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Will Illuminati Use Homeless to Dispossess Us?

June 2, 2018

 (Patrick Michalishyn, 30, left, found squatters in his garage.)

Extrapolating from a minor incident. 
Connecting the dots.

by Henry Makow 

What would you do if you found homeless people living in your garage?

This was the predicament fellow Winnipegger Patrick Michalishyn, 30, faced Wednesday when a young woman made a home in his garage. He gave her some food and asked her to leave.

Instead, when he came home from his all-night job as a DJ at a university radio station, there were three more squatters living there. They had bunk beds, mirrors, shopping carts etc. 

He didn't call the police because he "wanted them to be helped, not hassled." Instead, he called numerous social agencies, most of whom passed the buck. Finally one took an interest.  I am waiting to hear what happened. 


This story caught my attention because it might be a harbinger. As an isolated incident, it seems trivial but in context, it may foreshadow something more sinister. 

Normally Winnipeg has a plague of cankerworms. This year the homeless are more visible than ever. They have set up campsites along the river and in parks leaving garbage and feces. A church had to ask the police to remove a campsite on its doorstepSee also.

Many homeless suffer from mental health issues and drug problems. A social worker friend says meth heads often rent an apartment, refuse to leave and drive out other tenants.  His agency had to hire a security guard to police a "safe space" designated for them.  

 Starbucks has a new policy of letting the homeless hang out at their cafes and use the facilities and Internet without making a purchase. However, no sleeping or drug use will be permitted. No word about panhandling.


Corporations are taking stands on a variety of issues. 

 Starbucks recently closed their 8000 US stores to re-educate their employees about "racial bias." The NFL did irreparable damage by allowing players to kneel during the National Anthem as a protest. Other corporations promote homosexuality ("pride") and transgender bathrooms going so far as boycotting states that don't fall into line. 

These political stands are all consistent with the globalist Communist agenda of the satanist Central Banking Cartel. This agenda is to destroy the foundations of human identity: nation, race, religion, and family (gender.) The corporations are all dependent on banks, and the banks are
franchises of the Rothschild Money-Spinning cartel. So it makes sense that corporations like Starbucks are complicit in imposing a form of Communism on the West. 

starbucks white privilege.jpg
This is not conjecture. George Soros and other banksters are literally behind Starbucks' new policies:

"The organization conducting Starbucks' racial sensitivity training, The Perception Institute, receives "generous" contributions from globalist kingpins George Soros and the Ford Foundation. With campaigns such as "Black Male Re-imagined," The Perception Institute aims to put an end to accusations of discrimination after a Starbucks worker called police on two black customers. However, with such "generous supporters" as the Ford Foundation, the W.K Kellogg Foundation and Open Society Foundation, chaired by Soros, Starbucks' obsession with race is about to hit high gear. Soros and the Ford Foundation, for instance, have been behind such racial initiatives as the Black Lives Matter movement, which nurtures a black people versus police mentality, and ignores police violence against other Americans. As other companies follow suit, The Perception Institute will ensure racial division remains a key part of your coffee-buying experience."


Part of this process of satanic possession (human dispossession) is to impose discordant and dysfunctional elements on society. The homeless are a variation on migrants. Migrants are not going to assimilate. They are being used to threaten and undermine mainstream society. 

During the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks let all the criminals out of jail, and they proceeded to rob, kill and rape. The Deep State is controlled by the bankers who will cultivate any disgruntled minority as a club to be used against European culture. Look at the knife attacks and terrorism in Europe. Look at the rape gangs that are allowed to prey on young girls.  Look at the "knock out" game. 

There were reports from Germany and Sweden of citizens being asked to give up their homes to migrants. Irish are urged to house "refugees" in their spare rooms. 
Italian authorities have been seizing private property to house migrants. Germany has been using public housing for similar purposes, ousting German residents. 

Remember the scene in Dr. Zhivago (left) when the good doctor returns home to find that the Communists had settled strangers in his house?

Don't think for a minute that the Masonic bankers give a damn about blacks, migrants, women, the homeless, homosexuals, and transgenders. They are Satanists!  They use minorities, the poor, sick and dysfunctional to control, degrade and dispossess society for their own benefit. They cultivate sickness.

The social work industrial complex is set up to help the unfortunate. We pay taxes for this. Yet it seems to be benefiting social workers the most. Migrants and homeless are slipping through the cracks. 

