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The Useful Idiots Among Us

January 29, 2019


Many people don't realize that they are useful idiots.
Manipulated by the Illuminati-controlled 
media and education system, useful idiots unwittingly
advance a socially destructive agenda. 
 Communists referred to their idealist acolytes this way.
Mike Stone identifies some of them. 

"Today, there's no excuse for not being awake. 
You have this site and others to learn from. 
Embark on a course of self-education today."

by Mike Stone

Do you believe that race is a "social construct", that people are the same all over the world, or that Israel is our greatest ally?

Are you a Catholic who attends the new Mass and believes Francis to be a legitimate Pope? Are you a Protestant who is unaware that all Protestant denominations are man-made religions that have their roots in Martin Luther, a priest from the early 1500s, who was duped by the Jews of his time to create division within the Catholic Church?

Are you a white person who feels guilty for the "crimes" of your ancestors, a black person who believes American society practices "systematic racism", or a person of any race who voted for Hillary Clinton?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then congratulations. You are a Useful Idiot.

A useful idiot is someone who believes they are supporting a specific political agenda, while in reality, they are supporting its exact opposite. The term was first coined by Vladimir Lenin to describe liberals and Democrats who thought they were working for a utopian society when in reality they were unwittingly supporting Communism. Under Communism, over a hundred million people were murdered in the 20th century. Hundreds of millions more were raped, tortured, enslaved, and beaten. Shills and useful idiots helped do their dirty work.

Today, these same godless Communists have taken complete control over the Democratic Party. They control Hollywood, the entire mainstream news media, and nearly every college and university in the country. They fund Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, and every subversive organization in the world.

(Left, Hillary Clinton's mentor, Communist Jew Saul Alinsky)

What does this mean for you? It means if you support the Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, the counterfeit Catholic Church (post-Vatican II), Protestantism, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, the mainstream media, or the state of Israel, then you support Communism, pure and simple. 

And, by logical extension, you also support atheism, racism, intolerance, religious persecution, murder, torture, the eradication of the family, the removal of God from society and the replacement of God by the State, the destruction of Christianity and the Constitution, the end of free enterprise, the oppression of women, the genocide of the unborn, and the removal from society of everything that is noble and good within the United States and the world.

Does this mean that all Republicans are saints? Absolutely not. Corruption runs rampant within the Republican Party. However, by and large, the vast majority of Republicans in office support Christianity, the Constitution, the family, free enterprise, compassion for the poor, equality for women and minorities, along with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is particularly true on the state and local level. Again, it's not every Republican, but it is most.

Don't expect to learn any of these facts from your daily newspaper, your television news, or your classes at school. Our country's media and education system are filled with communist progressives and useful idiots. If you think you're learning the truth about American history from what you see on television or what you hear from your teachers and professors at school, then you are no different from a child who believes in Santa Claus.

Useful-Idiot-Madonna (2).jpg
("Your feelings are all that matter")

Now the question becomes what are you going to do with your newfound knowledge? Are you going to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and pretend that everything I just said isn't true? If you're a coward, then I suppose you could do that. But if that's the case, then you are worse than a useful idiot. You are a slave who is undeserving of liberty.

Are you going to actually educate yourself and act accordingly? If that is your choice, then I applaud you. You have both courage and an open mind. There's no shame in having been duped by the Left. Before the Internet came along, truthful information was hard to come by and had to be sought out in dusty old bookstores and underground magazines. Today, there's no excuse for not being woke. You have this site and others to learn from. Embark on a course of self-education today.

Whatever choice you make, whether to expand and educate your mind or to remain a useful idiot, will have enormous consequences, not just for your life, but for the entire world. Please choose wisely.
Mike Stone is the author of It's Okay To Be White  and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles -  - Available exclusively on Amazon.

First Comment from Ken Adachi

It's a good article overall, but for a guy who wants to scold others for being a Useful Idiot, he's not bad at playing the role himself. He goes way too far in his dark  - and unproven - allegations against Catholics, the Pope and even his condemnation of Protestantism as being equal participants, right along with the Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, and Black Lives Matter, in helping the JWO take down America. PLEASE.

It would take too long here to properly refute the deluge of PREPOSTEROUS, fabricated lies that have been generated on the internet in the past few years - Youtube especially - to demonize the Catholic Church, the Pope, the Vatican, Catholic priests, Catholic nuns, and of course that arch-criminal of All Evil Doers in the History of Mankind, those Bad, Bad ...Jesuits (traditionally, who served as school teachers at Catholic schools...oooohhhh).

The First Comment's derogatory remarks about Trump are also way out of line and an unfair assessment of who Trump is, what he's accomplishing,  and who he's working for. I, along with every other thinking American citizen,  should be thanking God daily that Trump won the election and not the Daughter of Satan. THINK of where we would be today if she had won? Think.

