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Iranian Leaders have Longstanding Ties to US, Israel

June 26, 2018


Iran's leaders are veterans of the Iran-Contra Affair
where Israel sold $500 million worth
of arms to Iran in return for oil. The Ayatollahs
are billionaires using Islam to hold
Iran's population hostage. The warlike
rhetoric is in Israel's interest.

Part 1 - Iran Does Not Oppose Jewish Power Elite 

Shayan Zarrin is an Iranian American

Iran Not an Enemy of the Jewish Elite   (About 40 references can be found at this url)
by Shayan Zarrin

In late 1978, leaders of the Jewish community met with Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris and declared their support for the revolution. In 1977, the City of London started economic warfare against Iran through BP. BP was buying much less oil than agreed upon through the 1973 Oil Nationalization and Purchase Agreement. Subsequently, the Iranian Jewish Community started to withdraw investments from Iran. These combined events created an influx of dissatisfied poor urban workers ripe for revolution. 

And who funded these protests? According to the book, "Hostage to Khomeini", by Robert Dreyfuss, most of the funds were coming from City of London/Mossad affiliated banks in the U.S. and Europe. ...Once the protests started, Khomeini suddenly became the mouthpiece of the Revolution with constant coverage by the news networks, especially the Voice of America, Voice of Israel, and BBC. 

Meanwhile, the Carter administration made the decision to dump the Shah, and support Ayatollah Khomeini at the Guadeloupe Conference with the U.S, U.K, France, and West Germany. The U.S. then set up a correspondence with Khomeini and ordered the Iranian army to stand down to Khomeini when he arrived in Iran. Once he arrived, Khomeini's entourage gunned down nearly all of Iran's competent military officers and servicemen, along with the lower levels of Savak. ...

At the same time, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller heavily lobbied the Carter administration to admit the Shah for cancer treatment, despite warnings from the State Department that this would endanger U.S. Embassy workers in Iran. Two weeks later, those warnings came true when the Hostage Crisis began. The Reagan neocons ... cut a deal with the Ayatollahs to hold the hostages until Reagan was elected, in exchange for U.S. arms during the Iran-Contra Affair. 

The U.S. began approving arms sales to Iran as early as 1981, and guess who the middleman was? Israel. Israel sold 500 million dollars worth of arms to Iran. It was paid for by Iranian oil delivered to Israel through a secret pipeline set up by Israeli financier Marc Rich. Rich started doing business with Iran just one week after the Revolution, even during the Hostage Crisis. Iran sold 40 to 75 million barrels of oil to Israel a year during the 80s. 

Rich said,"They respected the contracts. We performed a service for them. We bought the oil, we handled the transport, and we sold it. They couldn't do it themselves, so we were able to do it." 

Iran used the profits from this deal to buy weapons from Israel and the U.S. during the Iran-Iraq war. Other key players in this Iran-Israel relationship were Yaakov Nimrodi, a Mossad agent who helped found Savak; Manucher Ghorbanifar a double agent for Iran and Israel; Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian billionaire with ties to Zionist financiers, and Cyrus Hashemi, an Iranian arms dealer with ties to the Mossad who was related to Rafsanjani the president of Iran during the 80s. 

Hashemi was head of the First Gulf Bank and Trust Company, which transferred money to the Iranian Government in the 80s. The First Gulf Bank and Trust Company was a Federal Reserve chartered bank, which means that it was a Rothschild controlled bank. So the Rothschilds have ties to the Rafsanjani crowd of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

[Current President] Hassan Rouhani, left, is a protege of Rafsanjani, and Rouhani is doing everything that Bibi Netanyahu wants. Iran is putting their proxy armies and IRGC troops in Syria on Israel's border, giving Netanyahu the excuse to expand to the west of the Euphrates river in pursuit of Greater Israel. 

Furthermore, Iran is prolonging the Sunni-Shia conflict of the Middle East by conducting proxy wars, particularly in Yemen with the Houthis rebelling against the pro-Saudi government of Yemen. When Ahmadinejad was President, he tried to bring Sunni and Shia countries together as one block against Israel. He met with Saudi King Abdullah, and they came to the conclusion that, "the greatest danger presently threatening the Islamic nations is the attempt to fuel the fire of strife between Sunni and Shia Muslims." 

