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September 24, 2018

Marxism and Masonry - the Marriage Made in Hell 
By Stephen Volk 

A New Age Paradigm in the Making! 

Pondering the mess with the Marxist and Masonic-infiltrated Catholic Church and Communist China today, maneuverings seem not only a prototype for Antichrist and Marxist/Masonic world government - with all the protocols nearly fulfilled - but may indicate what is just ahead when President Trump leaves office and even sooner for western Canada.

The Catholic Herald reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping has promoted a campaign of "Sinicization" of all religion in China, "a far-reaching strategy to control, govern, and manipulate all aspects of faith into a socialist mold infused with 'Chinese characteristics,'" according to the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom 2018 report. 

If that doesn't sound like Freemasonry, what does?  "Sinicization" = "Syncretism."  Judeo-Masonry is syncretistic.  Judeo-Freemasonry controls implemented in Communist China to prevent Christian and Muslim evangelizing.  The same is underway in Alberta, but with Christianity largely being the first target.

The Catholic Herald also reveals new regulations on religious practice in China went into effect in February 2018 - that codify the increased scrutiny and pressure on religious activities in China. On September 10, the Chinese government placed further restrictions on evangelization, making it illegal for any religious prayers, catechesis or preaching to be published online. This is being enforced via the country's extensive internet censorship. 

And as you read this we see Infowars and Alex Jones undergoing extensive internet censorship - preceding 81 more conservative and patriotic American channels to be banned.  Is this merely circumstantial?  Or is this an unrestrained Deep State simultaneous coordination? 

Also formulating under Albertan Marxist Minister of Education David Eggen, his quietly planned agenda is for all 61 Alberta private schools(to go offline after closing in 2019, preceded by the upcoming Alberta ban on counseling gays by faith-based organizations.  (Called "gay conversion therapy" by Canada's de-Christianizing Marxists in support of the Soros world de-population agenda.)  While Communist Chinese restrictions please the Marxist controllers, Marxist Minister of Education David Eggen in the same way pleases the Chinese Communists in Alberta, who adhere to the policies of the People's Republic of China: Opposing Muslim and Christian online evangelization in China and in Alberta.

Last month, the United Nations voiced alarm over reports that the Chinese government is detaining up to 1 million Uyghur muslims involuntarily in re-education internment camps. 

The United Nations must realize the same situation is developing in Canadian provinces - such as Alberta under Marxist David Eggen, whose behind-the-scenes agendas and policies mirror Communist China. 

So we see not only a major civil war brewing in America.  The Marxist/Soros/Alinsky "Ordo ab Chao" agenda for Alberta and the other Canadian provinces will guarantee escalating conflicts between Canada's Communist Chinese and Muslim populations.  While both Communist Chinese and Muslims are populating entire towns in Alberta, the Chinese are buying up the gold areas while Muslims have been climbing the ladder in Alberta's oil fields.  

And it all fits with the New World Order's Divide-and-Conquer agenda.  For their Management-by-Crisis agenda to be effective, they must create a crisis - Chinese-style Marxist opposition to Christians and Muslims -  and then come in with UN troops to control their way, gaining the "moral high ground" as Trotsky (Bronstein) would desire  This incremental Divide-and-Conquer agenda has been going on for centuries!  But to this day it largely remains outside the scope of "approved" history books, as those in power write "history."   


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