 

I've been saying Western society is satanically possessed, controlled by a satanic cult. I am still shocked to watch this perverse reality unfold. 
It is incredible that lunatics have taken over the asylum and humanity hangs by a thread.

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-----------------  WW1- First Christian Holocaust

First Comment from Tim Fitzpatrick:

The nationalists' blind trust in Vladimir Putin and "Russia" is irrational. What evidence is there that Putin has really turned the country away from communism and revived legitimate Christian orthodoxy?  It's all just automatically assumed by the patriot sheeple. Has anyone actually fact checked it all? Tony Blizzard and others are quick to call the supposed mass Russophobia a phony narrative yet don't think twice that the pro-Putin narrative might be, itself, be phony. It's alarming that the vast majority of nationalists (conspiracy researchers included) are so unanimously pro-Putin and pro-Russia for no good reason other than that it's the narrative that has been fed to them by the establishment-controlled alternative media: Stephen Lendman, Russia Today, Zerohedge, Infowars, et al. 

Have any of them read Anatoliy Golitsyn's works regarding the Perestroika Deception (the hoaxed collapse of communism in Russia and the Eastern Bloc)? I doubt any of them have read it. I, too, was once a blind, Putin-supporting boob up until Brendon O'Connell and others planted seeds of doubt in my mind that caused me to actually research the pro-Putin narrative talking points. What I have found is absolutely shocking. It's an elaborate Soviet ruse to which the West is completely oblivious--conservatives and liberals alike. If you have had enough of the Russophobia, a minority of us in the truther movement have had enough of the Russophilia! It's time to wake up and stop being at the mercy of NWO dialectics. This is just another tier of deception parading around as a beacon of truth. World communism has always been the Judeo-masonic plan. That has been the most consistent theme for the last 100 years or so. Who knows communism better than the reds in the East?

Brendon O'Connell-

Henry, how many industry articles showing Putin deep in bed with Netanyahu do your readers want? 100? 200? 300? Maybe 500?

From nanotechnology, medical, financial, military, oil and gas...and on and on. Everyone around Putin identifies as Jewish. Is a virtual thug gangster. Travels back and forth to Israel. Putin has been surrounded by the same people since his days as chief scandal cover upper'er in St Petersberg. Nothing has changed - just the faces. But the Gangster Jewish'ness of Putin and Co remains. In fact it is right in everyone's face.

It's like Iran - Iran has sanctions. Meaning Iran is the enemy. If there are sanctions why can you not see any? I was there, I couldn't see any. Meaning a suffering population? Everyone is well fed. They build missiles. Spend $5 billion a year fighting Sunnis in Syria and funding their proxy Hezbollah to goose step and Hitler salute for the western cameras.

Recently, the government under Swiss banker favorite Rouhani panicked when the price of eggs went up and rioters hit the streets. This was REAL indigenous anger, not some CIA plot. The price of eggs can set off mass riots - and people think you need a military action to deal with Iran?

It's all about Greater Israel. Nothing more. The dream of the Talmudic Zohar supremacists - a homeland of their own. Well armed and needed by the world. A fortress clubhouse for the "bikie" organized crime group to operate from. Iran is vital in keeping the highly militarized economy of Israel ticking along.

There will be no WW3. Just more dead brown people in the Middle East - mostly Sunni Arabs which pleases both Bi Bi and Rouhani - and an Israeli led Smart Cities program. Otherwise known as a comfy Smart Gulag with robot minder. Designed in Israel, manufactured in China.

Free energy devices and a cancer cure from Israel. Israel a blessing unto the nations. Trump will be a hero, barring the absolute history shaking turn around where assorted military intelligence assets worldwide turn on Israel - if it's even possible. I still have my fantasies.

Lucifer comes as an angel of light and even the Elect shall be deceived if that were possible. Brut'ish WW3 talk is not refined enough for the scientific rationalists who will rid us of all the horrible people from Bi Bi to pedophiles to families. There will be no satan worshiping devil with blood dripping ruling the world, it will be a polite man and woman with a nice suit and a spreadsheet assuring us they have scientifically crafted the perfect "just in time" smart city/economy/ self-driving car/robot society for us to relax in and see our therapists for self-enlightenment and achieve the godhead within. Wait for it.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "World War 3: Cabalists Planning to Cull the Goyim Again?"

