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The Deep State Routinely Rigs Elections

May 12, 2018


Another ultra-left cultural Marxist, Michael D. Higgins, won the 2011 Irish presidential election by a landslide, even though he was 19 points - yes 19 points! - behind in opinion polls conducted two days before the vote. Even more surprisingly, the RTE Teletext service, Eirtel, mistakenly published the exact margin of his victory before counting had begun. Seen with Bernie Sanders who had the 2016 Democratic nomination stolen from him in the primaries.

The uncanny ability of corporate media outlets to predict the precise outcome of elections and referendums before counting - or in some cases, even before voting - starts, recurs again and again. 

"Somehow, when push comes to shove, the popular populist never proves quite popular enough: In the end, David Duke bombed in 1992, just as Pat Buchanan bombed in 1996. Ditto Jean Marie Le Pen in 2002, Ron Paul in 2012, Nigel Farage in 2015, Gert Wilders in 2016, Marine Le Pen in 2017, Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primaries, and Roy Moore in the Alabama special election. Beginning to spot a pattern yet?"

(See the mind blowing First Comment by Kevin Boyle below the article.)

by Jude Duffy


Dublin- Elections are rigged. Don't take my word for it: listen to U.S. presidents and presidential candidates, past and present. 

In 2013 Jimmy Carter said America was no longer a functioning democracy (1). More than 50 years earlier JFK told Gore Vidal that Zionist mobsters stole the 1948 Presidential election for Freemason Harry S Truman ( 2) Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and John McCain have all said fraud is widespread and game-changing in US elections (3). 

When asked if he believed Presidential elections were above board, Rudy Giuliani put the matter succinctly: "Only a moron would say that." (4).

It's not just candidates who believe the deck is stacked: Donna Brazile, the former head of the Democratic National Committee admitted that the Dems rigged the 2016 primaries in order to shaft Bernie Sanders, and Democrat Senator, Elizabeth Warren agreed (5).

According to Robert F Kennedy Jr: "They [the Republicans] stole it [the Presidential election] in 2000 and they stole it in 2004" (6).


And it's not just Americans: Nigel Farage insisted that his party's defeat in a crucial 2015 UK by-election had been achieved through fraud (7), a view given credence by a British High Court Judge's statement that Britain's voting system would "shame a banana republic" (8).

And it's not just the losers: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai accused the BBC and the UN of rigging the 2009 presidential vote in his country (9). Sour grapes on his part? Not quite - he won the election!

Hard proof of election rigging abounds. The UK sovereignty campaigners Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson spotted blatant evidence of ballot stuffing in an English count center during the British general election of 2010. When they brought it to the attention of the authorities, they were threatened with arrest (10). 

In the 2009 Irish European parliament elections, a chance recount of votes revealed that an anti-globalist candidate had 3,000 votes stolen from him and given to another candidate (11). In the context of a small country like Ireland, 3, OOO is a lot of votes.

Yes, the skeptics will retort, but a few examples don't prove the whole system is rigged. Maybe not, but the non-reaction of the state and media surely does. The media and the Irish police completely ignored the recount story, a clear indication that they themselves collude in the rigging of Irish elections and referendums (ibid.). In any case, such examples could be multiplied a hundredfold - from Ireland, from the UK, from the US, and from just about every other western nation.

Sticking for the moment with Ireland, when lifelong Rothschild agent and radical lesbian feminist, Mary Robinson, supposedly won a surprise victory in the 1990 Irish presidential election, RTE, the Irish state TV network, reported that ballot boxes in rural and deeply conservative areas of the Irish midlands contained no votes for candidates other than Robinson - about as likely a scenario as David Duke topping the poll in Tel Aviv mayoral elections. 

Another ultra-left cultural Marxist, Michael D. Higgins, won the 2011 Irish presidential election by a landslide, even though he was 19 points - yes 19 points! - behind in opinion polls conducted two days before the vote. Even more surprisingly, the RTE Teletext service, Eirtel, mistakenly published the exact margin of his victory before counting had begun.

Likewise, Reuters reported the exact margin of victory in a 2012 Irish referendum on a fiscal treaty imposed on the country by the global bankers - again before counting had begun (12).

This uncanny ability of corporate media outlets to predict the precise outcome of elections and referendums before counting - or in some cases, even before voting - starts, recurs again and again. The American vote fraud investigator Jim Condit Jr. has documented just how often the American TV networks accidentally broadcast the correct results of elections prior to polls closing, and sometimes even days in advance of the vote taking place (13).

