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"The Wing" - Man-Hating Psychopaths Are New Face of Feminism

August 7, 2018


A coven of well-to-do
witches and lesbians
say the only safe space
is a man-free space. 
They are backed by the 
liberal establishment. 
Anyone watching Canada's
government broadcaster, the CBC,
knows this is a growing trend.
Men have been banished from 
liberal-dominated workplaces. 

by Clint Eubanks 

There is a new brand of feminism raising its ugly head among America's female elite.  Its undercurrent has been noticeable for some time now.  

I caught my first glimpse of it when a woman named Donna Hylton was welcomed to address an enthusiastic and idealistic crowd of women and men at the 2017 Women's March in Washington, DC.  

sharon patricia hylton.jpg
In 1985, Hylton and two accomplices drugged and kidnapped 62-year-old Long Island real-estate broker Thomas Vigliarolo, and held him prisoner for 15-20 days. While imprisoned, three men and four women, including Hylton, starved, burned, beat, sexually assaulted, raped, and tortured Vigliarolo. Hylton delivered a ransom note and tape to a friend of Vigliarolo, leading to her capture. She was convicted of second-degree murder and two counts of first-degree kidnapping and sentenced to 25 years to life. She served 27 years, after losing appeals. Her involvement in the high-profile case was the subject of a 1995 article in Psychology Today magazine. See also.

Upon learning that this woman was invited as a keynote speaker, I felt immediately that something very rotten had crept its way to the forefront of women's fight for "empowerment".  Donna Hylton was its expression at that moment, but it did not start or end with her.  She was invited there by people working under the spell of this new philosophy of women's "empowerment".

(left, author Clint Eubanks)

Last week I came across something that brought back the awareness of how intolerable a certain sect of feminist ideals has become.  
 While visiting New York City, I came across a company called The Wing.  It is a co-working space and self-described "witches coven" that operates under the premise that a "safe space" cannot exist while men are present.  As such, men are not permitted to enter the building at any time or attend any events, even as guests of members.  This club for privileged women who have $2700 to drop on annual membership dues has already had such notables as Hillary Clinton, NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and NY gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon come to give private speeches and be accepted as honorary coven members.  All of these events prohibited men from attending.

The company has grown rapidly due to funding from private investors as well as a large investment by a competing co-working space called WeWork.  Total outside investment has been upwards of $40 million to promote The Wing's illegal gender segregation policies.  The Wing now has three locations operating in NYC, one in Washington DC, one opening in San Francisco later this year and five others planned in the US and worldwide.

As if the outside funding was not enough, the founder and CEO of The Wing, Audrey Gelman, seems intent on literally summoning the help of Satan to aid her in her quest of "patriarchal" destruction.  

Since its inception, The Wing has been described as "a coven and not a sorority".  Perhaps this is because these modern "witches" think it is funny to get men tied in knots worrying over trivialities, or perhaps they truly do believe there is some mystic strength to be found in covert sisterhood away from the ears of men.  They will find strength of a kind, but it will be of the most corrupting sort, and they will pay a heavy price for the lengths they go to acquire it.  Their ideology seems akin to that of the Russian group Femen who tout atheism and complete destruction of the "patriarchy" as central to their philosophy.

Division of the sexes in the workplace seems to be their next line of approach in accomplishing this goal of theirs.  It has been reported that members are arranging private meetings which exclude men at their places of work outside of The Wing office to pull more women towards their way of thinking and try to train people into accepting the notion that sometimes the girls are going to completely exclude men from discussions.  

This gender division has no place in the America of 2018 that we have all worked so hard to build.  Men are not to be kept from their elected representatives, and women are not to have privileged access to their "sisters" once they are in positions of power.  That is not how democracy works. The precedent of gender discrimination The Wing is setting will have far-reaching implications for our society if it is allowed to persist.

The NYC Commission on Human Rights has an open investigation of The Wing, but they are not making any progress.  I spoke with them last week, and their representative said they are going about the investigation in a "friendly manner".  Representatives of The Wing have also expressed confidence that they have the support of Mayor De Blasio in NYC.  It makes one wonder why there are so many leaders in NYC complicit with this type of discrimination, and who is putting $40 million into an illegal enterprise that is intent on creating division in the country?

Now, onward to action.  If you have the means to contribute to a fund which will be used to take The Wing and other companies like it to court and have them change their discriminatory practices, please do so at

Awareness is the first step.

First Comment from Rich:

As clearly stated in the article, such groups ARE Witches covens... And that's not just a figure of speech as most of Henry's readers probably know that the so-called elites are in touch with otherworldly demonic (fallen angels) forces which is how they get their power, money and influence. 

Feminism was never about equality and it has always been about the superiority of the so-called "sacred feminine", where women think that they're superior and men are nothing but their slaves and workhorses. This is one reason that radical feminism is also called goddess feminism because it teaches that women are all goddesses to be worshiped and served by men.

For thousands of years before the rise of Christianity in the West, the matriarchal religions were the dominant ones. These religions otherwise known as goddess religions worship such figures as Athena, Astarte, Columbia and especially Diana which was even mentioned in the book of Acts because she was so influential and popular.  The teachings of Christ and the Apostles were actually hurting those who made money off of this religion. It is yet another of the occult religions that the elites worship and follow as they over and worship Satan and assist him in bringing in his new world order which is a counterfeit of the Kingdom of God.

The leaders of these matriarchal religions have never gotten over their loss of power and influence to Christianity (just as Hillary can't get over losing to Trump) and have been trying to re-establish their position of dominance ever since the Roman Empire officially converted to a watered down version professing Christianity in the 4th century AD which helps give tremendous rise and influence to this new patriarchal religion in the West.

