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December 1, 2018

Berg Clarifies his Ideas re.  Marco A's First Comment to    Taking Away Women's "Rights"

 "males also seek love in a relationship, but sex is his main motivator at the beginning. If the woman isn't attractive or she's hit the wall, a man will not even start a relationship with her"

I figured my wording is misleading and I apologize for that. This is what I meant: Of course males are motivated by BOTH Love and Sex when they seek a wife. We are governed by not only biological needs but also by a desire to love and be loved. What I really meant is that yes that while men are also motivated by Love, the Sexual Attraction is the FIRST thing that attracts you to a woman and if it is missing then a man will not pursue the woman in the first place. Would you start a serious relationship for the purpose of marriage with a fat, ugly looking 68 yo woman? of course not. Sex (sexual attraction) is a key element in courtship. We must stop trying to DENY Nature. This is what feminism does when they make women waste their most fertile years getting careers and then wonder "where have all the good man gone" when they are 30+ and "ready for marriage". The good man is chasing younger women. 

- Men are by Nature "protectors", "providers" for women as women depend on men either directly or indirectly for survival. Any power woman has is a power given to them by Men. So yes men are natural "protectors and providers" for women.

- You write "This is an ideal that doesn't exist in the vast majority of men. We are at a point today where if you took away a woman's rights she would simply become a concubine". Men don't marry because of female empowerment, women wasting their 20s at college and marriage laws. Were women before the 1920s merely "concubines". Not they weren't! they were loved and protected by men. 1912 Titanic "Women & Children First" while the men were left to die. I am willing do die for my girls. 

- "Every young man I know is fornicating or is cohabitating with "yet another woman." - I bet including you dear "purist". Women are unavailable for men due to their wasting their years at college. As a result, a normal man cannot repress their sexuality until mid-30s when women actually want them for marriage. Oh I forgot, except "purists" like you...

- I fear for your daughters who, "... must satisfy his sexual needs anytime he needs it..." - Don't worry about my daughters. Yes accept them to be satisfied sexually by their husbands as much as I expect them to do the same for them. Yet I also expect that they would be LOVED and NOT just get used as "pump and dump". You take my words out of context.

 I believe a woman main role in society is being a mother, wife and a helpmate. This is what's healthy and good. Women can be in other roles as long as it doesn't come at the expense of their main role. Ideally, women should not have to work. Now with their inflated standards due to feminism, the avg man is no longer "good enough" for them.

- "if men would reform themselves" - The problem isn't men. Stop blaming men. how men "reforming" themselves tackle "hypergamy" where the avg man isn't good enough? How would it tackle the anti-male laws? What planet are you from anyway?!

- "I am not a sex addict"........" sex is his main motivator at the beginning. I am a Christian, I don't believe in fornicating" - Why are you defining normal male sexuality as "addiction"?! Men are motivated by nature to sexually desire women to ensure procreation. Do you deny Nature? Oh, I see you try to present yourself as a saint "who don't have earthly desires"...What an arrogance, pathetic self-righteous behavior you have. "Oh I am so pure"......"I don't need sex, food, water" etc....It sounds pathetic bro...
Marcio From Brazil writes:

I think Marcos's point of view seems to be mostly naive, although I partly agree with him. Michael Berg's, on the other hand, is realistic although it sounds extreme. Feminism has taken the civilization to an extreme end, it is cornered and it needs to overcome such extremism with all its might, which means being radical.

We must follow the way back to the situation before feminist-era. Unfortunately, women only respect men they need. Otherwise, they will simply rebel against their husbands and they will love only their children - if they are not too narcissistic, which is a common personality trait in Western women, and if they are loving enough - but the majority of them are hedonists who just love themselves, avoid any discomfort at all and want comfort and pleasure at all costs. Women get easily bored with routine (yes, they are weak and other interesting men can be easily found out) and daily friction in clashes after a few years, sometimes months, and men get easily discarded thereafter if they do not keep their ranking scores (just like tennis players' ranking) up all the time (husbands do not have the same value - their rankings either increase or decrease depending on their wives' (unrealistic) expectations. So remaining a husband is a daily struggle...for the man, of course. The reformation of men's character will not appeal to most of the ladies nowadays - after all, girls just wanna have fund$, no matter whose company they keep these days.

Furthermore, hypergamy will simply mean a good, honest, decent, average looking, hard-working man will have his chance if the true female behaviour is restored. We cannot wait until women realize they are misled in the wrong path; they do only when it is too late -  if they ever do, for the globalists' (and the devil's) highest glory. 

Men, on the other hand, if women become the gatekeepers of their own virtues, will have to be decent in order to deserve women. Because decent men, nowadays, do not attract women; actually, and currently, women are attracted to junkies, thugs, playboys and all types of dysfunctional violent and vicious prospective heads of families simply because they display some sort of aggressiveness and audacity that are mistaken as strong, protective male qualities (ladies are simply mixed up and do not know how to spot such differences). 

By the way, many men get into trouble as they also mix up physical beauty with a gracious feminine personality, which is what really matters as a priority to keep a long-lasting and functional marriage running in the long term (not denying the importance of good health, proven mostly by female attractiveness - "beauty does not set the table, it only makes you hungry", as a Brazilian proverb says duly translated). 

Well, it seems we are on verge of seeing the fall of the Roman Empire again - this time, the whole West's downfall, with a terrible barbaric mess thereafter (the invasion has begun), mostly caused by the same fellows who engineered that centuries ago (they know how to do it - and history repeats itself). As the Western civilization becomes ashes, if nothing else better replaces it, we will definitely fall prisoners of the pagans who rule the world and that are still resisted by some decent people.


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