Such eerie predictive powers often dovetail with an even eerier uniformity of official voting outcomes. Obama - who has admitted that both big parties in the US rig wholesale (14) - gained a whopping 100 percent of the votes in 59 districts in Philadelphia in the 2012 election (15). In the 2009 second Irish Lisbon EU referendum, there was a uniform 20 per cent swing to the pro-EU side in every single constituency.


In a nutshell, the issue of whether the Deep State rigs elections can be split into three sub-categories: Would they? Could they? Do they?

Let's take the 'Would they? question first. Those who organise and oversee elections and referendums in the western world are, broadly speaking, the same folk that organise and oversee the Neocon wars that kill millions; the same folk that promote abortion, euthanasia, transgenderism, paedophilia, nation destroying immigration, mass surveillance, false flag terror, bankster larceny, the pornification of society and much much more. 

To know that they do all this stuff, and to then assume that they would draw the line at fixing elections and referendums is like expressing shocked disbelief upon being told that Charles Manson occasionally swiped french fries from his cellmate's lunch plate. In the scale of globalist crimes, rigging elections and referendums is very small potatoes indeed. 

The 'Could they?' question is even easier to settle. Combine hugely wealthy donors like Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Goldman Sachs and Soros, with compromised public officials, cops on the take and politicians on the make, and you have a well-nigh infallible recipe for vote fixing.

Moreover, modern algorithm technology and the 21st-century craze for laying bare political and cultural allegiances on Facebook, Twitter and online forums, make rigging a piece of cake. If social media Deep State snoops don't unearth your voting intentions, you can bet the embedded microphones and cameras in tech gadgets will. Google Chrome knows what food you get your pet hamster, so it's safe to assume it also knows how you vote. With such information, planning the margins of vote fakery becomes something a maths major could formulate in an evening

Notice moreover that no matter how advanced the tech becomes, it never becomes quite advanced enough to facilitate the transparent online monitoring of elections and their aftermath. In a world of ubiquitous surveillance, the one thing that never gets surveilled is the counting of votes.


Who exactly is going to expose rigging? Corporate journalists? The same corporate journos that lied through their teeth about Saddam's WMD and Ghaddafi "slaughtering his own people"? The same presstitutes that cover up or even justify the mass culling of Palestinians in the occupied territories? The same presstitutes that collude in the Deep State's sponsorship of Isis and Al Qaeda, and the huge waves of nation -changing migration that flow from it? The same degenerate crew that promotes transgenderism for 7-year-olds?

Alternative types sometimes use the metaphor of 'the rigged casino' to describe modern western politics. True enough; the Anglo-Masonic Zio-Deep State controls the media, the banks, big business, the NGOs on left and the right, the courts, the publishing industry, the movie industry, the music business, the unions, the churches, and just about everything else. But what kind of rigged political casino would go to such lengths to grab all these levers in society, and yet somehow ignore the most important lever of them all - the voting lever? That would be like a mafia operation signing up all the menial staff at a casino - from the bartenders to the cleaners - but neglecting to recruit those who organize and oversee the business end of things - the roulette, the craps, the baccarat. 

The 'Do they' question is the easiest of them all: As previously noted, the big players themselves not only admit that rigging goes on, they even admit that their own side does it. Sometimes they even admit that they personally do it themselves: one of James O'Keefe's notorious video stings shows senior Democrat operatives bragging of rigging (16).

And far from regarding it as a crime, political bigwigs see vote tampering as a duty; In a leaked audio, Hillary deplored the West's failure to rig elections in Palestine in order to keep Hamas out. (17). Hardly surprising, since she and her erstwhile boss, Obama, both revere the Marxist strategist of subversion, Saul Alinsky - a man who openly espoused cheating and fraud as political tools.

It's not just a Democrat thing by the way: this culture of exalting ends over means also pervades the crypto-Trotskyist Neocon Republican Party.

John Perkins, former globalist insider and the author of 'Confessions of An Economic Hitman', says rigging elections is one of several go-to methods the global banking cabal use to maintain and extend their control over the nations of the world (15) - a statement genially confirmed by the former head of the CIA, and avid Neocon, James Woolsey, during a recent interview with Laura Ingraham (18). 

Indeed almost everyone in the know acknowledges that outcome changing rigging is a matter of course in western elections. According to Harvey Wasserman, a liberal leftist, and author of "Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections', "the scale of [vote] theft is unfathomable", with a vast array of different rigging methods deployed (19).

Computer programmer Clint Curtis testified on oath that he had rigged voting machines on behalf of then Speaker of the Florida House, Tom Feeney (20).

