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Australia Has Been Gifted to China

November 26, 2018

Australia a Concealed Colony but soon to be a Chinese Colony

Correspondent Aloysius Fozdyke, a prominent member of Sydney's
satanist Alpha Lodge, who warned of Satanist control worldwide, writes:

"It was decided a long time ago that Australia as a continent is just too good for white trash and the trash agrees with us. Fiji will be Chinese by 2025 and Australia by (probably before) 2040. We work on the ignorance and stupidity of Aussies and when you have something as powerful and unmoving as that behind you it is impossible to fail."

(dedicated to Dr. Stephen Ward)

by Aloysius Fozdyke

As Aussies love their Westminster appointed queen and know nothing about the system of laws - British, European or International - which establish and govern their political system, Aussies will continue in their ignorance to allow the governments which Aussies believe are acting in their interests to divest Australia from Australians and hand it to the Chinese government. Last financial year (2016-2017) the Chinese increased their land holdings in Australia by ten times - 1000%!

To have been this successful in allowing the Australian people to disenfranchise themselves and give away the future we relied upon self-interested and ignorant politicians, the fact that constitutional law is not well taught in Australia, a self-serving judiciary only concerned with securing and keeping their superannuation together with a compliant media. It just wasn't that hard.

But if we are wrong and Elizabeth II is the appropriate Queen to sign Australian vice-regal appointment documents we have provided those documents - obtained from Australian governments via Freedom of Information applications - to the Chinese government and the Queen's signatures on those vice-regal appointments are obviously false. 

It was decided a long time ago that Australia as a continent is just too good for white trash and the trash agree with us. Fiji will be Chinese by 2025 and Australia by (probably before) 2040. We work on the ignorance and stupidity of Aussies and when you have something as powerful and unmoving as that behind you it is impossible to fail.

Ave Satanas! Satanas Dominus Terra!


Why China is Buying Australia

Waning Trust Between China & Australia May Have Dire Consequences 


Here's a quick summation of the rationale the Chinese government has been using to buy out the ground under Australians' feet.

The Preamble to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (Imp.) is the only place where sovereignty is spelt out in the Act.

Here is the Preamble:

Clause 9 of that Act is referred to as 'the (Australian) constitution' meaning that s.128 of clause 9 (the referendum section) only applies to clause 9 and not the Preamble, first 8 clauses or the Schedule to the Act. Therefore the Preamble, first 8 clauses and Schedule to the Act can only be altered by the Westminster parliament which passed the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (Imp.) into law.

So who or where is "the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland"? This is the UK which hasn't existed since maybe 1921 but definitely not since 1922. Today it's 'the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' and Elizabeth II is queen of that particular United Kingdom.

Without a sovereign of "the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland" as specified in the Constitution Act, no Governors-General or Governors can be legally and validly appointed. If this is not the case then Australia's vice-regal representatives could be validly appointed by the Princess of Burundi or the President of America - neither of which are mentioned in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (Imp.). By the way, the Queen of Australia isn't mentioned in the Act either. So who appoints Australia's vice-regal representatives, because unless these people are properly, validly and legally appointed no Bills of law can be passed as Acts of law and the Chinese government knows and has been using this for the last twelve years. Imagine what would happen economically and politically to Australia, Canada and New Zealand (all with similar constitutional problems) if the Chinese government published the material they hold.

Fozdyke adds:

I don't have to explain anything to anyone - nonetheless, the answer is, "the constitution cannot be amended by legislation"! The 'Australian' Constitution remains part of an Act of the Parliament at Westminster. That Act doesn't mention either the Queen of Australia or of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. See how simple it is? Moreover, the Alpha Lodge has the runs on the board. Look at what and how much the Chinese now own in Australia.

The Chinese government knows that if they publish the information provided - including the forged signatures of Elizabeth II on Australian vice-regal appointment documents - the Australian dollar and Stock Market would only have about 24 hours life in them - if that. The Chinese government also got legal advice from the Law Schools of Cambridge and California at Berkeley. For this reason the Chinese continue to buy up big in Australia: mines, farms, fisheries, processing factories, shipping ports and airports, whatever they want; because the governments of Australia can't afford for the Chinese to publish.

