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CBC: An Exquisitely Canadian Form of Torture

October 19, 2018

I don't want to give my future jailers any hints but the worst torture I can imagine
is not waterboarding but being forced to listen to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

As Mick explains below, every second item caters to minorities, especially indigenous people. The majority -- European origin doesn't count -- they are being dispossessed. Also, almost invariably, these stories are a depressing litany of hard times, sickness or sexual abuse. The focus is on failure; never on effective, happy successful people.

Furthermore, equality means that three out of four announcers/reporters are either women and/or minorities. This government network is run by and for feminists, homosexuals, socialists, and minorities. 

Our taxes are paying for our indoctrination and social engineering. Canada needs to get on the Trump train before it is too late.

Disclaimer - I believe in a system that is color and gender blind, where everyone should be treated equally and fairly on the basis of merit. I resent having an alien, globalist political agenda imposed on society without publicity or a debate.  

CBC/Canada NWO News Updated from Jan 21, 2017
by Mick
There are a couple of topics that absolutely dominate the CBC radio program and other Canadian news agencies on a daily basis:
Indians or First Nation - the residential schools, the shame that the White man has to carry for the rest of his life for the colonial past. "High time to recognize" their history and tradition, which is, by the way, usually written by the white Liberals here in Canada. Every day, one is forced to listen to the point of ad nauseam about their proud past and "culture" (like what, tomahawks, buffalos and waging wars against each other?), how they live in shameful conditions on the reserves where Canadian taxpayers have been squandering their money for decades, building them homes and cutting them pay cheques  for NO work done. 

All in all, blame the white man for their drinking habits, blame the white man for the absolute lack of hygiene and dilapidating infrastructure in their communities, and blame the white man for the fact that the Indian population has the highest crime rate among any other ethnic group in Canada. They already have the Aboriginal Television Network. Now they have two. 

And this topic goes on and on forever, every day to the point of ad nauseam. Do they ever discuss some ordinary white Canadian family problems? A family with 3-4 kids whose father lost his job in the oil patch or coal industry due to the new legislation and carbon taxes implemented by the Liberal Ottawa hypocrites and their Alberta Rachel Notley lackeys? 

Of course not, who gives a damn about white families in Canada, they are doing all right. Let us instead discuss things in the Somali community somewhere in Canada, how they cope with their new lives. Hey, we know some of them were ex-pirates and criminals in Somalia, and are now drug dealers and many of them condone the female genital mutilation, but who cares? After all, our dear immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, came from Somalia... Naturally, you won't hear Jason Kenny or Rob Ford or any other conservative on the CBC radio. Just some fragments and some excerpts taken out of context. And so the CBC propaganda machine marches on and on, mercilessly every day. We'll see for how long.

 Our kids have to study their "history" instead of learning about the Renaissance, French, English or Spanish history, the creation of national states in Europe, the WWI and WWII. No, anything that should remind us of our European heritage has to be watered down big time or simply eliminated or reversed.

Homosexuals, Feminism, Transgender & Sex agenda -  it is unfathomable to comprehend the amount of sex they shove down our kids' throats. Just a few days ago my son had some degenerate transgender person at school "teaching" him and his classmates how being a boy or a girl is an old and obsolete way of looking at things. IT "explained" to the kids about the "gender flow" phenomenon, i.e. how it's quite normal to feel like a boy one day, and then alternate to a girl the next morning. 

My boy had to listen to this crap for about one hour, instead of taking an extra Math or Spanish class during that time. There are also so called "safe" zones at Canadian public schools, where predominantly fat refrigerator-looking lesbians (or some emasculated boys for that matter) can make it out in front of their teachers and peers and no one is allowed to interfere. 

(If you are a minority woman, you may go to the front of the line.) 

There is also Feminism, of course. The useless and incompetent woman serving as Alberta's Premier (Rachel Notley) & her male NDP lackeys will not miss any opportunity to call one a homophobe or misogynists the moment one dares to criticize her. We have/had other female "heroes" as well - remember Kathleen The Lesbian Wynne, Alison Redford or Danielle Smith? There was a story on the notorious CBC radio that was on a week ago - a transgender hockey player (it was she before, now is he) who described how he/she or IT was always more attracted to females, due to their long hairs and "soft appearance" as opposed to some "stinky" boys (quotes)!

Third World Immigration and Jews - so, the "poor" colored immigration pouring into Canada and all the crying and whining about their problems to adapt to the new life, their special demands and dietary regimes, criminal habits (Somalis, Vietnamese) in terms of drug trafficking, arranged marriages, vaginal circumcisions etc. 

NOT A WORD about struggling white families in Canada with 2,3 or 4 kids trying to put some food on the table in these gloomy and uncertain economic times. NOT A WORD about white European (predominantly Eastern European) families who also immigrated to Canada and were/are facing the same problems and being completely ignored, for they are of the white skin?! 

Unless, of course, we talk about someone of the Jewish ancestry and another "Holocaust" survivor. This topic was absolutely No. 1 while Stephen Harper was holding the reins of power in Canada. They even named a bird sanctuary in Israel after him - probably for all good "goyim" services of his that he was so diligently providing for the International Jewry.

Well, this would be "in general" the scoop and state of things regarding the CBC and other Canadian "news". All of them have been like a little Hillary Clinton's yappy dog lately, punching and pounding on Trump as zealously as CNN and other MSM's in the USA.