Princeton Professor, Andrew Appel demonstrated how an electronic voting machine could be hacked in seven minutes (21).

However, don't run away with the idea that fraud only happens in countries where electronic voting is the norm: John Turner, Chief Executive of the British Association of Electoral Administrators, admitted that "fraudulent activity [in Britain] is easy to perpetuate" (22). Voting is still done by paper ballot in the UK.

What more evidence do people need? Footage of rigging taking place? As it happens that exists too - in shedloads. During the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum count, videos emerged of vote counters stuffing 'Yes' votes into 'No' piles (23). At the 2009 EU Lisbon Treaty referendum vote count in the Republic of Ireland's second largest city, Cork, a man was filmed leaving the centre with a ballot box in his hand - with nary a police officer, security guard or accredited count supervisor to be seen anywhere in the large hall (24). 


The old saw that elections don't matter is so much empty blather. Do mega-wealthy donors like Sheldon Adelson, Soros and Goldman Sachs give billions to their poodle candidates purely on a whim, and then leave the outcome to chance?

Advertising and media brainwashing sway some voters, no question, but such methods guarantee nothing. When it comes to ensured outcomes, the counting is what counts.

Elections don't just matter, they are the ultimate psy-op, the black pill of black pills. When Mary Robinson "won" the Irish presidency in 1990, the Irish Rothschild media crowed that Ireland had changed forever, a prophecy they meant to be self-fulfilling. On cue, many hitherto conservative Irish politicians jumped on the liberal globalist bandwagon, and Irish Catholics and nationalists sunk into a swamp of defeatist torpor from which they have not yet emerged.

Likewise, Tony Blair's three successive election victories wrought a cultural Marxist revolution in the UK that shred the very fabric of the country, while Bill Clinton's triumphs in the US completed the Zio-feminist takeover of the American left.


On the other hand, the oft-repeated failure of anti-globalist candidates to make good on the hopes invested in them drains the spiritual, intellectual and physical vitality of their supporters. Somehow, when push comes to shove, the popular populist never proves quite popular enough: In the end, David Duke bombed in 1992, just as Pat Buchanan bombed in 1996. Ditto Jean Marie Le Pen in 2002, Ron Paul in 2012, Nigel Farage in 2015, Gert Wilders in 2016, Marine Le Pen in 2017, Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primaries, and Roy Moore in the Alabama special election.

Beginning to spot a pattern yet? 

You may not like some of these folk - indeed you may not like any of them - but the point is that, very luckily for the Deep State, they and their ilk never get to close the deal on the day that matters. To return to the casino analogy, what would we think of a gambling joint where the ball on the roulette wheel landed on red every time we played black? 

In contrast to the populist perennial losers, charmless, charisma-free Rothschild poodles like Macron and Mary Robinson frequently spring from nowhere and grab the big prize on polling day - thereby rapidly accelerating the descent of their nations into Zio-globalist slavery.

But hold on, I hear you say, what about Brexit and Trump? To which I reply, what about them? Contrary to the myth, much of the British Zio-establishment, including most Neocons, and most of the popular press, supported Brexit. In any case, the evidence suggests that Brexit probably really won by around 75 percent: it suited the Deep State to keep the margin down in order to play off one side against the other in classic Hegelian dialectic fashion.

As for Trump, plenty of Neocon zealots backed him too: Sheldon Adelson, Rudolph Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Conrad Black, and David Horowitz, to name just a few; not surprising he's a professed Israel Firster with deep family ties to Chabad Lubavitch.

It's also possible that Trump's prediction that the vote would be rigged in favor of Hillary spooked the globalists into letting him win - in order to forestall populist skepticism about the integrity of the voting process from going viral.

Whether we like it or not, elections and referendums shape the culture of all nominal democracies, politically, psychologically and above all spiritually; the validity or otherwise of the result does not affect this process one jot. As long as everyone takes the outcome at face value, a rigged election or referendum transforms a nation just as much as a valid one would. Election results frame how the western masses view their country, and even how they view themselves as individuals. No one likes being in a minority, and the smaller that minority is - or seems to be - the greater the feelings of depression and alienation. Election and referendum results thus become self-fulfilling, as everyone, including the losers, seek - in the tell-tale modern cliche - 'to get with the programme'.

Arguably the main reason countries like Poland and Hungary have remained spiritually and societally much healthier than western Europe, is precisely because their 20th-century histories made them alive to the reality of a rigged system - in contrast to the western masses who still delude themselves that they live in representative politics. 

