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Close to Home, Heterophobia Claims A Legislator

October 18, 2018

cliff_graydon.jpg(left, Cliff Graydon,69, Member of Legislative Assembly of Manitoba for Emerson) 

Women try to look attractive. 
Sometimes they get
unwanted attention. 
These instances should 
not be front page news
and should not end 
the man's career. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Tuesday the blaring headline across the top of the front page if the Winnipeg Free Press was "Second Accusation Against Graydon."

The MLA for the rural riding of Emerson was already in hot water for telling a female staffer she could sit on his lap at a busy luncheon where
there were few chairs. (Apparently, she did, but felt "uncomfortable.")

Now we learn that when another staff member mentioned he had food on his face, he had asked if she could lick it off. 

Wednesday he made an abject apology to the women involved and to all members and staff of the legislature and went on medical leave.
He said he will not seek re-election.  

Admittedly this man's quips were tasteless and inappropriate but in my day, the leader of the party would have had a quiet word with the offender, and that would be it.  It would not be career-ending or front page news. 

Increasingly the news is imitating social media, preoccupied with gossip and trivia, instead of urgent or useful information.
The Murdoch newspapers are the best example. The plebes don't need to be informed just distracted. 

There is a pattern here.  Elevate normal heterosexual behavior to the level of sexual harassment in order to root men out of public life. It almost worked with Kevin Kavanaugh. It worked with Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Bill O'Reilly, Louis CK, Al Franken, Jian Ghomeshi, Roger Ailes and Les Moonves. With the exception of Kevin Spacey, the men have all been heterosexual. Where's the tolerance?

Harvey Weinstein's behavior was particularly egregious but women have been trading sex for starring roles in Hollywood for a century. 

The difference between flirting and "sexual harassment" is whether the woman welcomes it. How is a man supposed to know? 

The goal is for heterosexuality to be seen as a pathology while homosexuality is considered healthy and normal. In May, a professor at Merrimack College created a scandal for making a harmless quip in a crowded elevator. He asked for "Women's Lingerie" harking back to a Department Store.

I'd be in favor of a kind of ombudsman to handle these cases quietly. Women should not have to endure genuine harassment. But the goal is to exacerbate tension between the sexes and demonize men. Tolerance is a one-way-street for the forces of tolerance. 


Graydon who represents the area where migrants have been walking across the border from the US called them a "drain on society" and retweeted other peoples' post that called Trudeau a traitor, a scumbag and a disgrace. It is possible that he was targeted because of these views. 

According to the Winnipeg Sun, Graydon apologized, deleted the tweets and agreed to step back from social media and undergo "sensitivity training." 

"Sensitivity training"?  That's just another word for Communist re-education and indoctrination. This man is an elected Member of the Legislature. He has a right to express his views which reflect those of his constituents.

The mass media is owned and run by Freemasons. The goal of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism.  Communists have always wanted to destroy the family. Demonizing heterosexuality is how they do this. Will men have relationships if the woman, after they break up, can claim abuse? How many women are able to love a man in this toxic environment? 

This isn't about refining human nature. It is about transforming it. An attack on our gender is an attack on our psyches.

We are in the midst of a societal makeover. We don't have to accept it.

First Comment by Marco A

Asking a woman coworker to lick food off your face is not normal heterosexual behavior. Nor is telling a woman to sit on your lap. 
 Is "normal heterosexual behavior" supposed to be so pornographic? 

It's called being a pig and the man should of received a slap in the face. It also shows a massive lack of seriousness for his position. An incompetent. I'm sick of these losers. He should lose his job and a more respectful, professional person can take his place.

And the guy is 69 years old with a family. He's just a harmless flirt? He's an old pervert.

Here is a real appeal to heterosexuality - place this guy in a ring with the husband or father of each woman.

If he loses his job, good riddance, why should Canadians have people of low moral character in the legislature? Just because he stoked the fires and said something politically incorrect doesn't make him some sort of persecuted hero. You are going to alienate a large portion of your readers if you decide to justify sexual harassment as normal heterosexuality. 

Reply- Marco, women have to be enlisted, not petitioned. In normal heterosexual behavior, men must take the initiative. Many women want men to be persistent.  All men are not going to be suave and welcome like James Bond. Some, like Graydon, are going to be coarse. His remarks were tasteless but he was just kidding. It should have been handled privately. It wasn't because it feeds into the #MeToo hysteria and puts a chill on male-female relations. 

