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Why Do Women Want Bad Boys"?

December 27, 2018


What is more irresistible to today's woman than a man who has murdered his wife and two children?
Psychologist Sandeep Parwaga explains why 
some Western women 
are deranged.

by Sandeep Parwaga Ph.D.

Recently, I saw an article about murderer Chris Watts who was getting love letters from numerous women. [1] This was by far not the only case. Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc. were all known to have had a fanbase of women. 

Over the years, I have observed that this was not isolated to high profile killers. Many women preferred thugs and losers (of varying degrees from extreme, middle, and mild), also known as "bad boys." (This may be especially true of Black women.)

Since this has become an epidemic, many decent men are wondering: Is this what real men should do to attract women? Is this what women really want? Do these guys exhibit some trait that normal men don't have? Are we feminized while these guys are the real, masculine men? These are some of the questions I have personally had. I wanted to know the answer.


These women are damaged goods. We are dealing with a phenomenon that is referred to as 'hybristophilia'. This psychological illness is a paraphilia whereby women are sexually attracted to men who commit criminal acts. For the most part, sex is not the main driver. 

Instead, these women revel in the attention they get by associating with these type. In a sick way, it is a symbiotic relationship where the woman leeches off of the guy for her own gain. It also has elements of power, dominance, and control on part of the woman.

It is another of an endless list of disturbing psychological issues women express on a massive scale now a days (Stockholm syndrome, Cluster B personality disorders, Munchhausen syndrome). 

What are the underlying issues for these women? I identified four.

1) Unsatisfied relationships, possibly abusive ones, or no relationship due to passing their prime with no interest from men. 

2) Low self-esteem issues. A lot of women use social media for attention to boost their low self-esteem. With hybristophilic women, the psychopath becomes the equivalent to social media.

3) Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in their past from which that low self-esteem probably stems.

4) Masculinization of women and penis envy.

No. 4 is by far the most interesting one, and is a direct result of gynocentrism and feminism. Women were brainwashed to seek power instead of love. This has poisoned the relationship dynamics between men and women, because naturally men want power, and women want love. (See also, "Why she rejected you.")

With the enablement to seek and thirst for power, women were given free rein to feel dominance and control in relationships. Many use this to challenge men's leadership, and to coddle up men like they are a project to nurture and take care of. [2] The ideal target for this play are lesser men such as the thugs and losers who have no power. 

This makes sense because when women have their own resources, they get a source of power and control, which in turn makes them become masculine. Not coincidentally, a lot of these women are often the result of broken backgrounds, i.e. single mothers and absentee fathers. The thugs and losers are often the result of the same problem. Men have been emasculated and turned into mental children. This explains the low testosterone levels in western men. [3]

 Sadly, this almost always ends badly for women, with many ending up mentally/emotionally/physically battered, bruised, scarred, and even killed by such guys. Often, they become so bitter they blame men entirely, instead of their choice/s in men. They don't understand that men inherently despise women who dominate and control them. We are like chimpanzees where the patriarchy rules, and not bonobos where the matriarchy rules. [5] It is dysfunctional in the human species. 


At one point, I was questioning whether I was man enough when I saw the thugs and losers getting women on a regular basis. I am decently successful and have a lot going. I thought being good and decent was what women wanted for themselves. In the process, I neglected that many of them are broken and mentally ill due to gynocentrism and feminism. I am glad I identified the real reasons behind it, and that I am not the problem. 

My intention for this article is to tell good and decent men that they are not the problem. I would like to think that there are still good and decent women left. I am not holding my breath on women in the West anymore, but maybe in another part of the world... Also, I observe that men are extremely hostile towards women in general as they are waking up and understanding that there has been a war on them orchestrated by the elites using women via feminism. I want to say to those men that it's not women's fault per se, but the system encouraging this.

I recommend to stay open-eyed and connected to reality; have a purpose and goal in life; enforce your inner masculinity; find women who are truly and naturally feminine who will be a benefit and not a liability to you, but in the meantime make friends with loneliness; and to recognize and avoid damaged and broken girls. Just be upright men in the biblical sense for your own happiness.

First Comment from Z--Woman The Tamer

Starting in childhood, girls are educated in the Pavlovian school of human interactions, learning sexual manipulation, shaming and relational aggression as powerful techniques that if properly applied will help transform men, and even the baddest of badboys, into proverbial Good Men.™ 

Is it any wonder then that when a woman sees a badboy she sees a creature with 'train me' written across his forehead, a task for which her whole life has been but a preparation..... a lady won't tolerate a feral animal wandering through the gynosphere, especially a handsome one, when she has the wherewithal to civilize him.

Marriage is a particularly useful method by which men are tamed, so it's no surprise that the institution has been around for thousands of years. Hera, the Ancient Greek goddess of marriage was nicknamed 'The Tamer.'










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Comments for "Why Do Women Want Bad Boys"?"

Diane said (December 27, 2018):

I feel a great urgency to respond to this post. There are a few things that Mr Parwaga forgot.

Women’s purpose has been stolen from her. Her crown is Motherhood. Knowing this the minions of satan have tricked her into throwing it away. All she has left is her body and the natural urge to use it. With nothing to guide her she uses it for evil purposes ie those not ordained by God. She has always been easy to fool. Eve led the way - all you have to do is to appeal to her pride. Bad Boys give her the illusion of desirability and the headiness of rebellion. She mistakes these for power but power belongs to men. Motherhood is woman’s power. Without it, or the example of it all around her, she will usually remain emotionally immature and become mentally unstable. The consequences of defying God’s Order are as severe as defying gravity and jumping off a cliff.