Eric B said (March 29, 2018):

Russia just activated its Dead Hand nuclear response system. In case their leadership goes out, ALL their nukes will be launched. We reportedly have activated space-based weaponry in response.

I was thinking about all this last night and think I have a very good solution to it all. Russia or some other SANE party should drop 2 very large bombs. One should be dropped in the English Channel to create a tsunami to put London under water. The other should be dropped off the coast of Israel to do the same. Then maybe we can have some peace in this world.

Thanks again for your fine work, Dr. Makow.

Pedro said (March 29, 2018):

American Putin Lovers and Haters might ask themselves why George Washington had shares in the Bank of England throughout the War of Independence and not be boycotted. Similar I think to the English releasing the Czech gold to the Nazis who were supposed to be their enemies at the time. Know them by their Ledgers.

It's kind of reassuring thinking that all opposition is controlled.... then again there was the Colossus: The Forbin Project 1970's book and movie that had the AI on each side taking over the world and it's arsenals according to its own logic. Better logic than the omnicidal Israeli spawned Stuxnet virus and Israeli BSP Magna security firm in charge that participated in the Fukushima event that will probably turn out to be as bad or worse than a global nuclear war anyway. Destroy the World in order to save it must be their insanity.

Robert P said (March 28, 2018):

God`s Prophet to this generation saw the destruction of America in a vision in 1933:

"The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America."

MARIO C said (March 28, 2018):

Do I think that the Cabalist zionist want nuclear war? . I don’t think so because if they want it this war would be happen. No because nuclear war in incontrollable and will destroy all the world and they want the world for they and more a lees intact. But nuclear war can start by accident

They want depopulation?? yes there are too many people in the world. Many of them ugly and stupid people for them ( In their vision.) But is not an easy matter to do. So they are waiting the right moment. Russia and China opposition to NWO plans is good for us.

Is Putin Xi and Iran opposition real. I think so. You hear Putin and sound real and act real. Why he has Putin Jewish friend? because Jewish are part of Russia and has power. Why negotiate with Israel ? Because Israel is power a reality that is not possible to avoid. Putin is a peace maker.

Jude Duffy said (March 28, 2018):

I was one of those who thought that Trump was the lesser evil than HRC, but now I'm not so sure: it's not just Trump's pivot towards an all-out Neocon foreign policy, but the way his election has been used as a pretext to shred the right to dissent, and the way it has galvanised the phoney left in classic manufactured dialectic fashion. As the article indicates, the presstitutes and showbiz whores have ramped up the anti-European, anti-Christian rhetoric as if to psychologically soften us all up for a cull.

How many does (non) industry articles Brendon O'Connell want before he will acknowledge that the fantasy of "rockets raining down on Israel" is Neocon Zionist black propaganda, as is the fiction that Assad is hated by most Syrians?

Tony B said (March 28, 2018):

No matter what anyone thinks of Putin they must realize that he has less than half the political power in Russia, he is not even close to being a dictator, in spite of the constant phony western b.s.

His opposition, the Atlantacists, led by Medvedev, are in league with the Rothschild central bank which is doing all it can to keep Russia's military reconstruction as slow as possible along with the rest of its economy.

Putin is no dummy, he is well aware that the longer Russia holds off the start of the war, the larger its stockpile of new weapons to crushingly carry the war to the west.

Obviously, Rothschild city, which makes ALL western decisions, realizes this, stepping up its time table to get the war started, and is willing for western nations, including the U.S., to take some hits, hoping to quickly use up Russia's stockpile of super weapons and then overwhelm it with the west's massive armory of now obsolete weapons. They realize that if they wait too long the game is over for the whole Rothschild west as Russia is rapidly building the ability to both destroy the whole western world while defending Russia from any kind of attack on itself. Just the opposite of what the cabal had been planning at its leisure for decades.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at