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Jewish Shakedown of Poland De-Emancipates Jews

June 4, 2018


"The Messiah for Jews is not a person, but a spiritual force. It is the spirit of Jewry. I called it Jewry - Yizrael, as opposed to Israel. Yizrael is his own Messiah, this is the view of Jewish Cabbalists. The Jewish Messiah, the spirit of Yisrael makes the world perfect for himself. And now we are entering the period of his dominion." -Israel Shamir 

Jews have been used as cannon fodder to achieve the demented megalomaniacal goals of their satanist leaders. Below, Israel Shamir
says Organized Jewry's collective claim to $300 billion of pre-war Jewish property in Poland resurrects the principle that Jews are not citizens of the countries in which they live but belong to an international state. The US and Germany have recognized this principle.

Poland Under Jewish Messiah 

by Israel Shamir
(Abridged by

Organised Jewry called upon Poland to restore to them all the property that belonged to individual Jews in Poland before the WWII. Though Jews were a small minority, they were a very prosperous minority, and many Jews owned a lot of property. They owned it as private Polish citizens, naturally. 

In the Communist period, many Polish properties were nationalized, whatever their owner's faith was, Jewish, Catholic or even Buddhist. However, the 1960 treaty between the United States and Poland solved this problem. Poland compensated American nationals whose assets had been nationalized by the Polish government and the United States indemnified Poland from any additional claims and compensation demands.

Now they have decided to re-open the case by claiming properties that belonged to Jewish owners who died leaving no heirs. If an owner dies intestate, his estate goes to the state. This is the basic rule all over the world, and Polish Jews are no exception. If a Polish citizen, a Jan or a Moses (or even an Ahmed) dies intestate, his property in Poland goes to Polish state. The Jews want to change it. They say intestate property of private Jewish Polish citizens should revert to Jewish ownership, actually to Jewish-American organizations.

These bodies have already pocketed billions of dollars' worth of German funds; this money pays handsome salaries to Jewish officials; it builds Holocaust memorials and museums, and allows Jews to fight numerous legal cases strengthening their hegemony. Now they want to shake Poland down for a cool $300 billion, 60% of the country's GNP. It will certainly allow many Jewish functionaries to live in a style to which they are accustomed.

The US supported this claim, and a few days ago, S. 447, the "Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act of 2017," became law, as President Trump signed it after the House of Representatives and the Senate duly voted for it in bipartisan solidarity. Now the Poles can't just disregard these claims. They have to transfer every asset that ever belonged to a Jew into the hands of American Jewish organizations.

The Jewish organizations collecting the tribute are also very rich. They have a dirty history of fraud with dozens of convictions; they spend much more money on their own salaries than on needy survivors. Norman Finkelstein wrote a well-known book, The Holocaust Industry, full of strong critique and indignation, about the Holocaust Lords with their half-a-million-dollar-a-year salaries and great hotels to hold conferences.

I would prefer they'd spend all their ill-gotten wealth on their salaries and hotels, because they use whatever is left (and we are speaking of billions of dollars) to restore Jewry and to promote their narrative, to build a Holocaust Museum in every city, to give grants to painters, writers, film directors, media editors. They bribe whole communities. They keep the descendants of Jews together by scholarships, free schools, free meals. And they de-Emancipate the Jews.

The most important and the worst element of this scheme (or scam?) is not a financial one. It is the restoration of the feudal order when Jews were subjects of Jewry, a quasi-state body spread over many lands. I wrote about it:

"The very existence of a corporate entity known as "the Jewish People" (or, Jewry, or The Jews) is frequently denied. Some two hundred years ago Jewry existed as unambiguously as France or the Church. Our ancestors were subjects of this extra-territorial state, an authoritarian semi-criminal order, run by rich men and Rabbis. Its leadership, called Kahal (Hebrew for Community) made the important decisions, and ordinary Jews followed their directions. The leadership could dispose of with life and property of Jews, just like any feudal ruler. There was no freedom of opinion within the walls of the ghetto. A rebellious Jew could be punished by death. Came Emancipation and the power of the Kahal was broken from inside and outside. The Jews were set free and became citizens of their respective countries."


This freedom of the Jews didn't last too long: now Jews are on the way to becoming subjects of Jewry, ruled by Jewish-American organizations. They want to retroactively turn all Jews into members of World Jewry so that their property will remain in Jewish hands if they die intestate. This is a claim of a state, not of a church neither of a community or a diaspora.

Thus, above two Jewish polities, Israel and the US of A, a third polity rises, Jewry, a quasi-state, whose existence is often denied, but when it is a question of money, obfuscation is out of place. The US decided, by promulgating Act 447, that a Polish Jew has never been a citizen of Poland; he was a member of Jewry, and his property should revert to Jewry, not to the Goyish Polish state. This is quite an extraordinary claim; perhaps understandable in the Middle Ages, when Jewry formed a separate estate, but nowadays it is a recognition sign of the Jewish Messianic era.

This is the end of Enlightenment, and Jews, liberal or conservative, have been transformed from free persons and citizens of their countries into subjects of Jewry. This is done without Jewish consent. Ordinary or extraordinary Jews did not agree, didn't vote, didn't express their agreement in any way for this turn of events.


