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Self-Delusion (Lying) a Winning Strategy in Syria

April 15, 2018

abu-gharib-torture-2.jpg(left, Victim receives a shock when American psychopath decides he has done something bad.) 

Donald Trump says the US is "locked and loaded" in the event Al Assad uses chemical weapons again. 

Think about that. Al Assad doesn't have chemical weapons and has never used them. Nevertheless, Trump will bomb him whenever he imagines Al Assad has erred, regardless of the facts.  We are dealing with people who are crazy or only pretending to be, and they control the fake news media. Either way, it is a good strategy for achieving submission. These "chemical attacks" could become as common as US mass shootings if they continue to be so effective. (Trump vows more attacks. Haley speaks of 'Evil Regime') 

They are gaslighting Russia and Syria. They are gaslighting us all. (Making us doubt reality. Cognitive dissonance.)

The chemical attacks are a repeat of Saddam Hussein's non-existent "weapons of mass destruction." They are a transparent pretext for intimidation or aggression. 

As I said below, the only way to stop this psychological blackmail is for Russia to shoot down attacking planes and sink ships. After boasting about their new weaponry, the Russians look pretty stupid now. The West will not understand anything but retaliation.  There has to be consequences for its bad behavior or it will continue. 

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The airstrike on Syria today had nothing to do with chemical weapons. 

It's more in the nature of a bitchslap, bullying, an assertion of Western dominance, a punishment for Russia's interference in Zionist expansion. The US, UK, Israel and France are all factotums of the Rothschild banking cartel. This attack and the coming world war is about the shape of the New World Order, unipolar Zionist or multipolar Western & Eurasian. 

Watching the TV News Friday, I was struck that the US political elite actually believed real chemical attacks took place, despite the evidence to the contrary. The Western mass media is an extension of the Deep State. The Deep State is the corrupt Masonic network that serves the Rothschild central banking racket. Politicians like Trump, May, Macron and Nikki Haley are chosen for their lack of moral compunction, and ability to lie convincingly. They impose the satanic Rothschild agenda on the people. That's their job.


The Rothschilds and their minions are all Freemasons. Cabalists. The distinctive feature of Cabalism is the belief that there is no objective truth or morality. They think they can create reality to serve their interests and perversions. Saying is believing for them, not seeing. Jet fuel fires caused the World Trade Center to disintegrate into a fine dust. A Boeing 757 disappeared into the Pentagon. Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Countless mass shootings just happen to coincide with drills etc.  Reality? No problem. We make it up. 

Karl Rove repeated this Cabalist formula: " We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality...we'll act again, creating other new realities... We're history's actors and all of you will be left to just study what we do." (NYT Magazine, Oct 17, 2004) 

This is the essence of Satanism: the denial of objective truth and morality. At its heart, the NWO is about being delusional; this is Satanic possession.

(Children getting a shower. WW3 starts. Right out of movie Wag the Dog.)

This self-delusion was on display recently in the two phony gas attacks. Saying makes it so. Who needs proof? It's just a stupid excuse anyway. Don't insult our intelligence while we're insulting yours.

In the Introduction to my book, Illuminati 3- Satanic Possession (2014)  I wrote: "If Russia is pushed too far, this disconnect from reality could easily degenerate into a nuclear confrontation." (p.13)

So the $60,000 question is, will Russia follow through on its threat to attack the attackers? Or will they indulge the lunatic West one more time because they are the only adults in the room? Russia is like Rodney Dangerfield. It can't get any respect unless it sinks a US battleship and kills 1000 sailors. 

But the fact that Russia declined to attack any planes or ships suggests they will eat crow one more time. (They were informed that the attack will be merely face-saving.) 

Russia has endured one humiliation after another from the Rothschild fart catchers in the West. She is like a wife who is being bitch slapped. She takes it "for the sake of the children" even though she has a gun hidden in the linen drawer.  

Inevitably Russia will have to burst the Cabalists' smug solipsistic bubble or succumb to domination and exploitation. Until then Russia is enabling some very dangerous behavior.  

First Comment by TP

A few things about the recent Syrian crisis that turned out to be a nothing.  One, the sec of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs worked to ameliorate the situation.  They both testified before the Senate that the situation must not be allowed to escalate.  And it didn't.  They had no intention of starting a war.  They had another objective in mind.

