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Black Migration as White Ethnic Cleansing in the US

August 13, 2018

(left, The Slaughter of the Cities, by E. Michael Jones, 2004. Urban renewal as ethnic cleansing.)

The African invasion of Europe, sponsored by Freemasonry, 
was foreshadowed in the 1940's US by the transfer of 
millions of black sharecroppers from the South to  
the industrial cities of the north. They were settled
in largely Catholic immigrant neighborhoods. 
The Catholics were dispersed to the suburbs.
This was done to break up these urban conclaves
for political reasons.
This ethnic cleansing is the reason for the 
social chaos in US inner cities today.

by J Michael

This is one of the most important and enlightening works of history I have ever read. Why are our cities the way there are today, i.e. utterly failed polities, with glittering downtown business areas of skyscrapers and sports arenas surrounded by dangerous and poor black and brown ghettoes utterly dependent on government jobs and government handouts for survival, with a few leftover White enclaves eking out a sort of parlous existence in their midst? 

Everyone knows it wasn't always like that. People who were alive in the 50s and 60s and even 70s lived in different kinds of cities, safe places that functioned, places where people wanted to live and had proud roots, places whose demographics resembled that of America. But suddenly neighborhoods started to "change" (to use the preferred euphemism of the refugees) and almost the entire population of many American cities simply fled. Even among those displaced, it has always been assumed that this was an organic process; i.e. different people simply wanted to move in, and we didn't want to live with them, so we left. 

However, E. Michael Jones (left) clearly shows here, in this incredible work of scholarship, that the White inhabitants of American cities were deliberately ethnically cleansed.

By the 1940s, American cities- at least in the major Northeastern and Midwest cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, et al., had experienced a demographic revolution, in which the native American Protestant Anglo-Saxon people had become outnumbered by predominantly "White ethnics", i.e. Irish, Italian and Polish for the most part who, although separated by sometimes contentious ethnic differences, were in the process of becoming a powerful and cohesive group due to intermarriage and their shared Catholic faith. 

Although the root cause of this demographic change came about because of the great wave of immigration that lasted from the 1880s to 1920s, it was exacerbated by the upper and middle-class WASP embrace of contraception; The WASP elite, enamored of the secular good life, had chosen not to reproduce. Conversely, because of cultural inclination and religious strictures against contraception, the Catholic ethnics had large families. 

If demography is destiny, then the WASP American ruling class, although still dominant in business, culture and politics, was on its way out. They would never have enough babies to compete with the hated Catholic ethics, who were doubly despised because of their presumed foreign loyalties and perceived anti-democratic tendencies.

What must also be understood is that the conflict was based on more than simple ethnic or religious competition- although those are aspects that have heretofore been ignored- but on two basically incompatible ideologies. By this point in history, to be a member of America's WASP ruling elite (a group which included amenable Jews) was to fervently embrace a hodge-podge of secular humanist or progressive beliefs, with particular emphasis on racial egalitarianism, sexual freedom, population control, materialism, capitalism, liberal politics, and the cooperation of Big Business and an all-powerful central government in imposing this millennial gospel not only on America but on a benighted world. 

The Second World War gave them their first opportunity to advance this vision and reverse the demographic trends in America that were threatening to displace them. They did this with the underhanded, dishonest and Machiavellian malevolence we have come to understand as being characteristic of the WASP elite. Rather than openly oppose the White ethnics politically or even physically, as their ancestors did in the 19th century, they worked in secret to remove them to the suburbs, where their ethnic cohesion would be broken, their religious beliefs undermined and they would be spiritually and mentally remade as "good Americans", using all the economic, educational and media powers the WASP elite controlled.

With the certainty of war with Nazi Germany, American society began militarizing and re-arming. The Northern armaments factories needed workers so the elite saw the opportunity to accomplish two simultaneous goals with tactics that proved effective wherever they were tried. First, under the aegis of local sanitary boards and slum clearance schemes, the economic and beloved row house of the White ethnics were condemned as unsanitary and unsightly and bulldozed by the hundreds of thousands.

 The displaced people were ostensibly to be moved into new government high-rise housing projects in the same area, but those were instead turned over to black war-workers from the South, whose presence integrated the neighborhoods and broke the unions. Low-interest loans from the FHA induced the displaced people to take their only option of buying homes in the suburbs.

Of those remaining Whites in the cities, groups like the Quakers (revealed here to be a despicable pseudo-religion of liberal hypocrisy) and the major WASP foundations conspired to surreptitiously buy houses in White neighborhoods and sell them to black families. The stated intention was integration but the known effect was ethnic cleansing. Whites who attempted to resist were put down by the force of the law and morally condemned by all organs of public opinion. Finally, the same groups that ethnically cleansed the cities began to integrate the suburbs where the Whites had fled. This is a sad and tragic tale, which recounts exactly how our modern day urban hellholes were deliberately_created_by liberals.

