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Who Killed Alan Berg?

August 14, 2018

Were Nationalists Wrongly Blamed for Murder of Jewish Talk Show Host?

Ambiguities abound regarding Berg's 1984 killing given that the Chicago mob, the white nationalists, and the US government itself, all had motives for killing the outspoken Alan Berg.  Berg could have become the Alex Jones of his time.

by Brabantian

Alan Berg (1934-84), was an early leader in exposing the corruption of the USA judicial system, corruption which Berg admitted complcity during his early career as a lawyer helping mobsters to bend the judges in Chicago, Illinois.

Berg's murder also remains of great significance today because one of the people jailed for killing him, was the USA white nationalist David Lane (1938-2007), the author of the most famous white nationalist slogan, the '14 words' - "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." David Lane also published '88 precepts' but the two have now morphed into the neo-Nazi '1488' where the '88' stands for double H - H the 8th letter of the alphabet - and thus 'Heil Hitler'.

Ambiguities abound regarding Berg's killing given that the Chicago mob, the white nationalists, and the US government itself, all had motives for killing the outspoken Alan Berg, with Berg's potential to become the Alex Jones of his time. As a repentant former participant in corruption, a Jew who had 'come clean', Alan Berg was a threat to many, yet the brave Berg left his name and real address openly in the phone book.


As a young lawyer, Berg learned that US courts were all about bribery, and quickly got a high income by paying kickbacks to 'bail bondsmen.' People are immediately released from jail when the bondsman posts a financial guarantee they will later show up in court. Berg quickly climbed the Chicago legal ladder, until he became the 'go-to' guy for mobsters. But the guilt of all the corruption tore Alan Berg to pieces.

Berg spoke of how the psychopathic corruption of the US legal system had driven him to alcoholism and emotional and marital destruction ... To escape from it all, Berg dumped his legal career, moved to Colorado, confronted his drinking, and became a super-popular but abrasive radio personality.

(Oliver Stone's 1989 movie based on Alan Berg) 

Exposing the general activities of top Chicago mobsters in corrupting the courts on popular radio, Alan Berg was killed in a classic mafia-style hit. Very possibly, mob personalities feared Berg would begin exposing them by name. A hit would have been a 'reasonable' expense to Berg's former mob clients.

But Berg's killing was quickly blamed by the feds on white nationalists whom Berg had also been attacking on the air. Berg talked about everything controversial. He was the sort of guy who invited anti-Semites to call into his show. Regarding Israel, Berg said of it, that "This time the Jews would either rule the world or blow it up."

Though he detested anti-Semites and white nationalists, to Berg's credit he invited them to call in and counter him. The burgeoning 1980s 'white nationalist militia' movements and Berg, both had each other on their radar, to be sure.


But with Berg's voluble stance about US legal and court corruption, there was no doubt that Alan Berg was also a threat to the US government.  The US judicial system was degenerating. Death penalty executions were taking place after a 10-year USA moratorium; the USA prison population ballooned to 2.3 million, the world's biggest jail gulag with 25% of all the prisoners in the world; and there was an increasing number of politically-tainted killings by law enforcement and corrupt-appearing political prosecutions.

In the months before Berg was murdered, were the dodgy, cloudy law enforcement killing of tax protestor Gordon Kahl (1920-83). The federal marshals first shot Kahl's son Yori, some say in cold blood. Kahl responded by killing 2 marshals and wounding another. Kahl then escaped to hiding in Arkansas - where Bill Clinton was the new governor.  Kahl's own killing in a house that was put on fire - an early 'Waco' - remain controversial today.

Berg's noisy, savvy, controversy-seeking, but ethically-driven voice, was a threat to many including the US government, and no opinion is offered here on who really murdered Alan Berg.

But it should be noted that the local prosecutor in Denver thought the evidence that the white nationalists had shot Berg to death, was so insufficient and flimsy he never brought charges against them.

The white nationalists including David Lane were targeted by the feds who hit them via the legal side door, and convicted them not for murder but for 'conspiracy.'  

When a third trial was conducted, and Lane jettisoned the government-supplied lawyers, he actually won his case against additional charges.  But Lane remained in jail until he died, based on the earlier convictions.

If Alan Berg had lived, Alan Berg would likely have gladly conducted a radio show examining all the dodgy elements of the white nationalist convictions. 


'Who really killed this trouble-making Jew?' Alan Berg might well have expressed his agreement from experience, about what David Lane wrote about US court procedure, from Lane's collected writings found today on the 'davidlane1488' website:

14 Words2.jpg
"The trial itself is more carefully orchestrated than a Shakespeare play. All evidence and testimony are decided in advance and the judge will tolerate no surprises. If there is any indication that effective defense evidence is forthcoming, the judge will immediately send the jury to another room while the details of the screwing you are getting are smoothed out. In addition, the judge is a highly skilled actor appearing firm but fair when the jury is in the courtroom, and becoming a tyrannical dictator the moment they are gone."

A final curiosity about David Lane's increasingly-cited and famous 14 words -  "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." - is that they were hilariously echoed on 15 February 2018 by the US Department of Homeland Security with its 14-word (!) official statement title, "We Must Secure the Border and Build the Wall to Make America Safe Again."

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Comments for "Who Killed Alan Berg?"

George said (August 14, 2018):

Sherman Skolnick was another honorable Jew who exposed the corruption of the Chicago bankruptcy courts. Favored persons escaped fair payment to creditors, or cleaned out debtors beyond reason. Trump's repeated bankruptcies under the skillful guidance of his bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman apparently fit into this pattern. David Friedman, of course, is now US ambassador to Israel and was photographed standing grinning next to a giant photoshopped photo of Jerusalem with the Third Temple standing where the Dome of the Rock now stands. The strange death of Anthony Bourdain is another case of multiple possible motivations for murder, if indeed it was murder.

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