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Old Timer Jailed for Threatening to Sue County

November 21, 2018

(Left, Rich Loomis) 

Rich Loomis,71, tried to live off the grid
but the long arm of government reached out 
to remind him that America no longer
respects individual freedom. 

 "I spent five weeks in jail before being able to post bond, 
most of it spent on the hard concrete floor with only a thin, 
packed-fibre mat, among other pleasures and benefits
 of a jailed existence."

By Rich Loomis

It may be of passing interest to you to learn of how my sometimes "big mouth" landed me in jail for 5 weeks earlier this year!

And even now I am threatened with a prison sentence of 2 - 6 years, plus up to $100,000 in punitive fines if convicted in my upcoming "criminal" trial in January. Being now retired at age 71 on nothing more than a very modest Social Security check, it would be quite the ignominious end for an otherwise law-abiding citizen and honourably discharged veteran. 

What did I do to deserve this situation? Well, I did what I had always promised myself that I would do.

 It is one thing to read accounts on the Internet (and elsewhere) about outrageous injustices done in some other part of the world -- or the USA in particular -- but it is a whole 'nother kettle of fish when one discovers a putrid stench originating virtually in one's own backyard. Having never been the sort to jump into my car and travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles, so as to insert myself into (for example) a protest against Monsanto, or perhaps chain myself along with the "greenies" to a tree somewhere, or climb the fence into a nuclear power facility along with a few nuns (who are now in prison for their act) no -- rather instead, my excuse had always been that a vital issue or incident would have to occur within my "every day" purview or experience, in order for me to get involved.

Well, it took 71 years for that to happen... though I may be too glib in saying so, for I surely must have simply "tuned out" other opportunities for meaningful activism... but regardless, the universe finally found the appropriate time and occasion to put my semi-conscious "vow" to the test.

Having saved little money over my working life, I opted to retire on an inexpensive 5-acre desert-like open prairie parcel located in Costilla County, Colorado. At almost 8,000 feet in elevation, one could seemingly pick diamonds out of the starry skies, whilst being regularly serenaded by coyotes and cautiously observed by wandering deer and antelope and other assorted critters on or near the property.

But the chief attraction for me, and for most others who settled in the region over many decades (relatively few, since the rather large county boasts only 2.8 people per square mile average) was the fact that there existed almost no building codes, so one might drive the dusty roads and see small wood or adobe brick cabins, tepees, yurts, dome homes, permanently-parked trailers, 5th wheels, motor homes, even families in tents, happily constructing a modest homestead on a pay-as-you-go basis, having hope at last of a "real" home (even in the desert) as opposed to living in their car or in a cardboard box somewhere in the big city. 

Yes, some of these "in-progress" living situations were very primitive, and would have given any regular big-city building inspector apoplexy, but these free citizens were harming no one, and most of them employed responsible waste disposal methods such as composting toilets, holding tanks or porta-potties (regularly dumped at the local RV park a few miles away) etc.

(Costillo County, CO)

I myself opted to live in an older model Holiday Rambler motorhome, as I "contemplated" whether or not to build a permanent structure on the limited funds available. As with most such settlers to the area, I had first personally interviewed the supervisor of the local Planning and Zoning Office at the county seat, and was assured that this sort of essentially permit-less lifestyle was not a problem unless abused in some egregious manner.


And so it was that I enjoyed several years of uninterrupted and peaceful retirement, until one day a black-and-white SUV with police logos, antennas, and armed deputies drove onto my property and informed me that I could no longer live in my motorhome; I was now REQUIRED to build a minimum 600 square foot house with $6,000 on-site septic and many other listed code regulations, etc.

When I objected to this sort of "retroactive" legislation that I could no longer afford in my retirement, I was told, "it's the law; do it or else." 

Eventually, since I had no financial means whereby to comply, I was given a date to appear in trial on the specified charges. I had a public defender who was worse than useless, but via my own research of the new ordinances and building codes, I was able to more or less force him to introduce my findings, which led to two out of the three charges being dismissed as faulty and inapplicable. The third charge on which I was actually "convicted" was relatively minor, a misdemeanour with an attached $50 penalty fee.

Following the trial, however, being suspicious of government incompetence (as was amply illustrated in the first two charges) I again conducted some very basic, cursory investigation and found that this last item was likewise in error, thus I wrote to the court that the verdict required reversal and acquittal. 

