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Is a 'Latino-Jewish' USA in the Works?

December 29, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently came out as Jew

Have Jews found a way to swell
their numbers and their power?
With 200 million people with Jewish roots,
is a 'Latino-Jewish' USA in the works?

by  Brabantian

 Israelis and Jewish leaders have begun a bold new approach embracing people of partial Jewish ancestry.
And this has big political implications, given that half of the world's partial Jews are estimated to be Latino-American, the same group about to become dominant in USA politics.
A few weeks ago, the new USA Latina 'political rock-star', the youngest person in the new USA Congress, 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, made the surprise announcement that her Puerto Rican heritage included the heritage of Jews expelled from Spain.
A few days afterwards, was the publication of a stunning scientific study in 'Nature', with data indicating that perhaps over 100 million Latin Americans may have some Jewish heritage. Their ancestors were the many Jews who departed Spain and Portugal in the era of Jewish expulsions on the Iberian peninsula:

Israel has a Diaspora Affairs Ministry as part of its government cabinet. The current Minister  Naftali Bennett's mission is linking to world Jewry.
Traditionally, the 'number of Jews in the world' has been counted more strictly, as around 16 million people today most fully Jewish according to Jewish religious law. Around 40% of them live in Israel, 1/3 in the USA, and about 1/4 elsewhere.
However, the number of people in the world with some Jewish ancestry may be over 200 million - approaching 3% of the entire world population. If most of this group starts 'thinking Jewish', it will be a formidable increase of Jewish power, with 10x the number of 'official' full Jews.
A gradual revolution has been underway in Israeli and Jewish thinking ever since the 1990s when over 1 million Jewish-heritage people were invited to Israel from former Soviet-controlled areas of Europe. Surprisingly often, the criteria for landing in Israel were loose. Russians who claimed a Jewish grand-parent were admitted, even though they were baptized Orthodox Christians.
The thought is that the Israeli Defence Forces needed to beef up its forces with Russian tough guys, and in that harsh time in post-Soviet-collapse Russia, many Christian Russians were tempted by the thought of warm weather and a better life. To this day, Christian soldiers in the Israeli army receive an official Christmas greeting.
Some leading Jews, including government advisors such as Ashley Perry, left, have been urging Israel to embrace to the partial-Jews of the world, the so-called 'Mischlinge', who might not be technically full Jewish via maternal lineage, and not able to claim 'right of return' to Israel, but have a Jewish parent or ancestor.
The idea is that Israel and Jews are much stronger by encouraging part-Jews to mentally link up with Jews and Israel, and take pride in their part-Jewishness. Perry is excited about the idea of '200 million with Jewish roots', and manages a website called 'Reconectar', encouraging persons with some partial Jewish ancestry, to link up with Jews and Israel.

 Given how Jews are seen as a powerful group, and how many people like to identify with the powerful, this is a well-grounded strategy for Israel, with particular impact for continued Jewish dominance in the USA.
It is said that 'demography is destiny'. Latinos are very close to becoming politically dominant in the USA - because the Latinos are the largest 'minority' - and dominant among the group of minorities who together, are nearly a majority. 
Right now, the USA is about 62% European heritage white, and about 18% Latino - maybe 22% if one counts the illegals. Blacks are around 13%. But already, 51% of USA school children are not Euro-white, and the Latino numbers are quickly increasing, thanks to easy USA citizenship under 'chain migration' for family members, plus the Latino birth and new arrival rates.
USA voting patterns are clear. The majority of white males, and married white females with children, vote Trump / Republican. The majority of all others - including single or childless white women, vote for the Hillary / Democratic / leftist side. Amongst that soon-to-be-majority 'collection of minorities' side, the largest and dominant group are the Latinos, who will shortly approach 30% of the USA as a whole.
The USA is about to become another Latin American country - With a mixture of races, including some rather well-off whites, and a Latino cultural flavour, Spanish often even semi-official already.
Nearly 2% of the USA population is Jewish in strict terms, with an utter Jewish dominance in Hollywood and media; a significant Jewish presence in lawyers and courts, including 1/3 of the USA Supreme Court recently; 40% of USA billionaires; and vast political control and influence. A problem for Jews, however, is that non-white minorities have been less susceptible to Jewish themes, such as Holocaust memory or avoiding criticism of Jewish power.
But if Jews can build up influence amidst the up-and-coming Latino dominance in America, Jews can maintain their control of USA political life, and quash the Latinos who dare to speak of 'greedy Jewish landlords' and similar, as some in New York have done recently. Encouraging Latinos to see a significant portion of themselves as Jewish in heritage, can be a great help to Jews in maintaining power in the big USA government machine.
Another foothold for Jews amidst the billion-plus Latino-Americans in the New World, is the increasing shift of Latinos to adult-baptism, evangelical 'Bible Christianity' ... which tends to be very favourable to Christian Zionism, whether amongst USA whites or Latin Americans. 

