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Freemasons Have Hijacked Science

December 27, 2018

(Ben Stein agrees)


Jean L , a French scientist, says the Masonic scientific establishment is desperate to suppress evidence of a Divine Force. I don't understand the second part of this article but present it in the hope smarter people will. 

by Jean L

Mainstream Science is in crisis. The so-called immovable foundations of physics have been destroyed by new evidence.

The mainstream masonic science imposed by the Oxford School and Lord Kelvin and their followers to control humanity (i.e the Darwinism, the Second Law of Thermodynamic, the Energy Conservation Law, the Theory of Relativity, the Quantum Theory, the cosmology of the Big Bang and even the existence of Gravity) are all being shot down.

However, when FACTS contradict their official theories, they throw back them and prevent their publication, and smear their inventors. 

To justify their position they say 'Theory prevails on the Facts' contradicting the solemn claim of Claude Bernard who is the father of their 'scientific method' who rightly claimed (I quote): "The experimental method consists in auditing and revising continuously the theories. It is the THEORY which may adapt itself to NATURE and not the contrary".

Even Pasteur (another lying and contemptible pillar of the masonic establishment with his scam on vaccination) acknowledged on his death-bed to Renon:  "Bernard was right when he said that when the fact we meet is in opposition with a current theory, we may accept the fact and leave the theory".

In his editorial of the 'Journal of Scientific Exploration" [14 (3) 304-305 (2000)], Henry H. Bauer already gave us a sinister picture of mainstream science "The conventional orthodoxy is in the habit of resisting to innovations which will be accepted later all along the 20th century... and that occultation of discoveries is in constant increase".

In 'Prometheus Bond' (1994) John Ziman wrote "Science become the serving (and I may add 'the floorcloth') of the economy and the politics. Its research program is more and more influenced by the economical interests and the centralization of the bureaucracies, included those which have been set up to promote the 'good' science, i.e the National Academies".

All the 'scientific' laws are anything but laws (each one is regularly revised). They are only 'rules'. 

In fact, a quasi satanist priesthood controls funding for research, development, construction, production, education and publication all over the world.

And that priesthood have a cultural trust and a veneration, servilely fed by the mainstream medias in inverse ratio to their actual merit.


The only true Laws are Nature's (i.e God) Laws. As TESLA claimed 'If you want to comprehend NATURE, think in terms of ENERGY, VIBRATION and FREQUENCY.

VIBRATION (C1) : To obtain some insight into what may be the relative magnitudes here involved, the various levels of energy or vibratory energetic matrices would probably lie somewhere between the inter-atomic and inter-aetheric vibration 'from 100,000,000 per second to 24,300,000,000 per second'.

ENERGY, on the other hand, through which the physical manifestation is animated is determined using c².

In striving to obtain a more graphic concept of the possible structure of the various energetic and spiritual levels of REALITY, we could therefore say that:

VIBRATION (C1) cannot take place without ENERGY (C²) but energy cannot manifest itself  without FORM (C3).

Having certain 3-dimensional connotations, here C3 brings to mind the morphogenetic fields of Rupert Sheldrake which, as vibratory matrices possessed of certain properties and potential, are the immaterial energetic agencies that engender the emergence of a new species. 

As you can see we are far of the stupid masonic theory of Darwinism. 
Although natural selection play a certain role in the physical evolution of the genetic base, any intelligent direction or control of evolution is totally excluded.

Let's continue our demonstration: 

Such a FORM, however, cannot be created without a DESIGN (C4) and the design cannot be conceived without the IDEA (C5)

As Plutarch said: "An idea is a being incorporeal, which has no subsistence by itself, but gives figure and form unto shapeless matter, and becomes the cause of the manifestation" (De Placit. Philos).

The existence of the Idea demands an INTELLECT (C6) and of course intellect requires a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS (C7)... all of which are enclosed one within the other like Russian Dolls.

C7 - the ETERNALLY CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE (E C I) - must necessarily lie AT THE VERY CENTER (the hub) in order to regulate and be aware of all it surveys, already to develop new systems to fill new needs or to gain new experiences.

From vibration (C1) to E C I (C7) we pass from 299,793,000 m/s (speed of the visible light) to 217,645,863,200... and 48 zeros.

What formulate these sublime and mathematically elegant true LAWS if not some form of INTELLIGENCE FAR BEYOND our own?

That new science (Science of the Vortex) is a complete paradigm change which obviously was already known by Lord Kelvin (William Thomson was his true name) and his Masonic colleagues when he discovered the 'production of rings of vortexes' by a simple box of smokes. 

The comportment of these rings of smoke was extraordinary. By hurling them one against the other, they did not mixed and they were not broken.
Immaterial whirlwinds behave as they were material objects, they cannot be cut, they rebounded one against the other. Those stables and lasting rings of smoke exhibited elasticity and inertia, they behave as atoms... 

And at that time Kelvin conceived the notion of atom of vortex.
That so simple experience was the mark of genius. 

And that is the main reason why Kelvin and his masonic school of Oxford decided to hide the truth to the world and to engage the war on the spiritual forces... a war represented today by the archonic satanist elite.

The MOVEMENT in a VORTEX give the 'illusion' of MATTER or if you prefer 'An elementary particle IS an energy vortex'. And it is the ROTATION movement which create 'STABILITY'.

The VORTEX create SPACE and MATTER ... and also TIME. And without matter, there is no space and no time. The science of the vortex is the vibratory physics. 

All the problems of Physics and Chemistry explained in schools and universities by clever formula, equations or reactions are only the consequences of simple phenomena of ATTRACTION which are animated by the LAW OF THE CONTRARIES and the LAW OF THE UNIVERSAL POLARITY).

