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Illuminati Nutrition Guidelines Make Us Sick

July 11, 2018

Nina Teicholz's 2014 book The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet 
is a bestseller that continues to get kudos for its meticulous research, engaging writing and
iconoclastic takedown of the 60-year war against dietary fat.

The low-fat high carb orthodoxy that has governed nutrition throughout our lives is
another example of monied elites deceiving and exploiting society for profit. 
They create sickness that supports a two trillion dollar pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. At the same time, they suppress and intimidate truthseekers like Nina Teicholz, left, who blew the lid off the vegetable oil scam in 2014.  More proof that Western society is a satanic cult that controls and exploits its members by making them sick.

by Anne Mullens 
(excerpt by 

A 2003 piece on trans fats for Gourmet was a blockbuster, gaining wide circulation and garnering her a six-figure advance for a book on trans fats.

Looking back, Nina is very grateful that she spent the first three years of her research "entering in through the trans fat door, getting to know all about the vegetable oil industry." Industry executives were very open to her. "I had wide open access because at that point, I was just learning. I asked for people's time and they gave it. No battle lines had yet been drawn."

This research gave her an unique understanding about the power of the vegetable oil industry and how it had manipulated nutrition science--in particular, the "diet-heart hypothesis," which holds that saturated fat causes heart disease. She even learned that Proctor & Gamble, the makers of Crisco Oil (a hardened oil with trans fats), helped raise millions of dollars which enabled the American Heart Association to go from a small volunteer organization to a national powerhouse.

"I got to understand the magnitude of the vegetable oil industry and how important the demonization of saturated fat was to them. How much they had influenced the science, funded the science. How powerful they were," said Nina.

I would get off the phone and be shaking, like, I am investigating the underworld?

She soon realized she was on to a much, much bigger story -- that everything we have been told about fat for more than 50 years is wrong. Some sources were too afraid to talk to her. "I would get off the phone and be shaking, like, I am investigating the underworld? As a journalist, when you realized that someone is afraid to talk to you, you know there is a big story there."

As an accomplished journalist working on such an important topic, did she ever have a moment's doubt that the book would be a tour de force that would shake the very foundations of nutrition science?

"Oh my goodness, it was incredibly stressful. As my conclusions became more solid, almost every night I would lie down on the floor of my husband's study and say 'I just can't do this! How can I be right and everyone else be wrong? It can't be possible.' And then I would spend hours and hours trying to disprove myself. Is my data solid? Is there any way this could be wrong?"

A definite low in the writing process came in the first few years when her first publisher dropped the book because she hadn't turned it in on time. Nina had to not only pay back her advance but then had to soldier on, alone without support, for almost a year before Simon and Schuster purchased the book for a much smaller advance. To support her and her two children, she relied on her husband's income and used all the money from an inheritance from her grandmother, to enable her to continue writing a book that was taking much longer than she, or anyone, expected.

"It was a difficult time. And the longer it took, the more everybody was embarrassed to ask me, 'Are you still writing your book?' and I would say 'Yes, I am still writing the book.' There is such a fear you will never finish."

But with her dogged focus that bordered on obsession, a supportive family, an unflagging editor and a tenacious agent, after more than nine years, the book was finally done. "My editor, agent and I called ourselves the "bulldozers of truth" -- we felt we just had to get the truth out into the world."

The result, as almost all the reviews note, is a gripping read about co-opted science, often funded by the vegetable oil industry, that led to the shunning of saturated fat for almost 50 years -- and very likely contributed to the obesity and diabetes epidemics.

Her book and its resulting influence on the heated debate around nutrition has led her to be a target for critics, some who have attacked her personally with vicious name-calling and angry statements.