It didn't begin today - Germany already recognized Jewry (or the world Jews) as a subject of international law: "The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, or Claims Conference, represents the World Jews in negotiating for compensation and restitution for victims of Nazi persecution and their heirs". Now it has come to Poland, and afterward, there is a list of forty countries they intend to flay, from Estonia to Morocco. They all will have to recognize that their Jewish citizens were, in effect, foreigners, members of a foreign body. Otherwise, they will find themselves on the blacklist of the US administration...

The Jews continue their offensive against Poland. Even a Polish memorial [to the Communist Jewish massacre of Polish elite at Katyn] in New Jersey is to be removed, despite Poles' objections. The Mayor of New Jersey called Polish Senate Speaker Stanislaw Karczewski a "known anti-Semite, white nationalist + holocaust denier" with "zero credibility" who "tries to rewrite history on their country's role in a Holocaust."

In polite society, it is acceptable to refer to the "Israel Lobby"; however, the JUST Law has nothing to do with Israel. The force successfully pushing for it, is the Jewish Lobby, plain and undeniable.

The Poland-fleecing law answers the old question, do US Imperial interests and those of the US Jewish Lobby coincide? Destroying Iraq and Syria and supporting Saudis was in Israeli interests, sure, but one could argue about whether it was in American interests or not. Now we have a rare clear-cut case where American Jewish Lobby acted against American "Imperial interests" and the whole of the American political establishment accepted the demand of the Lobby, turning the superpower into the mightiest enforcer for the Jews.


(Warning: If you have a strong aversion to religious and spiritual discussions, skip this part).

(Israel Shamir is an Israeli Jew who converted to Christianity and lives in Russia)

Why do I speak of the Jewish Messiah? Who is he? I wrote about it at length in the book called Pardes. The Messiah for Jews is not a person, but a spiritual force. It is the spirit of Jewry. I called it Jewry - Yizrael, as opposed to Israel. Yizrael is his own Messiah, this is the view of Jewish Cabbalists. The Jewish Messiah, the spirit of Yisrael makes the world perfect for himself. And now we are entering the period of his dominion. When he will sit in the Temple on the Mount Moriah, his dominion will become perfect - not necessarily wonderful for individual Jews and even less so for individual Gentiles.

The prophecy says he will be overthrown and replaced by Christ, or the Christian Messiah, the True Saviour, and God. For this reason, the Jewish Messiah is called the Anti-Christ, or the Ante-Christ, the one who comes before (like in antipasti or ante meridiem) and against Christ. While the Jewish Messiah is the anti-Christ, Christ is anti-Semite. Meaning not only "against", but "before" as well, for Christ is connected with Melchizedek, being "a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek" (Ps. 110:4), and Melchizedek preceded Israel, for he is a son of Adam.

This title, the Son of Adam, The Son of Man is a title of Christ, the True Messiah, while Jewish Messiah claims the title of the Son of Abraham and the Son of Israel. Jewry denies Christ, this is the existential meaning of its existence. While many Jews of Jesus's days followed Him into Israel, that is the Church, another part, Yizrael, or Jewry, fought Him, caused His death, and continued the battle with Him after His resurrection.
Now Yisrael is victorious, though prophecy says he will be defeated by Israel and Christ. Jews deny that Melchizedek is anti-Semite: they say he IS Shem, the first Semite, and that he surrendered his priesthood to Abraham and eventually to Aaron. In Christian view I share, Melchizedek did not surrender his priesthood, he received tribute of Abraham, and blessed him, but his elder priesthood and descent from Adam was not diminished.

I discussed elsewhere the Jewish claim that only they are Adam, i.e. fully human children of the First Man. This is a false claim and the source and reason of Yisrael's rebellion against God and His Christ. All of us, not only Jews, are fully human children of the First Man and more than that by virtue of receiving communion of blood and body of Christ.

The Rise of the Jewish Anti-Christ had been foretold; still, it is amazing that we witness this development. I thought that is an allegory, a parable, a fable; but it is as real as a cup of tea.
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Comments for "Jewish Shakedown of Poland De-Emancipates Jews "

Andrew said (June 4, 2018):

Dan [Butler] explained this idea in much simpler terms. He said that to create a CRIMINAL CULT, you must convince cult members that the whole world hates them. For example, The Versailles Treaty convinced a large percentage of the German people that the world hated them. Then it was easy to make them Nazis.

For Israelis, they use Antisemitism which allows Israelis to openly consider their own FINAL SOLUTION for Palestinians. Zionists call Palestinians TERRORIST, roaches and subhumans much the same way the Nazis spoke of Jews and others as Untermensch! That term became infamous when the Nazis used it to describe non-Aryan “inferior people” often referred to as “the masses from the East”, that is Jews, Roma, and Slavs – mainly ethnic Poles, Serbs, and later also Russians.

Instead of Nazi Lebensraum, Zionist use Greater Israel which God himself promised to GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE even though most Zionist no longer believe in God. If you consider this, it becomes easy to see the ironic similarity between Nazi and Zionist psychologically.

Fine essay today and timely too,,,

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