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Chris Pirnak -- Banksters Manufacture Financial Crisis for Profit

December 25, 2018

Every financial crisis
is planned in advance. 
Chris Pirnak says 
this one is designed to 
allow the superrich 
to buy even more assets 
on the cheap.

Never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis- Niccolo Machiavelli

Every Financial Crisis is Planned in Advance
by Chris Pirnak

The elite banking families manufacture all financial crises for gain

This fire was set on purpose. 

It is clear that the elites want to promulgate more quantitative-easing programs. From the view of the elites, the previous rounds of global QE have been wildly successful and they are now eager to expand the size and magnitude of their future plans. The great unwashed masses accepted QE as a necessary tool for economic and financial stability, while the alt-financial media views them as a series of desperate failures.

Indeed, the money printed will be used to prop up this system, but it also will be used by the elites to surreptitiously buy up the planet. I can imagine a world where the central banks acquire stocks, corporate bonds, our mortgages, real estate, mining and production interests, skyscrapers, bridges, shipping infrastructure, and toll roads. There is no need for this system to collapse; just the fear of collapse will allow these elites to conjure up a series of seemingly ad-hoc programs that will get their desired black horse of Revelation in place. All the while, the alt-financial media will look to the central banks as being run by a bunch of idiots.

In order to implement their unconventional monetary programs, these elites need to manufacture one crisis after another. I look at the economic dislocations, credit market implosion, manufactured geopolitical friction, and popping asset bubbles as part of the plan. Since this plan is so grand in scale it needs to be pronounced to the conspiracy's initiates beforehand. Here is where the Federal Reserve chiefs come in useful.

Pay attention to what the US Fed chief alumni telegraph in advance

These two are not our friends 

The global banking elite control all the MSM, the alt-media macro-agenda, social media, as well as government and central bank policy. They essentially control much of the patriot movement, because they control the top patriot personalities and guide the itinerary. Thus, if the elites want to establish an economic downturn, they can condition the populace to accept one. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Look for yourself; the former and current US Federal Reserve chiefs seem to have a knack for telegraphing events and crises in advance. What these policy makers say and do takes precedence over everything else.

Let's take a look at this year's unfolding manufactured economic crisis. It all starts with the US Fed. Here are some of my observations:

-The heads of the US Fed kicked off the process in late January. Back then, the current and ex-Fed chiefs redirected their conversation and began to talk down the markets. Janet Yellen, Alan Greenspan, and Ben Bernanke, who all decade long, were loath to identify asset bubbles, began to trash talk market valuations. At the same time, the Fed was demonstrating an arbitrarily hawkish policy. The Fed seems intent on watching many of the credit market sectors unwind.

These Fed chiefs are still at it today. They bash market valuations whenever they are interviewed. I feel sorry for Jerome Powell, but I figure he's a member of the secret societies, so he is just carrying out orders.

-In January, President Trump began to arbitrarily impose restrictive tariffs on US trading partners. Indeed, there has always been a case for the US to impose tariffs for what it saw as other countries possessing unfair competitive advantages, but the timing was very peculiar.

It doesn't happen overnight, but it was set in stone back in January -On February 2nd, the Dow closed down 666 points, its steepest point decline since the 2008 financial crisis. Numbers are very important to the elites. I look at the numerology in the markets to see globalist calling cards. The March 2009 (3/6/09) low in the S&P 500 was 666. February 2nd was Yellen's last business day on the job.

-In the last several months, I have observed a tremendous increase in the amount of pre-programmed gloomy talk coming from the MSM. I include Bloomberg and CNBC in the mix. Keep in mind that the economic numbers coming out of the US this year have actually been fairly well balanced, in aggregate. The media cannot normally be relied on for its accuracy, so the rise in the predictions of economic recession caught my attention.

Most people have no idea why they think the way they do 

These elites control the MSM, most of the patriot movement, and social media. They are clearly steering the hive-mind consensus of the population into accepting a protracted economic downturn.

-The psychological techniques of Edward Bernays have been perfected and the Synagogue of Satan is selling us economic catastrophe the same way they sell us cars.

-The ongoing manufactured confrontation between Trump and Fed chief, Jerome Powell, continues to occupy the minds of many, but I have to conclude that on some level Jerome Powell is following a script and has little room to deviate. Powell was an influential partner at the Carlyle Group.

It all starts and ends with the US Fed. The Fed is the architect and engineer of global monetary policy. If we can read the tea leaves presented by the Fed we can usually end up on the right side of the market. So drop your deep-seated hatred of the Fed and accept its role in the new world order.

How is this financial crisis justified? 

The US Fed seems determined to continue raising rates and unwinding their asset balance sheet without regard to economic and credit market deterioration. Although a Fed funds rate increase of 25 basis points seems trivial, the Fed's message to the markets was clear. Despite worsening credit market conditions, the Fed will not pause its tightening campaign. It will continue to unwind its balance sheet on autopilot. 