With the Sacred Science of the Vortex (Vibratory Physics) and the Sacred Mathematics (Arithmetic of the Quantum) we have a possible and credible description of the Universe based on mathematical certainties. 


GOD initiates REALITY  as source of Song, Light and Colour looking like a beating globe (a stationary scalar wave) which is a Consciousness Program through which spiralling cones (vortexes) spread to create infinite programs of energetic pattern squares.

Their explanation of the Big Bang theory always 'broke' the particle with useless accelerators such as the CERN/Genova/Swiss to find the so called 'God particle'. Each particle they find is only the same one which appear in another 3D plan.

The elite (the other are puppets) know this.  The CERN accelerator is only the tool to 'open' an inter-dimensional vortex for their Satanists A-I Masters.  There is a good video on You tube which shows that opened inter-dimensional vortex near Geneva.

That is why the Maya said invariably 'The world is illusion'. The Science of the Vortex is the demonstration that anything as dynamic as energy can be the basis of anything so static as matter.

That is also the demonstration that  "Anyone on Earth is a 'spark' of the ETERNAL INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS (GOD) which is incarnated in a 'Human Instrument' (the body) in order to experiment for a lifetime in that Earth 3D system (the very small range of the visible light)".


To summarize, GOD is like an hologram which encompass all the creation with its Infinite Love. 
And that love is expressed in terms of vibration. 

It's what you feel when you are on a strong vortex spot for example as in Rocamadour/France.

And He is the true 'All Seeing' (not the false one of the Illuminati which is represented on the 1$ Us bill). And we are ALL parts of Him... There are no privileged entities on Earth.

That was the true message of Jesus and why He was persecuted.

And if you read the 'Nag Hammadi Texts' you can find that they already know that.
That was the main reason why Jesus (the Essene) was out of tune with the Pharisaic Sect (a sect which preached to the racial supremacy and the own chosenness of the Jews).

Probably, the human incarnations at the time of the Atlanteans were still living in an ethereal 5D vibration range as well described in the movie 'Avatar'.

And also probably the false 'all seeing' Artificial Intelligence binome Yaldaboth/Yahweh/Satan - Archons (which are great geneticists as described in the Sumerian Tablets) have tricked them by explaining that they were in capacity to transfer their souls into a 3D human instrument in order to experiment that dimension.

And again you can find that interpretation both in the Nag Hammadi Texts and also in the Red Sea Manuscripts (and that is the main reason why the Israelis have hidden for a so long time these artefacts).

And now, as the humanity is rapidly awakened, they try again to trick us with their new NWO agenda (Transhumanism - 5G - Vaccination with nanochips, etc...).

And if we again agree, as the 'borg' in the movie Star Trek, we will be connected to the AI binome through their spider web probably for eternity.

First Comment from Essel, retired mathematician and Thomist philosopher (still active!).

" I don't understand the second part of this article ". Thankfully! Indeed, the second part of the article is pure gnosis.

To restore the order of things, I would say:

1 ° / One must not confuse the reality, the real, in itself ineffable, with ONE OF ITS MATHEMATICAL MODELS which is only a being of reason not existing not outside of thought and which is only a more or less precise heuristic simplification intended for practical applications.

To take a metaphor due to the Thomist philosopher E. Gilson: do not confuse the real pot of real soup hanging from the real rack of the fireplace with a pot hanging from a rack painted on the wall of the fireplace.

It is often said, for example, in some traditional circles that "(repressed) relativity is false". This makes no sense. Restricted relativity is a theory, an intellectual construction (essentially due to Poincaré and not Einstein) that allows to make sufficiently accurate reference change calculations for some practical applications in electronics for example. And it works.
The confusion is accentuated, even created by the fact that the scientists who make the "mathematical physics" name the mathematical beings that they imagine by names designating concrete things, like "space" or "dimension" ! ...

2°/ Scientists are generally dwarves in true philosophy, that is to say Aristotelian-Thomist. "The study of philosophy consists in knowing not what men have thought, but what is really. "
(S. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on the Treaty of Heaven and the World (Aristotle), Book I, Lesson 22, No. 8).

In particular, they do not know that the existence and uniqueness of God as a real being, existing outside of thought demonstrates by the forces of reason alone. The negationism of God, which they practice, exerts a particularly harmful influence on their works.
For readers in English, I recommend as a first approach, not reading, but the study, of Paul J. Glenn's books, including An introduction to philosophy.

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Comments for "Freemasons Have Hijacked Science"

Kristine said (December 30, 2018):

reemasons have not hi-jacked science. Science was gnostic from its inception, with mystery schools founded by Cain (Sargon). “Science” (false knowledge) is the universal substitute for Truth.

David D said (December 28, 2018):

People get really hooked on this vibration, consciousness and sacred geometry guff. I understand why, but it leads to the denial of the existence of our Creators being an obvious, literal fact. It also leads to pantheism - everything is god, therefore we are gods. Or god is love, infinite love, blah blah blah.

The problem is we have an abundance of information in 2018 that requires literal, active, deeply involved Creators. They are not vague forces. They are much more complex than love and beauty and truth. They are the source of all things, even things we humans consider awful. We reject this fact, because we only want deities we approve of. When we deny the aspects of our Creators that we don't like, we think we're defending Them, but we're actually insulting Them and insinuating that They're bumbling idiots that somehow lost control of Their own creation and little creatures. Clearly, this is not the case.

Chad said (December 28, 2018):

Who needs science when you can be told what to think and believe? From putting a man on the Moon to nuclear bombs and collapsing towers, it’s all fiction and people suck it up. There’s no longer a need to study anything. Just subscribe to the fake news, as told to you by government.

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