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Illuminati Bankers Mainstream Ritual Human Sacrifice

August 21, 2018


(Satanists want this statue of Baphomet erected in Little Rock AR, but it hasn't been)

Kevin Barrett writes that the Washington Post  

is mainstreaming Satanic child ritual sacrifice. 

Satanists control the banking system. They wish to expand their credit monopoly into a monopoly over information, expression, and behavior. 

We are being inducted into their satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism, Communism, Freemasonry.) Their aim is to enslave or destroy us. If we "tolerate" Satanism, they will succeed.

"America's military and law enforcement communities, like the mainstream media, have been corrupted by the Satanists who create our currency out of nothing by lending it into existence at interest.  "Men arrested for trading in child rape are often in significant positions in our national security infrastructure. The AP's investigation confirms military men in leadership positions were most frequently arrested on child sex abuse charges."

By Kevin Barrett


Is the world going crazy? 

In a Washington Post article last Friday, Satanists are presented as cute, cuddly, harmless pranksters who "don't actually worship Satan" but instead use the avatar of ultimate evil to "promote humanistic pluralistic values." They are, the Post tells us, "atheists, humanists and free-speech activists. They tend to use satanic imagery to mess with governments they feel are violating the separation of church and state."


The Post doesn't even mention Satanists' propensity for child trafficking, human sacrifice, and various combinations thereof

America's epidemic of Satanic ritual child abuse reaches the highest levels of power. This is documented in Nick Bryant's The Franklin Scandal and the film Conspiracy of Silence. The Washington Post (complicit in the Franklin coverup) sounds positively creepy saying that the Satanists "added two little kids at (Baphomet's) side to make the statue more publicly palatable." Really, WaPo?! Child rape, ritual torture, and murder are "publicly palatable"?

George H.W. Bush, whose White House offered "midnight tours" to Larry King's child sex slaves, famously told journalist Sara McClendon: "If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." 

When that lynch mob finally forms, will the Washington Post also feel its wrath?


The Washington Post covered up the Bush 1 and Bush 2 White House pedophilia scandals...but the Washington Times didn't.

But let's give credit where it's due. The Post is not entirely wrong when it equates atheist humanism with Satanism. Historically those two "religions" are two sides of the same coin, promoted by the same people for the same purposes.

Atheists are at war with God. It isn't that they doubt or reject this or that specific belief. They just can't stand the whole concept, and they can't shut up about it. ("The problem with atheists is they can't stop talking about God.")

Satan is the symbol of all things anti-God. Therefore it is natural and inevitable that atheists should tend to take Satan as their mascot.

And since atheists are people, and since people are naturally religious creatures who seek symbols and rituals, atheists will tend to use Satan, the symbol of anti-God, as their means of transcendent religiosity. And since human sacrifice is a time-honored means of invoking the transcendent/numinous (hence the ubiquity of human sacrifice cross-culturally) atheists, who reject the traditions that ground morality in metaphysics, will often be tempted to "get their religious kicks" through ritual human sacrifice. (What better way to reject the commandment "thou shalt not kill"?)


The Washington Post notes that the Satanists want Baphomet next to the 10 Commandments as an attack on the latter. The Post claims they're doing so on behalf of religious liberty and pluralism. But wait a minute--why would anyone oppose the 10 Commandments? I am Muslim, so I don't accept the unquestionable authenticity of the 10 commandments as given in the Torah. But the commandments against murder, stealing, adultery, bearing false witness, dishonoring parents, covetousness, etc. seem reasonable. Neither I nor any other Muslim would object to putting the 10 Commandments in the public square. Nor would any sensible Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Sikh, or Native American animist.

So who hates the 10 Commandments? The Satanists, that's who! Just ask the founder of modern (Zionist) Satanism, Shabbatai Tsvi, the self-proclaimed Jewish Messiah cum Antichrist whose career culminated in the year 1666. (Tsvi announced his messiah-hood on June 18, 1666...that June is month #6, and 18 is 6+6+6, is of course purely coincidental.) 


According to Israeli investigative journalist Barry Chamish's Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust, Sabbatai Tsvi declared himself Messiah and said (as his disciple Alister Crowley would more or less reiterate three centuries later) that "God now permitted everything"--including breaking all of the Commandments! Worse, he "declared that all of the thirty-six major biblical sins were now permitted and instructed some of his followers that it was their duty to perform such sins in order to hasten the Redemption.

Tsvi, the founder of Zionism, taught the systematic violation of the 10 Commandments. Among the sins most highly recommended by Tsvi: murder and sexual violations. These could be handily combined in human sacrifice sex rituals.

Tsvi's successor Jacob Frank "extended the paradoxical teachings of Shabbatai Zvi that the coming of the (Zionist) messianic age had transformed sexual prohibitions of the Bible into permissions or even obligations. According to Frank, engaging in sexual orgies now became the means to purify the soul from its sins." Today, when the Israelis broadcast violent pornography at the Palestinians in an attempt to destroy their culture and their souls, they are practicing the Satanism of Zionism's founder, Sabbatai Tsvi, and his disciple Jacob Frank.