"What Nina Teicholz has done and continues to do is very brave and very important. The resistance she has faced and the personal attacks have truly been remarkable," says Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, founder of Diet Doctor. "For example, a high-profile MD affiliated with Yale called her "shockingly unprofessional", "an animal" and more in a Guardian article. But he failed to provide any examples of this unprofessional behavior, despite several requests from the journalist. I think many experts have been living comfortably in dogma for decades. When they get intellectually challenged by a woman, a journalist, and they fail to find any good arguments, some of them just lose it, and lash out at her. The truth is often inconvenient and uncomfortable."

The personal attacks have been difficult, says Nina. "On the one hand, the attacks are painful and hurtful, but at the same time, you know that if they are attacking you personally it is because they cannot attack you substantively. One has to stay above the fray and not stoop down to their level of name-calling. Their level is so low, it's embarrassing - and it certainly doesn't help the scientific discussion."

Since 2004, she herself has embraced the low carb, high-fat diet. Now she relishes juicy steaks, plenty of cheese, and lots of butter -- and feels at her healthiest, and effortlessly at the thinnest, of her entire life.

"Everyone who switches to this diet just marvels at how delicious all this food is that has previously been forbidden. It is an incredible liberation to not be counting calories and to live in a way where food is no longer your enemy. I really would have appreciated knowing all of this when I was a young woman when I always wanted to be thin and 10 pounds lighter."

Is another book underway? Not at the moment. Currently, almost 100% of her time is occupied working with leading the Nutrition Coalition, the non-profit organization she founded to ensure the U.S. nutrition policy, especially its influential dietary guidelines, is evidence-based. Working closely with Dr. Sarah Hallberg, who directs the Nutrition Coalition's Scientific Council, her goal is to get the U.S. Dietary Guidelines reformed by their next iteration, in 2020.

"The Dietary Guideline imposes profound rigidities on both the medical and food systems in the U.S. We have to remove that rigidity to give doctors the freedom to prescribe different diets, including -- for instance, a low carb, high-fat diet, for patients with obesity, Type 2 diabetes, or other nutrition-related diseases. There is no single, more powerful lever on the way America eats than the U.S. dietary guidelines. And that is why they need to change."

Is she optimistic? Certainly more so now, with the community of worldwide individuals who are being brought together online.

"It is such a wonderful community of people. Everyone shares a common goal. All are so grateful for their newly-found health and wellbeing. There is a sense of purpose and a collectivity that is really a beautiful thing. I think we are lucky to be where we are at this moment in time."


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Comments for "Illuminati Nutrition Guidelines Make Us Sick "

Paula said (July 12, 2018):

I totally disagree with this article and side with "G". I have been a vegetarian for almost thirty years, and I have gone virtually vegan in the last two years. When I stopped eating dairy, I lost 25 pounds. I stopped eating meat because the factory farming industry is inherently cruel. There are no "happy cows" or chickens - "free-range" is a myth devised to ease the minds of consumers.

Our society's demand for meat, eggs and dairy has turned agriculture into a torture chamber for God's most defenseless creatures. Farm animals suffer more than any animals on earth. Fat and carbs should be eaten in moderation, but plant-based protein is the healthiest.

There are many people, including athletes, who embrace the vegetarian lifestyle, and they do not look like they are suffering for it. A thought: The Bible says "What you do to the least of these, you do unto me". I take that to mean the defenseless among us, including children and animals. I feel much better about myself knowing that I do not contribute to suffering. I humbly suggest we all do some research before we believe any "expert".

CR said (July 12, 2018):

All these people claiming that carbs are the source of all health problems are either confused or trying to sell something. As far as weight management, the number one factor is caloric intake, whether in the form of fat, carbs, or protein. The difference is that fat and protein digest slower than carbohydrates and when eaten together with carbs also result in the carbs being digested more slowly, therefore you won't feel hungry as soon after eating. Think of drinking a bottle of coca cola or eating some sugary candies - they won't make you feel full for long (if at all) but they will give you a lot of calories, and it's likely that your body will store some of them as fat since it can't use them all immediately.