It's EASY to be an Armchair Commander when YOU aren't the guy stepping into the breach and confronting that Army of Opposition from both "Republicans" and Democrats alike - and their JWO sponsors. I and other MAGA types can see Trump's capitulations and genuflections as easily as the First Comment guy, but that doesn't mean that Trump supporters are necessarily naive or dupes in recognizing - and appreciating - the good which he achieves and is continuing to achieve. Maybe supporters see the picture much more CLEARLY than those who are quick to condemn realize.

VT writes

Greetings Henry!

1. the Republicans could have overturned Obamacare, but chose not to.  All their rhetoric in "opposition" to it was clearly just hot air.

2.  Trump has shown no signs of scaling back American involvement in the Middle East beyond his empty rhetoric of wanting to pull out of Syria one minute, bombing them the next, then wanting to pull out again, maybe not. 

3.  Obama showed signs of sanity with the JCPOA deal with Iran, which worked well, but the Israelis weren't happy with him and Trump unilaterally broke it for no good reason, except that's what Israel wanted.

4.  Every member of Congress, Republicans included, stood up and gave Netanyahu a standing ovation 29 times when he visited in 2015, in a clear rebuke to a sitting US President (Obama) and signifying where their true loyalties lay.

5.  The Neo-Cons who run the Republican Party, Trump included, are Israel Firsters. MAGA is a lie, a fake, to use a Trump-ism. It should be MIGA

6.  Trump has betrayed the trust of millions of naive, trusting, sheep-like Americans who foolishly believed his rhetoric. But they had nowhere else to go, and that's the whole idea behind the 2-party system - notionally divide the country into red and blue, but control both sides in reality, the people can get f*@#ed, or eat cake - there you go, they're giving you a choice.

America has been taken over in a silent coup since the Kennedy assassination, perhaps since the McKinley assassination in 1901. BOTH parties are completely, totally working for the interests of the elite, who do not believe in nation, party, religion, or anything except their dominance over the world, and our submission to their wishes.

Mike Stone is right about many things, but this is a serious oversight. Personally I really don't know how he could have missed it.

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Comments for "The Useful Idiots Among Us"

Dan M said (January 30, 2019):

Mapping the deep structure of different cultures (alluded to by Alan Watt ('s citing of secret Illuminati formulae ) shows Western & Middle Eastern cultures are adversarially dualistic, as opposed to oppositionally or complementarily dualistic. We therefore ignore necessary context to weigh decisions & solutions.
The principal igNORance (Passio) is that we don't follow the 8 rules for overcoming evil (first four from "I Ching," Hexagram 43 ("Breakthrough"), Richard Wilhelm edition, book I:

1) Remain strong and cheerful;
2) Compromise with evil is impossible;
3)Do not struggle with evil directly, lest your ego become entangled with
4) Keep making progress in the good;
(Four more are:)
5) Always be on the offensive against evil, never the defensive;
And evil always-&-only is
6) parasitic;
7)seeking to cause confusion; and
8) taking shortcuts, while good never does these things.

Breaking any of the above rules means we've lost; keeping them sorts the tangled web of the Father of lies and his minions. For C. S. Lewis said:

"Add some truth to make the lie stronger."

George said (January 29, 2019):

I have only one small reservation about Mike Stone's excellent article. There was considerable legitimacy to Luther's revolt. The Church had become terribly corrupt, and the sale of indulgences was the last straw.

Even Chaucer, who was more amused than indignant about the situation, was fully aware of the gigantic Church bureaucracy and the preying upon superstition for financial gain. Violence was also employed, in the burning of heretics and the so-called crusade against the Albigensians, centuries before Luther's revolt. The abuses of Alexander VI did a great deal toward forcing serious religious reform, and the burning of Savonarola in 1498 helped to block reform in Italy, but not north of the Alps.

The Inquisition was undeniably a black mark on the history of the Church. Although Luther may indeed have been encouraged at first by Jewish hostility toward the Christian faith as a whole, he himself developed serious doubts about the Jewish scriptures. The Protestant Reformation was a genuine expression of the human desire for freedom of conscience, marred though it was for some time by the continuation of the Roman Catholic requirement for mandatory church attendance and the imposition of dogmatic creeds.

The splitting off of Protestant denominations such as Methodism may be viewed as a weakening of the Christian faith, or alternatively as a strengthening of the desire for religious freedom of conscience. Vatican II, by contrast, ostensibly a Roman Catholic initiative, can only be viewed as "giving away the store" to Illuminist forces, a process that has been continuing unrelentingly ever since, with dramatic accentuation in the pontificate of Pope Francis.

But the rot is clearly visible even in Renaissance times. The massive presence of pagan imagery in the Sistine Chapel, including gratuitous male nudity and Sibylline iconography, is testimony to the fact that the neo-Platonic movement, which can easily be viewed as a version of the Kabbalah, had taken deep roots in the Vatican itself. The genuine religious fervor that swept Northern Europe and motivated their great achievements in the Thirty Years War cannot be dismissed as merely manipulated behavior.