The word from at least one Chinese embassy (no names) is that Australia and its people will be owned and operated by China by 2040. The Australian people are too busy watching televised sport to give a damn and by the time they wake up (if they ever do) our actions have been planned to ensure that there's nothing left to wake up to. So far we have achieved great results, so Chinese control of Australia and its people may come earlier than 2040. Aussies will be the first people ever to give away the soil under their feet together with their and their future generations lives without a shot being fired or money changing hands. Anyway, Australia is too good for white trash.


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Comments for "Australia Has Been Gifted to China "

JJ said (November 27, 2018):

In this article the message is that Australia is "being given" to China. Like what - China has done such a good job for the Illuminati that this is an appreciation gift? Can I offer another explanation?

One night at work I was sitting across from my Chinese supervisor who got a phone call. After the call was over, he exploded. Why? Some white guy had offended him. He started telling me about what China (Chinese men) was going to do to the world. He told me of the discipline they were going to impose on Canada. And he told me of how they were going to correct the insulting behaviour of white women who ignore them.

We are stupid. We assume that the quiet demeanour of these slanted-eyed men with inscrutable expressions is politeness. But they are angry escpecially about the woman issue, that we take their women and white women (not Indian or Black women) ignore them. But - they can't lose face in their anger. They have to be quiet about it and disguise it. So, for example, when the Fukushima diseaster happened they had to pretend they can't fix it. But they know good and well that those nuclear contaminated waters end up on the west coast of the United States and all of those white men and they love it.

Losing face is very important to the East Asian man but he still has the same amount of rage as we do. East Asian men act, therefore, in groups so that no one man stands out and they do things indirectly, buying up insignificant business' and properties here and there to disguise the real purpose. Are they agressive and trying to take over the world? Absolutely. They are trying to take over Australia and are succeeding and will not stop there.

White men dating East Asian women laugh and say, "What can the East Asian man do?" We need to wake up and see what they are doing and take them seriously but we never will as long we are being told we have no enemies. And this applies to the white-skinned Illuminati who think they have the East Asian man under control.
Very interesting!Very interesting, thanks for sharing.So true!

Brendon O'Connell said (November 27, 2018):

I don't blame China Henry. They have 1.6 billion people to feed. I blame the lame, useless idiot Australians for allowing it to happen. And all Donald Trump can do is lay on tariff's and drive business to Israel.

Chad said (November 27, 2018):

We could rewrite the article, substituting Australia for America and China for Europe. And changing gifted.

“America has been returned to Europe.”

The joke would equally apply.

A said (November 26, 2018):

Although the constitution cannot be amended by legislation The Australia Act 1986 is considered by Australian jurists the benchmark of Australian 'de facto' independence. ('An Act to enable the constitutional arrangements affecting the Commonwealth and the States to be brought into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation").

Fozdyke needs to explain why this legislation can't counter the machinations of the Crown and other foreign powers.

He goes on about the cowardice of Aussies (somewhat true) but it takes one to know one: he and his ilk are cowards regarding hard/honest work, hence their reliance on a rigged phony money system. And Fozdyke's weary platitudes aside, Australia has tons of white gold (often quiet, humble achievers).

Methinks Fozdyke protests too much. It is the Satanists, after all, who elevated the white trash 'fight or fuck' mentality to a religion.

JK said (November 26, 2018):

henry...cut the jeff rensian cointelpro crap re china!
china=jewish(ashke-nazi) bolshevik communist mafiosa murderers controlling all governments! CALL A SPADE A SPADE!
the chinese cattle goyim are the chabad's slave laborers!
jinping is the front man for puppetmasters like pieczenik!WinkDog face

CC said (November 26, 2018):

Mr smart-ass Aloysius Fozdyke and his satanist Alpha Lodge should
prepare because


And hopefully, when all is disclosed. they will all be swinging at the
end of a rope.

He pretends to be an arrogant smart-ass because he is a coward. He is a
coward because he hides.

Stop being a coward Mr Fozdyke - come out into the open and we will soon
see just how smart you are.

George said (November 26, 2018):

Regardless of the legalities (which I don't take at all seriously) the objective fact is that China has a gigantic population and limited resources, while Australia has gigantic resources and a limited population. The outcome over the course of time is obvious. Incidentally, similar dynamics are evident for Canada and Russia. A high ratio of resources to population is a formula for takeover.

David said (November 26, 2018):

(1) Isn't the government of China already using the exact same process in Canada today?

(2) A review of Australia's citizenship requirements suggests that it may take longer because
our country is more open for assimilation than Australia is today.

(3) I couldn't tell from what was provided in the article how the constitution would allow what
was suggested to occur.

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