Jacob Frank's religion of Satanism took over the Western world by way of the Rothschild financial dynasty. According to Rabbi Marvin Antelman, quoted in Chamish:

"Frankfurt at the time was the headquarters of the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, as well as the Rothschild Brothers financial empire. This is worth repeating: Frankfurt was the birthplace of both the Illuminati and the Rothschild empire. When Jacob Frank entered the city, the alliance between the two had already begun. Weishaupt provided the conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order, while the Rothschilds contributed the money. What was missing was a means to spread the agenda of the Illuminati and that the Frankists added with their network of agents throughout the Christian and Islamic worlds. Jacob Frank became instantly wealthy because he was given a nice handout by Meyer Amshel Rothschild of Frankfurt. " (p.206)


The Rothschild network of world banking dynasties now completely controls the finances of the West. Its headquarters is the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. Its religion is Satanism. Its rites are those of human sacrifice and sexual violation. Its preferred victims are children. And its activities are relentlessly promoted in the mainstream media, as exemplified by the above-quoted story in the Washington Post--which like all major American media outlets (and indeed most major corporations) is under the control of the Satanist banksters who fund it.

The domination of Western finance and media by this Satanist banking cabal is the main reason why "the illegal trade in children being raped and violently abused is at 'a level of epidemic proportions.' This is according to an internal government memo obtained by the Canadian press." (Globe and Mail, 4 July 2016, quoted in Lori Handrahan's Epidemic: America's Trade in Child Rape.) 

America's military and law enforcement communities, like the mainstream media, have been corrupted by the Satanists who create our currency out of nothing by lending it into existence at interest. According to Handrahan (p.64) "Men arrested for trading in child rape are often in significant positions in our national security infrastructure. The AP's investigation confirms military men in leadership positions were most frequently arrested on child sex abuse charges."


Here is just one of countless examples: America's chief scientist monitoring global nuclear activity, David O'Brien, was arrested in May 2013 on child pornography charges for possessing a large collection of, and trading in films of "the brutal rape and torture of very young children, often infants, and toddlers." O'Brien, sentenced to five years in prison, worked out of Patrick Air Force Base's Technical Applications Center.


Was O'Brien (left) a Satanist? Very likely. The US military is so infiltrated by (Zionist-sponsored) Satanists that it actually promoted self-styled ultra-Satanist and credibly accused child rapist Michael Aquino to head all US military psychological warfare programs! Aquino, who was kicked out of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan for being too evil (quite an accomplishment) was at the center of a child-rape scandal at the Presidio Day Care facility in San Francisco. But rather than jail or dismiss him, the military promoted him!

So why is the Washington Post suddenly selling Satanism to its naive secular humanist readers? It's no accident that both Satanism and atheism have together "come out of the closet" in the post-9/11 era. The events of September 11th, 2001 were designed as an earth-shaking human sacrifice spectacle to cement the power of the satanic bankers and send the message "we're in charge now, there is nothing you can do about it." The choice of the two main Freemasonic symbols as targets--the Twin Towers (Joachim and Boaz) and the Pentagram--made it all-too-obvious that 9/11 was not just a coup d'état in America, but also in Freemasonry, whose highest levels are dominated by Satanists.

The 9/11 human sacrifice was orchestrated by experts in the "creation and maintenance of public myths." They used the spectacle of the murderous big lie "right out in the open" to launch a war on Islam, the strongest of the traditional Godly religions, and to promote (the new) atheism and Satanism as the 21st century's de facto Western religion.


How much longer will the USA and the West continue to descend ever-deeper into Satanism?

I predict that a backlash against the new hegemonic religion of secular-humanist atheism (the "lite" version) i.e. Satanism (the "uncensored" version) will soon erupt into a Fifth Great Awakening. The USA and the West are currently in a state of religious chaos. This is the hidden cause behind the USA's Civil War 2.

Consider this recent Daily Kos article: "Teaching the Holocaust in the South After Charlottesville." The author, a Holocaust Studies professor, is horrified by students who visibly reject her efforts to indoctrinate them into the new secular-atheistic-Zio-Satanic "religion" of Holocaustianity (just as most ordinary Americans will reject WaPo's efforts to indoctrinate them into Satanism).

Even Israeli young people are rejecting Holocaustianity. In recent incidents, Jewish high school students have been caught "mooning the Holocaust" by "exposing their behinds at a Nazi death camp" and dancing naked at Auschwitz.

These incidents show young people reacting instinctively against the hegemonic anti-religion religion of their elders. Expect more and more of this over the next decade. Growing revulsion over religious chaos will eventually lead to another big religious revival. The question is not if, but when...and what form it will take.


