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February 8, 2019

Report from Moscow - Russia is not the Christian Paradise RT and Russia Insider Want You to Believe it Is  

by Alexander

Yes I am in Russia, Moscow actually. The life in here us as crazy as in the USA. People are powerless to do anything good to make a difference in Russia. Same dirty manipulation of all political elites. We have politicians who openly tell us that we, the masses are second-class citizens and the only ones that are worthy are the rich and powerful people. 

We have degradation on so many levels of society. People literally behaving like beasts and encouraged to do so. No national policy of preserving family values, traditions and mortality. Racism is flourishing. The suffering people, you know, from cataclysms or catastrophes, poor people, the old, the orphans, are literally defenceless and powerless. 

The government only cares about getting the money from taxpayers, and then the politicians are spending the money on themselves. A luxurious lifestyle is only permitted for the politicians, thieves, oligarchs. The rest of society is not involved in the fiesta. I don't believe that anything has changed after the fall of the USSR. 

All the same. Except for the name of the political system. The environmental problems are so bad that the waste from big cities is being transported to the middle of the country. It's like the political establishment of Russia doesn't even care about the future because they are not going to live in this country after they have milked all of it. Pure evil. 

Russian youth is going through the same process of degradation and corruption as the people in the USA and Europe or Canada. Myself being a multilingual person I see it all over the world. The same pattern. I think the end result of this societal degradation is going to be very bad, and will result in a catastrophe for the Russian people as an ethnicity and a culture. 

Truly religious people with true faith in God constitute maybe 2 % of Russia. That we are told even by the church leaders. I felt so sick when I saw this socialist communist change in the USA but it is just the same in Russia. When I saw this evil on a daily basis I started to truly understand the phrase that the devil's best trick is that he makes us believe that he doesn't exist.


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