That scared the hell out of Bibi. In response, the Mossad waged a covert war against Iran by killing nuclear scientists and attempting to foment a color revolution in 2009 when Ahmadinejad won reelection. In Ahmadinejad's second term, he clashed with Khamenei and the Iranian establishment. In 2010 he said, "administering the country should not be left to the [Supreme Leader], the religious scholars, and other [clerics]." He also criticized the Ayatollahs for squandering the wealth of the Iranian people. He said,"60 percent of Iran's wealth is controlled by 300 people." The Ayatollahs are billionaires. Ex-President Rafsanjani [1934-2017] had a net worth of one billion dollars. 


After the revolution, the Ayatollahs nationalized most of Iranian industry, and took control of it. Rafsanjani's brother became head of Iran's largest copper mine; another became head of the country's media networks, a cousin the head of a $400 million dollar pistachio export company; a nephew and son in key positions in the Iranian oil industry, and it goes on and on. What happened to the Revolutionary ideals? 

(left, Illuminati -dot in circle- logo for Iranian news service)

Khomeini and the Ayatollahs promised cheap water and electricity to the Iranian poor, yet they have turned Iran into a banana republic. 60 percent of Iran's economy is centrally planned, with these Ayatollahs profiting from them like oligarchs, much like the Jewish oligarchs of the Soviet Union and modern-day Russia. The Ayatollahs slosh much of their money in Rothschild Swiss and German Banks. They also run drugs in and around the Middle East through the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The Shah cut down on the Opium trade in Iran, but now the opium trade is booming. You can find opium in Iran by just walking down the streets. 

Additionally, Iran is benefiting from the Talpiot program's technology transfer through Russia and China. Israel sells weapons and technology to China and Russia, who in turn, sell it to Iran. Israel is best buds with Russia and China. And Israel is leading the way in the One Belt One Road Initiative, looking to marry Israel's technology with China's capacity. 

The One Belt One Road Initiative is being praised by most of the well-known alt-media talking heads, even though it is beyond clear that Israel is facilitating it. Through OBOR, Eurasia's infrastructure will be modernized into "smart cities", with self-driving cars, monitored traffic stops etc. 

Alongside this, the BRIC nations are challenging the U.S. dollar. This is being cheered on in the alternative media, but people do not understand the ramifications of this. The Bric nations' proposed gold standard could cause the dollar to lose its value, which will in turn, cause the western economies to crash. Once the western world goes down, the world will be ripe for the New World Order led from Jerusalem. 

This is a clear example of the Hegelian Dialectic. The elites will say, "The western capitalist world has caused the western economy to collapse, we need a world currency that will benefit all nations, through a multi-polar world order." 

This multi-polar world order is being cheered on by the alternative media as the solution to Zionist globalism. Yet Israel is leading the way in this multi-polar world order shift. This is the Orwellian technocratic system that we are all supposedly fighting, yet most in the alternative media are cheering this on. 

Isn't that what the whole plan was always about? Gradually disintegrating the existing world order until people become demoralized and eventually accept it? That is Putin, Iran, and China's role. These countries were first demoralized through economic and social "crashes" (the looting of Russia after the fall of the USSR, Khomeini's purges and disintegration of Iran after the Revolution, and Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution which killed millions in China). 

Now, Putin, Rouhani in Iran, and XI Jinping of China were brought in to gain support from the masses as "reformers", who will facilitate Iran's development into the future, which really is the final step to Israel's end goal.  It is very possible that Iran and Israel will go to war. As a result, Israel could expand to the west of the Euphrates and finalize "Greater Israel", and Iran could be pushed to the east of the Euphrates. The Rothschilds have funded both sides of wars in the past like in world wars 1 and 2.

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Comments for "Iranian Leaders have Longstanding Ties to US, Israel"

MARIO C said (June 27, 2018):

I dont agree with Shayan Zarri write. The arguments are not very solid.

If USA and Israel destroy the Shah Reza Pahlevi is because the Shah was doing a good government , Iran progress and start to develop nuclear energy plants. They believe that Khomeini and the Ayatollah will stop development of Iran economy. For the same reason the West help communism in Russia and China revolutions. That is the communism was inoculate to China and Russia in order to slow down economic development of these countries because are rival enemies of USA Israel. Without communism China would be by far first world economy. Also the west ( G. Britain and France) try to confront each other Russia and Germany in the two world wars in order to destroy each other..

