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We are NOT Powerless

June 11, 2018


The Battlefield is not where we think.

The Illuminati want your soul. You still have power over that. 

Ephesians 6:12--  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In an interview Saturday, Daniel Ott asked me how we can resist the Illuminati NWO.

I replied that there is no legal way to resist. Of course, we should be active politically but the central bankers and their Freemason flunkies control almost everything and everyone in positions of power. 

As a prophet of Doom, "I don't get invited to many parties," I admitted. 

I often feel I am in a large peanut gallery chattering and speculating about what is happening or going to happen, without any power to influence it. 

Sheep bleating outside the abattoir. (Peace in Korea may be a prelude to war against Iran, i.e. WW3.) 

Have you ever felt like a passenger on a bus being driven by a psychopath careening down a mountain road?


But next day I had a revelation. I realized I was part of the problem rather than the solution. I have focused on improving the world as an excuse not to improve myself. I have been overweight for the last 20 years. I focus on saving the world in order to neglect doing the hard work on myself. 

This is ironic considering I have little influence on the world but almost total control over my own life. Yet I devoted relatively little energy to self-improvement. It's like I have entered a prison of my own making.  

Since I am constantly aware of the Illuminati conspiracy and consider it my role to expose it, I am constantly judging and often disliking what I see.  I am in a cage; the bars are my constant stream of judgments.

I realized that hatred, division, and negativity are an essential part of the Illuminati strategy. We are intended to hate the "other side." 


The battle isn't just taking place in the halls of power.  Ultimately, the battle is for each individual soul. 

This may seem farfetched but this is where the Illuminati are focused. They are at war with God and our souls are the prize. They already own and control everything. All that's left is to corrupt and offer us up as a hideous sacrifice to their God Lucifer.

We can resist by refusing to hate "the other side."  We can resist by loving instead of hating. 

It's easy to love what's loveable. That's what I was looking for and not finding a lot.

It's harder to love what isn't loveable. Like Jesus did. God is Love. Satan is Hate. 

See how they got us? 

There is nothing the Illuminati would hate more than a genuine spiritual revival on a mass scale.  There is nothing they would hate more than for us to start loving each other and treating each other lovingly. That doesn't mean conceding any ground. It means escaping from the cage.

Admittedly, it's hard to love a liberal. But it's not impossible. My wife is a cookie-cutter liberal and I love her. 

Jesus loved the lepers. He would have forgiven liberals.

Liberals have been inducted into a satanic cult, a mask for Communism (Cabalism, Illuminism.)  They have had their programming interrupted and are acting like obnoxious babies. 

But we must be adults and lead by example. We must see the positive in people we disagree with. Ideas change. (I used to be a Leftie.)
We need to believe their divine soul will eventually prevail. 

So I am going to soft-pedal news that promotes Hatred. I'm also going to soft-pedal Fear because they also use Fear to control us. 

The real battle is taking place at a soul level and it can be fought in terms of focusing more energy on our personal spiritual development. Jesus was talking about spiritual development. It's not a New Age concept. 

We are Powerful. 


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Comments for "We are NOT Powerless"

JG said (June 13, 2018):

A lot of the chaos in this world is of our own making.
We have allowed our patriotism, churches, and personal morality to be comprised.

This present generation is the "go with the flow" generation with almost all the focus being devoted to materialism and all the worthless idols that go with it.
It's no longer about "give me liberty or give me death" but it now about gives me success and security.

We're all politically correct robots who don't dare say how we really feel because the repercussions are too tough to bear. We have believed for far too long now that we could live in our own private world and not be affected by a world that was getting more evil every day that exists around us.
It's so sad that we know the truth about so many things in this world but are afraid to expose them.
It's not surprising that the world we once knew is now disappearing from us. It was a lie that was due to unraveling sooner or later.

Once the courage goes many other things go with it. Respect for men, women, and children often follow.
We can't continue to make deals with the devil and expect to have a peaceful and loving world in return.

Tony B said (June 12, 2018):

Yep. Me too. All this was just often repeated words for me until I was an old man. Now those words have meaning. But they remain easier to say than to live. We are each continually in the only real war life is all about. Soul v. body.