Second, once again, the Russians were told beforehand what the targets were.  So everything was more or less gone when the missiles hit.

Third, the Russians stayed completely out of it.  So, they had a deal.  This situation was defused by diplomacy.

Fourth, the Soviet era Syrian air defenses, without Russian help, shot down the majority of the missiles before they hit.  

Fifth, now the Russians are reconsidering their refusal to sell the Syrians the AS-300 air defense system.  This will cause absolute hysteria in Israel.  Iran has the AS-300 already, and it works well against Israeli drones.  The real air war today is the nonstop drone war.

Sixth, the situation on the ground is completely unaffected by the missile attacks.  Today the Syrian army finished the liberation of East Ghouda.

Seventh,  the attack, in my opinion, accomplished the purpose of the deep state, and that purpose was to sever Trump from his conservative and nationalist base, before his upcoming impeachment trials.  Alex Jones, for one, has broken with Trump over this attack.  Many others have, also.

So the completely lame attack was almost as fake as the so-called chemical weapons attack used to justify it.   But the schemes of the deep state are subtle.  Alienate Trump from his base.  That was the deal here, and it worked.

George writes:

I offer a preliminary assessment of the hooliganism of last night.

1. Indignation in the UK and US about strike without any Parliamentary or Congressional consultation. 
2. No reported loss of civilian or military lives in Syria due to hits on unoccupied facilities. 
3. Russia didn't bother to fire off any of its missiles. 
4. Second-string Syrian anti-aircraft systems reportedly knocked down 71/103 US subsonic cruise missiles. 
5. North Korean disarmament talks severely jeopardized. 
6. Iran even more wary of Western intentions, prepared for cancellation of the nuclear treaty. 
7. China outraged. 
8. The credibility of alleged grounds for attack seriously questioned in UK and US, retrospectively calling into question other government official stories. 
9. Infuriation of much of Trump's domestic support base, including public figures such as Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Sarah Palin and many others. 
10. Olympian calm reaction from Russian MOD, contrasting their dignity with Anglo-Zionist hysterics. 
11. Obvious impetus for Sino-Russian undermining of Zionist euro and dollar currencies. 
12. Israel, US, France and Britain now openly attacking Syria instead of relying on covert means.
13. Jordan now in Syrian crosshairs because of apparently allowing attacks on neighbor Syria from its soil from the Al Tanf base.
14. Saudi Arabia fully exposed as an ally of Israel. 
15. NATO breaking up because of refusal of Italy, Germany, Canada, Holland or any other NATO members to participate militarily, leaving Britain, France and the US operating on their own. 

Etc, etc, etc.

Someone try to tell me how this was a successful attack.

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Comments for " Self-Delusion (Lying) a Winning Strategy in Syria "

FS said (April 18, 2018):

If what Alan Watt says is to be believed: that at the highest levels of the secret world government, both sides in Cold War 1 were two sides of the one and the same dialectical coin, with guaranteed fail-safes redundancies in place, rendering any unforeseen, accidental and unintended outbreaks of live nuclear exchanges between both sides impossible, and that goes for the supposed brinkmanship of the "Cuban Missile (Non) Crisis".

Still, the public's certain perception of it teetering on the brink of Dooms Day for fearmongering it into submission had to be maintained. As certain the public was of it happening at any moment, the elite controllers were just as certain of it not happening.

He goes on to explain how a measured degree of real blood has to be spilled on both sides for dramatic realism to convince mainly the profane masses and the rank-and-file of the military on both sides of the dialectical divide that the whole charade is real.

I can't see Cold War 2 being any different. The fact that what is promoted as "cutting-edge" weapons technologies is long obsolete and that both the U.S. and Russia, along with a hand-full of other nations, are in possession of jaw-dropping, Directed Energy Weapons technology - - as demonstrated by the Deep State's dustification of the World Trade Centre on 9-11 - - and anti gravity, electro-propul-sion saucers/U.F.O.'s, and that neither side has ever been first on the draw to deploy them to get the drop on and to gain the surprise, strategic advantage over the other side, says it all about it all being just theatre, the "theatre of war".