Far from prompting us to opt out of the political process, systemic vote fraud should make us all 'election truthers' - i.e. exposers of the fraudsters. Ignoring election stealing won't make it go away; to paraphrase an old line about communism, you may not be interested in vote rigging, but the vote riggers are certainly interested in you. (see Notes below First Comment)

First Comment from Kevin Boyle 

Hi Henry,

The open door for electoral fraud in the UK is the fact that postal votes (20% of total) must BY LAW be mixed with ordinary voyes before counting.

This law was introduced after the 2003 General Election when it was noticed by many that postal votes in marginal constitiencies (then counted separately) were overwhelmingly for Tony Blair's Labour Party, to a point way beyond any reasonable statistical improbability.

The solution was imposed meaning a field day for MI5 who will now routinely decide who wins our elections.many, including myself, believe they made a big miscalculation with the Brexit vote by underestimating the strength of feeling in the country. The official vote was 52-48% for Brexit. Those who traveled around the country and spoke to people tend to believe that the real majority was much greater, probably 70+% for Brexit at least, though this clearly cannot be proven.


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Comments for "The Deep State Routinely Rigs Elections "

N said (May 14, 2018):

I fully concur with this article - and I have thought the exact same thing myself for
years. I have seen several examples of
populist candidates - both rightwing and
leftwing - who had double-digit leads in
countless opinion polls literally a day before
the election - only to go down to crushing defeat (Tim Hudak’s Conservatives during the 2014 Ontario provincial election come to mind as a Canadian example).

What are your thoughts on Doug Ford’s likely victory on June 7? Countless opinion polls show his Ontario PC Party with a
massive double digit lead. I do not see how he can lose at this point - BUT - he remains adamant in wanting to scrap Ontario’s Illuminati sex education curriculum as well as to require underage girls from having an abortion without parental consent. Will the “powers at be” allow him to win given his stated plans?

Doug P said (May 12, 2018):

e "Yes, the skeptics will retort, but a few examples don't prove the whole system is rigged. Maybe not, but the non-reaction of the state and media surely does." That is a phrase that exemplifies clear thinking, and that kind of clear thinking is lacking and is why we are in so much trouble.

Bruce said (May 12, 2018):

Need to correct Ms. Duffy in referring to the US Democracy: We are a constitutional republic; period!!
Well, we were one at least on paper some many moons ago. But more at the present closely resemble a socialist/communist government. Well, actually de facto. That's all I have to say on this matter.

George said (May 12, 2018):

This is a masterpiece of an article by Jude Duffy. Absolutely convincing as far as it goes. But there is more that can be said on the subject. The subject can be carried back for millennia. There were elections in ancient Greece and Rome. They were rigged too. Aristotle, in his Politics, lists causes of revolution in ancient Greek cities.

One of them was transparently rigged elections. Common sense should tell us that elections have been rigged in one way or another ever since there have been elections, just as it should be obvious that gambling has been rigged ever since there was gambling... and marked knuckle bones suggest that there was gambling among the cave men.

My personal view on rigging elections goes back to my basic high school science course. We were warned not to put a penny into a blown fuse outlet because whatever caused the blown fuse could now cause a house fire. Rigging elections in the long term is like putting that proverbial penny in the fuse outlet. The pressures behind the vote will not go away and the house may burn down.

JG said (May 12, 2018):

I doubt the legitimacy of many past presidential elections in America as well as the free world and third world countries also.
The MSM gives itself away all the time by trying to give positive publicity to the candidate they are ordered to push to the public.
If they claim an election was rigged it only means that their candidate didn't win. A perfect example of this was Vladimir Putin's recent landslide victory over their shill opponents in Russia.
There are exceptions when the Marxist Deep State outwits itself in choosing it's candidates. A good example was the rigged election of JFK with the help of organized crime figures. They feared Richard Nixon because he was a successful lawyer during the Communist Red Scare and was not to be trusted. He wasn't stupid either. However, it turned out better for America and the free world that JFK was elected. He didn't remain an obedient stooge to the fixers who helped put him in there. JFK was a nationalist who opposed communist tyranny around the world. He was nobody's puppet.

Marcos said (May 12, 2018):

Let's not forget the role of Smartmatic, one of the leading voting software companies in the world. It was a back-door small amateurish software house when it received a US$ 120 million money infusion by Marxist dictator Chavez of Venezuela. The objective was to use it to steal elections for the Left all over Latin America.
Venezuelan opposition (when they had not yet been all murdered) explained how it works. First, they pay dishonest poll companies to publish false election survey prognostics. Then they change the regional results in the computers at the time of final consolidation to match the predictions.

Check the article on this very website:

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