These goddess religions now under the form of feminism and witchcraft and many other names have been seeking revenge against Christianity for centuries and are obsessed with destroying its influence in the world. This is precisely why  God and Christianity are constantly and relentlessly under attack!

Goddess feminism itself had 5 main goals as well. They said "We women are;
1) Going to put an end to God
2) Destroy the bible
3) Destroy Christianity 
4) Destroy men
5) Destroy heterosexual relationships

That is their actual stated goals of feminism. "...we women are going to bring an end to God" (Spirit Wars, Jones, 1997, pp. 180, 195). We already know that feminism was pushed by the Rockefellers to get women out of the home, cause division and break up the family, to get the children under the control of the schools and state and to tax the other half of mankind.. Women.

The Bible also reveals that human beings can be possessed by evil forces (Mark 5:115; Acts 16:16) and become unwitting pawns who promote Satan's agenda. Friedan revealed that when she was writing her book attacking marriage and the traditional family, "the book took me over, obsessed me, wanted to write itself. I have never experienced anything as powerful, truly mystical as the forces that seemed to take me over when I was writing The Feminine Mystique" (Friedan, pp. 78)

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Comments for ""The Wing" - Man-Hating Psychopaths Are New Face of Feminism"

Hideyuki said (August 9, 2018):

I was very intrigued by this succinct description of earlier goddess focused religion pre-christianity. It just so happens I was relearning about the Columbia in District of Columbia. My question is how do you reconcile this with women? This just goes back to "blaming" Eve for all our troubles and not exactly a good sales pitch to convince women.

However I have been fascinated about Lilith from the Jewish myth and Lucifer being a woman. It points to women/female being the ultimate anti-thesis as evil, but is it really salient to say women=evil and men=good? In reality, we can also say that a wonderful, loyal wife can be of great comfort to men and that the combined energy is what is necessary for life.

I have just been struggling to articulate this revelation in a way that doesn't simply say that women are literally the devil.


Women are not more evil than men. They are being led astray by organized evil.


Tony B said (August 8, 2018):

Like in the old Tom T. Hall song, "Women think about their selves when menfolk ain't around." (Old dogs and children and watermelon wine)

God makes no mistakes, He made man the HEAD, not the partner, and the woman "a HELP like unto himself." This is the natural relationship as created by God which is exactly why when men take the HEAD and their women HELP their men from home the result is a happy marriage. Otherwise, marriage deteriorates into an earthly form of hell.

This is just one more of those things satanically turned backward on purpose. But probably the very most important of all.

After working in a public school for over ten years I watched the ignorant "teachers," products of "teacher's colleges," almost all of them women, destroy children of both sexes by constantly encouraging girls to find some "career" "as being a wife and mother is a waste of her talent" while at the same time treating boys as criminals simply because they are boys. These frankly ignorant teachers generally have an opinion of themselves bordering on God's gift to mankind but it is from their "forming" of young girls that lunacy such as this article describes come.

If lazy mothers, now loving the evil government babysitter, which "frees" them from family obligations during daylight hours, do not wake up, pull their kids out of those hellholes, and educate them at home, the nation is doomed. From one who homeschooled his kids with encyclopedias and dictionaries and 14 grandkids, all homeschooled plus 11 great grandkids who also are being homeschooled, I can vouch for how simple homeschooling is today with computers and the Internet. Plus home schooled kids are always naturally well behaved and personally confident, the lie that they are not "socially prepared" constantly disproved in real life.

Eric B said (August 7, 2018):

If things keep going the way they are going, males wil soonl be relegated to seeking shelter in catacombs . . . only coming out at night to forage. ; )

Z said (August 7, 2018):

The first comment by Rich is pure gold. It reminded me of Rich Zubaty’s brilliant book “What Men Know That Women Don't: How to Love Women Without Losing Your Soul“. In it Zubaty traces the origin of the Goddess' cult all the way down to the birth of agriculture.

Quote from the prologue

How come we live in a society that appears to be run by men, but feels like it’s run by women? The answer is pretty simple. The men who run modern society – the politicians, businessmen, educators and priests – are men who think like women. They are men who espouse and advance female values. Why do they do this? Because women have more purchasing power, more voting power and more cultural power than men. Women control the marketplace, the polling place and the content of our schools, churches and media. The “secret of success” of the modern “successful” man is that he sold his soul to women and female values. Our society is being run by men who think and act like women. That’s why we have so many problems. The Patriarchy is, in fact, a Matriarchy. Female values rule.

Troy said (August 7, 2018):

So depressing. I can feel it happening to me and I fight it every day because I know it's not full reality. The women in groups like The Wing make me sick. They don't understand they need us and are sowing the seeds of destruction to us all.

I don't want to distrust and hate women, but I am being driven in that direction every day.

I want things to be rational again. I don't want to refuse to work with women because of this theme running through the workplace. I want to appreciate, love and admire women. Unfortunately, we men are all being driven to hate them because of what these 'leaders' of feminism are pushing.

I'm depressed when I think about it and struggle every day to remain true to what I feel internally and try very hard to not allow the hate to take hold.

G ( a woman) said (August 7, 2018):

It doesn't happen very often, but today's article made me cry, weep. How many times, Henry, have I told you about all the honorable men I know, from my father to my uncles to my husband, and how it hurts to have them demeaned in such a way. I only think of how the world would be without them and not only their contributions but their spirit, so generous and caring and dedicated. .

These women are not only Satanic, THEY ARE CRAZY!! In the weirdest sense of the word. I mean bonkers, that they can't see the balance of creation, the two principles of male and female that make life work, make it perpetuate itself. I hate them for hating men. I hate them for their stupidity. They mess with nature itself and that is life-threatening. I hope they wake the f**k up, or somehow leave the planet. They are ruining the party, the party that has gone on for millennia, where man and women come together and create life, love, sanity, CHILDREN!!


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