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Foreign Student Invasion

November 3, 2018


Harry Coor shines a light on a neglected form of migration, foreign students. There are a half a million foreign students in Canada and surveys indicate that half plan to apply for citizenship. They pay about 5 times the tuition of locals so schools have huge incentive to accept them whether or not they are qualified. After graduation, their employment prospects are often disappointing.

The foreign student route is a backdoor which the bankers use to
change the demographic character of Canada. 

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by Harry Coor

If native Canadians thought the immigration problem couldn't get any worse, there's a new trend in Canada's education system to worry about.

 Foreign students have become the cash cows of our colleges, universities and training centres. Coming mainly from places such as Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, China, these mostly young people are told that America is the "land of milk and honey" (Video1Video2Video3). 

When they arrive and finish their programs, the reality is often very different, especially if they try to obtain work permits or jobs. Many students are denied work permits after graduation return home, go to another country, or sadly, end their lives. If they decide to stay in Canada, they often find their employment dreams are quickly extinguished

Foreign student enrolment increased by 88% in 2017, while domestic growth was a paltry 7%. Canada was one of the top destinations for foreign students. There are approximately 494,000 international students here and increasing.

 Often described as "cash cows" by the top brass of the education industry, these students are lured from their largely destitute home countries, with lofty promises of a job in Canada. They often rent rooms in places like Windsor, Ontario, where the cost of living is the cheapest. Indeed, Windsor's colleges, universities, training centres, immigration and city officials, have been welcoming these "cash cows" with open arms. Foreign students often pay 4 to 7 times more tuition than domestic students.

Canadian institutions have established recruitment offices in places like India. Educational officials claim Canadians simply aren't producing enough children to fill the seats. They are partially right, but native-born citizens are not having children because of the increasing cost of living
and competition for available jobs.

Places like Windsor Ont. are currently experiencing a major housing crisis, after foreign investors buy homes and turn them into rooming houses. 

Native-born people aren't able to keep up with rent and housing price increases. Some are homeless. The situation is so bad in Windsor that they are converting the library into a homeless shelter.

(Over a dozen students live in rooming houses like this one near the University of Manitoba) 

Students often share rooms and live as frugally as possible, often in slum-like conditions by absentee landlords.


Many of these international students are coming from their home countries with faked credentials, provided by call centres in their countries. Educational institutions are left largely helpless when trying to verify these diplomas, for risk of being dragged into courts for "human rights complaints" and potential damages ranging in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even though these foreign students are required to pass English and other academic tests, many are not able to write a proper sentence, let alone understand what the instructor's directions are. Some resort to cheating.

International schools in countries like China are often graduating students with inflated grades, so that they can immigrate to Western nations to compete in top Universities. 

Many of these students receive a temporary work permit along with their school visa. They work in low-paid, precarious positions including agriculture, service-sector, and try to attend school when they are not working. Students have been denied work permits, and some have committed suicide 

With the aid of local "new arrival centres" funded by governments, others are taught how to become permanent residents by working and studying.  

Those from Confucian-based cultural backgrounds are trained not to ask for help or admit mistakes. This is considered cowardly. Thus, they attempt to complete assignments at the last minute or ask for extensions. Content is "dumbed down" to accommodate the whole class. 

What does this spell for the quality and reputation of the diploma being awarded to students, and the potential employers to hire them? Now we can guess why many employers make the hiring process much more lengthy and difficult: have rounds of interviews: to try to verify the skills being claimed by applicants.
First Comment from James C:

Have you heard that Trudeau and his Somali minister of immigration are going to increase the number of immigrants next year by 40,000 (and to a total of 350,000 a year by 2021)?  They're also planning to increase the number of Temporary Foreign Workers to 250,000.  They're doing this, they claim, to "address skills shortages and gaps in the labour market".  Anyone paying attention to the current job situation should know this is a lie.  I just graduated from college a year ago in a field that is allegedly in "high demand" (per government statistics), yet I haven't been able to land a job yet.  I see lots of dark-skinned imported people at work in Canada, yet I cannot earn a living in my own country.

The so-called skills shortage is just the major corporations' way of telling the government that they can't find people to work for a pittance, so they need the government to bring in waves of people who will work for next to nothing while living ten to an apartment.  This satisfies the corporate need to keep wages down.

The hiring process for even mediocre jobs today is insane.  They make you jump through so many hoops and expect you to be grateful they wasted your time when they finally get around to turning you down in favour of Bhupinder or Latrelle.  

The Somali minister tells us, "This is the challenge before me and all of us -- to double down on immigration, but also to really, really communicate, and listen carefully and communicate the real benefits of immigration locally. Because if we don't, it's going to be difficult for certain people who have anxieties about the economy and about their future to see immigration as a positive thing."

It's difficult to see mass waves of immigrants (especially third-worlders) as a positive when one cannot work or find affordable housing in Canada due to this sham system.  He wants to "double down on immigration".  In other words, if you disagree with it, your opinion doesn't matter.  You become "certain people" (and likely other epithets that end in -ist or -phobe).

For all the brainwashed out there who will have a knee-jerk reaction to this and unthinkingly bleat, "But mass immigration helps our economy because our birth rate is so low." I say take a look at the Fraser Report study that shows mass immigration burdens Canadians with a net cost of $23 billion a year.

Unless we do something about this, Canada is screwed.

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Comments for " Foreign Student Invasion"

NA said (November 5, 2018):

I don’t get it. If these foreign students are poor, where are they getting the money to pay 4-7 times the regular tuition?

Marco A said (November 4, 2018):

Henry, at my college the student population is probably 50% non-white, it’s incredible.
These students pay a massive tuition to go to college here, I spoke to one Vietnamese student whose parents paid 18,000 for just the first year. What about living expenses etc.? I asked him if he would go back to Vietnam after his education. His intention is stay here. How is this possible unless legislation has been enacted under our noses to protect all these foreign students and fast track them to citizenship by traitors in government. These colleges and universities are hubs for invasion, let alone cultural Marxism and satanism.
These people come here as if Canada isn’t even a country but rather just a migrant hub where everyone can come to make themselves a life - what a joke.

Amar said (November 3, 2018):

The problems are easy to describe but the solutions are hard to implement.

First of all higher education is indoctrination so let the foreign students be indoctrinated. Secondly, natives should move to rural areas and produce more children. That is the only way to increase representation in the future. Thirdly, natives should homeschool and also teach kids fishing and hunting and real survival skills which will be a big plus for natives as foreign students will kill themselves without the Internet. Fourthly natives should become more involved with local churches or religious groups, not multinational religious organizations. Through local churches, the community develops.

These are my two cents,

Chad said (November 3, 2018):

It’s happening at the job sites too. I live and work next to one of those universities which are overrun by Chinese. Where I work, half the place seems to be Chinese.

This is all part of that communist agenda designed to attack, erode and destroy our national routes.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at