Yes Israel USA gives guns arms to Iran but also they incite Saddam Hussein to attack Iran. Saudi Arabia (sunni) finance Irak (Sunni) in order that attack Iran. USA and their allies armed also Irak . That is USA Israel help both sides of the war in order that they kill and destroy each other.

Soon after the Sha was dethroned they incinte the war of Irak against Iran . Obvious that if the Shah was in power they cannot do war againts Iran and destroy both enemies of Israel Irak and Iran.

If Iran don’t oppose USA invasion to Irak was for a good reason. Saddam and Sunnites are not friends of Iran Shiites. Irak invasion was a mistake for Israel and USA. Now Irak is Shia and pro Iran.

I has no doubts that Israel Saudi Arabia and USA are not happy with Syria victory against their proxies (ISIS) with the help of Russia and Iran. I don’t believe that Syria Kurdistan has good future Syria Irak Turkey strong opposition to this possibility. The Arabs that live in this area ( post Eufrates) are opposed to Kurd ; USA domination . So Iran Russia and the Syrians stops possibility of greater Israel

That Israel can help multipolar work is because are realistic about power and China and Russia are real power economically and military. USA and the Globalist want a Unipolar world, too has all the control of the world and Russia China Iran even Turkey India and Asia in general has other different interest and values that the globalist West and want real multipolar world. Cooperation and not submission to the West.

Tony B said (June 27, 2018):

I'm no expert on Iran but have been keeping up on the progress and/or egress in the Middle East and this whole article sends a bad odor of disinformation to my nostrils.

For instance, some of Russia's newest electronic military technological weaponry, now in action in Syria which the U.S. cannot counter, is the invention of an Iranian. It traveled from Iran to Russia, not the reverse. Iran has also very quickly built for themselves a defensive/offensive military that Israel is hoping to get the U.S. to tangle with as Israel would easily be totally destroyed by Iran in a war and they know it. Iran not only commandeered and landed a "top secret" U.S. drone, which was spying on their country, without injuring it, but they quickly copied it to suit their own technology and now mass produce that product. They are not bragging that their rocketry could now obliterate Israel. They have accomplished these things while on strict sanctions plus being hamstrung by the theft of much of their government money by the U.S. If the U.S. goes to war against Iran that "largest U.S. embassy in the world" located in Iraq, which is actually the U.S. military headquarters in their effort to surround Russia, would disappear off the face of the earth in a matter of seconds.

Persians are not Arabs.

Christopher G said (June 27, 2018):

A better title to this article would be: "Iranian Leaders are not Iranian".

The Ayatolla Khomeini wasn't even Persian, he was half British Jew /half Kashmir East Indian. This article is a continuation Brendon O'Connell's counter intelligence.

"When Ahmadinejad was President, he tried to bring Sunni and Shia countries together as one block against Israel." is counter Intelligence nonsense. Politicians generally say with their mouths, the opposite what they do with their hands.

The government of Iran helped the US invade Iraq during both Gulf Wars and even allowed US planes to invade from Iranian airspace.

Ahmadinejad is a Jew and even admitted it. The whole government of Iran is run by Shia Crypto-Jews pretending to be good Muslims while
behind the scenes are generational satanists; The Shiites are hypocrites that slander the US & and Israel with their mouths, while fully supporting them with their hands. The Shia religion was founded by a Jew, Abudullah Ibn Sabbah around the 7th century A.D.
The prophet Mohammad forbade different sects and rightfully so:

Quran:"[6:159] Those who divide themselves into sects do not belong with you. Their judgment rests with GOD, then He will inform them of everything they had done.

[30:32] (Do not fall in idol worship,) like those who divide
their religion into sects; each party rejoicing with what they have.

[42:14] Ironically, they broke up into sects only after the
knowledge had come to them, due to jealousy and
resentment among themselves. If it were not for a
predetermined decision from your Lord to respite them for a definite interim, they would have been judged
immediately. Indeed, the later generations who inherited
the scripture are full of doubts."