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-----------Neil Macdonald - Archie Bunker has been Elected President

First Comment by Marco

Thanks for posting this article again. The CBC deserves to be exposed as often as possible. They have totally shaped and manipulated public opinion in this country to the point where the average Canadian seems to be a complete lemon - some moral relativist, nanny state socialist effeminate weakling just begging for more government intervention into their lives. The type that says "thank you" to the policeman for laying a heavy fine on them for going 20km/h over the limit or (God forbid) smoking a joint in their parked car. 

The type of Canadian that is afraid of their own shadow. The type of Canadian hypocrite that decries the murder of a foreign journalist as barbaric but justifies the murder of hundreds of thousands of babies by similar means in their own country. A cruel unwise people without compassion, totally alienated from God because of their arrogance. The CBC is the beast that is responsible for poisoning Canadians and creating this new creature.

I haven't watched TV in probably ten years but I have listened to CBC radio for years. One thing that the article didn't seem to mention is that all the male anchors on their national radio station sound totally effeminate (think of Gian Ghomeshi's manner of speech), while all the women anchors sound masculine, powerful, intelligent and "in charge". I challenge your readers to prove me wrong on this point. It's done on purpose and it's another facet in the war on males to which you have dedicated so many years.

Matt in Australia writes:

I enjoyed Mick's article, which hit the mark for me completely. Why? Because Canada seems like a mirror image of Australia, where I live. We have Safe Schools, which is the same ordeal with education. We have ABC and SBS, which really do exactly what CBC does. We have endless propaganda about how bad white Aussies are, and how great our aborigines are, or the refugees, or queers, or whoever. It is definitely torture for those in the know and brainwashing and disempowering for those who aren't. 

It is great to learn about how the NWO is rolled out - that it is a global phenomenon, and we can recognize its tricks. We look for where it originates, eg, Jewry, banks, Freemasonry, big money, the political/Satanic elite class; and then see who it is aimed against - whites, nationalists, Christians; then the end result - a NWO, enslavement, dispossession; and lastly, how to resist it - be aware, educate, stand strong, boycott, toss away the tv, stay as independent as possible, support what's good, reject/fight against what's not.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "CBC: An Exquisitely Canadian Form of Torture "

Bob A said (October 19, 2018):

What a great article!
I've had these thoughts and impressions about CBC for some time now.

Transgender, feminism, masculine sounding women and effeminate sounding men. I used to enjoy their programming, now I tell my friends CBC stand for the Canadian Brainwashing Corp.

Thanks for re-posting. It's a refreshing balance to all the crap!

Anon n NZ said (October 19, 2018):

First of all it is NOT white liberals doing is
Usually Jews masquerading as whites.

Canadian tv and Australian tv and New Zealand tv are all controlled by Jews....fact.

This strategy is also being implemented in NZ by the Jewish elite.
The media is FULL of nonsense about Maoris.

There are virtually NO whites working in NZ TV unless they are

It is a superb Jewish strategy linking up with minorities
helping to silence whites....forming an alliance...The minorities being too stupid to realize they are being played.

An American Indian was recently accosted in Israel after
joining some sort of peace rally....thus bringing home the Jews REAL nature toward Indians.

Thanks Anon

Organized Jewry could not succeed without the collaboration of goy Freemasonry.


Pete said (January 23, 2017):

Trump would have failed badly here, most Australians thought it was good that our only car the Holden, went broke thanks to market forces.

And our indigenous have their own TV station. They speared our first governor Phillip and now they say with a straight face that they did it to show how much they liked him, in their own minds they are infallible.

In the big cities there are very few Indigenous, but in the smaller country towns they are everywhere and they hate Whites, blaming Caption Cook for all their problems.

Most white Australians know no Aboriginals and have this wonderful view of them, having no idea that they hate us.

Miro said (January 23, 2017):

What is not told about the aboriginals (Indians) is that the communities thrived prior to introducing welfare system, also as a result there are record rates of suicides among young aboriginals and nothing is done about it, instead, they spend money to bringing migrants [who terrorize teenage girls] to the country, costing millions while teaching in schools Canadian kids Muslim way of living instead of teaching Muslims the Canadian way of living...

So to be honest, there is a problem with the communities, but it is not the whites who caused it. It is the socialist system that destroyed them.

The rest of the article is right on.

Phil said (January 21, 2017):

..exactly the same in Oz, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company). They use the same template.

Robert K said (January 21, 2017):

All day I have been hearing the news on (supposedly conservative-oriented) CFRA radio station in Ottawa feature the big women's lib demonstration in Washington against Trump. One can only wonder why, even for the purported political "right", this is such an important story, and why US border control personnel would admit to their country hundreds of Canadians whose purpose is to demonstrate, as foreign nationals, against the American president.

Then again, the police in Washington did not conspicuously impede the small number of anti-Trump masked men in black who were running wild destroying public and private property, replicating the performance of the 20,000-strong police force assembled in Toronto for the G20 a few years ago.

The fake news and fake public security persist.

Art said (January 21, 2017):

At least you Canuks can publish articles like your today's. Here I'd be swimming in shit. Make the news, & be fined.

Black lesbians in South Africa face "corrective rape" &/ or murder. Our black guys treat them with prejudice.

JJ said (January 21, 2017):

Sounds like the CBC is no different than the American MSM. Television has just sort of disappeared from my life. I only see it when I go to the gym or am someplace with a waiting room that insists on keeping us "informed." Even my dentist keeps one in front of every chair! Twice the torture!
But I don't watch it at home, and haven't in years, but I know it hasn't gotten any better.

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