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I Know Who I Am. Do You?

December 4, 2018

(Left, Feminist roadkill. Young women have no clue how they have been betrayed by society.) 

My life has been a "search for my identity"
because I didn't know 
Western society had been subverted
by a sinister satanic cult, the Illuminati
intent on destroying it.


Updated from Dec 4, 2018
by Henry Makow PhD

I've said it so many times it has lost its meaning. 

The Satanist (Masonic Jewish) Central Banking Cartel is destroying the four legs of human identity - race, religion, nation and family (gender).  

Without reference to these four things, you cannot define yourself and develop properly as a human being. You suffer from arrested development. 

They want to dehumanize and harness you to their satanist agenda. A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick. Healthcare is a bigger boondoggle than war.

The Protocols of Zion (16-4) say. "We will destroy every collective force except our own."   Our "leaders" serve this agenda.

Human identity is knowing who you are.  

I was born in 1949. My life was marred by this insidious satanic campaign. Our "leaders," schools, media and corporations are proxies for the satanist central bankers. 

My generation was "looking for our identity" because these pricks were busy burying it and still are. 

At age 69, I can finally say I know who I am.   

I am a purebred Khazar on both sides. I am proud to be Jewish, a talented but terribly misguided and lost people. I believe in the retention of racial identity because the bankers want to destroy it. I have nothing against mixed race people. I am married to one. She is 25% Mexican aboriginal. (She puts Elizabeth Warren to shame!) 

A previous wife was a Filipina. But as a purebred, I know who I am. I am not 50% this and 50% that.  (Or as the DNA kits tell you, 34% this and 12% that etc.) 

As for nation, Jews are supposed to cosmopolitans. I have been a Canadian nationalist all my life.  

Regarding religion, I believe in God. You cannot believe in yourself if you don't believe in God. Among other things, God is your ideal Self.

Finally, I am a man which I define in terms of power -- protecting and providing for wife and children. 

(This creep's days are numbered.)

Incredibly, the Prime Minister of Canada is a Satanist who makes it his business to undermine  our human identity.  Just last week, he said "there needs to be conversations about toxic masculinity, and that men can't show emotion, have to be the leader of the home, and how a threat to any of that makes him weak. It's time to change that, starts with how people raise children."

He also calls Canada "a post-national state" and floods Canada with economic migrants from the Third World. 


I find it amazing that the satanist mass media promotes the destruction of marriage and the nuclear family. Here it tries to normalize "polyamorous marriages." 

"Sometimes Stephanie Weisner doesn't know how two-parent families do it all, without a Mike in tow. Weisner, 38, has been in a polyamorous relationship with her husband, Ian Hubbard, and her work colleague, Mike Wissink, for eight years. The three adults all live together in one home in Moncton, alongside Weisner and Hubbard's two children, who are seven and nine years old."

What kind of a man lets another man fuck his wife under his own roof? What kind of an example are they setting for their children? Yet this perverse dysfunctional behaviour is presented as bold and chic by our mass media, who indeed are the enemy of the people.  

We already know how the Satanists love gender dysphoria and homosexuality and teach school children to "question their gender."

Heterosexuals cannot find fulfilment except as men or women. We need to be MORE masculine and MORE feminine, not less. The double standard is galling. Calling masculinity "toxic" is not HATE?  


Western society has been taken under by a satanic cult, the Illuminati. (Cabalist Judaism, Freemasonry.) We know this because you cannot  mention God. Why? Because people who are true to themselves cannot be controlled. 

We know because only sickness, perversion and dysfunction are tolerated. Constructive and healthy influences are suppressed or banned. 

Man is God's creation, perhaps His finest one. We owe it to our Maker to embody spiritual ideals and obey His Laws. We must be noble, pure and praiseworthy.  

Most of our "leaders" are traitors out to exploit, degrade and destroy us. There is really no choice. Obey God or be destroyed. 

After seven decades on this planet, I finally know who I am. 

Do you still know who you are?  

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Comments for "I Know Who I Am. Do You? "

Tony E said (December 5, 2018):

I don't have much to add except as a 62-year-old man who's misspent youth has taken me to places such as Studio 54, the Limelight, Bond's International. The Palladium. Plato's Retreat. Hedonism etc.. mainly in NYC I realize now my thoughts are not my own, We are driven by primordial animal instincts and those illuminated ones understand that and use it against us, we don't see the traps but when we look at our children & their behavior we see it clearly.

We understand our identity but only after we have gone through the gauntlet of life.

JJ said (December 4, 2018):

I know I'm a child of God. God has taught me how to accept and love myself, how to accept and love my family and how to accept and love my race. Being racially conscious is understanding one's responsibility to one's race. It has nothing to do with privilege or skin tone and everything to do with responsibility. My best friends are those who accept their race no matter what the race.

This responsibility, by the way, is full-time, no race being an exception. My Indian and Black friends are just as busy with their races. All of us who take on this responsibility find ourselves involved directly or indirectly with governance, education, health, economics and if nothing else, financial contributions toward causes dedicated to our races.

