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Pat Condell- US is Humanity's Last Hope for Free Speech

January 2, 2019

Pat Condell says we need to take seriously 
the threat to political freedom seen in the suppression of 
free speech by universities and Big Tech. 
"The quickest way to create a captive society 
is to educate children to hate their own freedom.
 Nobody's feelings were consulted during the making 
of my video,  The Anti-American Dream (left.)
 Anyone who has a problem with that can drop dead."
 (This is a must-watch video. -HM) 

by Pat Condell

As American schools and colleges descend into absolute madness, the world will soon be under the control of the children of Marx or satan, whatever you want to call he/she/it; bred in a police state of captivity and virtual reality, without morals, without conscience, forced to worship the state as a god, without a heart or soul of any kind; wanting everything and attaining nothing. Having no real knowledge while professing themselves wise, not knowing who or what they are. LGBTQ the only path to glory!
But These are the children of iniquity, the foundation of your Marxist 'transhumanism,' raised in a post-911 world that everyone went along with and agreed to and that no one stopped. How else do you explain that 90% of millennials view Barrack Obama as the greatest American president and fully support baby killing?

Should we not put these Marxist "educators" to death as we did in Iraq in 2003? Oh, yes indeed, we did kill every teacher and college professor in Iraq immediately upon invasion in 2003. The "intelligentsia" had to be eliminated. And we further looted every store and museum, confiscated all Iraqi Banks and institutions, converting everything they formerly owned into a property of the US Corporation/Haliburton/Blackwater USA, Inc. The generational gulf is the widest ever observed in history yet the only thing the elders seems to care about is some ss check in the mail????? You have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind of corruption. Happy New Year Not.

professor-bias (2).jpg
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The First Amendment to the US Constitution


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Condell is NOT a 9-11 Truther, and the Lie of 911 has enslaved the entire world...  (Thanks D)

First Comment from Daniel J

I have watched many of Pat Condell's videos over the years and get the impression he still believes Arab hijackers and the "Blind Sheik" were behind 9/11, when the overwhelming evidence dual Israeli nationals and other Zionist traitors within the halls of deep state power orchestrated it.  Everything happening today with regards to the loss of liberty and endless Middle East war has its root in that false flag attack. These same Khazarian mafia rats are behind the gun control push, the right to free speech as well as being behind the massive influx of third world immigrants both legal and illegal into Europe and America. Condell's army of YouTube followers attack anyone who tries to mention who is behind it all. Time for the red pill Pat.

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Comments for "Pat Condell- US is Humanity's Last Hope for Free Speech"

Ludvig said (January 2, 2019):

Where this guy came from ?? We do not need him to explain the constitution & American Liberty which is long gone & not coming back anytime soon !! America today is a full-fledged police state Run by a group of self-serving Neocons working diligently on the destruction of America we know it !!! Just look around Henry !! Anywhere you look or go you see the PC taking hold –Homo transgender agenda- the war on the family & division of society is quite apparent- The Protocol manual is obviously followed to the letter whether it is fake or not!!

Do not hold your breath America is on the last leg & Liberty is just a word from a historic book !!

Al Thompson said (January 2, 2019):

This is a very good article. I fondly look back at the day I walked off my college campus in disgust. I was being taught mostly bullshit: psychology, communism, and evolution. None of it had any foundation in facts and common sense. This was around 1968 and I knew at 20 years old that I was being indoctrinated. My family and friends were feeling sorry for me because I would never become a doctor or a lawyer. I wanted to become a lawyer and that would have been a big mistake. This communist-satanic crap has been around longer than we think. The governments are primarily fascist which in substance is the same as communism. This cannot be fixed, in my opinion. It is going to collapse society and there will be little left for anyone; even the “elite.” If it is immoral, then it will never have a good result.

Z said (January 2, 2019):

While I agree with the main premises of this article, I must point out that the latest trend of generational talk, such as Baby Boomers, Millennials, etc, does more harm than good as it sows division among people from different ages. Yes, we do grow up under different social and political conditions but that does not that all Millennials are dumb and obedient or that all Baby Boomers are greedy and selfish. If we continue to use this meme, it would not give a chance to the good Millennials to speak up and to the rest to wake up.

Another cardinal mistake made by the truthers and the Right nowadays is the use of "white" and "black/brown" or "yellow" labels. Yes, racial differences are real but using the term "white" is rather inaccurate when you try to describe all people from European ancestry, for example. Further more, I have noticed that the term "white" has in fact been hijacked by people from Nordic descent and this creates even further division among the European people. This separation of white and black people was introduced after the WW2 by the cultural Marxist to create division. Prior to that, people used to identify racially either by ethnicity or by their nation's name. Now we seem to try to bundle races from whole continents into one, which one can recognize it as a globalist agenda.

I guarantee you, that the meme "It's OK to be white" came straight down from Mossad's basement or another similar agency in the West. I would be the term Millennials came from the same place.

Divide and Conquer!


p.s. To an extent, similar mistake is made with the labels "Jews" and "Jewish". I think the more correct terms is "Jewishness" when describing certain common traits.

Tony B said (January 2, 2019):

Good, hard-hitting, no-nonsense words, Henry. Much more of this old-fashioned simply telling the truth as it is, desperately needed in print everywhere. Plus, by telling the world up front that the producer doesn't give a rat's what anyone thinks about his efforts kills off all the Soros style bullshit attempts to force ridiculous apologies for simply telling the truth. Way past time to force these idiots to look squarely at reality.

JG said (January 2, 2019):

All this garbage has been propagated through the mainstream media, universities, and the Supreme Court for the last 50 years.

How all these institutions became toxic and contaminated without effective interference is a national tragedy and disgrace. Majority rule has been replaced by a Marxist led pack of misguided dupes.

The philosophy of giving the wheel that squeaks the most grease has proven to be lethal to civilized culture and responsible government.

As Benjamin Franklin predicted of America, "you have a republic for as long as you can keep it". Franklin also predicted that if you were to let these same nefarious forces roam America they would destroy it in a couple hundred years. How prophetic!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at