However, all the anti-fat and anti-saturated fat propaganda is wrong as well, and largely based on bad science and corporate lobbyists. We are advised to avoid saturated fat at all cost, despite the fact that it is necessary for hormone production. Insufficient saturated fat intake can result in hormonal issues such as low testosterone and hypothyroidism. We are advised to use vegetable oils instead, but the problem is that they are high in linoleic acids which can cause systemic inflammation, which in turn leads to all sorts of health problems. The corn, soy, and canola industries are huge lobbies and have funded many of the studies that support polyunsaturated vegetable oils over saturated fats, just like how the other day the US was fighting against the promotion of breastfeeding of behalf of baby formula manufacturers.

This isn't to say that vegetable oils should be avoided like the plague, in moderate quantities there appear to be no adverse health effects. A high fat/low carb diet can work for someone who prefers that sort of eating, but recommending it across the board is simply bad advice. For many people, especially physically active people, low carbs means low energy.

Another recent craze that is complete garbage is the "gluten-free" fad. Unless you actually have celiac disease, there is no reason to avoid gluten. There are lots of people who cut gluten out of their diet and were relieved of symptoms such as digestive problems, allergies, and asthma. Most of them aren't lying, but it wasn't the gluten either. Wheat is hard to digest for many people and causes systemic inflammation, on top of digestive issues. Again, this doesn't mean that wheat is bad and nobody should eat it, rather people who have such problems could potentially benefit from cutting out wheat - NOT gluten unless they actually have celiac disease. If you don't have asthma, allergies, or digestive problems then there is nothing to worry about one way or another.

Tony B said (July 11, 2018):

Although animal fat is the natural fuel for every cell in the human body, when it comes to food, like most else in our lives, the general rule is "all things to moderation." But today that needs a modifier. Nothing that man has manipulated for the bottom line, especially in the way of pretended food, should be eaten at all. Margarine for instance, is one molecule away from being plastic. You will never find an insect trying to eat it.

Tons of chemicals are added to commercial "food" for two main purposes: to "stabilize" the incomplete product and to extend its shelf life practically forever. The products are incomplete usually because they are broken down into individual components, each being sold off to the highest bidding industry. The remainder is cobbled back together with additives and sold as the original product. Take a close look at what passes for milk these days. Think Elmer's glue among many other products.

One must always be wary of "foods" that are hyped to a vulgar degree. I will attach to this email an article I have been distributing here where I live on the lies of the canola industry. The stuff is basically poison, as are almost all vegetable oils apart from some tree oils such as olive oil. If people knew what has to be done to a plant in order to extract enough oil from it to make a profit, they would never touch ANYTHING labeled as "vegetable oil." Canola is a major cause of obesity as well as memory loss, both now "western" epidemics.

Soybeans and soybean oil are now universal in "food." This is another industry which never stops lying in order to keep the money rolling in at the expense of people's health. It's a direct cause of goiter, especially in women. The industry has even cornered the "health food stores" ruining people's health in the name of saving it. Soy is poison to all animals UNLESS FERMENTED. This poison has been largely sold on the deliberate lie that all Asians have always eaten gross amounts of soybean products and they are healthy. The truth is that Asians use only a tiny bit of soy as a condiment AFTER THEY FERMENT IT.

Worse, all deep-fried foods in eateries today are deep fried in soy oil. A huge dose of poison in every such "food." But much more criminal than is the researched FACT that close to 90% of the olive oil sold in the U.S. today is fraudulently labeled soy oil. Enough olive oil is in the bottle to give it that odor. Some of these criminals actually send soy oil in bulk to the olive growing countries, have it bottled there with native Italian, Spanish, etc. labels affixed and have it transported back to the U.S. This includes oil labeled "Extra Virgin," which used to mean hand pressed.

The FDA keeps itself totally blind to anything the food INDUSTRY decides to do.

Then there is the wonderful world of Monsanto/Bayer.

