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"Money" as Occult Spell

June 6, 2018

(Left, Rothschild Money Power plant. The curtain is media and education.) 

Money's function
is not just economic. 
Satanists conjure it
to enslave us spiritually. 

by Henry Makow 

When we think of money, we usually think of the coupon form, the official looking paper slips of various denominations. 

This is deceiving. Money is really an abstraction denoting material value.

There are hundreds of millions of transactions every day. Do you really think paper slips get moved from bank to bank? No, all that changes is a number in your account. Yes, a tiny fraction of paper slips change hands when we use cash but this is negligible.

(The "money lenders")

Money is the original shapeshifter.  It starts off as "credit" which the Rothschilds bestow on your country or banks provide a loan. Then it can take any form. In an instant, it can become the shares in a company. They can be sold and the proceeds used to buy a car. The car can be sold and the proceeds used to buy a vacation in Hawaii. You see my point? Money should be thought of as a kind of electricity, the lifeblood of the economy.

When it does NOT take the form of goods or services, "money" hibernates in the digits in millions of bank accounts. 

As I have said, banks are local franchises of the Rothschild world banking cartel.  They keep the accounts. They decide who gets to tap into this electrical grid. One day when cash is abolished, they will ban dissenters.

"Money" comes into the world as debt, usually the national debt which is backed by the credit of the state. The collateral for this debt is its citizens. 

 In the future, the Rothschilds could demand repayment of this "debt", an abstraction they created out of nothing. As their debt slaves, one day this may be a pretext for our enslavement. 


Imagine a power station producing this abstraction called money like a microwave tower spewing radiation.  Imagine it is run by Satanists (cabalists) who hate humanity and wish to enslave it. I'm not just speaking of physical enslavement. Money is used to enslave us spiritually as well. 

Most of our waking thoughts are devoted to money. Millions are wrapped up in the stock market and watch their net worth fluctuate from hour to hour. 

Most people spend their day trying to make money or fretting about whether they have enough money for their old age. 

Basically, the man behind the curtain has already enslaved us spiritually by making us obsess on money and the things it can buy. 

We associate money with liberation. But many super-rich people are not happy. Kate Spade, who committed suicide yesterday, is said to be "worth" over $200 million. If anything, money is a spiritual foretaste of our physical enslavement. 

My point is that money's function is not just economic. It enslaves us spiritually too. 

Money and sex are the North-South of our mental compass. By no coincidence, the people who make us obsess on money, are also behind sexual liberation and pornography. Both occupy our thoughts. Both take us away from God. Both dehumanize and degrade us.

Satanists think "God" is a dirty word and they have banished it from public discourse. They have done this partly by misrepresenting what God is. 

At risk of offending Satanists, I suggest that God is the Principle of human evolution. God is a State of Consciousness in which
spiritual ideals like Truth, Beauty, Justice, and Love are self-evident. God seeks to realize Himself through his Creation. Unfortunately his Creation has been hijacked by Satan.

But to enter this state we need to think about God and not about money and sex. We need to express our gratitude to the Creator for His bounty and seek to live in His sight. 

After providing for our reasonable material needs, we need to banish money from our thoughts. The only man who is truly liberated is he who cares nothing about money. His soul cannot be bought.  

We can meet according to God's Plan if we all serve God in our own way. 

God is Reality. We are asleep. That's the way the bankers want it. 

I used to think society was engaged in a collective effort to lift everyone higher. In fact, society has been subverted by Satanists using the banking system. 

Their goal is to degrade, dehumanize and enslave us spiritually if not physically. We are satanically possessed. We die without ever living. Consciousness is Life. 

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First Comment from "Elm"

The History of MONEY, and Currency, is an Obfuscated History. "All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America (and Canada) arise, not from defects in their constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation." 

Indeed, most High School and College "Graduates" today, know neither how to make basic change nor balance a check book, let alone exhibit an ability to grapple with basic concepts of MONEY, currency and finance. It is for convenience sake we have become entrained and are currently trafficking in abstractions and a Color-Of-Things, rather than truth and substance. We flounder in the contradiction between substance and appearance (form).

MONEY, is not an "abstraction DENOTING value." Rather, Lawful MONEY IS the value. In principle, whereas currency is printed, MONEY is minted. "Making MONEY," for instance, refers to a minting of gold and silver bullion, into denominated coinage i.e., a manufacture of MONEY. So whereas MONEY constitutes an independent, repository of intrinsic value - its refined bullion content, a currency is a conveyance of a claim upon value. This is your abstraction. Further, what we call a DOLLAR is not a DOLLAR. John Quincy Adams "coins" the term... "Those things (DOLLARS) which appear to be, but are not" - this in describing a "Color-of-Law," in his reference to the Maritime claims of the Spanish Crown and her Agents (See Amistad Trial). Further, in the founding American system of weights and measures, MONEY is denoted as a fixed quantity, not a fluctuating value. Like a quart of milk, A DOLLAR of silver, comprises 371.25 grains of fine silver - DOLLARS of gold, 1/15th this measure. 

