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The Meaning of Gnosticism (I)

February 23, 2019

"Gnosticism is the soul and marrow of Freemasonry » 
(Albert Pike, quoted by René Guénon, La Gnose Review, March 1910) 

Gnosis is the desire to find a science 
that flatters the appetite for divinity
while indulging material appetites.

« O my soul! You are capable of God: Woe to you if you are content with less than God ». (St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life) « 

by Essel

The letter G on some Masonic emblems and innumerable commercial logos is no more reminiscent of "Grand" in "Grand Orient" than the first letter of Google as the naive think.

 It means - among other things (!) - "Gnosis". What is this mysterious Gnosis? The one who seeks to know faces many pitfalls. 

Some will tell him that this is ancient history, the "historical Gnosis", a set of heretical doctrines that have gangrened primitive Christianity (Simon the Magician, Marcion, Valentin, etc.), and that the rest is delirious. Keep moving. Nothing to see here!

 But why many modern authors like René Guénon or Albert Pike still use this word? 

Man is a religious animal, he has an innate need to adore (from Latin ad orare = pray to). But beware, literally, we adore only God, even if the word was deliberately desecrated ("my son adores jams"). ... And the Gnosis came to the aid of the cheaters who want to satisfy this need without having to pay the real price, that is to say, while rejecting God, the true God, that they would like to destroy forever, this which is obviously a madness, a hubris, since God is the Being itself. 

Destroy Him, because, by means of the conscience, He reminds them that the supreme Lawgiver is Him and that He sees all their sins: « ... And the eye [of the wicked God] was in the grave and looked at Cain » (Victor Hugo). These cheaters of all ages have been avidly takers of a substitute, a false god, not demanding, who tolerates everything, a fake nice god, while the reality is perceived by them as the villain. Gnosis is a false god that they could adore while continuing to indulge in their vices. 


We will now compare some aspects of the true religion and its fraudulent substitutes, gnosis. Religion and gnosis Religion is the set of external acts by which the interior homage of adoration and love is expressed and manifested, which man feels obliged to render to God by all his intellectual and affective faculties, God in whom is his principle and his end. 

Religion has both a doctrinal corpus (like the Creed, etc.) and a very characteristic practice (liturgy, prayers, etc.) that make everything that concerns religion differs markedly from the things of secular life. To this must be added priests and pontiffs who establish a bridge between God and the people, thanks to specific supernatural powers. Gnosis also their priests and their bishops ... If one carries out research, one finds that analogies appear between our different gnoses and that they possess in common the following characters, which radically distinguish them from true religion:

 1°/ Promise of a form of happiness, not by an act of loving submission to God (the true faith), but by the acquisition of knowledge (gnosis in Greek), which does not imply any moral effort. Moreover, while religious doctrine and practice are absolutely public and open to all, the knowledge attached to gnosis is secret and reserved for a small number. This point makes them very attractive to some spirits who see it as a privilege.

 2°/ Rejection of a creator Being and thus of the irreducible distinction between creatures and Creator, replaced by the pseudo-concept (simple assembly of letters) of "emanation", confusing all substances into one (monism), existing by itself even and called or not "God" (Pantheism = everything is god ... so me too, wow!).

3°/ Like the demon Bifrons, some gnoses sometimes have two faces. A version intended for the profane - dupe mysteriously consenting - comprising a public doctrine without religious turn and simply proposing earthly happiness. The other version, esoteric and religioid, is reserved for an elite of insiders. These secret doctrines, as old as man, teach that the world in which we live is "bad". It is the work of a personal and transcendent « a naughty God » (« Adonai ») - who is none other than the true God - who imprisoned man to make him his slave (see Eric Voegelin, Il mito del mondo nuovo, Rusconi, Milano, 1990). In these conditions, it is up to man himself to liberate himself by changing this world through action through Knowledge (gnosis). Man will be co-creator of a "New World" to which "God" is imminent
It is, therefore 

« An attempt to conquer a science prior to the distinction between good and evil, a science that is the source and master of this distinction, a science that frees itself from the order created by God ». 

« A science which answers (pretends to answer) to the fundamental questions of men, but science without submission to the created order, a science without conversion, a science which divinizes, old pride of the revolt of the terrestrial paradise. Gnosis is the desire to find a basic science that raises above the common condition while dispensing from the conversion of the heart: a science that flatters the appetite for divinity and houses the perversion of the heart.  » (Priest Hervé Belmont). 


The reader has already understood who is behind all these false gods and who is the "friendly god". Victor Hugo, the prolific French poet of the nineteenth century mentioned above, was elected President of the French Satanist Movement ... He is placed at the pinnacle by the school. The modernism Modernism (denounced by St. Pius X in 1907 in the encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis) which triumphed at Vatican II and whose masters have occupied the Church's apparatus for half a century is two-level gnosis (see 3 °/ supra ), just like communism. 

