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The Way Love Used to Be

January 26, 2019

Traditional sexual assumptions turned out to be right.
In the 1950-60s, a young woman would only have 
sex with a man she loved.  "Making love" (sex) was literally 
an expression of love. A man would have to gain a woman's love before
he could have her body. 

Today we have put the carriage before the horse. People seek sex not love even though emotional intimacy is what they really want.  

The decline of these assumptions is a measure of our cultural subversion. The Illuminati are destroying society by destroying young women who are hurting most. Career-driven switch-hitters, coarsened by promiscuity and porn, cannot morph into loyal and loving wives and mothers. I reprise this description of the 2006 campus hookup scene which, surprise surprise, mirrors the homosexual cruising scene.  The situation is even worse now thanks to dating apps and smartphones. (See Dating Apps: Crack to Sex Addicts) 

(Originally, "Feminism Killed Courtship on Campus" - Updated from Sept 9, 2006)

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Thanks to Feminism, co-eds today do not endure the daily humiliation of courtship. They don't worry about young men proffering flowers or asking them out for dinners, dances or movies.

The dreary days of dating when young men sought them as friends, and potential future wives and mothers are gone.

Today, thanks to the humanizing influence of feminism,  young women can anaesthetize themselves with alcohol and immediately give themselves to strangers! They can behave like prostitutes or porn stars and engage in degrading sex acts without concern for repressive "patriarchal" morality.

This is the picture of college sexual mores in the article "Sex and Scandal at Duke [University]" by Janet Reitman. It typifies the scene at most universities.

"Whatever sex goes on, the girls say, is done in the context of the ''hook up,'' which describes anything from making out to full-on intercourse. Much to the disappointment of many students, female and male, there's no real dating scene at Duke -- true for a lot of colleges.

''I've never been asked out on a date in my entire life -- not once,'' says one stunning brunette. Nor has a guy ever bought her a drink. ''I think that if anybody ever did that, I would ask him if he were on drugs,'' she says.

tinder-is-the-night-vf (1).jpg
Rather, there's the casual one-night stand, usually bolstered by heavy drinking and followed the next morning by -- well, nothing, usually. ''You'll hook up with a guy, and you know that nothing will come out of it,'' says Anna. The best thing you can hope for, she says, ''is that you'll get to hook up with him again.'' Some girls they know have managed to score a regular hook up -- meaning consistent sex -- but others play the field, bouncing from one guy to the next."

The phrase "whatever sex goes on" is an understatement.

"Traditional intercourse is common, and oral sex nearly ubiquitous, regarded as a form of elaborate kissing that doesn't really mean very much. ''Everybody gives blow jobs now,'' says Naomi. ''Before,'' she adds -- meaning a pre-Monica/pre-Britney ''before'' -- ''it used to be you'd have sex and then give one.'' But now, girls give them freely -- on their own initiative, she says. (They also tend to get as much as they give, at least according to Duke men.)"

If this article is any indication, Feminism has done nothing for young women's self-esteem. Even though these girls get A's and are beautiful, they vie to give their body to high-status males, (athletes and fraternity men.) The reason? Other women are so sexually available; this is the only way they can get status and attention.

''I found myself falling into this thing,'' says Allison. ''It made me very uncomfortable and unhappy because it's not a way to live. But if I didn't do these things and he broke up with me for some reason, two days from now he'd have somebody else. That's just how it works...If my mother knew, she would smack me across the face. I was not brought up in that kind of environment.''

In the past, the requirement of courtship and love for sex actually empowered women. Marriage was like a trade union. Now all young women are like scabs. They must perform for nothing and even less.

Young men treat them with contempt as illustrated by one male Duke blogger. (Please excuse the language.)

"These delightful young ladies deal with their massive insecurity by getting fucked by frat boys. Lucky for us guys, frat boys treat sorority girls like shit. As soon as Sally Pi Phi thinks she has secured Johnny Soccer Player, Johnny is off boning Chrissy Tri Delta . . .. All of this leads to unhappy, insecure girls all fighting to get rammed by someone of status.''

This is the fruit of "equality." Young women express their independence by being as aggressive and promiscuous as males. ''Sometimes, girls will be like, 'I'm just horny and I want to have sex,' '' one says...."It's our decision if we're going to allow ourselves to be subjected to negative treatment. It's all framed by the way [other] girls behave.''

Feminism depicts traditional women as " chattel" oppressed by their husbands. But by undermining the morality  (fidelity, chastity)  inherent in the family roles Feminism has robbed many women of a respected and needed social role (wife, mother) and degraded them more than ever.

In the Heterosexual Contract ( love/ marriage) women surrender power  (symbolized by sex) in exchange for male love, which a man must first demonstrate through patient courtship. Take away that contract, and women get less than nothing in return for their power.

Needless to say, young women who prostitute themselves for "status" are less likely to have successful marriages. Emotionally, sexual intercourse is an act of possession based on trust. How often can a woman be possessed before it becomes meaningless?

This trend is part of a gradual process of imposing the male homosexual model on society. Studies indicate that less than 10% of male gays form permanent relationships, mostly childless and that the vast majority are promiscuous with 43% of them having more than 500 sex partners in their lifetime.

Using Feminism as a lever, elite social engineers are foisting this model on society as a whole. Aldous Huxley warned us about this model in Brave New World (1932) where promiscuity was encouraged, marriage and family proscribed and children born in state-sponsored hatcheries. This is where sexual behaviour at elite universities like Duke is leading. These are the "women's rights" our decadent society is fighting to impose on Muslims.

It makes perfect sense that Feminism would kill a heterosexual institution like courtship. Behind the facade of "women's rights," post-war Feminism is lesbian in character. It teaches that heterosexual roles (wife, mother) are "socially constructed" and "oppressive" to women. It encourages women to abandon them and imitate men instead. It was instigated by the Rockefeller Foundation which continues to finance it today as part of their plutocratic occult New World Order. All those idealistic feminists who wanted to "change the world" are getting their wish.
------ Note: Before feminists protest the "womyn's movement" is about "equality in the workplace" and "choice" let me say, don't be so naïve, that was a ruse! Educate yourselves about the origins and hidden agenda of Feminism before it is too late.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at