The banksters are empowering the "have-nots" to dispossess the haves. I have as much compassion for my fellow man as anyone. I want everyone to prosper in their own home or nation. I am looking at an agenda which seeks to exploit the unfortunate in order to dehumanize, enslave and dispossess us. This is what Communists do. 

Naturally, I would like to be wrong but Patrick Michalishyn's dilemma seems to epitomize subtle but ominous social changes. 

What would you do in his position?  I would call the police. These people are trespassing. They are not puppies. They must take responsibility for their lives. Society has innumerable programs to help them. Rather than enabling sickness, failure, and dysfunction, we should require people to stand on their own two feet.  
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First Comment from CR

One thing that very few people are aware of is that homelessness is a money-making operation.  At least here in Canada, homeless shelters are allocated funds based on the number of people staying in their shelters.  Not only do these funds pay for food and shelter for these homeless individuals, they also pay the wages of the employees of the shelters.  Sure there are some volunteers and people doing community service but aside from the regular employees there are administrators and executives that are very well paid and some even make over $100k per year.  This is why there is no actual push to reintegrate these people into society and teach them to stand on their own two feet; the people running the shelters would be killing the goose that laid the golden egg.  And don't forget all the social workers and drug and alcohol rehab specialist, with no homelessness there will be few jobs for them and those university courses that put you in debt for the next decade or two will have to shut down. If I came home and found people in my garage they would have to run because I would beat the crap out of them.

P writes-

I just heard Portland, OR enacted a law that if someone squats in your garage or outbuilding for 3 days or more, homeowners literally have to take legal action to evict them. They have rights there after 3 days! This comes after a City Council meeting where 100s of Portland renters rallied together wearing pig masks (because the homeowners are pigs) to push for more rent controls and rights!
Homeowners of rental properties have to pay out of their own pocket for renters to relocate. The Communist tactics abolishing private property through a relentless squeezing process is tightening the noose big time. 

My old, historic neighborhood of Sellwood is being torn down in place of 4 story Agenda 21 style apartments that are as ugly as can be imagined. Typical Communist uniformity. It is heartbreaking so many don't put the pieces of the puzzle together. I personally have had it with Portland and the sleeping Liberal masses here and am moving far from this city.

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Comments for "Will Illuminati Use Homeless to Dispossess Us?"

John C said (June 3, 2018):

large cities overcrowded with pollution, crime, and the homeless with dilapidated housing many are unemployed and others are homeless filling the streets while some professionals and others still filling job positions and others scraping by.

Been waiting for the homeless to be vaccinated or rounded up, but this article sums it up. The feces is a major problem, which drives away tourism from any location on the planet so municipalities have taken notice.

Marcos said (June 3, 2018):

Americans have no idea how bad it can get.
Here in Soviet Brazil, we have the MTST, the movement of the homeless.

It is a scam that brings together riff raffs to invade buildings and real estate. People with houses or living with relatives join because they expect to get a fat government check when expelled. Others are peostitutes, drug dealers and bums. A tiny minority is real families in need.

Once they invade a building, the wealthy communist leaders of the movement start to collect fees from the squatters.

Conditions are so bad that a fire brought down an invaded building last month killing dozens.

They have an army of lawyers, the leftist press and bad laws that protect them. The leader of the movement, a terrorist from a Marxist party (the same party Glenn Greenwald sex partner belongs to) is a candidate for the next presidential elections. Fortunately, the people hate him and he doesn't get 1% of votes.

Anyway, if they invade your property, you are screwed. They are the urban counterpart of MST, the terrorist communist Landless peasants movements that murder farmers and invades and destroys farms.

Anonymous said (June 2, 2018):

thank you for the big picture on this Henry, it is precisely what is happening. My guess is anyone whose family has come from communism sees it. My mother, an East German immigrant, is incredibly upset about what she sees happening with the migrants in Europe and San Diego (her home until recently).

The relative comfort and peace that Americans and Canadians have lived under for more than a generation has dulled their ability to imagine anything this sinister.

More are waking up recently as it becomes more brazen, but I'm wondering if it's already too late... At a minimum it would take an enormous public outcry to stop it at this point... But is even that part of their plan?

Great article.

ISX said (June 2, 2018):

the obvious answer is "Yes! Of course!".

The Illuminati will resort to any stratagem to maintain and further their "Great Work of the Ages" - the achievement of their "New World Order".

