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Reader Recalls Vietnam Era College Brawl

October 8, 2018

(left, Creating a generation of Communists)

Theodore Herzl- "When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, 
but when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse."

Divide and conquer. Illuminati bankers started the Vietnam war and then funded the antiwar movement to brainwash an entire generation to hate their own country. 

These Communist dupes have multiplied until today,  Leftists are threatening to harass and even kill conservatives. America is more polarized than ever, as the country spirals toward civil war, reads one headline. Below, a reader recalls the Vietnam war days when he learned that campus Leftists planned to ambush a Marine recruiter.

by Gregory M. Zeigler, Ph.D., 
former Captain, US Army, Military Intelligence. 
Princeton Class of 1969.

This video, "I lost all my friends to the culture war," brings back a very bitter memory for me. In my senior year at Princeton in 1969, on a Sunday evening, the SDS stuck fliers under the doors of our dormitory to the effect that a Marine recruiter was coming to campus, to Whig or Clio Hall. The flier said that he was to be attacked and carried off campus. 

I was not enamored of the Vietnam War, and was in no hurry to sign up. But in my opinion, the uniform of our armed forces is sacred, like our flag. Together with a bunch of jocks, we agreed to show up with jackets and ties, to look respectable, as we anticipated media presence.

 I was the spokesman. I talked to the Marine recruiter when he arrived. He was ramrod straight, his uniform impeccable. I told him what was going on and that we were there to guard him. He replied that he was a master of martial arts and could handle whatever was thrown at him. I responded that that was not the point. No hand was to be laid on him. By my estimate, we had about twenty jocks on our team. A group of possibly one hundred SDS folks showed up, looking like something out of an Al Capp caricature. I was the first one to make contact, merely twisting an arm behind a back. 
The news camera flashbulbs exploded. The fight was on. Jocks versus protesters. I do not need to tell you the outcome. Not one hand was laid on the Marine recruiter, though the fight spread over campus, from the debating society buildings to the Woodrow Wilson School (the Yamasaki Bicycle Rack as it was lovingly known). 

(Judas' goat, John Kerry as Vietnam protester) 

Being a philosophy major, I lost all my nominal friends on that one day. I was sad to see their faces in the grimacing mob. But I felt that I had no choice. No one is going to show disrespect for our flag or the uniform of our armed forces, be they in the right or in the wrong.

First Comment from Tony B-

When I discovered that the U.S. was basically a Masonic creation, rebelling against the King of England because of vicious lies spread about his handling of the American colonies, it didn't exactly turn me against the country, it just cemented in what I had already observed myself.  I already knew that even the American flag uses occult star symbols while, at that time, almost every European flag displayed Christian symbols.  Plus it was obvious that "my" country worships materialism much more than God.  Such knowledge tends to spoil one's outlook for patriotism.

No one is responsible for the country in which he/she is born.  I cannot see a mandated love for one's country due to the accident of birth alone.  One should learn the real history of his nation of birth so as to live in a sane manner in it or even decide to leave it if a more suitable can be found.

What is missing concerning patriotism, as most of us understand it, is that everyone's first loyalty should be to the God who creates us all.  If we happen to be born into a godless nation, or one that turns godless, why should we give it loyalty?


"But in my opinion, the uniform of our armed forces is sacred, like our flag."
"No one is going to show disrespect for our flag or the uniform of our armed forces, be they in the right or in the wrong."

Henry, your anonymous reader is a school example of blindness. An organization which maims and kills millions all over the world is worthy of nothing but having its 'sacred' uniforms crapped on 24/7, that way at least the soldiers' uniforms can fully match the soldiers' inner beauty. When the unholy US Army stops messing up the world (don't hold your breath), then and only then will it be worthy of any kind of respect. The thing wrong with this dude is the same thing applying to the vast majority of white nationalists in both Europe and USA: they don't give a damn that their morally 'superior' countries destabilize and destroy the 3d World countries (making normal life in those countries impossible), because their own houses aren't the ones getting bombed. But when life (or perhaps God Himself) starts dealing out corrective punishment and the consequences arrive at their doorstep (millions of Muslims, blacks, and Latin-Americans), the nationalists don't wanna take responsibility for their own stupidity and utter carelessness and want the migrants to leave. Unless their attitude changes, the nationalists will only bring more misery upon themselves and their countries. Don't blame me, c'est la vie.

