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Israeli Comes Out as a Goy & Moves to Russia

November 5, 2018


Israelis are also targets of Illuminati social disintegration.
Cabalist Judaism (Illuminism) is a satanic cult which controls & exploits its
unwitting members by corrupting and making them sick. 
We have all been inducted into this cult to a degree under the guise of 
"secularism," "humanism" and "modernism." 

This is one of the reasons Michael Berg is moving his young family 
to Russia. He describes the reaction of his family, friends and employer. 

By Michael Berg

I am 33. My wife is six years younger than I am. I have three beautiful girls under the age of three.

Early this year I had discovered via a research I made into my DNA and subsequent confession of both my parents and grandparent, that my family on both the maternal and paternal sides were actually ethnic Germans who converted to Judaism following WW2. Each side with their own motives for the decision. My wife's parents who are both of ethnic Russian heritage are a similar case.  They wanted to adopt a Jewish identity. Israel needed doctors and they were doctors so it was a good deal.

Not long ago my wife had suggested that we should move to Russia. I figured that it is much better for my girls to adapt to a new environment rather quickly than to go through such a life changing event - moving to another country - later date in life. We were given a positive response from Russian authorities who accepted our request to emigrate to Russia.


1. The political situation between Israel and the Arabic nations in the middle east is tense. The tension with the Muslim population means there's no sense of safety.

2. Feminism & pro-LGBT and gender confusion are HUGE in Israel, one of the worst of any country in the western world. An Israeli father isn't even allowed to do a DNA test to determine whether a child is his biological child. He will be forced to pay child support in a case of children that aren't his blood. Sounds crazy. 

The Divorce rate in Israel is very high. The secular Jews are the worst. But with their high level of Feminism, this is no surprise. As there's a  correlation between divorce rate and Feminism levels in a population group. Half of my Israeli Jewish friends are now divorced. 

Feminism, high divorce rate, anti-male laws and anti-male family court means that many men in Israel choose not to marry or bond with a woman for a long-term relationship. For many of my friends marrying or remarrying is now out of the question. We have a situation in Israel where many men are gradually walking away from marriage or any long-term relationships with women. They just fear its too risky given the anti-male laws.

3. Israeli racial makeup: Despite what some would like you to believe, Jews are NOT a racially homogeneous group of people in the same sense that Chinese or Japanese. There's no such a thing as a "Jewish race" or Jewish people in the biological sense. Most (90%) of Jewish people in the world today are converts or the descended from converts historically. DNA has proven this point. Also one doesn't need DNA testing to see that Jews comes from all races, shapes and colours. The only thing one needs is to open their eyes and see that modern Jews cannot be regarded as a race. One CANNOT join a race which means Judaism isn't a race.

Israel's mixed racial character and my sense of lack of true racial brotherhood have had an impact on my decision to move with my wife to Russia. While I am free of all racial hatred toward non-white groups, for me race IS important. It is a part of our Nature and of our identity as human beings in this lifetime. I am originally of European blood (German in this case) and I wish to preserve that identity and stick with those of European descent. I see all the White peoples of Europe - Germanic, Celtic and Slavic - as my brothers and sisters. I see them as a family of people who share the same Aryan origin as I do. At the same time, I love ordinary Jewish people (not the NWO type), they are kind and warm but sadly a lot of their suffering is the result of their intolerant religious consciousness. It is self-inflicted.

4. Religious Intolerance against secular Jews and non-Jewish religious minorities.

The Orthodox Jewish community in Israel is very fanatic when it comes to enforcing religious laws in public places. Not long ago we had a debate in Israel whether all public transportation in Israel should cease action on the Jewish Shabbat. The Jewish religion doesn't look very kindly upon those Jews who don't follow its religious laws. In addition to that, the Orthodox Jewish community tries to fight very hard against the selling of pork meat in public places.

I find the idea of a man-made religion telling people what they should or should not eat to be very contemptible. I for one, after leaving the Jewish faith behind me, decided to return to the old tradition of my gentile German ancestors before they converted to Judaism - and that is to eat pork meat.

The Talmud brainwashes Jewish children to feel that their religion and faith is superior above all others, that those who don't follow Judaism are nothing more than insects and beasts who are taken over by Satanic and Demonic forces. Not long ago I visited a synagogue in order to meet a Jewish friend of mine over there (I don't follow Judaism, but many of my Jewish friends are) and I saw two orthodox Jewish boys arguing among themselves over the status of Jews.

"What is the purpose of the entire creation we see before us?" I asked them. "It was created mainly for the Jews and the "Gerey Tsedeck" (i.e. Gentiles who become Jews by conversion) and the Goyim (people who are not part of the Jewish "cult") shall serve us..."

I know this, I used to go through that same brainwashing while being a Chabad member. 