Alan C said (December 4, 2018):

I saw the twitter feed yesterday and can see it prompted you to create an article based on the lunacy of letting another man live with your family and bed your wife.

The bigger picture however is the insidious bombardment of agendas forced on us from our various cult-ure programs, created behind closed doors and the root source being the "Babylonian Talmud".

Yes today, the useful idiots that actually deliver these messages are the news fakers, the educators especially from the college level, and trickle down even to the kindergarten levels, the organized religions, Hollyweed, government international (U.N.) and local (trickle down again) and Fortune 500 international corporations.

One of your readers comments was regarding DNA tests, I would not give a 3rd part a sample as you don't know what they can do with it in the future? It is akin to offering your fingerprints to allow them to nail you with a future crime, people are doing the same thing with social media and I know it is a set up for future "thought crimes" just look at the Chinese "social credit"?

Further, regarding DNA testing the idea of finding out what ancestry is in terms of various "countries or geography) you come from is meaningless today. What's important is what bloodline(s), myself I am "Caucasian" and while it means the white man; it's much more than that.

Do you know who you are? the title of the article is very fitting! Jesus (Yashua) asked in the Bible "who do you say I AM, which is his name (I AM that I AM, before Abraham was I AM), Henry you have come to realize who you are and your articles portray a man who has woken up from the lies and you admit your broken past and now share this awakening process of TRUTH, as your life's mission is waking other people up!

Myself as a white male Anglo Saxon Caucasian am targeted as the most popular source to ridicule in the MSM fake news. The irony is that the Anglo Saxons are the True Decendants from Adam thru Abraham, Izack (hense Izacksons or Anglo Saxons) we are the original Hebrews who were in captivity in Egypt, became the true Israel bloodline that was captured into captivity in Babylon then were split into the "lost 10 Northern tribes" who then migrated through the Caucus mountains and split up and covered all the European countries including Russia. From there especially in Britain, continued migrations west and south to America (both these nations are from Menassa and Ephraim) many of the other 12 tribe names are found throughout the countries in Europe as an example tribe of Dan, the Danube river, Denmark.

The Jews in Modern day Israel have migrated from Germany recently in history and True Israel never stayed there.

Thank you for the opportunity to bring this question up, it's important to find out where we came from; the word kin as in kindred meaning know your family. In Scotland they ask the question and substitute the word know with kin. Do ye kin what I mean?

You have written many great articles, while this is not up there with some of your classics, it is typically "though provoking" as it does make oneself think about who we are?

Thomas A said (December 4, 2018):

I find much hypocrisy in these ancestry testing. They promise to tell the consumer how much of him is from group A, B, and C. Yet, the powers that be declare that there are no pure groups; all groups are mixed breeds.

How can these companies tell anyone how much of him is group A, B, and C? To do so requires a standard against which the compare the sample. The standard to have any meaning has to be pure, which according to the powers that be does not exist.

Frank F said (December 4, 2018):

Thanks Henry, I appreciate the challenge. Your article hits close to home for me as an ex-patriot Canadian. Although I made the choice to relocate to the United States many years ago, I have been watching recent Canadian politics with a cringing awareness of impending doom. I grew up in the hinterlands of Canada and learned to love its rugged extremes. I know personally that the kind, simple people that inhabit its expanses do not identify with the lunacy emanating from Ottawa today. Canada has been used as a controlled social experiment by the elites for quite a while and I'm fairly certain that it is going to explode in their face in due time. The utter mismanagement of Canada's economic interests by this government will be the final straw. Canada is a rich country that was built by the same sturdy folks that built the United States. The only difference was their choice to remain loyal to the Crown. That choice made all of the difference in the ultimate development of the two countries. It also has contributed to Canadians lack of identity and hesitance in asserting themselves politically and otherwise.

There is also the shadowy presence of Freemasonry that has permeated every level of society both in Canada and the United States. The same social experiments that were foisted on Canada were also being tested in the United States. It is interesting to note that your Israeli friend Mr. Berg seems less certain about his identity than others. Will his genetic claims make any difference in Russia? I suspect that he will be forced to choose again.

You and I know that our identity is formed on a deeper level. Our choices in life are profoundly affected when we have a loving Father, Mother, Grandparents, etc, in our lives. Regardless of the colour of our skin or ethnic, religious background.

I have been encouraged by the trajectory of your blog and message over the years when I had been accustomed to one-dimensional anti-semitism portrayed on sites like Rense and others. You are making a difference although it may not be readily apparent.

JG said (December 4, 2018):

Canada will never be a post national state regardless of what NWO dictator wannabe the foreign NGOs install. The people won't tolerate it forever.

What's going on in Paris is a good example. The people of France are finally getting it and are responding to a communist-oriented economy that has fallen into a two class system with multiculturalism to boot. They're not happy and they're no longer taking it lying down.

As for your question of asking ourselves if we know who we are, it's simple. We are defined by what we are and not by who we think we are.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at