What's the difference, besides color, between Communists killing millions in the name of 'tolerance' and 'progress' and nationalists killing or supporting the killing of millions in the name of 'democracy' and 'freedom'? NONE ! It's funny how the same mentality can have different colors.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Reader Recalls Vietnam Era College Brawl"

Jim said (October 8, 2018):

A most timely article on polarization.
Unfortunately, neither side has it right. Their beliefs as to what was
Right and true didn’t agree with the evidence. I was there as a naval officer attached to the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton when in late July 1964 President Johnson announced there was an unprovoked attack
on a US Navy destroyer off the coast of Viet Nam. I believed him and so did
Everyone else on base and in every US military base in America and all over the world.

He told everyone who watched him we the American people and the US military are going to war.
He was our boss. No one questioned his words that day. Yet, he lied. Evidence has shown
No such incident occurred. So, who was the dupe? Me and millions like me or all the anti-war
Protestors and their agitators? We were all conned. We are being conned once again to pick a side.
Be careful which side you pick. They both could be wrong.

Al Thompson said (October 8, 2018):

The idea of the United States going all the way over to Vietnam always looked suspect to me.
I was in my 20s and I had a good start about what was really going on. I wondered why did the soldiers have to go all the way to Vietnam to fight communism when there were plenty of communists in Washington D.C. Just think of all the fuel expenses that could have been saved. The government is just a twisted dog and pony show that is built on the principles of Satan and the resulting wars. Henry David Thoreau said it best: "The best government is no government."

JG said (October 8, 2018):

It seems that anti-war movement is only promoted by the MSM when America's military is actively engaged in combat against Communist-controlled countries.

This is why the MSM opposed the Viet Nam War. And, this is why they tried to shame the veterans of that war by labeling them baby killers and other things.

To prove my point notice how the MSM supported and promoted WW2. Notice how they helped make heroes of that war. And, we were on the side of Communism in that war.

One good thing that came out of that war is that it stopped a lot of other wars that could have been thanks to the MSM and Hollywood promoting no more wars.

Too bad that philosophy and strategy of peace that once was don't apply if they are wars for Israel or the Communist/NWO.

Hot One said (October 8, 2018):

U should maybe do an article dissecting (((Edin'$ $cam))). If I spent an hour analyzing it I could reference the various fallacies & mechanics he's using, but I'm no 'fancy doctor' like U, so maybe U get it right away... or maybe not, which is Y U posted it as if it is an ANTI-NWO 'comment'? Absolutely NOT! He is promoting the DESTRUCTION of all white nations & the EXTERMINATION of whites, pretending 'white nationalism' is the cause of Vietnam, etc. & I suppose destroying Libya & Syria was 'white nationalism'? Under O'Ba$tard? Really? LOL!!! =))

Educate yourself on ((($hill$))) & the (((Trick$))) they u$e...
(((Ben $hapiro))) really is like the joke that keeps on giving (just 1 of countless examples of ((($hill-Tard$))) =))

Edit replies:

Blindness, as I said. And when people are blind, they tend not to see what's right in front of them. Think with logic, not emotional programming and then you'll see what I mean. I'm white myself and certainly not a Communist. God will make pay all who don't use their heads, not just blind nationalists who think their country is always right, no matter what it does and to whom. When people - no matter what ideology they follow - stop using their God-given minds, they become like cattle and therefore life will treat them like cattle. America went from being "One nation under God" to "One nation under Satan", all because of people in general support immorality. When either Communists or nationalists support immoral actions, whether it be immorality in one's own society or immoral wars based on lies, God will make them pay for it by allowing evil to befall them. Christian Zionists brought great evil upon America by supporting the moral thrash that is Nazi Israel. Communists and their Satanic progenitors brought evil upon the States by promoting a.o. sexual degeneracy and obsession.

There's a difference between a nationalist/patriot who's using his mind and critically analyzing what his leaders are doing and a blind nationalist who unquestionably agrees with his leaders; the first one is a blessing to his country, the second one is a curse. God sees who is who and rewards or punishes accordingly.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at