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January 12, 2019

Should Whites Retreat to Countryside?

by Wise Man

I think there will be no mass awakening of the population. The average Canadian is a candy-ass. There is no fight in them. I'm past sick of hearing the term "wake-up" or "waking up" the population. They don't want to be woken. You ever stop and watch a flock of Jets fans walking downtown in their jerseys during a home game? Small groups of highly motivated, disciplined individuals are the ones who effect change and this is the way it's been done throughout history. Populations adapt to and eventually support the changes these mavericks pave the way for. 
One thing to mention to those living in rural areas; do not sell your land! China is more a threat than the Muslims are. They buy up large chunks of farmland + the mineral rights to same. They've already bought many a vineyard in B.C. Chinese are the silent invasion. They've got money and they aren't stupid, and many are still loyal to the communist party back home.
 All these 3rd worlders are city dwellers. They tend to avoid rural areas. Whites will have to re-group by creating new planned communities in these rural regions far enough away from the big cities and let the immigrants have them. The committee of 300 / agenda 21 scum wants everyone in compact cities. I say fuck them and get back to the land.
As long as cops are mercenaries, they will not risk that $100k+ per year for anyone let alone their nation. Where else is someone with a 93 IQ to make that sort of money in this economy? Cops stand in the way of the natural demographic re-adjustment to normalcy and will enforce any law they're told to (unless it affects their salary). This means they will continue to carry the bags of invaders as they walk across the border.

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