In "connecting the dots" in this story,as you have done,I do not feel that you are misinterpreting or exaggerating. Their war continues - on all fronts.

Any which way - every which way ! Whenever they can land a blow,they follow through and deliver that blow. No opening is to be overlooked,and no opportunity is to be missed.

This theme of homelessness is repeated endlessly. Before the recent royal wedding,there were repetitious reports of the phenomenon of "people sleeping rough" in and around Windsor,England. The grand boulevards of Paris,France,are now lined with the tent cities of the homeless and of migrants. The same thing is seen in San Francisco,California. The roads in Silicon Valley are lined for miles and miles on end with tent cities and cardboard box cities.

Such human misery is real. Also,technological developments,now impending,such as advanced robots and AI,promise to expand these desperate crowds of rejected and displaced human beings. More grist to the mill !

And,the Illuminati,along with their vast armies of conscious collaborators and their even vaster armies of obsequious dupes and suckers,stand at the ready to exploit the potential propaganda-value of any event or any circumstance. At regular intervals,TV home-construction programmes feature construction-projects for the disadvantaged and the "underhoused". A popular theme is the miniature house and "living on as small a scale as possible". The human being is to be ruthlessly and relentlessly crushed down to nothing and his life to nothingness - so great is the malignant hatred of those who are satanically inspired and motivated.

Al Thompson said (June 2, 2018):

I was doing a little math the other day and I was wondering how many homes could be built with the 2.7 trillion dollars that have been spent on the war in Afganistan. I used a figure of $200,000 and divided it into 2.7 trillion and I came up with the figure of 13,500,000 homes that could be built. You could put the homeless to work on the project and give them some skills that they can take elsewhere to support themselves. The math doesn't lie.

The purpose of Illuminati communist pigs is that they want to depopulate the world. The homeless are especially vulnerable because it is very difficult once a man has fallen through the cracks. The demonic commies don't give a shit about anything other than their satanic agenda.

Poverty doesn't need to exist but the communist governments of the world, including the USA, will work very hard to make sure society is a complete failure. It's just what they do.

Alan C said (June 2, 2018):

I thought your article on "illuminate Homeless" thought provoking and timely. A few years back I visited Berkeley with family for a graduation and was shocked at the disparity between the wealthy and the poor!

A well-to-do community where good paying jobs, well maintained and updated housing, great local eateries with lots of the freshest organic choices. Trendy shops selling overpriced clothing, furniture, art and souvenirs, every luxury car you can name and lots going on with great weather.

However, I could not help but notice all the local parks with tent communities and many middle-aged men with unshaven beards with shopping carts or bicycles. None looked particularly poor for the most part but I found that when I attended the graduation it was a problem.

The luscious spread of ongoing food and speeches, all encouraged the graduates to celebrate and make their mark on the world. But absolutely NO mention of solving the homeless problem?

My daughter has a job as a Landscape Architect for the city of San Francisco and her boyfriend is a Project Manager solving the low-cost housing problem. Yet together they can't afford a house of their own in that area.

When reading the article my first thought was Dr Zhivago film scene and here you mentioned it.
Also, the other reader comments were totally on point and helpful.

Henry we must all stop doing business to support large corporations and try to put an end to Foundations and their tax-free think tanks. The social engineering stinks and I find most people so busy working as slaves they don't have or make time to THINK.

Keep waking people up.

G said (June 2, 2018):

Such important connecting of the dots. We all see it in our own communities, the sleepers in storefronts, the tents, and tarps, the general manifestation and vibration of downtrodden demise. We are in a fight to not become that and to somehow lift those who are already there out of it.

James C said (June 2, 2018):

What we are witnessing are the final stages of "a centuries-old conspiracy against Britain, Europe, and the whole of Christendom." It's a satanically inspired war against the white race. There is abundant evidence that the peoples of northwestern Europe are the true descendants of the biblical Semites. They are the literal relatives of Jesus Christ. Since Satan can't get to Jesus Christ personally, he is out to get His relatives. And we have participated in our own destruction through national and personal apostasy. Figuratively speaking, God has removed the "protective hedge" from around His vineyard (Isaiah 5:5). The greatest curse to ever befall our nations was the so-called "money power" (Deuteronomy 28:43-44). This single curse made all of the other curses possible. Our only hope is 2 Chronicles 7:14. Otherwise, our nations are going into what the Bible calls "the great tribulation" (Matthew 24:21).

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at