And there is an almost complete analogy between communist militants and the meager public who still frequent churches (naive voluntary ignorants who deny the evidence of the overthrow of the most sacred truths of faith) on the one hand, communist party leaders and clergy (at least the totality of the pseudo "bishops"), which constitute Ecclesiastical Freemasonry, i. e. the "beast of the earth" of the Apocalypse, on the other hand. The Wojtilian gnosis appeared clearly in the first printed edition of the pseudo-encyclical Dives in Misericordia (Mame Plon, 1979): "God is immanent in the world and vivifies it from within". This text, which is a confession signed of pantheism, has since been reworked and this sentence has disappeared from the downloadable electronic edition on the Vatican site. Sed scripa manent. 

We must not believe that all the so-called "traditionalist" chapels (which reject the reversals operated at Vatican II) are absolutely free of Gnostics. It happens, as we have been amazed to observe, that intoxication agents mingle with the faithful, befriend those they feel receptive, and privately discuss theology with them. They do not deny or jostle anything, but then surreptitiously introduce benign "curiosities" unknown to their interlocutors - and the Gnostic spirits are fond of them - but which are germs of corruption. The objective is obviously to gradually bring the target to lose faith, to substitute the hatred of the true God, most often under the appearance of the opposite. Fortunately, it still works rarely. A great classic is to play on the equivalence (their second nature) of the term "Tradition". 

But for the Gnostics, and they are careful not to tell their new friends right away, it is not a question of the Christian Oral Tradition, but of the "Primordial Tradition" ... which is something else, and to which the Nazi ideology has largely drawn. The patron of a large bookstore dedicated to "the Tradition" (unspecified), which is considered Catholic but is almost certainly Freemason (far right), told us that 90% of its clientele is constituted Gnostics of the movement of the "New Right", violently anti-Christian and fascist. It is amusing to note that many anti-Masonic works appear in its catalogue...



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-------------  What is Gnosticism?

First Comment from Marcos

Satan's original lie to Eve was "with knowledge, you can become a god too". Ever since that fateful moment, Satan keeps using men's pride and vanity to promote Gnosticism, which is just another name for Luciferianism, at the same time that he defames and blasphemes God as a selfish envious being who doesn't want to share wisdom.

Gnosticism drives people away from submission to God and instead teaches them to rely on secret magical formulas, metaphysical fantasies and fables. In order to give credibility to the teachings, Satan provides people with mystical experiences, emotions and thrills which are only tricks that prove nothing.

Even in a worldly perspective, Gnosticism is detrimental, because: - It is often shrouded in secret groups and brotherhoods that provide illicit advantages to its members (masonry being the most obvious of them), harming society as a whole, - It creates a hierarchy among people, with those with more "knowledge" and secrets being superior to others and deserving obedience and reverence, the formula for creating gurus and scammers, - It creates an unhealthy obsession for more new and different mystical experiences, driving people into an egotistical way of life. There is always more and more to learn, new fashions, new gurus, - It discards morality, compassion, faith and love as real drivers in spiritual advancement, creating narcissistic, vain and callous individuals.

Beware of Perennialism, or Traditionalism (Guenon, Schuon, Huxley), other names given to Gnosticism. They claim to seek the Light (of Lucifer) behind all religions, disguising themselves as common faithful believers, but still relying on secret doctrine.

The pure form of Gnosticism is Theosophy. In the end, it is really the worship of Lucifer (Satan) as the one who will provide the ultimate knowledge that was supposedly denied by God. After so many millennia, we are still stuck in the Garden of Eden listening to a serpent. 

Tony B writes:

Another great disclosure.  Interesting that so many people's thinking today is so narrowed (miseducated that way) that they cannot conceive of Satan using the same sign to mean different things to different "disciplines," all in his favor, therefore all evil.

Below the definition of G as recorded in "Occult Theocrasy," written by Edith Starr Miller (Lady Queenborough) and "L. Fry" authoress of "Waters Flowing Eastward":

"God - Generation.  The Great God spoken of in the Hermetic-Judaic-Masonic rituals is the one who presides over generation.  It is Jehovah, Lucifer, The Angel of Night, The Phallic God, not the God of the Christians.  The G in the Flamboyant Star of Masonry stands for Gnosis in the higher degrees.

Authority from which derived: D. Margiotta & Eliphas Levi

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Meaning of Gnosticism (I)"

GS said (February 23, 2019):

" G " stands for " GESU "

Alex B said (February 23, 2019):

Disappointing; twisting something into what is portrayed as a co-opted fraternity, the standard modus operandi, ergo it is a false version. From the Gnostics of the Nag Hammadi scrolls we learn about the Demiurge, our Matrix (NOT the rest of the Universe), & even precisely mentioned are the Archons. This is a wake-up call. If you wish to fall into the arms of Lucifer, you only have yourself to blame. Therefore I have no problem understanding where Blavatsky's 'enlightened' Luciferianism leads, however it should also be understood she was no Satanist.

