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January 30, 2019

"Three Identical Strangers"  is an interesting documentary on Netflix about Jewish triplets who were separated at birth and made part of a lifelong experiment, the results of which have never been released.  The adoption agency and the psychologist in charge were Jews. The boys were subject to "scientific" scrutiny throughout their youth and discovered they had siblings quite by accident. 

Apparently, this was one of many secret experiments conducted on twins and triplets. The purpose was never made clear, but these triplets were placed in upper, middle and lower class households. The purpose may have been to assess the relative importance of nature versus nurture.

The study may have been suppressed because nature emerged as an important factor - a conclusion Organized Jewry wants to downplay as they erase race-based distinctions for non-Jews.  The boys caused a sensation in the 1980s because although they just met, they were identical in numerous ways. They had the same mannerisms, tastes and they all competed as wrestlers. 

I was impressed by the warmth and humanity of their Jewish families. I was also impressed by the beauty and femininity of the Irish Catholic woman one of the brothers married. We have no idea what a tragic loss the toxic attack on femininity has been. I was touched by the lonely struggle each of us faces and how the interest and concern of another human being is so precious and rare. Finally, seeing these boys as youths and now nearing old age, was another bitter reminder of the ephemerality of human life. 


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