One thing's for sure, apart from divine, supernatural (the elite do marshal supernatural, demonic forces) or off-world intervention, if the Powers That Be deem NOW is the time for Dooms Day, no-one can stop it, and if they deem it isn't, no-one can start it. How, when, where or if it will ever happen, is anybody's guess.

However, Alan Watt does say not to worry. The world's not coming to an end anytime soon. "The elite still do have plenty of big building projects on the go." It's only us , the Old Man and the Old Woman, in our present form, in our current numbers and the aberrant way of life (which has been given to us too) we've grown used to, which are being brought to an end in this coming New Age.

Eric B said (April 15, 2018):

There even is a lot of deception with this attack. Intel I have is that Russia pre-approved an acceptable target list. The Science Ministry we took out was slated for demolition within a year. Similar situation with a few other sites.

The Deep State has shown its hand though. It was disappointing to see Mattis do a 180 and go along with the bombing, Trump obviously going along with it, and Pompeo doing enough at his confirmation hearing to ingratiate himself with the Deep State. It could be elaborate acting, but it doesn't appear that way. Israelis now reportedly bombing Iranian targets in both Syria and Iran proper. The Russians won't be happy with this. We have 12 more ships headed to the region. Things should become more clear as events unfold. Israel may actually get hit before we do.

WW said (April 15, 2018):

As always, you are right on! America is in the grips of a strong delusion that will end in her total destruction!! If America indeed is Mystery Babylon the Great, will her destruction come at the hands of the Russian Bear, China & Iran coalition of nations, the "agents" of the God of the Bible? Do these 99 scripture verses, in fact,
point to America's "end of the age" end times destiny?

Marco A said (April 15, 2018):

I wouldn't get too worked up over all of this, its a multistage chess board and we don't see all the moves. I wouldn't consider there to be any good guys in this fight, I would ignore all propaganda coming from the West or the East. We frankly don't know if this "new Cold War" is even genuine or just conjecture.
Has no one asked the question, "Where do the secret societies fall in with all of this?" Is Russia liberated of Masonic influence despite their coat of arms bearing the Masonic bird?

Also, before anyone believes that Syria was once a beautiful free land. Remember that the West used to render its own citizens there to be tortured in Assad's torture chambers, I did a high school project on this... It's not hidden information.

Tony B said (April 14, 2018):

There is more to this latest strike on Syria that most apparently haven't considered.

1. If any U.S. military people were not sure of Russia's defensive power before it, there is no doubt now. People on site in Syria are saying the Syrian forces just didn't have enough of those old soviet anti missile weapons to shoot down so many; that obviously the Russians disabled many of those incoming with their electronic weapons while keeping their deal with the west not to fire their S-400s so long as no Russians were targeted.
2. Russia is now going to furnish Syria and other small nations with S-300/S-400 air defenses. This will mean Israel might as well forget about having an air force and the U.S. might as well leave the middle east as without air forces it's just costing money for no reason. In other words, the dream of turning the Mideast into greater Israel is OVER. Israel has long convinced the Kurds it would see to them getting their own nation (for Israel's benefit, not the Kurds'), that too, will never happen now.

3. In fact, without their American jets being usable, Israel will not be able to hold the Golan Heights and when Syria regains them the other stolen lands will eventually return to the Palestinians. Those countries are too close to Israel for it to use nukes.

If Trump's motive was to show U.S. military helplessness against Russia and Russia's friends, this strike was successful.

JG said (April 14, 2018):

There is a new trend going on out there with the Western MSM. They have subverted the due process of international law.

Like with Assad and Putin, a chosen party or nation can now be tried and convicted of any crime they wish to invent without any physical evidence other than the evidence they claim exists without revealing their sources or even sharing the physical evidence they claim to have. In the old days they use to call this judicial "railroading".This is exactly what it is.

Al Thompson said (April 14, 2018):

Most of the political leaders are Freemasons and they all have the same master; the Devil. This is just an expensive dog and pony show with Trump as the head carnival barker. It is intended to put fear into the hearts of everyone alive and control them through that fear. How can anyone take any of this seriously? Thousands of children are being brutally abused by government agencies and we're worried about Syria. It is extremely stupid and unbelievable. If you want to know who controls Trump, just look at this video.

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