Diane writes- "Being an idiot should not be a hanging offense"

Here's a thought: how about women stop trading their self-respect for being liked? How about telling an old creep where to get off - boss or no boss? How about embarrassing him publicly so he gets the idea he's off base? Some guys are pretty thick when it comes to women and you have to be really clear with them. The problem is that we have all (men and women) been brainwashed into believing we must never, ever hurt anyone's feelings - unless of course, they are not human ie conservative. So we have very little civility but a lot of useless and phony "nice". Women have sold their feminine souls and no longer have their natural instincts nor the natural responses to these very basic situations.

Of course, men have also sold their masculine souls. No self-respecting man would ever consider uttering Graydon's crass, pathetic jokes. However being an idiot should not be a hanging offense or we'd all be on the end of a rope one way or another. Clearly, your conclusions are correct - The destruction of God's plan for man is rolling along. But fear not, He will have the last laugh!

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Comments for " Close to Home, Heterophobia Claims A Legislator"

Will said (October 19, 2018):

It seems funny that the comment of a politician made in jest drew the ire of some, while male celebrities who have children at an advanced age do not. Look at Mick Jagger with nine kids, Tony Randall( at 77), Anthony Quinn ( at 80) all made babies with younger women but they aren't called names by the public. Randall went on TV to tell about it.

A woman who sits on her married boss' lap is not using good judgment and it might be considered a come on, but her action wasn't questioned. I've seen women wear inappropriate short skirts or low cut blouses to work, but no one is supposed to comment about it. Women wear the shortest shorts in public, but no man is supposed to notice or comment unless he wants to get scolded for sexual harassment. Men under forty get a free pass and a date perhaps if they make a comment.

Peter said (October 19, 2018):

I think it was John Cleese who said in an interview this century that Monty Python would not be possible these days because of all the political correctness.

I don't know about sitting on laps, but this is their Come Sit On My Face (and Tell Me That You Love Me). 1min

If people woke up and knew that it is all smoke and mirrors then the wind would be taken out of the sails of distraction and perhaps the really important issues would get some exposure, like who owns the banks
and media and how the ruling elite, the Jewish Cult, is less than perfect. They can do distraction on those issues too though if it comes to that.

Funny how Murdoch has cornered the local newspaper market in Australia (ARN) and carries a lot of promotions of decadence which is ok as long as it is 'gay'. And lately they have demanded that we pay for it too. I
get by on the headlines of articles I mostly would not wish to view. I
think we will have to go back to the convict era having the Government Gazette nailed to trees and telegraph poles so the Admiralty Courts can assume that we have been informed and consent to their jurisdiction, as
internet news is not even good for toilet paper as Nature's shit globally hits the fans of Spin. What goes around....

Al Thompson said (October 18, 2018):

I think I have to agree with Marcos on this one. The man is immature for 69 years old and needs adult supervision. That's the kind of nonsense we might see in high school. But given the fact that he's a govtard his immaturity reflects the politics of the day.

Thanks Al

But this was a social misstep, not rape, theft or murder.


Alex C said (October 18, 2018):

If his approaches to women are coarse then it's likely his overall thinking is coarse so an easy target for them surely is he. Though I imagine his relationship to himself and to "God" cost him his job, the lead into these weird incidents. He couldn't substantiate his acts in his own workplace!! I bet he eats a lot of cow. 100 quid.

When they control a large portion of the masses it looks like they can decide for the constituents how these matters will play out. Perhaps he is a victim but I'm not worried an essential man has fallen, more than his rights were trampled on by the corporate judicial system like everyone else's. That is a/the lynchpin that holds everyone in a religious fear of God and government: a rogue corporate judiciary that puts citizens as a lower class and uses this status against them ad nauseum until they either Love to Hate or Hate to Love. Pick a side or one will be chosen for you at birth. Ye shall not know thyself.

Yet for people of magnificent conscience, it's all about balance. Stern logic can be a guide to many wonders of self. I wish the man was able to keep his job but he didn't even have the willpower to keep it, so... Meh

I get it though Dr. Henry. I'm glad you are keeping an eye on all this and I'm really using your information wisely I believe. :)

Robert K said (October 18, 2018):

These women were staff, and therefore this behavior was certainly egregious and completely unacceptable. As long as, in the face of patent material abundance, financial independence is artificially withheld from women (and men) by our legislatures, this kind of impropriety protected by the subordination inherent in the employer-employee relationship is utterly repugnant.

David S said (October 18, 2018):

t is only a matter of time before a heterosexual man who asks a female co-worker "while smiling" at her to go on

a date with him will be subject to dismissal from his job, especially if she doesn't think he is "marriage material".

In the short term, women will definitely gain the upper hand with office jobs because it will be safer for men to not work in an office but in the long term the typical male business owner is going to have an all-male office staff and those foolish women will be forced to work in more dangerous labour jobs or collect welfare.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at