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November 29, 2018

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"Modern" (satanic) art exhibit 
at Ely Cathedral is a betrayal
of Christian values.

by Brian M

Well Ely Cathedral has excelled itself, it seems determined to alienate the whole population of Ely.

Modern art was said by Picasso to be, "A bold statement in the march toward Communism"

In her famous book "Creator and Destroyer" Arianna Stassinopoulos, Huffington  (Simon and Schuster New York 1988) writes, "In the 1920s  the Comintern decided that Christianity and the West could best be conquered, by first subverting its cultural institutions, family structures education religion mass media art and the government"

We have all seen the pictures of cows cut in half unmade beds and pictures of the Virgin Mary done in menstrual blood, possibly the worst was the " piss Christ" which I will not describe here.

Henry Moore was another satanist, here is something from the Milton Keynes local newspaper from  2 years ago, "After Henry Moore's 4,500-pound Reclining Nude  was stolen in 2005 from a local park it was never seen again, it must have been stolen for its scrap metal content."
The local papers were deluged with letters saying thank god it's gone.

Prince Charles views are well known as he studied real art and architecture, and he has spoken out against what is known as " crap art " many times.

Alec Clifton Taylor in a TV programme aired around 2007, said the linking of Modern art with its roots in Atheism communism and satanism is well known.

But Ely cathedral has a history here, its depiction inside of a large cross on the wall,  that is morphing into a snake, tells its own story, the snake is depicted in the Bible as Satan the serpent, the letter S is part of this cross.

The 4 large stone pillars were hastily removed from Cathedral grounds after the TV prog.  UKcolumn news showed they were from Dementiev's book, " Socialism for Westerners "and described the 4 methods of undermining the Christian way of life. 

We have had recently a Holocaust week which did not mention Christians at all. We have had an Ann Frank week despite her uncle admitting the story was all a fraud written by her father for money.

The Cathedral celebration of the tree of life which comes from the Kabbalah, and is used by Zionists and occultists,  has called many people to question what is going on here.

The fact that several of the local Cathedral clergy have been homosexuals and not family men has been a very controversial issue.

What we local  Christians want is a saints week,  things to do with Christianity, the life of Christ etc, and I regret Cathedral numbers at services are pitiful while the small local churches such as the one i attend are really blooming

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at