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Iran Serves Israel by Dividing Sunni & Shia Muslims

June 25, 2018

The only time Iran has not co-operated with Israel and the US was under Ahmadinejad (2005-2013)

Brendon O'Connell: "The Shia president of Iran called for unity between Sunni and Shia in 2010. Meeting. Greeting. What happened? Israel is what happened and the Swiss banker sponsored Rouhani and millionaire Iranian military industrial complex is what happened. The same drug dealing, money laundering and weapons trading private intelligence networks that brought us Iran Contra at work."

(Tomorrow! Shayan Zarrin - Iran's Current Leaders Have Longstanding Ties with US, Israel) 

by Brendon O'Connell

I note this from the first comment to the story about Iran being in bed with Jewish elite - 
Not a chance. Iran is going to wipe Israel from the map and all of us are enjoying it come to fruition
If that's the level of his analysis then we can discount all the rest.

We know what Zionists do to people and countries they don't like Henry. Take Iraq, Syria, Libya etc. 

In Iran, it's a paradise. The young complain about unemployment and a lack of nightclubs where they can fall down drunk and vomit on themselves. The middle-class family complaint is one of the prices of eggs and bread. There are few if any homeless. People are fed. Ferrari's and Astin Martins abound. Luxury goods are everywhere - I know, I was there. Iran ships loads of oil to Germany and the place is swarming with Swiss exchange students, Chinese businessmen and Russian oil and gas people. 

The only time Iran has not been co-operating with Israel and the US was under Ahmadinejad. He also (clumsily) had a "Holocaust Conference" that got Israel and the Jewish Zionist organizations worldwide hopping mad. He shook hands and stood for Sunni Shia unity against Israel to contain it's expansionist dreams. And what happened? The Riall (currency) was collapsed. 

Plummeting from 4000 to 1 USD, to 24,000, overnight. Iranian scientists were killed one by one. Military bases attacked. Large-scale corruption by officials surrounding Ahmadinejad and the MSM even called (as if to insult) Ahmadinejad a "Jew". That has never, ever happened before. Ahmadinejad was smooth as silk. Stating frequently to Israeli vitriol, "This is the age of peace and dialogue, not bullets and bombs." Compare that with the rants of the "moderate" Rouhani and his stooge, 20+ years in the US, the foreign minister, Zarif.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Generals are all millionaires with a vested interest in keeping the wars going - and Rouhani's master (now dead) Rasfanjani, was a Swiss banker bag man for both the Shah and Ayatollah Khomeini. He funded all the universities. Was a billionaire several times over and who knows what he had stashed in the numbered bank accounts.

Iran is a big place with many different points of view. It is full of drugs and alcohol, internal strife and division and many Iranians are sick of watching $5 billion USD a year going to fund Hezbollah and the Shia/Persian insurgency in the Arab Middle East while infrastructure at home crumbles.

War, and/or the threat of war serve both Israel and Iran alike keeping populations busy and diverted from internal strife. The middleman are the Swiss and German banks who supply Iran with liquid cash. The same banks that fund ISIS and Sunni militias are the same ones that fund the Shia militias and IRGC operations in Syria and Iraq. Who wins? Israel. Arabs killing Arabs. Persians killing Arabs. They love it. Israel considers pitting its enemies against the other as a national sport and there seems to be an endless supply of dupes to fill the ranks.

While critics bag the Middle East states like Saudi and the GCC as constructs of the British Empire, we see Iran as exactly that themselves. To think commentators truly believe Iran's old creaky weapons with a few Russian and Chinese supplies high tech add-ons can take on Israel is hilarious. I can't wait for the flogging to truly begin. The F35 is flying around the skies dropping bombs at will. The pilots play Angry Birds on their phones. It's that easy. But the 20-year-old tech of Syria and Iran is going to stop them? And where is Russia? We have published day after day endless articles showing Putin and Netanyahu deep in bed on hundreds of different business contracts - but the Putin fools lap up the propaganda on Putin the great peacemaker of the Middle East. 

No mention from commentators on China and the Belt and Road Initiative Henry, fueling most of the goings-on. That Israel China and Russia lead it openly - and Russia and China deal directly with Iran who has a central stake controlling "The Stans"...seems to escape the critical eye of the Rouhani and Putin worshipers and dreamers.

Hezbollah goose step and Hitler salute on command - no one seems to care that they do this just when BiBi needs it. Threatening to rain down 80,000 missiles on Israelis going to school. Boy, just who does Nasrallah work for again? Iranian parliament fools burn a photocopy of an American flag in Parliament and they cannot even get it to light. They look like lunatics. Hilarious. They make my rants seem positively academic - but this is a nation-state?

Shia militias in Lebanon display pictures of Ayatollah Khamenei all the way from Beirut airport to the center of town - this is not a "Shia" insurgency, this is an Iranian Persian invasion and imperialism via a state within a state - Hezbollah. The Lebanese government offered Hezbollah the opportunity to become Lebanon's special forces - they refused. They are busy doing Iran's bidding. Goose-stepping, training openly for "war with Israel" in full view. Shaking fists. Dealing hard drugs via the Bekaa valley. Dealing the porn and drugs in Beirut. 