There is no paper MONEY. This is an oxymoron, and a pernicious obfuscation. Rather, there once were paper Bank Notes which denoted a CLAIM, Legal Tender, or Bill, FOR MONEY - as recorded on the face of earlier Bank Notes, Promising to Pay to The Bearer on Demand, real MONEY, i.e., TEN DOLLARS, in either gold or silver coin. Thus, a lawful Bank Note which represents an intrinsic value, is "A" Legal Tender FOR a Measure of MONEY. Federal Reserve "Notes" today, are not MONEY, but denominated Tokens representing a conveyance of a claim upon value. A currency, although useful to production and trade, does not represent an exchange of value. Only an exchange of lawful MONEY for goods and services, is an exchange of, rather than a claim upon value. Lawful MONEY, is to an open and fair economy, what a PIRATE CURRENCY is to extortion and debt servitude. The key to an issuance of a people's currency, like early Colonial Scrip, is that it is issued into circulation interest-free, with its quantity being expanded or contracted in response to the needs of trade and production. The critical goal, and intent of a system of lawful, honest weights and measures, whether of a currency or MONEY, is, to preserve the purchasing power of earned capital (wages), and savings derived therefrom. As it always has, faith collapses in the wake of a DEFLATING purchasing power in wages and savings. Interest bearing credit capital works also, to debase earned capital and savings.

Properly understood, true MONEY, and possibly a coexistent, non-interest bearing "Scrip" currency, publicly administered in trust, rather than a "Satanic" curse, becomes the balm to the OCCULT SPELL cast by a PIRATE CURRENCY. Lawful MONEY, unlike a Fictional Currency posing as MONEY, cannot be "conjured." MONEY, can however, be debased through Fractionalized Banking, an inflation of credit or finance capital, and in bullion based coinage, clipped, drilled or shaved. In principle, a people through their elected representatives must have control over an issuance of their currency, and a minting of their MONEY. This, must be held as a closely guarded public trust, ensuring political, and economic outcomes are representative of the moral conscience and welfare of the people. Basically, in an absence of control over one's pocket, ones conscience and will is also forfeit.

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Comments for ""Money" as Occult Spell"

AZ said (June 7, 2018):

For me the economy is like the bloodstream in our body, that should nourish all cells. When one cell or a group of cells takes out more food than is required for its own livelihood and sustainability, we can see it as a cancerous tumor. Those moneymakers made the human economy into a cancerous process. We are all eaten up by it, but are all also forced to spread this cancerous development. Money doesn't make the real world turn. No, it is unconditional love that makes the real world turn!

Tony B said (June 6, 2018):

I agree to the thrust of your article 100% but have to point out that, just as you say the Satanists misrepresent God, so do they misrepresent money.

Your description of money is the now accepted one universally but it is NOT a description of money, it is a description of CREDIT which is DEBT PRETENDING TO BE MONEY. Money is not debt, money is a coupon representing a value in order to make exchanges more convenient in today's world. Money costs nothing to use and cannot make the few super-rich by either creating it as debt or investing in that debt.

But there is no money, only credit. Well, in the U.S., small change is quasi-real money in that it is created by government for the people's use but today I imagine it is given at no cost to the bankers who give NOTHING at no cost even though their phony "credit" costs them NOTHING.

David S said (June 6, 2018):

The early church/s's priests or rabbis, (the elite) who could read and write, instilled a world view of debt and sacrifice to the "others" (insecure individuals) convincing them that only wealth and power i.e. money,can give a sense of security. The elite kept the fact that each and every human being is a microcosm of the ENTIRE universe, that we are all endowed with the "god within" and the world is abundant.

Anything that went against the world view of: "you must sacrifice", "you must pay your debt", "you owe", "it's the survival of the fittest," were hidden, kept quiet, or destroyed and if you were a person of influence you were killed.

Rich said (June 6, 2018):

Everything is based on Maritime admiralty law which is a law of Commerce, contracts, business and money.

Money comes from a combination of two words.. the moon and E for energy... Hence Moon-E changed over time to money.

The Moon is silver and the sun is gold. Since silver was the common currency of the average person for millennia, the name comes from the silver dollar.. the Moon.

Just as the Moon has FOUR PHASES also known as 4 QUARTERS, a silver dollar also has for Quarters as well.

The energy in Moon - E stands for human energy that you give to the bankers by being forced to work for it and spend too much time thinking about it.

Money is also known as currency because it's electrical energy or chi as the Chinese call it that truly powers your entire existence. The elites are WELL AWARE of this but want you to think you're nothing but a biological machine, only crude matter and nothing more.. Not true at all!

Currency is from the word current for energy or electricity and the cy is the SEA.. because again, money is governed by Maritime law which is the law of money and the Sea.

Just as water in a river can collect on a bank of the river, so to does money collect in a bank building to. Money being linked to Maritime law is why when a store is going out of business they're said to "liquidating assets"..

It's ALL ABOUT MONEY being used to steal your bio energy and spirit in service to the bankers so you don't use it to develop a relationship with the true creator, understand his plan, study his word and your life force is therefore given to Satan as he charges himself up for his final attempt to take over God's Throne and control of the universe!

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