In response to the ensuing official silence, I posted two increasingly angry (but not abusive) letters, eventually promising that if the silence continued, I would invoke applicable legal remedy (such as a Class Action lawsuit on behalf of myself and hundreds of others, or involvement of the FBI by way of a "color of law" Civil Rights prosecution, etc) and it was from this last letter that all my subsequent suffering was to arise.

A few weeks later, two armed Sheriff's deputies (one prominently displaying a short-barreled carbine with extended-capacity banana clip magazine) arrested me at my property, claiming on behalf of the District Attorney that my letter had "effectively" threatened the life of a sitting judge! And from thence I spent five weeks in jail before being able to post bond, most of it spent on the hard concrete floor with only a thin, packed-fibre mat, among other pleasures and benefits of a jailed existence.


My daughter and her husband had already travelled from Austin TX at considerable expense to help secure my property, find a temporary home for my dogs, put vital documents and possessions into a commercial storage unit (thieves abound when no one is around to physically protect their property and I have in fact lost thousands of dollars of personal items while in jail.) 

After several days of significant labour on my behalf, they had to return to TX to maintain their employment, and thus could not be present at my trial. (In fact, not a single observer was in the court gallery, since the trial was not publicized in the press and most of those similarly abused by "the system" had long since departed Costilla County.)

As a condition of bonding out of jail prior to trial, I was forced to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and sign myself into a mandatory mental health evaluation. All of it at my cost, including over $270 per month fee for the ankle bracelet alone!

The jury at my eventual trial found me Not Guilty of the first charge (supposedly threatening the life of a judge) but they could not agree on the second charge to the effect that my mention of possibly invoking legal remedy if necessary "might" have constituted illegal "influencing" of a public servant in their duty. (This may even sound reasonable in some aspects, but in my own case, in pure legal theory it fails to meet the specific details and standard necessary for a conviction.)

Nevertheless, the District Attorney's Office, being denied their punishing will on the first charge, are now determined to try my case again on this second charge (with the same prison and fine penalty as the acquitted item) and so the "adventure" continues. I could have walked away from the whole thing by caving in and simply paying the measly $50 misdemeanour fee, but during the one year and two months that it took for me to be "convicted" of that misdemeanor, in the interim I had met several of the families in court with me for similar "violations" of the new ordinances -- being essentially thrown off their own land and denied their protected civil liberties, as in my own case -- and in seeing that most of them were decent, hard-working folk just trying to improve their lot in life, it made me angry on their behalf, as well as my own.

This caused me to reflect and pray deeply regarding my long-standing resolution that I would not walk away from evil in my own community, or on my own street for that matter! So it was that, with admittedly some measure of trepidation, I sent the offending letter... and am now paying the attendant price. 

Since many readers of "alternative" news sources are gradually becoming educated with regard to the underlying Masonic/Jewish/occult/Satanic power base active in world and USA legal and business affairs, it might be instructive to add that the original judge in this current case actually blurted out to the prosecutor during one of the preliminary court procedures (while on the record!) that she had read the letter and saw no element of violence therein!  

The attorney for The People -- after a few moments of stunned silence -- mumbled and stumbled and finally began to protest vehemently about some of the terminology in the letter as being much too "strong" blah blah etc, virtually pleading the prosecution's entire case -- during which the judge seemed to realize that she had perhaps strayed into territory that could affect her "good ol' boy" (or gal) standing in the close-knit legal fraternity, and she began to essentially recant her open sympathy for the defense.

Too late!  She quickly disappeared from my case, and they instead brought in a senior judge from the state capitol, who just happened to be -- who would ever guess! -- a very high-level Mason, having served as Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge in Denver, in 1998, per the archives found in the website of that lodge.

And let me tell you; he soon made it abundantly clear as trial commenced who he favoured HUGELY in the proceedings . . and it sure as heck wasn't poor little me!  ha

It's called "color of law" when police or courts etc assume they have authority, show up with guns and badges, and TELL citizens to do something for which they never had authority.  Judges, cops, DA's and other public servants are in jail as we speak as a result of citizen-brought or FBI-brought "color of law" Civil Rights violations precisely similar to what happened to me.  In the year 2012 alone (according to an Internet article on the topic) the FBI prosecuted 380 such cases against public servants (including judges and cops etc) many of whom were either heavily fined or disbarred or even serving jail time.  