Nicholas G said (July 11, 2018):

I do not usually write in response to something you post, even when I don't agree with certain religious convictions that you hold. That being said, I admire all the hard work you have done over the years in exposing evil and corruption, while at the same time telling people that God is the only source of light in this dark world.

I do however have to disagree with your stance on nutrition. As a man, I have struggled with weight issues and ate the standard American diet for years. About 5 years ago, I began to practice Orthodox Christianity, which calls for extended periods of fasting and prayer. One part of fasting involves abstaining from animal products for a period of 40 days. I noticed during these periods I had increased brain function, as well as weight loss and more energy. I started to slowly adopt a plant based diet and found lots of research supporting this type of diet. In fact, who wouldn't think eating more fruits and veggies would be healthier for someone. The industries of egg, meat and dairy all have monopolies and large lobbying firms in Washington, and in fact, around the world.

The whole vegan hype is just a distraction. The truth is a whole-food plant based diet is healthy and most doctors who support this type of research become social pariahs. I would suggest studying Dr. John McDougall. He has been a mogul and persecuted doctor most of his life. He has been working with this diet for 30 plus years and is about as educated in nutrition as anyone could be at his age.

Just like the ecology movement, they make you choose a side, when in fact, corporations are destroying the environment, but that doesn't mean I have to support anti-hunting and global warming conspirators

I would suggest you look into nutritional studies as I have. Perhaps I missed the point you were making, but health of body is not health of soul. We believe as a society we are progressing, but regressing is much closer to the truth.


Sandra M said (July 11, 2018):

The high protein, high saturated fat way of eating is a healing diet, not a forever diet. However, this is not explicitly said in the article, nor even implied. You can name any restricted diet (in this case, low or no carb) and find people who do very well on it - their symptoms are gone, they feel wonderful. There are some people who go on all raw foods, others who try vegan, others the high-complex carb, low-fat diet. And on and on and on.

I follow all this. The proponents of these diets eventually find themselves developing cravings they will kill for, because the body has flipped over to the other extreme once again after a period of wonderful health. But they are embarrassed (I guess) about their public enthusiasm for their unnatural, restricted diets so they keep trudging on for awhile - and then get sick again. And round and round it goes. We were designed to consume a diet that we can live with, enjoy, and not rigidly restrict this way or that, and it's going to be a bit different for everyone. Proponents of therapeutic diets in the guise of "this is the only way for everybody to eat!" are a dime a dozen.

The only folks who seem to be able to avoid meat for a lifetime, like your commenter "G", are those with a deep moral or perhaps religious motivation. Persons whose motivation for any regimen are beauty and health alone are eventually going to hit a brick wall. Yes, God cares what's in our heart. He knows all & sees all.

John G said (July 11, 2018):

That's the whole problem with the American economy today. Everything has a profit motive.
This is all going to come to an end here when the stock market crashes and it WILL happen sooner than later. All these industries will have no one left with wealth to fleece. It's slowly happening already.
The pharmaceutical industry is a group of pathetic dope pushers who got way too rich for their services along with a lot of the medical field.
The American economy and corporate strategy today ISN'T run by Capitalism, it's Marxist economics where "all is money".
It will soon fall apart because when "all is money" all is corrupted. And, when all is corrupted, everything will eventually collapse because it's only held together by lies and deceit.

G said (July 11, 2018):

I've been a vegetarian for 50 years. When I first started I knew nothing about the health aspects of diet. I just loved the critters and didn't want to eat them or contribute to the suffering they had to endure just to satisfy our palates. I really don't care that much about the health stats that the so-called experts espouse because each individual is unique and has different nutritional needs. But this author goes to a whole other place that upsets me. At just past the 3:30 mark she spews how delicious foie gras is:

You may already be aware of what a duck's life becomes in order to manufacture foie gras, but if not, here is a two-minute piece by PETA (yes, I know PETA has its problems, too) narrated by actress Kate Winslet that shines a light.

I share this Henry, because it has been laid on my heart to expose this cruelty and help to end it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at