We must all feel moved at the thought of Gustavus Adolphus' Swedish forces singing Luther's hymn as they rode into battle against the Imperial Catholic forces. We cannot help but share the pride of the English Protestants as they crushed the Spanish Armada, which symbolized the attempt to restore the reign of Bloody Mary, whose persecution of Protestants is still recorded in Fox' Book of Martyrs.

We can also admire the determination of the Presbyterian Covenanters, who held their services on the moors, guns and Bibles cradled in their arms, as they resisted the attempted imposition of what they regarded as a crypto-Catholic Anglican faith upon their country.

Anonymous said (January 29, 2019):

This article is a masterpiece. I agree with most of it. Mr. Stone articulates his points very well here.

The American people did not elect their President so he could be investigated and harassed on a daily basis by a MSM and a new Democratic Party that no longer represents the American public but only the anti constitutional NGOs that have bought and paid for them and who now control the Democratic Party agenda.
They are out to sabotage Donald Trump's Presidency and everyone around him. Sadly, his own foreign adversaries don't even treat him like this. They have too much respect for the Office of The US Presidency to do so.

The only saving grace America has left now is it's true Christian population and their Church. They are the true believers found in many different denominations of the Christian Faith. They are practicing believers. Without them, America would be an ethical and cultural disaster in more ways than one.

Bernie (Australia) said (January 29, 2019):

Still liking your articles, even when I disagree, but having a look at the 8 things required for a social state, here in Australia, I can safely say we have ticked all of the boxes.

JJ said (January 29, 2019):

This is a very good and simple article. There is no excuse and the Illuminatus who unburdens himself and reveals his plan through inadvertant comments knows that the masses are just as guilty as he is once he has done that.

I remember my first real encounter with multi-culturalism. I was in a one-class grade in a small school. We had an indigeneous boy in the class. The rest of us were white for the most part. That indigeneous boy terrorized the class for years. His fighting style was ruthless. He would take out his opponent quickly leaving that guy bleeding and whatever sports game he was in was a nerve-wracking event. In his high school years he grabbed on to a blonde and held on to her (there was an indigeneous girl in the class by then but he totally ignored her) with an iron fist. There was no unity in the class at all. I saw first hand with my limited view of life just what was happening around me.

Today, years later, there is not just one person around me exhibiting that kind of behaviour but thousands of people. When two members of the same racial group work together on a job to their advantage (giving each other rides, breaks, alibis, food, management positions, social support in finding girlfriends etc), I look at the white people around me and say, "Don't you get it?" These are adversaries of the white race working together right in front of our eyes to undermine us, change our society, take our women, destroy our authority, get the higher paid jobs and the overtime and generally make our lives hell. White men cannot even get each other a coffee on a job without being labelled white supremacists (we would first of all be labelled sexist by white women because apparently we are conspiring against white women to advance each other).
And just telling anyone around me no matter what the race that socialism is meant to destroy us always brings blank looks. Person after person in my circles is trying their damndest to get on welfare or to get the most welfare benefits. No one is understanding all of this is deadly, like playing with a snake.

The hard thing is this - I'm slipping. I'm slipping day after day into a hebetude that slows me down. I find myself unable to be always angry. Every once in a while I want to let my guard down and relax. But then I come again to a site like this and enter the race again.

Thomas (Germany) said (January 29, 2019):

The article is good, but in my opinion, almost all politicians are directed and controlled by the Illuminati and Freemasons and you should not exclude any party from this and this applies more or less worldwide. With the Brexit and the election of Trump as U.S. president, however, the sham democracy has got cracks, because the "elites" did not intend it that way. (see Gioele Magaldi and his books of revelations about the superlodges).

We have been given some time to breathe through these unforeseen events as humanity, before the "elites" move on to the next attack and your goal continues to be the NWO.

As you have already noted, Henry, the U.S. is in a similar situation to Russia before the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution. Maybe the call of Mike Adams ( that Trump should declare a state of emergency is premature, but it shows that the situation is serious and that violence and civil war in the USA are only a matter of time. Martin Armstrong writes similar things.

From a European point of view, I would say that the fate of humanity lies in American hands and, according to Edgar Cayce, in Russian hands "who have the key".

TN said (January 29, 2019):

Hi Henry,

"By their fruits you shall know them". When the Roman Catholic Church bans native tongue translation of the Bible for 1,000 years and limits it to Latin, which generally only Priests can read, that is a clue. To not understand Protestantism as a movement of God, is either ironically to be "a useful idiot" or worse.

Look at the pattern instead: Satan always attacks and corrupts. When the Law was brought to the "Jews", when Christ established The Church, and after millions of Catholics justifiably left the corrupt Roman Catholic Church.

If you need another clue, look at how the Roman Catholic Church hunted down and nearly annihilated fellow Christians, the Waldenses, killing men, women and children in "the name of God." Founded by Peter Waldo, is there an esoteric meaning to "Where's Waldo?"

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at