I pointedly alluded to this in my "strong" letter to the judge and other culpable officials . . which is one reason for the arrogant knee-jerk "sledgehammer against the mosquito" reaction, designed solely to intimidate and dissuade etc.

So, how fitting that my unhappy little story now becomes yet another "distant atrocity" for others to shake their heads at . . waiting for something similar to appear in their own backyard, before acting?

Hang on, folks . . it may not be that long of a wait . . !

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Comments for "Old Timer Jailed for Threatening to Sue County "

Julian said (November 21, 2018):

I read the story about the 71-year-old living in the Colorado county of Costillo. I am somewhat familiar with the area.

I drove thru the Culebra peak mountain area last March just east of that county. It is a strange place, very, very, clannish.

It might surprise you that the so-called Hispanics totally control that place as it is 80% plus Mexicans. Corruption
is well known in those parts.

The story mentions the
Most Worshipful Grand Lodge in Denver.

I googled the place and it is all negro controlled. Is this the same masonic
lodge system as white people operate? Why would a Negro judge come all the
way from Denver ?

google this;

Anyway I read some strange stories in the area and I would not want to live there.
Good luck to Mr. Loomis fighting the locals. He better watch out or they will come for
him during the night.\--


Rich replies-
It would seem that you erred in your Google search, and therefore came up with the wrong page. Had you entered the precise wording I referenced in the article, the search would have brought up this page below (among others featuring the correct Denver Lodge):

I don't see too many black faces, do you?

And to be precise, here is the link referencing that Lodge's past Grand Masters:

Anyhow, to answer your question, no negro Judge came all the way down to Costilla Country to judge my case; and while the man in question may have had a distinctively dark soul, it had nothing to do with race, for he was otherwise quite white. The Prince Hall offshoot of Masonry depicted in your link was a reactive quasi-solution to blacks being repeatedly rejected from membership in "regular" Masonry; so they ended up starting their own version, but even today are largely rejected as being entirely legitimate among the "hardliner" Masons worldwide.

Chris G said (November 21, 2018):

Rich Loomis I salute you!

You are an example of how we MUST all live. OFF the grid and ON the land the way God Almighty intended.

SAID, IS AN INDEPENDENT PERSON who can live, eat, sleep, stay warm & defend themselves separate from Federal help..." John Todd.

The powers that shouldn't be also gave Michael Reynolds a hard time for helping people live the way God intended, without Satan's interference.

Chris G said (November 21, 2018):

Rich Loomis I salute you!

You are an example of how we MUST all live. OFF the grid and ON the land the way God Almighty intended.

SAID, IS AN INDEPENDENT PERSON who can live, eat, sleep, stay warm & defend themselves separate from Federal help..." John Todd.

The powers that shouldn't be also gave Michael Reynolds a hard time for helping people live the way God intended, without Satan's interference.

Marco A said (November 21, 2018):

This man just received an education as to how free he is. Americans are fools for entrusting their freedom to the Brotherhood.

When you are under the thumb of the prevailing system, you realise just how cruel it is. Losing your land is hard, but try losing your children because you refuse to vaccinate them or because of your political opinions. The control-freaks in government can make your life a living Hell.

The only thing keeping this system functional and some justice occurring are the competent and honest elements of certain organizations that haven’t been totally corrupted – like the FBI prosecutions the man mentions in the article.

The Masonic system is one of total control and they have no love for profane peasants who aren’t privy to the mysteries, so when you have them judge over you, I wouldn’t expect any justice; however, I would expect to suffer in the extreme.

I commend Rich’s energy and courage at 71 years old in standing up for himself and others as he has.
But I don’t think I am alone in thinking this is largely a losing battle and indicative of a totally broken system. When one man has to expend so much energy and suffer so much in the vague hope that someone competent will review his case and provide him with justice, it shows that the entire system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from scratch.

Good luck with that. First, we need to outlaw Satanists from the Earth.

One interesting thing he mentions in the article is how the original order against him was to build a septic tank and a home to increase the sustainability of his situation.
With Agenda 21 never being repealed, I would expect situations like this to only increase with federal government sanction in the future – regulations with the excuse of sustainability until it becomes financially impossible to survive rurally.

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