Moreover, the Rothschilds, not Iranians, plan to nuke Israel with Neutron bombs, both Illuminati insiders John Todd and George Green affirmed this fact.

Mohammed from SA said (June 27, 2018):

my comment is mainly in reply to Nicodemus but i agree 100% with that article as well. the Shia have done more harm to Islam than what the Zionists could ever do bcos most non Muslims & many Muslims still see them as Muslims and this gives them the ability to act as if they are speaking or acting on behalf of Islam/Muslims.
they are the enemy within. these ppl get fooled by the words of the Shia bcos they don't think to observe their actions instead.

to Nikademas:
its NOT sectarian- im just exposing the fact that Shias are NOT muslims- its a totally different religion that they follow but its been camouflaged as islam.

the Shia are closer to the Jews & the Zoroastrians if only u study their beliefs.
Just bcos the Iranians don't write insulting stuff about Muslims in their newspapers doesn't mean anything. actions speak louder than words.

so what if they are the oldest civilization in the M.E? it's not about who is older, it's about truth vs falsehood. besides, u know that no sane person can take the words or actions of rich Arab countries as an indication of what Islam teaches or what Muslims believe.

and what is this supposed to mean: "As much as we dislike Israelis, you won’t find us running in the streets harassing and terrorizing teenage Jews randomly."?
who does things like that?

Jude Duffy said (June 27, 2018):

Shayan Zarrin's article says the "war-like rhetoric" is a sham, but it's not the Iranians who are using this rhetoric, it's the Israelis and Anglo-America. I fail to see the central point being made in this series of Iran bashing articles. The idea that because Iran has connections to Israel, this means it is not or will not be targeted is absurd. Modern history is full of examples of leaders who received funding and weapons from Anglo-America and Israel - including Saddam - who were very soon afterward targeted for regime change. Do Saddam's links to Anglo-America and Israel mean we should all have cheered on the Iraq invasion?

If anything governments are at their most vulnerable when they get into bed with the Anglo-Zionists; the Taliban and Ghaddafi were both cosying up to Anglo-America right before they got the chop. It's quite possible, if not probable, that at some future date the Zios will target the Saudis for regime change. If and when that happens, I for one won't view the Saudis' undeniable links to Israel and the NWO as a reason to cheer on some new Zio-manufactured "Arab Spring" in that country.

Nikademas Lawman said (June 27, 2018):

Shayyan writes that Iran is in Yemen to provide pretext to Israel, but fails to mention ISIS/Al Qaeda and offshoots there, Saudi Arabia’s own think tanks in DC pre-publishing Saudi intent in Yemen upon MBS’ rise as defense minister. Of course, mentioning the Saudis would lead to discussions of that clan’s well-evidenced Jewish origins. Remember, they’re the ones with the US/NATO airbases inside their borders with military cooperation agreements with the US. Not Iran;

(3) The author claims that Netanyahu ran the color revolution attempt in 2009 as a result of Iran wanting Sunni-Shia unity only at that time as a result of President Ahmadinejad. The color attempt was prepublished in the Saban Center’s “Which Path to Persia?” (Brookings Institution) document. Iran logically HAS to preach Sunni-Shia unity because it wouldn’t be able to gain influence in the Arab world preaching Shi’a supremacy like is implied. Further, the belligerency against Iran didn’t merely start in 2007. The Jewish Neocons were shouting “real men die in Tehran” BEFORE “Shock and Awe” in Iraq. I can keep going with the various errors he weaves, but I’m trying not to write another entire article here.

Finally, in reply to Mohamed M.’s comments, this is sectarian propaganda he weaves. You won’t find Iranian newspapers using derogatory terms for Saudis, but Saudis will write in their papers nasty and racist things about Iranians. Iranians aren’t a tribalistic people. Iranians are the oldest civilization still standing in the Middle East and an INCLUSIVE, not exclusive, society. As much as we dislike Israelis, you won’t find us running in the streets harassing and terrorizing teenage Jews randomly. Brendon wasn’t allowed to represent us like that and there never was a PressTV show offered to him.

The timing of these articles coincides with mass campaigns starting recently to try and “put Iran back in the box” now that Iran is the regional hegemon.

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