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December 18, 2018

Fe-male Mutant Cannot Name any Positive Male Qualities  by Michael Berg
Hope she is not typical but this
woman is psychologically troubled. She burst into tears after interview causing some males to intervene, ironically, in her defence.

by Michael Berg

The following video will SHOCK you to the core. A YouTube Channel named "The Sasha Show" interviews a normal White female student (who doesn't even look like a feminist from the outside) about the differences between Males & Females. This beautiful woman completely denies the differences between the sexes to a point when it is literally a sign of Schizophrenia or a mental disorder - complete disconnect from the REAL WORLD.

We already know that the illuminati (i.e. Globalism/Communism) brainwashes women to deny their own femininity and to deny the masculinity of men - i.e. complete denial that the sexes complement each other.

But women - especially White women - are brainwashed even more by the Feminist SJW agenda pushed in universities. The following video had completely blown my mind. I already knew that the brainwashing in the Schools and in the universities was bad, but I DID NOT IMAGINE THAT IT WAS THAT BAD - Not the extent of completely ignoring biological and physical reality and simple truths!!!

Now I understand why heterosexual relationships are in the decline, and why marriage are in a decline. White men are finding it increasingly difficult to find a woman who is feminine, honest, gentle, loving and supportive. Many of today's woman are simply not a "marriage material" due to Feminism. Their disconnect from reality, as well as their arrogance, selfishness as well as their extreme sense of Entitlement are simply too much for any normal man to bear (Marrying the following woman would be nothing more than a mental abuse for the poor guy) : 

Here's the video Henry; it is worth watching all of it, GET READY TO BE SHOCKED! : (There are also Youtubers that give an anti-SJW analysis to this video, you can find their videos in the "Up Next" section in YouTube):

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