As many Lebanese comedians are stating in their very funny videos on Lebanese TV - Hezbollah need to attack Israel or shut up and stop embarrassing themselves. Sunni and Shia are going to clash in Lebanon very soon. They've had enough of Hezbollah and they have had enough of Iran using Shia militias as a way to infiltrate a sovereign nation and the Middle East in general. Even Shia commentators are complaining about this.

The Shia president of Iran calling for unity between Sunni and Shia. Meeting. Greeting. What happened? Israel is what happened and the Swiss banker sponsored Rouhani and millionaire Iranian military industrial complex is what happened Henry. The same drug dealing, money laundering and weapons trading private intelligence networks that brought us Iran Contra at work Henry.

The Iranian revolution came out of a Paris Commune in 1979 with a German intelligence documentary crew following. The Iranian parliament is a giant pyramid with 33 windows. You'd think we could make a few assumptions from there. The unstable asset is always their problem and Ahmadinejad was it.
First Comment from James Perloff

Very glad to see these last two balanced posts on Iran. Much of what is said confirms what I wrote in a 2009 article for THE NEW AMERICAN entitled "Iran and the Shah: What Really Happened."

One of the best alt media writers before the Internet was former OSS man Hilaire du Berrier, who started his intelligence newsletter in 1958. Du Berrier pointed out that when a book came out criticizing the CIA, it was usually done with CIA approval. One of the stories the CIA apparently likes to be known is its takedown of Mossadegh in 1953; everyone in alt media seems to know that one. But what the CIA DOESN'T like to be known is their role in the takedown of the Shah in 1979. The fact that the entire U.S. media and government suddenly began to relentlessly attack the Shah is proof that his overthrow was not simply an indigenous uprising.

As I noted in the 2009 article, the Shah had decided to nationalize oil ((just like Mossadegh), brought tremendous prosperity to Iran (and thus more stability to the Middle East) and opposed the drug trade. Most importantly, he had emerged as an anti-Zionist (I only became familiar with the Mike Wallace clip in recent years; it must have made him a marked man.)

Over the last 2 years, I have been contacted by someone who was long involved with Iranian affairs at a very high level, and who confirmed much of what O'Connell writes. He told me that while many Iranians are "true believers" in the Revolution (and there are many anti-Zionists among them), there are also a number of corrupt government officials who do back-door deals with Israel and the U.S. In other words, Iran is not an anti-Zionist monolith who we can count on to "save the day." He also told me that the "plan" is to ultimately rip Iran apart with a coup, which, of course, would be in accord with Israel's Yinon Plan.

All of this aside, I want to say that Iranians are a wonderful people, that I fully accord with O'Connell's positive view of Ahmadinejad, and who among us hasn't been edified by some of the great productions on Press TV?

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Comments for " Iran Serves Israel by Dividing Sunni & Shia Muslims "

Nikademas Lawman said (June 26, 2018):

In Iran, there are indigenous Sunni populations as well. Brendon’s ignorance on the subject matter precludes him from understanding that Iran isn’t a monolithic entity, but actually protects multiple denominations of different religions, including even the non-Abrahamic Zoroastrians. They, too, still exist in Iran. Countless Sunni worship in Mashhad along with Shia.

Shia Iran is the only and most major defender of Sunni Palestine, Sunni Yemen, Alawite Syria, and Maronite/Shia/Sunni Lebanon.

Isn’t it peculiar that everything Brendon says about Iran is regurgitated out of the Saudi and Israeli propaganda book re: Iran? Maybe he’s just mad they didn’t fall for his bullshit and asked him to leave. ;)

As for the tag-team by Shayan Zirrin and Brendon O’Connell against Iran, one can only scoff and shake head. This is the best they can do?

Mohammed M said (June 26, 2018):

how many times does it need to be said: Shias are not Muslims.
it seems this Brendan character is getting fooled by the sweet talk & rhetoric of the Shia- they are just like their cousins, the Jews, in that they can lie very convincingly & lying is second nature to them. they thrive on deceit.
the Shia are VERY closely linked to the Zionists of Israel & the west but for public consumption, they keep up the image of being at each other's throats.
the Shia DO NOT want peace, despite all their talks of peace, love, brotherhood etc. same story with the Zionists. it's just that they are in the minority so they employ deceit & distraction to achieve their goals.
if the Shia were in the majority, they would show their true colors- same story with the Zionists.

i will say this, however: the vast majority of ordinary Shia are just pawns/dupes/victims & are unaware of the great deception that's been played on them. many of them are good people & are not responsible for the actions of their seniors/leaders.

just like how many Jews are good and just remain silent & play along to avoid victimization by their psychopathic government & the rabid Zionists.

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