Kevin Barrett, a former university teacher, is a long time 9/11 truth activist, author, talk radio host, nonprofit organizer, and pundit on a number of international channels.  His website is His newsletter is False Flag Weekly News 

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Comments for "Illuminati Bankers Mainstream Ritual Human Sacrifice"

GB said (August 21, 2018):

I was raised a Roman Catholic, the full deal; school, Church, altar boy and even almost went to the seminary instead of high school, but by then girls were becoming mysterious and enticing to me, and I knew if I joined the priesthood, I'd never find out. So I didn't join.

Eventually, drifted away from the Church, due to it's contradictions and all that priest pedo insanity.

Started having doubts about the God the Church talked about, and also the Devil.

But these days, there is so much evil about, especially here in the States, there must be some kind of demonic force at work.

And if humans don't wake up and start fighting this poison, we're condemning our offspring to a life of tyranny, torture, poverty and endless wars.

Tony B said (August 21, 2018):

Adam Weishaupt was NOT a Jesuit, not ever. He supposedly, some say, studied under them to learn their methods for a time and then misused that knowledge for evil. Could the Muslim, Barrett, be that misinformed?

The hatred of the Jesuits of old is simply unbelievable, as are the lies "proving" their evils. True, today's Jesuits, like those in charge of most Catholic organizations, should be called masonic, not Christian. The same infiltration applies to many other sects, many other religions.

The Jesuits, most Christian militant of all Christian organizations, saved the Church, and therefore the civilized world, several times, setting back the satanic plots to take over and destroy the Church by centuries. This is the true reason for the hatred.

Anyone ignorant of the Jesuits who takes the time to actually read Jesuit writings of the past will be astonished at their straight line faith in God regardless of the sacrifices their belief demanded of them. And how many of them were martyred for Christ. Those who call themselves Christians yet hate the Jesuits due to "official" lying protestant say-so with nonexistent legitimate backup would be ashamed of themselves.

Nazr said (August 21, 2018):

Norman's comment has this “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people!”, I never in my life heard before. But keep repeating, and it will become true too.

As for 'pederasty', a couple of grooming gangs in UK with Muslim sounding names conceal the horrendous amount of pederasty that goes on in Europe, but then, are quickly covered up. For example, Oxfam's employees' child rapes, UN aid agencies 60,000 rapes of children in only one decade. No follow up.

No follow up of this either:

"Massive paedophile ring uncovered by police in Norway after arrest of 51 men (One of the men who was awaiting the birth of his child with his girlfriend discussed plans to sexually abuse the baby once it was born, police said).

Where is ANY follow up to that news? Were they sentenced? Has it gone to court? Last published news was on November 23, 2016. No news at all after that!! Why?

What happened to the victim children and infants?

Leon Brittan, the home secretary of UK; Cyril Smith, labor whip of the UK parliament, Joris Demmink, secretary of the justice ministry of the Netherland,. Jimmy Savile, famous anchorman of BBC, who raped thousands, trafficked children, raped physically and mentally handicapped children in hospitals. Nothing seems to stay on the news for long. None of those crimes are attributed to the criminals’ religious backgrounds, but religion must be associated with criminals of Muslim background!

“Mohammed married a six (!) year old girl, and consummated the marriage when she was nine.”

-No, he did not. But often this will come from those, who believe that Joseph 90, married Mary when she was 10. Or, 40-year old Isaac married 3-year old tot, Rebekah (look up Rabbi Rashi). However, a previously engaged but then broken off Ayesha could not have been 6 at the time of marriage:

She was 19, at least 17.

And please, tell me, what happened to these children?

“Europol, the EU's police intelligence unit, estimates that around 10,000 unaccompanied children have gone missing in Europe over the past two years. The BBC World Service Inquiry programme asks why so many have disappeared.”

Pointing at Muslims for all the evils of the world, for the crimes of a few, how about blaming all the Christians/ Catholic/ Jews using the same standard?

Norman said (August 21, 2018):

This article is a very erudite pot calling the kettle ebony.
If you want to talk pederasty and child rape, please let us remember that Mohammed married a six (!) year old girl, and consummated the marriage when she was nine.
Also please remember the Muslim war cry, “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people!” So once the Muslims are done with the Jews, then they come for the rest of us.

Brian M said (August 21, 2018):

Hi Henry, great article on the Illuminati Bankers, they have always sacrificed children to satan.
They have infiltrated the Christian church newspapers and TV.
In w w 2 Winston Churchill ordered an amazing halt in the war effort for trains and buses to be taken out of war service, moving troops food and weapons for the evacuation of all children from British cities.
Many of these children never arrived, we know from these secretaries, Lord Dowding and authors Dennis Wheatley and child molester Roald Dahl, that Churchill and other wartime bigwigs used to sacrifice children on the south coast, these were young boys abducted from the trains.
Churchill was a pederast who with Rothschild ran the war on satanist principles, Dion Fortune who was one of Churchills occultists, claimed that Churchill was bribed and blackmailed into taking the UK into 2 needless world wars, it was seen as an amazing victory to set the 2 Anglo Saxon nations at each other's throats and make fortunes from it. rothschild shouted in the street as the war was declared for WW "goyish Kuppe " the goyim are stupid

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