I must say that I did not criticize these Orthodox Jewish boys at all. I only felt sorry for them. I knew they were NOT evil. In fact, they were good human beings who are being corrupted via the orthodox educational system. I knew they were undergoing brainwashing. This one example out of many is the reason anti-Jewish feelings (or "Antisemitism") is hunting Jewish people for centuries. I concluded long ago that no one hated Jews for no reason, that antisemitism is a self-inflicted harm done to Jews by Jews themselves. Christians are not doing it to themselves, Muslims are not doing it to themselves. Only Jews do.

I do not support Islam nor do I support any other religion but when I look into the causes behind anti-Jewish feelings I come to the conclusion that anti-Jewish feelings don't stem from some irrational prejudice against Jews but by Jewish culture itself which promotes itself at the expense of non-Jews.


The reaction of my parents to my decision to move was difficult especially for my mother, especially since I'm her youngest child. She was worried that she won't be seeing me and my daughters - her granddaughters as often as she would like, but eventually, she understood that my decision to move was for the best. My father also did not like the idea of me leaving but after realizing that this was for the best he gave his blessing to me.

A childhood friend of mine also took my decision to leave with difficulty but he was very supportive of it once I made the point for him that it was for the best. Friends at work and co-workers were surprised about my decision to leave. But I had told them that I have found better options for my wife and little girls in Russia. They - including my employer had wished me success in my quest.


Most of the people I know believe that we've made the right decision and that it does reflect badly on Israel. But they didn't see Israel as unique in this regard as Israelis are no less victims of the Masonic agenda than the rest of the world. They are affected by all the negative stuff that affects every other modern nation. The problems of Feminism, racial mixing and loss of meaning in life reflects much of the modern world. My reasons for leaving are the same reasons that people of European blood worldwide are looking for a better way - away from racial conflict and Marxist propaganda. I even have some Jewish friends in the U.S who tell me that they wanted to move to Israel but later found out that Israel is no better in comparison.

As for me, I am happy with my decision to move to Russia. I hope this will be a fresh start for me, my wife and my little daughters.

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Comments for "Israeli Comes Out as a Goy & Moves to Russia"

JG said (November 6, 2018):

don't blame Mr. Berg for wanting to leave Israel. Everyone that I have talked to that has lived there didn't like it.

A friend of mine who was of Russian Jewish heritage told me that years ago when Russia was still Communist Israel negotiated the release of many Russian Jews who were then transported to Israel and made citizens and then put in the Israeli military. He didn't think that was fair. I often wonder how many Jews are really happy there today.

I admire the courage of Vladimir Putin and his de-Communization of Russia. He is a man of the Christian Orthodox faith and is acting like one.

However, to live in Russia today would not be easy. The NWO NGOs in Europe and America have been plotting against Russia by starting colour revolutions to try to create suffering and division along with sanctions to sabotage their economy. They want
Communism back so they can exploit them once again and suppress their Christian faith.

Henry Makow said (November 5, 2018):

"Did Mr. Berg go to Russia to become part of Russia or did he simply go there to get away from Israel?"

My reaction reply to Chad is this:

I decided to move to Russia to become part of Russia and for my little girls to grow up as Russians. I am White (Of German descent). My little girls are all blond and blue eyed, they won't look outsiders). My wife is of gentile Russian heritage which makes the move to Russia even more easy.

One of the reason I wanted to move out of Israel is the lack of true White identity. Russia being majority European racially would be a place where I can feel at home. (Sadly, I can't say the same about my ancestors homeland - Germany - as it is flooded with non-Europeans). Yes. I'm moving to Russia in order to become Russian and integrate. Me and my wife have savings - I won't be living out of welfare. We have enough money to actually BUY a home in Russia. I am an Engineer - so unlike the non white masses who are flooding into Europe I will have something to contribute (along with my wife who is a nurse).

Chad said (November 5, 2018):

That’s good news! He discovered he wasn’t a “Semite”! And since the majority of Jews are not Arabs, his move to Russia and any comments he makes shouldn’t be construed as anti-Semitic.

I’d suggest the Russians still beware. You can take the person out of the neighbourhood but you can’t take the neighbourhood out of the person. People collect around things and persons familiar and then begin to form communities. These communities then become an immovable and unchangeable mass. The locals then begin to complain of the infestation of outsiders.

Did Mr. Berg go to Russia to become part of Russia or did he simply go there to get away from Israel? If it’s the latter, Russians should be cautious and encourage him and his family to integrate. Just as we would expect foreigners to do when coming to our lands. Integrate and become part of us.

Craig said (November 5, 2018):

Moving to Russia sounds great but what happens when Putin is no longer around?

R said (November 5, 2018):

Your correspondent is right. When I was last in Russia I had a strong feeling/intuition that Russia has a huge untapped potential. Others are beginning to recognise that too. Like the South African Boers who are starting to relocate there, I sense that Russia will dominate the coming centuries.

R said (November 5, 2018):

Your correspondent is right. When I was last in Russia I had a strong feeling/intuition that Russia has a huge untapped potential. Others are beginning to recognise that too. Like the South African Boers who are starting to relocate there, I sense that Russia will dominate the coming centuries.

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