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Growing Backlash to Jewish War on Whites

February 4, 2019

Dear Jews: If you want us to stop being so anti-semitic, 
have you considered not being so anti-white?

Below, I post the responses to this question on Voat.
Although addressed to Jews, no Jews responded. Rather
Gentiles voiced their grievances in no uncertain terms. 
"The only solution is the final one." Why are Jews indifferent to 
this backlash? Why are they so complacent? Jews simply cannot comprehend that they were persecuted because of the agenda of Organized Jewry. 

In the Introduction to my book Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked
the World (2008) I said that the "Jewish conspiracy" is real.
The war on people of European Christian descent is part of it. Migration, multiculturalism, miscegenation, gender dysphoria and "diversity" are examples. "Globalism" is nothing but Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banker world domination (Communism.)

If Jews remain in denial, they will bear responsibility for a broad Satanic conspiracy that has spread far beyond their ranks. The whole Gentile elite is Masonic but you rarely hear a critical word about Freemasonry. Why is that? They could eliminate all Jews and Freemasons would still be in charge. Are Gentiles loath to admit any responsibility for their condition? In any case, Jews had better get real before they end up being sacrificed by Freemasons and Masonic Jews, as they were in World War Two. The funny thing about history is that it keeps on going. Mostly repeating itself. I speak for many Jews who put their country first. We want to assimilate, not dominate. 

Dear Jews: If you want us to stop being so anti-semitic, have you considered not being so anti-white?

Would you ask the snake not to eat the mouse?

They can't be reasoned with.

They are not a snake and we are not a mouse. They are a parasite, akin to a flea. With great numbers and with no defence the flea can overrun a dog.

Maybe a tick is a better metaphor. Ticks carry incurable diseases. Just one left unchecked can take down the whole immune system.


(Contradiction? Cartoonist Ben Garrison loves Trump who is Israel's waterboy.)

Tapeworm. They sap away nutrition from everything you eat, and they can get into your brain.


I do not ask the snake anything. I cut its head off with a shovel and carry on with my day.




And also dear jews: Can you GTFO out of our politics, media, medical institutions, law, banking and schools? Better yet, can you just GTFO of our country?


What have jews to fear from whites? Nothing, absolutely nothing. But whites have everything to fear from Jews, who have sworn to exterminate the white man by sneaky Jewish ways.


They fear that we will do the holocaust for real this time and they should be scared.


You can't ever broach the topic with (((them))), they'll just give you the standard issue "oy vey goy, but you must know that I too am white like yourself! Let's check our privilege, and stop being so judgmental of your wife's boyfriend!"


They can't help it. This is why there is only one solution. The final one.


For newer goats unsure of what we're talking about:


of course not. they're so smart they're desperate to kill off the only people who produce a net positive of value in anything. when all that's left are parasites who refuse to do any real work that needs to be done; and violent, uncontrollable, savage animals that see the jews as also white, who is going to do all the work? I'm sure they have some secret way for making that world work.


Anecdotally, I have heard that the majority of mainstream movie directors and producers are Jewish. If this is the case, then the media they produce, specifically blockbuster films, television shows, and music are Jewish-influenced, with Jewish themes, symbolism, and assumptions that are not easily recognized or even realized by goyim.

Basically, it is possible that the majority of the media consumed by Americans is born by Jews and does not reflect the reality and assumptions of the majority of Americans, but only the ideology and philosophy of this ethnic minority.

The USA is, for all intents and purposes, as Jewish as Italy is Catholic. Culture, arts, foreign policy, moeurs, etc.

As a simple example, the US is the only Western nation to mutilate its male newborns' genital organs.

Note the Chabad rabbi/messiah whose birthday is a national holiday in the US:

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Growing Backlash to Jewish War on Whites"

BM said (February 4, 2019):

The biggest traitor of the lot was 33rd-degree mason Winston Churchill, known in parliament as " The Shithouse " for his initials WC.
He made sure that spying on Russia during the war was stopped she said " they were an ally"
but they never were and worked against the UK all through.

The Russian convoys risked their lives to get heavy armaments and spitfires to Russia where they rotted on the docks,
Stalin said hungry men fight best and he wanted the spifires for the war on the west after Germany was defeated.
Britain has broken the German codes we knew what ships would be attacked and Churchill would send out ships knowing where the German U boats were as a sacrifice to keep Russia going,

Churchill was blackmailed according to his secretary John Colvile, who had to supply Churchill with young boys. Into supporting the Jewish underground based in Hampstead.and the London Churchill monument is a place of pilgrimage for many who go there to piss up the statue

Several petitions have been before parliament to take down all Churchll and thatcher statues, these have been ignoredM ake no mistake Churchill was the UKs biggest traitor

Chris G said (February 4, 2019):

I had my doubts Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son. After reading how desperately Global News wants us to believe that Justin is not his son just makes me 100% certain that he most definitely is. Fidel and Justin look at each other like a lion and his cub. You can see the love oozing out of them.

Of course Fidel Castro comes from a rich Jewish family, just like Adolf Hitler (Rothschild).

Whites generally have a hard time understanding, Jews are a yellow race by origin, they are not white and the ones running the planet show no loyalties to the white race. When will the goyim ever learn?! Judas goats are usually Jews, always pretending to be something they are not.

Justin Trudeau is not a bloodline Frenchman, he's a Sephardic Jew. Vive Les Juifs!

I'd like to clarify also that it is not a Jewish conspiracy. It's a satanic Babylonian conspiracy led by insane Jews that hate Jews. The insane Rothschilds are luring Jews into Israel, only because they want to nuke them with Neutron bombs.

Jews are not caricatures with hooked noses, they are actually human beings. Vilifying the entire Jewish race is exactly what the satanic Rothschild family want the rest of the world to do as they plot World War III and the destruction of Israel & USA, then have their world capital Jerusalem. Don't play their games! Don't pick sides!

Brian said (February 4, 2019):

We in the US are living in Weimar America; totally controlled by Jews in important places, and overwhelmed with their pornographic filth. We need another Hitler to root-out the problem. Hitler and Germany fought against Jewish Communism, that has infected America. Joseph McCarthy found this infection, and the US government had to destroy him. They did, and now we still live in a Jewish-Weimar America.

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