Gnosticism arose out of the questions from the Old Testament concerning why evil was prevalent or allowed, & the intractable nature of the Trinity espoused by Orthodoxy. They also looked to Egypt for answers. The strands converge in the 2nd & 3rd century & are championed unsuccessfully by Arius at the Council of Nicea.

The meaning of Gnosis is Knowledge. For the Gnostic salvation is not achieved by faith but through knowledge & direct experience. This knowledge, transmitted during initiations or a revelatory experience, is not the end of the path but the start. In an old Gnostic work, recovered recently and given the title “Trimorphic Protennoia”, it is said that initiation is an experience of knowledge which brings spiritual fulfilment. The article above wrongly attributes an epiphany as suspect simply because it might be brought about in secrecy; shallow logic.

Iranaeus of Lyons wrote the five volumes ‘Against Heresies’ & it sheds light on Marcion’s gnosticism & initiations - not the sort of information for the general public! The Gnostic scholar Elaine Pagels tells us the initiate recognises the Unknowable God, rejects the authority of the creator god and his commands, and declares that he has been forever liberated from the power of the Demiurge. He has separated himself from the Demiurge and all creation. He has separated himself from his body and soul. He is now outside the laws which govern the world of matter and time.

For Gnosis, the only “original sin” that existed was that committed by the Demiurge on binding the Eternal Spirits to the mortal soul of man. For Gnosis, the only “fall” that existed, and helped along by the Demiurge, was the fall of the Spirit into the hellish prison world of matter.

"Gnosticism drives people away from submission to God and instead teaches them to rely on secret magical formulas . .", sure it does, the Freemasonic version.

David P said (February 23, 2019):

This article is crap.

Gnosis is the idea that through your god given reason and intellect you can achieve knowledge for yourself. Not through priesthood or any other conduit.

Initiation and purification were prerequisites, to the experience. Not roadblocks put up to stop those who were seeking.

If you ever get the chance for a legal ayahuasca experience I would recommend it.

The fasting which is present in all spiritual and most religious traditions is a discipline, and an effective step to start with, in addition to meditation.

This article states “true religion” which is a premise that the reader should not be expected to already agree with.

Intelligence and reason is a gift and obedience is lazy without using your gifts to figure out why.

Your concept of God is a much better model than this silly article.

“Not in his image” is a game-changing book that shows how the divine suffering of Jesus enables the continued evil that is perpetrated.

Gnostics saw this as a virus that has spread ever since according to John Lash. If that is accurate, then this article reinforced that spread.

James C said (February 23, 2019):

Gnosticism, like war finance, and profit through poisonous medicine, etc., can be traced back to ancient Babylon. In ancient Babylon, only the priesthood had gnosis. Thus they were charged with leading and instructing the masses. You couldn't get to God except through the Babylonian priesthood. Only they had knowledge of the divine. The first-century church had to deal with gnostic infiltrators.

This is what the apostle John meant when he wrote to the early Christians who were being harassed by the Gnostics: "Ye need not that any man teaches you" (1 John 2:27). Gnosticism is all based on Satan's original lie that there exists hidden, or occult, knowledge that can only be obtained by disobeying God. All forms of divination are based on this original lie.

Michael said (February 23, 2019):

G is obviously the seventh letter of the English alphabet. 7 has an obvious prominence in the Old Testament. With the seventh day declared a "holy day". The so-called "six around one" has an obvious prominence within our work week and it also hints vaguely at toroidal geometry. "Six around one" also hints at music theory. Six notes around a tonic, ie, DO-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-TI...and we jump to a new octave. The letter "G" also appears to turn on itself. Is it vaguely "creative" or is it "screwing itself"? G also figures prominently within modern rap "music". "Wuz up G?" Gangsta. Please see "A Matrix of Meaning for Sacred Alphabets", by Stan Tenen.

Chris G said (February 23, 2019):

"G" on the Freemason emblem does not mean Gnosis; G = Generative (Penis). Diane Cilento blurted out in The Wicker Man(1973) movie after kids were dancing around the May Pole (Obelisk), that the pole represents the "Generative" force in nature;

Also, I remember in a video Fritz Springmeier says something in the same vein about G being the Generative in masonry, and that Obelisk in Washington DC from the sky looks like an Anus. The Babylonian Mystery Religion is a sick penis worshipping religion that endorses sodomy and human sacrifice. Freemasons are a bunch of sick evil losers.

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