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Bro Nathaniel - Judaism has Consequences

October 28, 2018


Brother Nathaniel is a Jew who converted to the Russian
Orthodox Christian Church. In a short note on his website,
he writes that while political violence cannot be condoned,  
Jewish support for subversive or satanic causes
is bound to create antisemitism. Jews can put their heads in
the sand, but should not expect their target to do the same.
Jews must face the fact they have been sold a bill of goods.
Organized Jewry is not on the side of the angels.

by Nathaniel Kapner

I LIVED IN SQUIRREL HILL where the synagogue killings took place for many years which is a heavily populated Jewish area of Pittsburgh.

I had attended Yom Kippur Services and Sabbath Services at the Tree of Life synagogue on a few occasions but did not care for it.

It is VERY secular, very liberal, and VERY wealthy. Like Judaism in all its aspects, totally BANKRUPT spiritually.

I'm sure that many of its members are BIG donors to all the wretched causes: LGTBQ, mass immigration, socialistic big government, and of course, bloody wars for Israel.

When disasters and murders occurred in ancient Palestine during Christ's sojourn, he told the Jews, "Except ye repent ye shall likewise perish." (St Luke: 13)

Instead of Jews in Jewmerica BEEFING UP their physical security in light of this latest shooting with TONS more of Homeland Security tax-payer money, they should BEEF UP Eternal Security by repenting of their sins, embrace Christ, and undergo baptism in the Orthodox Church.

In the Russian Church there are many former Jews and quite a few of them are priests.

First Comment by a BN Reader-

Whatever it is, one thing for sure, it will launch accelerated JEW Censorship since they're already screaming to take down GAB on which the alleged murderer posted his rants.

GAB has been down all day and Schulman's PayPISS has cut it off.

Why aren't JEWS decrying the Saudi/Jewmerica/IsraHell slaughter and starvation of innocent children in Yemen so as to "counter Iran?"

Instead, we hear the Jew media telling us we must weep for a few Christ-hating Jews from Pittsburgh.

I weep for the Yemenite children, not for Deicidal-accursed Jews. +bn

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Comments for "Bro Nathaniel - Judaism has Consequences "

FF said (October 29, 2018):

I have a problem with this latest shooting event. I believe that all of these facilities already have adequate security to dissuade attacks. About ten years ago I got off the freeway on the wrong exit in Mercer Island Washington, (large Jewish community, very wealthy), and was looking for a place to turn around and get back on. I drove into the parking lot of a Jewish community center and was immediately stopped by a large woman in uniform. Not a security guard but military type gear and well armed. She barely spoke English with a thick Israeli accent ordered me off the property immediately. I told her that I was just turning around and she insisted that I not do it there. The exchange was not pleasant. That was some time ago and I believe that the paranoia has increased since then.

Clifford Shack said (October 29, 2018):

While I appreciate Bro Nathaniel's invitation to repent and embrace Christ I hesitate to inquire of him whether he looked under the hood of Christianity. I have looked under the hood of both Christianity and Judaism and have found the origins of both religions to be quite similar. Both originating in the minds of scribes in the employ of the ruling elite of their day. The scribe, Ezra created Moses, David and Solomon for the Babylonian Elite. The scribe, Josephus creating Jesus, the son of David and Solomon for the Herodian-Roman elite. All in the name of crowd control.

Regardless of the age, the power Elite do what they have to do to maintain law and order. That's their business. In ancient times, thousands perished and suffered so millions could thrive. Today, millions must perish and suffer so billions could thrive. From the sins of the global elite we have a modern world. From the good deeds of their detractors, we have back-biting and infighting.

Before you criticize the Illuminati and the world they provide answer me this, "What's in your wallet?"

JG said (October 29, 2018):

We are not saved by being given money, worldly power, and military might. We are saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

We need not focus on the plight of the Jews if we as Christians ourselves are falling short of the mark.
In the New Testament, there is no distinction made between Jewish believers and Gentile believers all are equal in Christ. One is not greater than the other. They are all cleansed by the same blood of Jesus Christ. Salvation is not racial but spiritual.

Brother Nathaniel is a great believer, and like St. Paul, he cares about the salvation of the Jews as well as the Gentiles. And, he also has the courage to challenge any of the false doctrines that exist amongst them that might hinder or prevent their salvation.

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