Brazil's new and very pro-Israeli President, Jair Bolsonaro, is precisely a Christian evangelical of this type.

First Comment from James Perloff-

An insightful article, Henry. Talmudic supremacists have always known they personally lacked the numbers to destroy civilizations, so they recruited (for example) Grand Orient Freemasons to take down Europe's Christian monarchs. Now they are importing millions of migrants to fulfill the Kalergi plan, and destroy what's left of European civilization.  In America a century ago, it was Jews, not blacks, who founded the NAACP, with the intent of fomenting racial tensions and ultimately a race war. But with Hispanics now outnumbering blacks, it appears that your author is right, and emphasis will be placed on Hispanic displacement of white leadership. This is probably the most important reason for their favoring unrestrained immigration from Latin America. But no one should be fooled. The Talmudists have never cared about any of these people--Freemasons, migrants, blacks, or Latinos--they simply view them as temporary tools for the destruction of white Christian civilization, which they view as the most formidable historic barrier to their own world domination.

MARCOS writes

The article is right on target.

Many foolish Christians try to find some shadow of Jewish blood in order to feel special. If one digs deep enough, I guess everyone can find 0,1% of Jewish DNA. So what? This is a complete lack of understanding about the redemptive work and message of Jesus Christ. They despise the cross that cleared the way for salvation to all, based on faith and not on race.

My hunch is that this is a strategy from the Cabalists to make people accept their world leader, the Antichrist. After all, he now will be "family". 

It's a shame that Brazil's president Bolsonaro (a Catholic, not an evangelical) and his son Eduardo have been duped by this scam. I suspect the work of cult leader, occultist witch Olavo de Carvalho (Carvalho is a marrano, crypto-jew name), a bad influence over them. 

Bolsonaro is a good person, but ignorant on these matters. 

Anyway, it will amount to nothing. The community in Brazil is small and the country has little power internationally. Israel's milk cow is America. 

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Comments for "Is a 'Latino-Jewish' USA in the Works?"

FF said (December 29, 2018):

Henry, the cross currents of ethnic identity and strife is much more severe in the Latino community than it is in the larger Eurocentric world. Marrano Jews have dominated society south of the border since the days of the Conquistidores. Some say that Marrano Jews were well represented amongst their vanguard but most certainly in the plantations and mining operations that followed, including the slave trade.

This fact isn't lost on the Mestizo populations who, by the way, are swarming to a decentralized, laissez faire form of Evangelical Christianity which will come to dominate in the near future, if not already.

The only hope that Zionists will have in influencing this movement will be through it's Evangelical Zio-Christian fronts in the United States. That endeavor is already beginning to crumble as they are increasingly exposed as frauds.

Jewish "multiculturalism" is a contradiction in terms and may well result in the fracture and ultimate demise of a Jewish/Communist monolith. The Vatican is also a waning force morally and otherwise. Just as you've suggested before, the menacing gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about is Freemasonry.

James C said (December 29, 2018):

Ever notice how history repeats itself? For example:
"It remains a fact that the Jews, either directly or through their co-religionists in Africa, encouraged the Mohammedans to conquer Spain.” (The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906 ed., Vol. 11, p. 485, s.v. “Spain”).

And now they're apparently encouraging the "Latino-Jewish" to conquer the United States. I did a Bing search, using the search term "Jews multiculturalism," and got 6,850,000 results.

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