The markets have grown increasingly worried about the following:

-It is expected that there will be some financial market blowups that will result from the swift Fed tightening campaign after seven years of free money. The Fed is not pausing to assess these potential catastrophes.

-The Fed is acting in an almost irrational manner and investors are increasingly becoming scared. It seems the Fed is willfully ignorant about the implications of its reckless actions.

More and more people are deciding to exit. It could get ugly as the Fed doesn't seem to care.

Know your adversary....
Chris' Recommendations-

What I am doing to prepare:

We need to stand ready when market bottoms appear. If we are fully invested in assets going into the bust we won't be able to take advantage of the potential future deals. So, I do not really recommend anything other than cash and some gold. I would not touch any mining shares. Keep gold exposure to no more than 10% of net worth.

Remain as liquid as possible. Pay down as much debt as possible on assets. We need to keep our powder dry. Ever since the Fed chiefs turned the conversation in January I liquidated all my assets that were easily sell-able. I still have a small gold and silver bullion position.

I have been out of the stock market since then. Stocks continue to take out support levels and the worst may be yet to come. The S&P just touched the 200-week moving average today. It hadn't come close to that since early in the decade.

I have not added to gold and silver positions. Commodities of most kinds will continue to suffer in value. I only truly recommend gold here. If the economy continues to roll over then economically-sensitive assets like oil and silver will struggle.

I keep my liquidity in my home currency. I would not wish to speculate in currencies as the risk here is tremendous. However, if your currency is from an emerging market I may wish to add exposure to the top currencies.

Up until recently I had been recommending the US dollar, but I am now concerned that US Fed policy is inimical to  economic stability. I no longer fully endorse the US dollar as we could see a drop in its value as we saw in late 2007-2008. US Fed policy was so tight that it collapsed the economy.

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Comments for "Chris Pirnak -- Banksters Manufacture Financial Crisis for Profit "

Kristine said (December 25, 2018):

“Money” has no value. The only value in “money” is the proletariat worker-bee´s belief that is has value. For that he has allowed himself to become enslaved. In due time, the el-ites will have destroyed most of the earth and our eco-system and crashed their fake economy for the introduction of the mark of the beast. That is what this whole Scheinwelt its about – building up the beast system for the advent of satan in the flesh.


Satan worship is not “the worship of evil” it is the worship of – Satan. And self.

JG said (December 25, 2018):

The MSM and the Globalist Democrats have led a relentless assault on the Oval Office and everyone connected with it. This has eroded the confidence of some investors in the marketplace now and if they don't stop their attacks on their President they are going to be eating a lot of those losses themselves.

Criticizing President Trump and trying to block everything he is trying to do is backfiring on the globalists and their Democratic flunkies. They are showing the world they don't have any respect for their own Office of the Presidency so how can they have respect for any other country's elected governments.
The Hollywood freaks and some of the professional athletes think they are doing some daring and righteous thing by slamming President Trump. Well they are gonna be losing their personal fortunes also if they don't wake up. Don't get me wrong here, it might serve them right if they did.

JJ said (December 25, 2018):

When I mention to most people that things are rigged, that things are manipulated - they laugh. They laugh though, not because they believe that I am nuts, but because they think that they are good. They do believe that there is evil in the world, and good. Their own goodness though will win in the end and part of that goodness is manifested in intelligence. They think they will outsmart the evil. It's gambling to them and they will win against the odds. It's very dangerous. Proverbs 14:8 says, "The wise man looks ahead. The fool attempts to fool himself and won’t face facts." (Living Bible).

Unless we are under the protection of God from evil and Satan, we won't win. I was speaking recently with a smart young man who is going to order a bride from East Asia. He's going to make sure she hasn't lied about anything and that the pre-nup will be iron clad with enough clauses in it to cover all situations. He's smart. He doesn't realize though that he is not smart enough. Part of the facts that the wise looks at are his own sinfulness, God's role as creator, the reality of a Satan that wants to destroy us and a final judgment. People are gamblers though and think they can beat the system.

James C said (December 25, 2018):

I submit that the following statement is manifestly untrue: "It all starts and ends with the US Fed. The Fed is the architect and engineer of global monetary policy. If we can read the tea leaves presented by the Fed we can usually end up on the right side of the market. So drop your deep-seated hatred of the Fed and accept its role in the new world order."

This statement may have been true when the dollar was still the world's unchallenged reserve currency, but those days are over. I did a Bing search, using the search term "global dollar dump," and got 44,600,000 results. Russia, China, and Japan are all in the process of dumping the dollar. The dollar dump is happening globally, and there is nothing that the Anglo-American Establishment can do to stop it, with the possible exception of starting another world war.

Tony B said (December 25, 2018):

I found it rather pleasantly surprising yesterday to read an Internet article, perhaps on RT?, that Trump was thinking of firing the Fed guy who raised the interest rate recently. Sounds as though Trump actually understands money to a degree and is pissed that the Fed has begun again draining the people and feeding the already fat cats hogging at the trough at this time, probably as part of their perceived way to bring him down, draining the working people of what little is left to them.

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