The Catholic Church, because it was mentally hobbled by the zeitgeist of racial egalitarianism, either did nothing or welcomed the invasion, despite knowing full well the results of racial change in its very strongholds. Catholic liberals, like the loathsome Dennis Clark, actively worked for the destruction of their own neighborhoods and their own Church. I used to recoil at the phrase "n***er-lover, but after reading this book I find that it accurately describes a species of liberal, represented here by Clark, so deluded and debased that he will destroy his own people to advance the interests of the black race, which his ideology has romanticized to the point where the African is literally deified in his diseased mind.

This is a tragic tale, whose results we are living with today. This story is of personal and bitter interest to those of us who were ethnically cleansed or are descended from those who were. It has modern day lessons though:

*The White ethnics thought they could flee to the suburbs. They were wrong. The Evil that rules us would never let them enjoy the clean, safe and successful all-White societies they would inevitably create. That would be "racist" and the powers-that-are will pursue us as far as we can run to ensure that we are integrated, denigrated and degenerated. We can't fight back by retreating.

*The media smeared the White ethnics as evil racists, to which the White ethnics had no answer except sputtering rage. They didn't have the intellectual ammunition to respond with the rational retort that community integrity and cultural cohesion were just as, if not more important than"equality" and "integration." Because their intellectual education came solely from the same people who were trying to destroy them, the White ethnics were already beaten before they had begun to fight. Today at least we have more sources of info than the daily newspapers and 4 TV channels.

*Voting didn't work. By the time White ethnics achieved enough political power to elect one of their own, the demographics had already shifted too far. In several of the cities studied here, it was only a few years after the White ethnics first elected a Catholic mayor that the demographic tipping point came, consigning them to political impotence, and a future as the producing class for a parasitic super-majority. 

Whites fled the cities because they had no democratic recourse. Should we believe today that we should surrender or flee because a coalition of our enemies outnumbers us 51% to 49%? Or should we think of new paradigms for the exercise of political power?

The ideological descendants of the same people who ethnically cleansed the cities are today flooding America with Third World immigration, in a racial endgame which will determine the future of the North American continent and of the White race. There are no more places to run away to where the government will leave us alone. We are basically cornered. Will we resist in the only way we can, in the only way that counts or has ever counted? Will we go gently into that good night, or will we fight?

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Comments for "Black Migration as White Ethnic Cleansing in the US"

Peter said (August 15, 2018):

Great article.

We have all seen movies about whites showing objections to blacks moving into their neighbourhood, but there has never been a movie about blacks taking over a neighbourhood and turning it into a killing field.

Robert K said (August 13, 2018):

The point omitted from the analysis of "trends" is that we have a centralized financial system issuing financial credit--i.e., in a money economy, the licence to do things--as it sees fit, on its conditions. In other words, we have a form of central planning that arbitrarily can facilitate success or cause ruin. Its machinations have become evident today with such things as mass migrations to disrupt homogeneous cultures, the ubiquity of degeneracy in the arts, inculcating confusing concepts about gender among children, etc. In other words, society is given its overall shape and its direction by the Money Power, which has its agents, conscious or otherwise, everywhere.

The obvious remedy for this situation is unconditionally to distribute financial power to the citizenry, preferably in the form of regular dividends. The banks have this power freely to access the credit of the community at present, which a hypnotized public (after all, the banks control the MSM) deems normal and acceptable.

James C said (August 13, 2018):

Jews have been the longest, strongest, most vociferous advocates of open borders, diversity, multiculturalism, and miscegenation the world has ever seen. That fact is documented beyond all possible refutation. And the Jews are pushing all of these things now more than ever.

However, the white race cannot breed its way out of this problem. That is not the answer. General Douglas MacArthur called for a "spiritual recrudescence and improvement of human character." He also said that "it must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh."

IMO, all of these curses have come upon us and overtaken us because we have become a totally godless, totally materialistic, and totally immoral society. We have brought these things upon ourselves.

Duane said (August 13, 2018):

I just read this review of the E Michael Jones book..... He paints a scenario which is absolutely accurate about the White flight foisted upon the White immigrant working class in northern cities. The CULPRIT he points his finger at (WASP American ruling class) is VERY SUSPICIOUS....

Every one of these cities had a large Jewish leftwing presence approaching Marxism... It was the Jews who were forming communist groups like the NAACP, controlling all media by the 1940s, instigating the "civil rights movement" pushing "integration" and authoring the 1965 Immigration Act (with their shabbos goy Teddy Kennedy).... If E Michael Jones avoids the Jewish role in the mass negro migration into northern cities in this book it is another case of: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise"

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