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Generics Conspiracy at Heart of Sherman Murders?

September 15, 2018

barry-honey-sherman-toronto-canada-murder-mystery-evidence-e1517456006600.jpeg( Billionaire generics manufacturer, Barry Sherman & wife Honey were murdered in their home last December. Shamefully, Toronto cops failed to solve this crime.)

"I would guess that this kindly-looking older couple 
was murdered not for being bad people, 
but for being good people."

by J. MD

I don't know how many MD's are talking to you about the Sherman murders.  I think I have more insight into it than most MDs.

Sherman was at the nexus of the greatest scandal of our time.  The scandal is, that usually no one, not even physicians, can find out where our medicines are made, or by whom, or where or by whom the ingredients are made.  We all take great interest in where our cars or clothes or tools are made.  But where the medicine is made, is a big secret.

(Masonic monument outside Toronto police HQ on College Street- lady cop building pyramid with unfinished capstone.)

We still can usually find out where our food is made, although dog food typically now will say "made in the US from the world's finest (??) ingredients" as on Pedigree canned dog food.  But food is inherently much safer than medicines.  Food is produced by a natural process, which is inherently reliable though it can be contaminated with agrichemicals.  Medicine is usually totally artificial and can be totally bad.

I became drastically disillusioned in my junior year of medical school, when they assigned a pharmacist, a twerp, to make rounds with us and propagandize us that "generics are just as good as name brands".  I resented his dishonest preaching intensely because, for example, every young man knows that not all brands of automobile tire are equal.  I had taken an organic chemistry lab, and knew that a lot can go wrong with synthesis:  impurity or low yield are ever-present dangers.

One MD professor (not a mere Ph.D. professor) courageously had told us all as sophomores in his lecture class, that a recent study done, I think, there at the U. of Nebraska by him, had shown that "generics" typically resulted in only about half the blood level of medicine as did the name brands.  The worst thing about that is:  what was in the other half?

Obviously, a big name brand is a powerful monetary motivator to maintain quality.  And "knowing who they are" keeps them straight.

It is strange indeed that some invisible force is, often, preventing the medicine from being sold under name brands.  This phenomenon is somewhat less for veterinary medicines, ironically, where name brands of over-the-counter medicines are big sellers because everyone wants the best for their animals.

Sherman might have been a pragmatist who found himself unwilling to "go with the flow" beyond a certain point.  I would guess that this kindly-looking older couple was murdered not for being bad people, but for being good people.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at