We have but two possible outcomes: Win-win (soul=supernatural orientation-good future) or win-lose (body=worldly orientation-don't want to think about that future).

Tony B said (June 12, 2018):

Yep. Me too. All this was just often repeated words for me until I was an old man. Now those words have meaning. But they remain easier to say than to live. We are each continually in the only real war life is all about. Soul v. body.

We have but two possible outcomes: Win-win (soul=supernatural orientation-good future) or win-lose (body=worldly orientation-don't want to think about that future).

KC said (June 12, 2018):

I couldn't agee more with your article today, it's the only way to keep our sanity. Well done. Thanks.

Robert K said (June 12, 2018):

What will likely defeat the globalist plotting against the peoples of the world will be the realization on the part of its lower echelons, on which the edifice inevitably depends, that their consciences are torn by the collaborative demands being made of them.

With the arrival of the Robotics Age, it must be apparent to anyone with a scintilla of intelligence that an economic system that causes every technological advance to make existence more precarious for the population is inherently irrational and evil.

George said (June 12, 2018):

I can't argue with any of the points in your fine article, but there are some different perspectives. The Stoics were absolutely wrong about a central tenet of their philosophy. That is the doctrine that we control our souls, whatever happens in the physical realm.

Unfortunately, it is possible to control souls. They are no more free than our bodies. There are countless ways of controlling souls: education, overt advertisement, covert advertisement through so-called entertainment, peer pressure, and drugs. Drugs are becoming a major component in the control system.

Of course our most important task is to control ourselves. If we lose control of ourselves, everything is lost. That is the vital internal world. Nevertheless, there is an external world that presents constant challenges of every sort. We have to eat, drink, have shelter, and protect the young and elderly. Natural disasters do occur. So do gigantic political and economic collapses that force everyone to struggle for survival.

And every now and then war breaks out, sometimes started by psychopaths, but equally often initiated by what seem to be very ordinary people for reasons that seem quite natural to them. Sometimes the wars break out simply because the pressures of survival have reached a snapping point.
Then the twin motives of fear and desire for revenge will take possession of almost every soul. Death in its myriad forms will reign. So we have to retain control of our souls to the very limited extent that is possible. But we also have to be prepared to battle Nature and our fellow man for survival, which is never guaranteed. We have to be prepared to master the external world as well, a task that is impossible if we lose all control of our internal world.

Pat said (June 12, 2018):

Love and kindness work. A few months ago, I made a conscious effort to be friendly with all the tenants in the building that I meet. It works. Everyone needs friendliness. It started with a disabled Hungarian in the building, who was hurt by someone's disrespect. He has amputated legs - above the knees. How he can remain cheerful and enjoy rushing out to enjoy the dusting of snow on the trees and bushes, is beyond me.

Our community bus driver makes our day. They have to bring down the ramp at each stop and help the seniors with their walkers and wheelchairs off. It's a vocation, not a job! In spite of his own life disappointments, he's cheery and helpful.

Jerome said (June 12, 2018):

We are NOT Powerless is the most essential article you have written. May Christ bless you.

I am Catholic and my priest is a converted Jew. His name is Olivier Horovitz. We both agree that lots of things are wrong in Vatican but as Christ said
And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it
Pope Francis is one of the worst popes the church ever had (maybe a false prophet).

Javier said (June 12, 2018):

BRAVO, Henry!

One more day ... and they are already EVERY day, in which there is not much more than you standing, as a lighthouse for navigators in the storms of the twilight of time.

What you say, also happened to me. Watching out, I lost vigilance about myself. And work on yourself is fundamental because it is the essence, the root and the goal of our human life. We are a trio of body, soul, and Spirit, and the battle is there (here!).

They can never touch the Spirit, but they can possess and dominate souls and bodies, having stolen everything from us.

Jesus came to give an opportunity to the individual man, without depending on anything or anyone. Here is the battle ...

One more day, thanks and congratulations. Have the strength to keep going. Do not doubt that you will be rewarded. You give love and light. You will receive similar capital multiplied ...

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at