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God is a Moral Dimension

January 6, 2019


God is a Moral Dimension. 
If we refuse to improve, 
we cannot enter it.
Change requires effort.

from Jan 6, 2019
by Henry Makow PhD. 

I wouldn't presume to expatiate on this weighty subject if my conclusions did not coincide with Plato's, a man who has considerably more credibility than I.

Nor do I expect this revelation to result in a flash religious revival. Most people appear content with their current state.  Nonetheless, I felt I should broadcast this truth as a matter of record. Never let it be said that we did not know the Truth, only that we ignored it. (I am aware that this is the basis of many religions and is far from original.) 

[CAUTION; Your mind may have been conditioned to shut down at the mention of the word "God." I'm still afraid to mention His name.  If you are like me, please try to overcome your satanic conditioning.]  

I have been saying for years that, for humans, God is a moral dimension, a state of Consciousness in which spiritual ideals like Truth, Beauty, Love, Justice and Bliss are self-evident. Be ye therefore perfect as your Father who art in Heaven is perfect. (Matt 5:48)

This is identical to Plato's philosophy of Ideas or Forms.

Yes, God is Bliss. We are emissaries from Heaven, visitors from a much better place. We have a vague recollection of this and spend our lives seeking to replicate it. 

We are all seeking God but we don't know it. That is human nature. But the world is controlled by another God, Satan and his worldly lieutenants, the Rothschilds et al.   They have written the Creator out of His universe.  They have replaced God in the minds of men.

They have convinced us that we have no connection to a God that doesn't exist. We have no Divine Purpose. 

They have imprisoned us in a cave and project images of worldly gods like money, sex and power that appeal to our carnal state.  
These are a pathetic facsimile of the spiritual condition our souls knew, and crave once more, but we are confused because everyone is pursuing the same things. Everyone is asleep. 

The Key to Happiness is to recognize that we really crave the Bliss that is God. We have to let go of false gods to achieve that state. While these false gods appear tantalizing, they hold us prisoner. 

God is a Moral Dimension. If we refuse to change, we cannot enter it. God is the Fourth Dimension which we cannot live without. We are in this dimension all the time but don't call it God. Saying you don't believe in God is like saying you don't believe in the air you breathe. 

Change involves more than letting go of false gods. It also involves a reorientation. We don't live for ourselves. We live to serve God. We live to channel God. We are His missionaries. We are not afraid of death. We have died to this world. 

John 3: Jesus answered him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." 4 Nicodemus said to him, "How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born?" 5 Jesus answered, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. 

Dying to the world and being born again is an immense spiritual struggle. How many of us have the strength? How many have the desire? I am a prisoner of this world. Life is pretty comfortable.

How do we serve God? By serving the spiritual absolutes listed above: Truth, Love, Justice, Goodness and Beauty. My path is the path of Truth but there are as many ways to serve God as species on earth. 

God is the Bliss our souls seek. To recreate God's Love in the world.  

In our own way, let each of us shout the word "God" from the rooftops. 


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Comments for "God is a Moral Dimension"

Elm said (January 7, 2019):

There is no "single son" in the Mind of the One, Singular Unified Field of Consciousness. We are, each and every one of us, sons and daughters of "God." Man, as an archetype and in principle, in his unlimited possibility and potential, is expressed by the One, in the composite "Image" of the Prime Mover. In this matter, commensurate with the time/space bound dimension of duality (One's current lifetime), there are only two true, applicable dimensions - inner and outer. For man to be at one with the Genesis of human existence, one must search the infinite depths of inner dimensions. No man, in the sense of a definitive noun, is born a "sinner," but simply with a capacity to err. One must strive to align one's earthbound affinities, with goodness and truth. The conjugal act, is not "sinful."

Ken Adachi said (January 7, 2019):

There is no greater realization of the purpose of life and our only true path to obtain happiness and contentment - is to serve the Divine Will. You hit the nail on head!

RPP said (January 6, 2019):

God is not God's name anymore than General is the name of a military officer. God is a Title smiliar to Mr.

His name is I Am that I Am or Yahweh. His Son's name, Jesus, is a form of Greek Zeus. Son's name is Yahshua or Yeshua.

Essel said (January 6, 2019):

God is not a "being of reason", that is to say, a simple thought, "a state of consciousness" (Bergson), ... but a REAL BEING, that is to say, existing outside of thought, and even the cause of every real being. This is shown in at least five different ways and already Aristotle, in chap. lambda of his Metaphysics had almost proved it.

This - which is a matter of philosophy, not of theology and does not assume faith - is not just a matter of words or a smoking theory. But this distinction is, without exaggeration, absolutely fundamental. So fundamental that it was very early attacked by the (Satanist) Revolution, and, taken up on a large scale by Kant and Co, it became the dogma of the atheistic (Satanist) revolutionary state in the eighteenth century and prevailing everywhere now.

Why ? Well simply because if God is only a thought, a "state of consciousness", we can answer to those who sing it and pretend that it must be obeyed: "It is your thought, your opinion, but I am of a contrary opinion and you have no right to impose it on me ". It is the very basis of secularism, that sophism on which the (Satanist) Republic is seated.

This is why the demonstrability by the only forces of the reason of the existence and uniqueness of God is so important and its negation taught from the small school to the university. I am available if asked to provide a short demonstration (due to St. Thomas Aquinas) simplified and modernized in its form of what I advance.

Z said (January 6, 2019):

God is beyond anyone’s understanding. Trying to figure out God is a mistake many people make, even religious people. We cannot fully understand why things occur. We are here to experience, but not to understand things
fully. The latter is only up to God.

JG said (January 6, 2019):

It's not so much who we think God is that's the most important, it's obedience to God's commands that validates our faith. The Ten Commandments are not outdated.
As Jesus said, "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments" (John 14:15).

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at