Men suffer because they gave up their place as head of the family and public life in return for easy sex. Further to their detriment they walk willingly into the same slavery endured by the beasts of the fields all for the measly recompense of a sick addiction to pornography. And they will fight to the death for this ”right”, as will women for the “right” to tear their own helpless babes limb from limb in their wombs. Human beings are such vile, lowly creatures and so easy to lead around by the nose when they disobey God’s Natural Order and listen instead to the lies of the serpent. It has been watching us closely for thousands of years. It knows our weaknesses and exploits them. It is infinitely more intelligent and duplicitous than we are but our pride will not allow us to understand this. We prefer to believe instead in “progress”. The exact modern correlation to “Ye shall be as gods.”

Until we return to God’s Laws the search to find a good men or a good woman will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Marcio (Brazil) said (December 27, 2018):

That excellent article written by Dr. Sandeep Parwaga is definitely the last nail in the feminists' coffin. It explains clearly how insane most of women have been.

No, men are not the problem (although many men have grown up immature, dysfunctional and childish - thanks to their feminism-prone mothers, who insist that men be ashamed of being men and women be ashamed of being women, besides their absent fathers, who were not there to teach by words and deeds - mostly deeds).

Amazingly, many articles and videos revealing about why women tend to prefer bad boys, thugs and junkies to decent normal men have been read and watched by millions of guys all over the Western world in an attempt to understand why ladies have made such insane choices.

It is plain mental insanity:

1) a naive desire to tame wild men (and the sought after praise and worship as a redeeming love goddess to keep up the bonfire of female vanities - egolatry, a very common idolatry nowadays);

2) low self-esteem issues due to being used to being mistreated by some men or even women (such as being mentally brainwashed by their feminist mothers telling them how oppressed and humiliated women are and what chauvinistic bullies their fathers are, thus leading to misandry - most women simply hate us men);

3) confused sense of masculinity or lack of any masculine reference at all (thus being misled to believe thugs are masculine and protective whereas polite, decent men are sissies who do not deserve their attention unless they might be somehow just a piece of utility for their hideous goals such as being supported by a whore savior in a safe haven after being abused of by the thugs they love - and then they dump such nice guys and get back to men who do not love them);

4) power hunger due to women's masculinization (and consequent disgust for typical and traditional feminine roles) and its due misuse because of the misconception of power as being violence and terror instead of responsibility for a corps or a community, which their "entitled princess complex" do not allow them to have, and hard work to set an example as a leader (thus oppressing and harassing many for the benefit of few darling ones in a bitchy way - a common place at work or at home);

5) everything confused (women are confused), so they start "shooting at random" and going adrift - they are simply lost and driving everyone around them crazy;

6) to feel the thrill of leading a crazy life with all ups and downs of the so called thug life.

And much more - you can name them and list them.

Well, I learnt some of that from such articles and videos. Most comments to them say MGTOW.

That is not going to be changed without a disaster such as a war or a very hard time in order that women could get back to where they belong.

Therefore, after all, most men see no reason to try to find out a decent, balanced-minded woman and to be committed to her, as she is not committed to a family, but only to her own stupid vanities. Most women are doomed and committed to Satan. Men must contribute to society and to themselves with something useful and stop daydreaming about dating or getting married before (and if) they are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and to meet the right person (a blindfolded archer hitting the bull's eye from a very long distance would be as lucky as such luck-stricken guys).

Sorry, ladies! If you want to raise hell yourselves, to fix a junkie or a psychopath, or to be beaten up by a thug once in a while, you should go to a psychiatrist, not on a date.

Thank you very much, Henry, for making such nice article available.

JJ said (December 27, 2018):

The reason why women want bad boys is that they feel in control around them. For example, if they have any kind of a decent job, will that bad man ask them to quit that job? That man is either in jail or outside of jail struggling (with a criminal record) to either find a job (the number of places, when all the major corporations are included, that ask for a police check is astounding) or maintain one (employers can easily control convicts). That man will need that woman very, very much. He will not only abstain from controlling her job but also everything else. He won't criticize her weight or her messy house or her failed marriages or her abortions or her insecurities. He needs her too much. And - if he is violent, she's a victim.

These issues pervade all relationships. We often chose non-challenges because we don't want to fail and fall flat on our faces in front of other people.

L said (December 27, 2018):

Very interesting article indeed. Not only interesting, but it also spells out the decline of our western values as it applies to dating, courtship, and marriage and the overall attraction between the sexes. I remember about 20 years ago I was working in the business office of a local hotel in my hometown. There happen to be a hostess who I found attractive and developed an interest in. So I begin to have small chats with her.There was a day when someone from maintainance asked if I was going to ask her out; I replied I was thinking about it. He said she has a boy friend, but, currently was serving a jail sentence in the county jail. Which caused me to rethink my decision. He then aksed me how much jail time I had. I kid you not. I said none. He responded by saying; "she probably has no real interest in you".

I do believe this sickness in western women has been induced through the entertainment inustry as well as the other areas of disfunction the author of the article as put forth.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at